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1952: Ely UFO crash cover-up in chapter of ‘weird’ book

THINK ABOUTIT CRASH REPORT Date: summer of 1952 (August 14, 1952) Sighting Time: Day/Night: Night Location: Kennecott | Ely, Nevada Urban or Rural: – No. of Entity(‘s): 16 alien bodies Entity Type: Entity Description: Hynek Classification: CE-III (Close Encounter III) Close observation with animate beings associated with the object. Duration: No. of Object(s): 1 Height & Speed: Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): Color of Object(s): Bright Number of Witnesses: Multiple Source: JOHN PLESTINA Full Report Sometime in the summer of 1952, A Mr. Claude House, the Sheriff and his deputy, along with several other observers, watched as a bright object emitting a low hum lit up the area around the neighborhood. The next day, reports of a UFO crash began to… Read More