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1976: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1976 Location: Taunton Somerset England Time: unknown Summary: A human like entity of normal stature and wearing a white uniform was seen. No other information Source: Date: November 1976 Location:  Llandyrnog Moors, Wales Time:  0200A Summary:  A couple traveling on a road near Aberystwyth spotted two tall human like silhouettes standing on the side of the road. The men were wearing white jumpsuits and large dark boots. The couple stared at the strange pair for a few minutes and then continued on their journey. Source:  NUFON # 157, Denys Breysse Project Becassine Date: November 1976: Rota, Spain Date: November 1976 Location:  Houston Texas Time:  0330A Summary:  Night security guard on rooftop of building was rendered defenseless by several humanoids.… Read More

1973 Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1973 Location: Goshen Indiana Time: 2000 Summary: The witness a supervisor at a local rubber factory was called outside by one of his men who had been smoking a cigarette. Once outside the man pointed up and to the left. They both saw some type of craft moving very slowly from the northwest to the southeast. There were a number of slanted downward windows in the craft. They could see several figures moving about and some were apparently looking down out of the windows. The background behind the figures was red, making the figure look like silhouettes. The strange thing about the craft was the rather bobbing motion it had while moving. They watched the object for about 10 minutes until the craft drifted out… Read More

1971: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January  1971 Location:  Mahwah USA Time:  13:00  Summary:   Source:   Date: January 1971 Location: Near Wrotham Park Station, North Queensland, Australia Time: 0230A Summary: Terry and a friend, Bob, had decided to pack up their camp because of an approaching thunderstorm. The two men had been camping in the area of Wrotham Park Station and hunting crocodiles to be sold in Cairns. The two departed in Bob’s four-wheel drive Landrover towards the station homestead on route to Chillagoe with the idea in mind of leaving the area before the roads became boggy. Upon reaching the gate at the homestead Terry and Bob saw a light some distance from the road in the scrub, at a second gate another light was seen. Not considering these lights as anything unusual, the two witnesses drove towards… Read More

1969: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: July 18, 1969 Sighting Time: Day/Night: Location: Space Urban or Rural: – Hynek Classification: Duration: No. of Object(s):  1 Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): a series of ellipses, but when you made it real sharp it was sort of L shaped Color of Object(s): Number of Witnesses: Multiple Source: The Science Channel / Dave Stone / Credit: UFO Updates – 9/30/2005 Original Source Summary/Description: Buzz Aldrin: “There was something out there that, uh, was close enough to be observed and what could it be? Mike (Collins) decided he thought he could see it in the telescope and he was able to do that and when it was in one position, that… Read More

2005: Glowing sphere low in the sky

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: March 13, 2005 Sighting Time: 8.00pm Day/Night: Dusk/Evening Reported: Location: Waroona, Western Australia, Australia Urban or Rural: Rural Type of Report: Hynek Classification: Duration: 5 seconds No. of Object(s):  Single Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): orb Color of Object(s): white Number of Witnesses: Special Features/Characteristics:  Source: Summary/Description: I had taken my digital camera outside to take pictures of a really great looking sunset,i took 4 photos all together,i also made a point of getting the moon in 2 of the photos because it was a crescent shape and looked good against the sunset backdrop,the photos were taken all at the same time , one after another,when i put them on… Read More

2005: Split, Croatia Sighting

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT I Believe its a bug; look at its size with no glow on water so it has to be closer than the water. There is a couple of orbs Date: Aug. 13, 2005 Sighting Time: Day/Night: Night Location: Split, Croatia Urban or Rural: Rural Hynek Classification: NL (Nocturnal Light) Point or extended luminous source observed at night Duration: No. of Object(s):  1 Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): Color of Object(s): Number of Witnesses: 1 Source: Summary: I was taking a picture of Moon. After I saw the photo I could see that object on the photo. I didn`t see it with naked eye.   Related articles 1984: Clarksburg, Indiana Sighting 1790: Schoharie… Read More

2000: POLAND: Weird Flying Humanoid Encounter in Koniecko – Article

by Piotr Cielebiaś Posted: December 23, 2007 In late autumn in 2000 two witnesses encountered strange flying figure in Koniecko in northern part of Poland. The tall, long-haired being was flying in a unusual position in close vicinity of two terrified witnesses. The observation was accompanied by strange, loud rumble coming out of the forest… “The being was well visible. It was flying with face turned to us. It was long-haired and about 1.5 – 2 m. (5-6.5 ft) in height! It flew over the road and then disappeared in the branches” – Mariusz G. describes the being that he encountered at autumn night in 2000. Mariusz G. is 24-year-old paramedic working in a hospital in Olsztyn – a… Read More