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1997: June Sightings


Date: Summer 1997 Location: Finnish Bay, Saint Petersburg region, Russia Time: daytime Summary: Officer-submariner, Nikolay M. an amateur diver had been diving in shallow water in the bay when he spotted a strange elongated object, shaped like a cucumber. Thinking that it was part of the wreckage of an old vessel, Nikolay tied a rope… Read More

1997: September Sightings


Date: Fall 1997 Location: Moscow Region, Russia Time: 1800 Summary: The witness was riding a public trolley when he suddenly felt a strong presence around him. Looking around he saw three young women, who stood in a semicircle. All three were dressed in identical black raincoats and black gloves. They are very similar to each… Read More

1996: July Sightings


Date: July 1996 Location: Near Medford, Wisconsin Time: unknown Summary: A warden traveling down Highway 13 just south of the city saw a figure standing in the middle of the road. He slowed his vehicle as he approached it. He could not believe his eyes as he saw a shiny, green scaly, large figure staring at him. As he… Read More

1996: November – December Sightings


Date: Location: Time: Summary: Source: Location. Kiara, Western Australia Date: November 1996 Time: 0300A A young boy reported being visited at night in his room by several tall, grayish blue, thin beings, with large hairless heads, thin arms; small mouths and holes form ears and nostrils. They apparently took him on several occasions to an… Read More

1995: October Sightings


Date: Location: Time: Summary: Source: Location. Weston Massachusetts Date: September/October 1995 Time: 0615A While driving to work on the tree-canopied (Deer Path Lane) and as he drove over a slightly ridged slope in the road the witness thought a man in a hang glider was about to smash to smash into his car. He abruptly… Read More

1990: Donetsk, Ukraine Abduction


THINK ABOUTIT ABDUCTION REPORT Date:  February 1990 Sighting Time: 0115 A Day/Night: Night Location: Donetsk, Ukraine Urban or Rural: – No. of Entity(‘s): two males and two females wearing sports style suits, made out of a strong wrinkle free material. Many more Entity Type: Humanoid Entity Description: several very tall “people” about 3 meters in height. The alien faces were… Read More

1989: Carp, Ontario Canada Crash


THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: November 4 1989 Sighting Time: 2000 Day/Night: Night Location:  Carp, Ontario Canada Urban or Rural: – No. of Entity(‘s): 3 Entity Type: reptilian Entity Description: The beings were described as reptilian, heads shaped like fetuses, very muscular and gray-white in color Hynek Classification: CE-III (Close Encounter III) Close observation with animate beings associated with the… Read More

1989: August Sightings


Date: Location: Time: Summary: Source: Location. Tuymazov, Ufa, Russia Date: early August 1989 Time: 0700A F Zaiyevoy was rummaging through his kitchen and had briefly stepped out into another room to open a door. When he came back into the kitchen he noticed a bent fork on the floor, as he picked up the fork,… Read More

1989: July Sightings


Date: early July 1989 Location: Peña Blanca, Puerto Rico Time: 1800 Summary: A local angler, Orlando Cataquet was returning from fishing in the beach area when he noticed a group of bright white points of light hovering and turning just above the ground nearby. The man chased the lights and suddenly lost them behind a… Read More

1987: Unknown Date Sightings


Date: 1987 Location: New Jersey, exact location not given Time: unknown Summary: The witness was abducted by two almost seven-foot tall beings, one male with long black hair, the other female with long blond hair who had “pearly translucent complexions.” The male humanoid eyes were slanted and golden colored and the female’s were pale blue. The witness remembered that… Read More