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October 1999’

1999: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1999 Location:  Midhurst, West Sussex England Time: 0800A Summary:Lee Fellick was approaching Midhurst on the A286 road when suddenly a figure stepped out into the roadway a short distance ahead of his car. It was wearing a long waistcoat, baggy trousers, boots, and a Quaker-style hat. Fellick braked instinctively and by the time he had slowed down, he was about 15 ft away from the figure and realized that it was transparent in nature. He could see right through it. The apparition crossed the road and just “dissolved” into some trees. Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land Date: October 1999 Location: Not given Time: 2239 Summary: After seeing a maneuvering light below the clouds over the area and other mysterious activity, the witness was lying down… Read More