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2014: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: June 1 2014 Location: Houston, TX Time: 7:00PM Summary: Friend was working at event where he took a selfie and he accidently captured a fleet of ufos streaking by possibly at light speed unseen by the human eye. Source: MUFON Case # 56775 Date: June 2 2014 Location: North Richland Hills, TX Time: 12:00AM Summary: I was standing beside a chair I was sitting at previously outside a little after midnight, when I heard a sound of a lawn mower, but at a higher pitch, which seemingly came from the sky above me. I scanned the sky, and seconds later the object came into view. The lights were in A star-like formation, a green light positioned at the front and… Read More

2014: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May  2014 Location:    Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date:  May 11 2014 Location: Willenhall, West Midlands England Time: 6:40pm Summary: Whilst out on my way to a Guy Fawkes display, as I was walking onto Upper Lichfield St coming from around Morrison’s in Willenhall, I heard what sounded as if there were an unusually low flying airplane. Curiously looking upwards looking for the airplane, I soon noticed two red lights directly overhead moving away from me in the direction I was heading (North/slightly North-West), that were in formation side-by-side with a large gap between them. These two red lights were similar to the red glow you would see on the back of cars at night. I kept an eye… Read More

2016: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  December 13 2016 Location:  Newton Abbot, England Time:  11:18:00 Summary:  I was sky watching when i spotted something out of the corner of my eye. i turned to see what it was and i could see that it was a glowing orb. the orb just seemed to by hanging there above the adjacent house. i took a photograph of the orb and felt that the orb was checking me out. i then decided to wave at the orb to try and get a reaction from it. i waved and to my amazement the orb moved from left to right and back to its original position as if to acknowledge my waving. i was shocked and astonished because this… Read More

2012: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December 13 2012 Location: Seminole, Florida Time: 17:27 Summary: My friend and i were riding bikes down the trail during the day heading home and we were passing an overpass and we stopped to watch these crows in the sky, there were thousands and thousands of them. It didn’t look like a migration, they looked scared. After I pulled out my phone camera and started filming, as the crows were above us, me and my friend blacked out and started puking out of nowhere for no reason. It was the worst puke i have ever had. i stopped puking before he did, and i was able to look at him, and he was hysterical, he was claiming that something… Read More

2006: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  October 2006 Location:  Przymilowice, Slaskie, Poland Time:  unknown Summary:  The owner of a local bar-grill-gas station glimpsed a strange figure of an odd man in a black hat and black clothing standing by a tree in her yard. She briefly took her glance away from the odd figure and when she looked back it suddenly disappeared in plain sight. Source:  NPN & NOL Date:  October 2006 Location:  Tavares, Florida Time:  0500A Summary:  The witness felt a strange paralyzing sensation over her body and a little sense of fear. A man, nicely dressed in black leather jacket with silver buckles and black jeans with a whitish shirt about 6’2” then walked into her dark bedroom and says he wants her to sign… Read More

1997: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  March 1997 Location:   Alloa, Scotland Time:   0525A Summary:   Geraldine McNeill was out walking her dog on the sloping ground above Lornshill Academy on the outskirts of the city when her black Labrador started whining with fear and stopped. The dog simply refused to go any further. Looking around Geraldine spotted a strong beam of light shining through a row of trees directly ahead of her. It seemed to be pulsating “on a regular rhythm” and at the same time changing color from pale cream through to yellow to deep yellow, and back to cream again. Ms McNeill estimated that the light beam was about 30 ft across. Clearly, a large object must be at the source of the… Read More

1994: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1994 Location: Near Santa Fe, New Mexico Time: 0300A Summary: Andrew W Montoya and some friends were driving around an isolated area and soon the passenger sitting next to Montoya fell asleep. Soon a strange feeling came over him. He looked off to the right and saw a white ape-like creature running besides the car. He immediately woke up his friend and he saw the creature also. At that time the ape turned and looked at them. The ape’s eyes were an orange-red that seemed to glow as if there was a fire behind them. It kept up with the car for a little while and then turned off and ran into the mountains. The car had been going at approximately… Read More

1993: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Spring 1993 Location: Pine Bush, New York Time: 1600 Summary: Two young women had gotten home from school and were waiting for their mother to arrive with only their dog in the house. Something knocked on the front door. One of them looked out and saw a tall black figure, with hands, legs, but she could not make out any features. She ran and hid under her bed, but whatever it was walked around and knocked on the back door. She stayed under her bed for 15 or 20 minutes and when she looked outside; the thing was kind of squatting in her driveway and just got up and walked away and disappeared into the woods. Source: Bill… Read More

1993: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1993 Location: Time: Summary: John Carpenter. “Typically, these reptilian creatures are reported to be about six to seven feet tall, upright, with lizard-like scales, greenish to brownish in color with claw-like, four-fingered webbed hands. … Their faces are said to be a cross between a human and a snake, with a central ridge coming down from the top of the head to the snout. Adding to their serpent-like appearance are their eyes which have vertical slits in their pupils and golden irises.” Source: MUFON UFO Journal. Date: April 1993 Location: Nairobi, Kenya Time: unknown Summary: The witness, again apparently in a dream-like state, saw an object resembling a silvery coffin descends from the sky making a strange… Read More

1992: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August  1992 Location:  Liverpool England Time:  0300A Summary:  The two witnesses had gone to bed after drinking tea. Janet woke up with a feeling of absolute terror. She felt as if she had been somewhere, and then landed back in her bed. Harry had also woken up and caught a glimpse of something more substantial than a shadow on the bed; it seemed to recede as if had gone through a doorway. Later when the pair recovered, Janet remembered what had happened. She recollected lying down with bright lights all around her. There were a number of “faceless” beings around her. She believes she was given something to “calm her down.” The next thing she remembered was being… Read More

1985: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   1985 Location:    Hessdalen Valley, Norway  Time:    Summary:  An object was observed and photographed. It moved with a falling-leaf motion. Nocturnal lights were reported. Source:  Spencer, John Wallace World Atlas of UFOs Smithmark, New York, 1992  Date: 1985 Location: Perth Scotland Time: unknown Summary: In the center of town a woman reported seeing a metallic 40-foot long object hovering low overhead. It had one large glass window and several humanoid figures could be seen moving behind it. No other information. Source: Ron Halliday, Scottish Earth Mysteries Date: 1985: Utrecht, Netherland A Dark Triangular Shaped Craft Date: 1985 Location: Hartford City Indiana Time: unknown Summary: Brad Baker reported encountering a bright white disc shaped object on the ground and… Read More

1927: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1927 Location: Romania Time: Summary: Source: Date: 1927: Cave Junction, Oregon Photo Date: February 1927 Location: Fernvale, Queensland, Australia Time: Night  Summary: Two brothers watch domed disc fly overhead, light up valley, turn and land nearby. Lights on object went out. Next day a circle of scorched grass, 10m diameter, found at site. Source: Evans, Hilary UFOs 1947-1987 Fortean Times, London, 1987 Date: February 1927 Location: Sausalito, California Time: 09:00 Summary: Writer Ella Young said that while sitting outside the Madrona Hotel she saw ‘a cigar shaped craft shoot out of a cloud beyond the bay, and across the sky toward Tamalpais.’ It was not shaped like any airship she knew. ‘It was long and slender, of yellow color, and… Read More

1963: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: June 4 1963 Location: Lyle Minnesota Time: Summary: A multicolored object, the size of a light truck, was reported to have landed in the vicinity of Lyle. Police searched an area over 3 km wide on both sides of the Iowa-Minnesota border, with no results. Source: Magonia 572 Date:  June 7 1963 Location: Wenonah, New Jersey Time:   Summary:  Alien Encounter  – telepathic contact with entity Source:   Date: June 15, 1963: Homer Indiana Landing Date: June 15, 1963  Location: About 200 miles N of Venezuela      BBU 8388 Time: 10:39 a.m.  Summary: 3rd Mate R. C. Chamberlin, of S/ [SS?] Thetis saw luminous disc travel at 1.5 times the angular speed of a satellite. Source:  Berliner Date: June 16, 1963: Paul Villa Photo and… Read More