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1946: September UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: Fall , 1946 Location: O’Neill, Nebraska Time: Around 2100 Summary: A hovering object was observed. Multiple independent witnesses. One object was observed by more than one female witness in a yard (McCage). A noise was heard. Source: CUFOS Date:  September , 1946 Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Time: Summary: Round shiny disc-shaped object. An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One shiny disc was observed by one experienced male witness.  Curtis Wright Pilot incident. Source: Weinstein, Dominique Aircraft UFO Encounters Project ACUFOE,… Read More

1946: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Ufo Sightings

Date: October 1946 Location: Paterson, New Jersey Time: Dusk Summary: A horseback rider observed a silent, slow moving bluish white light.  The horse she was riding, normally calm and docile, became extremely nervous and reared. The witness wondered if the horse heard something that the witness’s ears could not hear. The object was estimated to be at an altitude of 300-500 feet over a mountain about 5 miles away [The two locations mentioned are closer to 3 or 4 miles apart—jw]. The horse and rider were on an elevated… Read More

1946: November UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: November 19 or 20, 1946 Location: Baltimore, Maryland Time: 02:00 Summary: An object was observed. Occupants of the craft were seen. One object was observed by two witnesses in a street (Learsman; Lee) Source: Webb, David HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports Date: November 1946 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Related articles The Role of Superior Civilization On The Ancient Stone Head Of Guatemala NASA Confirms Extraterrestrial Life DOES Exist On Other Planets Certain medications cause people to commit murder… Illuminati Insider ‘The Ruiner’ Speaks Out Study Finds… Read More

1946: December UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: December 1, 1946 Location: Glastenbury Mountain, Bennington, Vermont Time: Summary: On December 1, 1946, an 18-year-old student named Paula Welden vanished while taking a walk. Welden was walking along the Long Trail into Glastenbury Mountain. She was seen by a middle-aged couple that was strolling about 100 yards behind her. They lost sight of her when she followed the trail around a rocky outcropping, but when they rounded the outcropping themselves, she was nowhere to be seen. Welden has not been seen nor heard from since. Source: Date:… Read More

1946: February UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: February 17, 1946 Location: Racine, Wisconsin Time: 03:00  Summary: One object was observed by one witness. Source: Condon Committee Date: February 28, 1946 Location: Gavle, Sweden Time:  Summary: A mysterious explosion was reported. One object was observed for 42 seconds. Source: Rehn, Karl Gosta  Date:  February 1946 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Related articles Gemini 4 – Astronaut James McDivitt sighting of object in space 1960: December UFO & Alien Sightings

1946: March UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: March, 1946 Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa Time: 00:15 Summary: Inside Occupant A hovering flying disc was observed. Occupants of the craft were seen. Animal reactions to the object were reported. One disc, about 40 feet across, was observed in clear weather by two female experienced witnesses in a street (Goldsworthy). Source: Webb, David HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports Date:  March, 1946 Location: Bernardston, Massachusetts Time: 16:00 Summary: Objects were observed and photographed. Five objects were observed by one witness (Stange). Source: Lore, Jr., Gordon I. R. Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in… Read More

1946: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: April , 1946 Location: Time:  Summary: Source: Date: April 25, 1946 Location: Anima-Nipissing Lake, five miles west of Latchford, Ontario, Canada Time: 7:45 p.m. Summary: Don Cameron, his wife, and their children were on the lake, cutting a channel for their boat, they saw between 12 to 14 small, disk-shaped objects come down at a 45-degree angle a mere 75 feet in front of them. Appearing to be about twice the size of a dish, the objects jumped on and off ground of height of two feet, spinning in… Read More

1946: May UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: May , 1946 Location: Lafayette, New York Time: Noon Summary:  A flying disc was observed. One disc, about 300 feet across, was observed by two witnesses for two minutes (Hill). Source: Lore, Jr., Gordon I. R. Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1968 Date: May 1946 Location: Skalderviken, Sweden Time: 18:00 Summary: One changing color domed disc, about 80 feet across, about forty feet away, was observed by one experienced male witness in a forest for 30 minutes (Carlsson, G). A whining sound was heard. 11 6-foot-tall nordic… Read More

1946: June UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: June 1, 1946 Location: Katrineholm, Sodermanland, Sweden Time: 11:43 Summary: A cigar-shaped object was observed. One silver rocket-like object was observed by several witnesses. Source: AFU Sweden Date: June 12, 1946 Location: Eskilstuna, Sodermanland, Sweden Time:  20:00 Summary: A cigar-shaped object was observed. One cigar-shaped object was observed by one experienced male witness. Source: Gross, Loren E Mystery of the Ghost Rockets Author, Fremont, 1974 Date: June , 1946 Location: Concoules, Languedoc-Roussillon, France Time:  19:00 Summary: An object which flew in a straight line across the sky was reported. Source: Vallee, Jacques Date: Mid-… Read More

1946: July UFO & Alien Sightings

aliens model ufo crash

Date:  July 1946 Location: Muscatine, Iowa Time:  Summary: Nocturnal lights were reported. Source: Eberhart, George M. A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies Greenwood Press, Westport, 1980 ISBN:0-313-21337-2 Date: July ??, 1946 Location: Indian River Inlet, Delaware Time: Dusk Summary: Two high school students (names not known) reported that a disc came up from the water, turned and descended back into ocean. Source: Carl Feindt, Reference: Irene McDonald, Delaware MUFON; UFOCAT PRN ­ 123407 Date: July ??, 1946 Location: San Antonio, Texas Time:  Summary: An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond… Read More

1945: June UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: Summer, 1945 Location: Aleutian Islands Time: Summary: Aboard the US attack transport “Delarof,” 14 sailors saw a dark sphere rise out of the ocean, follow a curved trajectory, and fly away after circling their ship. (Magonia #54, Evidence 30) An official report on the incident was sent to Washington. Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, IV Date: Summer, 1945 Location: Okinawa, Pacific Time: 11:00 am. Summary: Naval officer witnessed strange event on radar.  E. L. Wells, then Lt. J.G. aboard the escort aircraft carrier Salamaua (CVE-96), was interceptor officer. While… Read More

1945: July UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: July 2, 1945 Location: Japan Time: Summary: Several balls of fire much larger than supercharger glow, but of somewhat the same color. Source: Date: July 4, 1945; Location: near Yokohama, Japan Time: Summary: A/C Charles G. Chauncey was flying the B-29 on a bombing mission on a planned target of Kawasaki. Due to some evasive action the radar operator became confused and the bombs were dropped on Yokohama. Pilot Chauncey describes what happen next. “After coming away from our bomb drop, we saw the UFO’s. I especially recall seeing two groups… Read More

1945: August UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: Aug. 1945 Location: Ulithi Time: Twilight Summary: Andrew Cimbals reported a red streak like a hot bar of steel, not a flame in the sky in the east, traveled overhead toward Japan. Duration about 40 seconds. Source: Wilkins, Harold, Flying Saucers Uncensored, Farish & Clark Date: Aug. 1945 Location: Okinawa, Japan Time: Summary: Cigar-shaped, metallic, and without markings or visible openings, and 35 to 50 feet in length. Source: Page 189-190 Ref.1 Date: Aug. 1945 Location:  600 miles ENE of Kyusha, Japan Time: Possibly after Hiroshima bomb abt.… Read More