(Last Updated On: March 11, 2015)


Date: July 17, 1988

Sighting Time:

Day/Night: Night

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Urban or Rural: Rural

Hynek Classification: NL (Nocturnal Light) Point or extended luminous source observed at night.


No. of Object(s): 

Size of Object(s):

Distance to Object(s):

Shape of Object(s): disks

Color of Object(s): orange

Number of Witnesses:


Summary: On July 17th 1988, I was lying on the terrace with my brother and cousin watching the stars and talking. All of a sudden my brother tells us to look at the plane lights coming from afar. They looked strange because we were used to a flashing light coming from planes. Anyway, we kept looking at it until something hit us; there were three disks of orange light forming a triangle moving together ( afterward we knew it was part of one huge saucer like shape). the three lights were getting closer. We started to freak out a little because the lights were getting bigger but we could not see the saucer as a whole. We got up, ran and hid but still looking at the lights. The lights moved at a speed of 30 km/h when we saw them and suddenly they zipped away like a shooting star.

We could not believe our eyes and started looking at each other trying to explain what has just happened. As I was really skeptical of everything that had to do with ufos or paranormal, I had no answer to that. However, the next day on the Italian channel in the news, they announced that the Belgian Military air force detected a UFO and 2 F16s chased it. An amateur video was shown and there were the three lights we saw.

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