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2007: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 2007 Location:  Kivakka Mountain, Karelia, Russia Time: dusk Summary: A man named Alexei Popov was vacationing in this beautiful and remote area and one day decided to visit the Paanajarvi National Park area with a friend, Vitaly Zabivalov. They had climbed Kivakka Mountain in order to take photographs of its beautiful scenery. At one point while Vitaly was taking photos they both suddenly felt the need to look behind him, they do not know why, They then saw a strange machine lying on the snow not more than 10 to 12 meters away, it was silvery gray in color, the shape reminiscent to a round loaf of bread. They could not hear any sounds. A luminous violet beam of light suddenly appeared, Vitaly… Read More

1991: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1991 Location: Rural Maine, exact location not given Time: 0200 A Summary: The witness had gone to bed late at night when he suddenly heard what could best be described as “tones” in his head. It was as if he was wearing headphones, the notes seemed to move from ear to ear. As the tempo of the sounds increased, they were joined by, not so much a voice, but a feeling that said – “Relax, Don’t be afraid. Go with it.” Suddenly it felt as he had stuck his head out a car window that was accelerating from 0 – 300 in just a few seconds. Then everything stopped. He floated in total silence, looking through what seemed like a filter at… Read More

1957: Gordon Cooper & UFOs: An Astronaut Speaks Out – Article

by Timothy Green Beckley “One of the few individuals whose prominence is beyond question has, however, over the past few months, dared to open his mouth and challenge the status quo. Gordon Cooper was one of America’s original astronauts. He helped pioneer this country’s space exploration efforts when, aboard a tiny space capsule known as Mercury [Faith] 7, Cooper orbited the Earth for 34 hours, proving that man could live outside our atmosphere for prolonged periods. His patriotism, bravery and respectability go without saying… Cooper has recently made several public pronouncements concerning his strong belief in UFOs. While a guest on the Merv Griffin Show, Cooper shocked the viewing audiences by speaking for over five minutes on a topic… Read More

2005: Glowing sphere low in the sky

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: March 13, 2005 Sighting Time: 8.00pm Day/Night: Dusk/Evening Reported: Location: Waroona, Western Australia, Australia Urban or Rural: Rural Type of Report: Hynek Classification: Duration: 5 seconds No. of Object(s):  Single Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): orb Color of Object(s): white Number of Witnesses: Special Features/Characteristics:  Source: Summary/Description: I had taken my digital camera outside to take pictures of a really great looking sunset,i took 4 photos all together,i also made a point of getting the moon in 2 of the photos because it was a crescent shape and looked good against the sunset backdrop,the photos were taken all at the same time , one after another,when i put them on… Read More