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February 1973’

1973: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1973 Location:  Tres Arroyos Buenos Aires Argentina Time: night Summary: Ventura Maceiras had a second encounter with two entities; one of the two approached the witness, smiling, and greeted him by placing his left hand on his breast. There followed an exchange of communication telepathically in which Maceiras learned the name of his visitor, “Arnoil,” and his companion, “Ninquier.” They came from the planet “Prunio,” which belongs to the empire of “Lobernia,” its major city was ‘Arlenquistan,” and they were now in their 14,320th year. The witness was shown a book illustrating a surgical operation; three figures resembling globes that contained cancer viruses; and he was instructed on how cancer could be cured. Our earth-moon system was called “Cleotor.” The entities… Read More