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Roger Leir’

1978: Cullen Abduction

THINK ABOUTIT ABDUCTION REPORT Date: May 30, 1978 Sighting Time: after 11:00pm Day/Night: night Location: Yuma, Colorado Urban or Rural: -Rural Hynek Classification: CE-IV (Close Encounter IV) Abduction of the witness or other direct contact Duration: No. of Object(s): 1 Height & Speed: Size of Object(s): hundred foot long and twenty foot wide, and about ten foot high Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): Color of Object(s): There were two diffused lights that shone at the back of the craft, one a light yellow, and the other red Number of Witnesses: 2 Source: written by: Don Robertson 26th Feb 2000 Summary/Description:  Full Report (The 9th Alleged ET Implant Removal By Dr. Roger Leir & Team)( We Miss You Dr. Leir) Tim Cullen is a hard working cement contractor… Read More