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Great Spirit’

1967: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  November 1967 Location: Burgo de Ebro Spain Time: sunset Summary: Baltasar C Andreu was headed back home in his motorcycle after having placed his flock of sheep in their pens 2 kilometers from town when halfway along the road, he noticed three men standing on the road. He soon came to within 40 or 50 meters of the strange men. Puzzled, the witness turned on his high beams. The “men” turned around and began running downhill. Baltasar followed them for some 200 meters, but after doubling a curve, he was unable to find any trace of them. The three “men” were almost 7-feet tall were clad in white and had blue bands on the back of their outfits… Read More

1976: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1976 Location: Petaluma, California Time: Summary: Witness states: “I was shooting Ektachrome film on a warm summer evening north of Petaluma, CA, in August 1976. I shot several exposures in a 5 minute period when I was able to capture this shot. Everything is silhouetted as the sun had already gone done but this was easily seen. There are four blue dots on the flat side of the object and the edge would tend to show it was moving very quickly.” A copy was sent in the early 1980s to Walt Andrus who was with MUFON then. Having this on film and going through some strange events made me a believer. Source: ‘Zirp Twirp’ Date:  August  1976… Read More