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1910: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1910 France Date: 1910  Location: Normandy Time: Summary: The crew of a French fishing boat operating off the coast saw ‘a large, black, bird-like object’ fall from the sky into the sea, then bounded back before it fell once more and disappeared under the waves Source: Date: 1910  Location: Alabama Time: Summary: Large cigar-shaped UFO hovers over Huntsville, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, playing its bright spotlight over both cities. Source: Date: 1910  Location: Konowalik Guyana Time:  Summary: The local resident magistrate was prospecting for gold just above the junction of the Potato River when he came upon several short reddish brown fur covered creatures that retreated slowly into the jungle without once taking their eyes off him. Source: Loren Coleman, Curious Encounters… Read More