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2001: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: 2001 Location: Russell Park, New York Time: night Summary: After seeing UFOs in a park the witness experienced a period of missing time. Later he was able to recall the incident fully. He saw a noiseless alien craft come down and land. He saw a ramp open as if inviting him inside. He went up the ramp ducking as he went in. The floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of his feet. Almost like a skin more than a metal ramp. Inside it was dimly lit, his cousin that had accompanied him was… Read More

2001: August UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  August 2001 Location:  Mulini De Villatoro, Padova, Italy Time:  evening Summary:  An elderly peasant encountered a child-sized creature, about 1.10meters in height in a field. He alerted two other witnesses that described it as resembling a “puppet” that walked in very stiff movements and taking short steps, almost robotic in nature. It approached the witness, who quickly left the area. Source:  CUN Italy Date:  August 2001 Location:  Fortin, Veracruz, Mexico Time:  evening Summary:  Luis Francisco Cortes was walking through a field in his uncle’s coffee plantation when he… Read More

2001: September UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: September, 2001: Black triangle with glowing red portholes in the Arizona desert Date:  September 1 2001 Location:  Tres Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil Time:  night Summary:  Several witnesses including Jussar Vandri watched a disc shaped object land on a nearby field. It was about 5 meters in diameter and emitted multicolored lights. It landed on a small tripod landing gear. Several of the witnesses reported seeing small humanoids inside the object through transparent windows. After a few minutes the craft left. Source:  Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET Date:  September 2001 Location:  … Read More

2001: June UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  Summer 2001 Location:  Palawan, Philippines Time:  evening Summary:  Daniel Carter and several other witnesses were hiking in a thick jungle area and had taken a little rest in a clearing. Soon they began hearing strange grunts, at first they thought it was a wild boar but the grunts became high-pitched almost like a long soft scream. About 5 to 7 minutes after these sounds there was an abrupt rustling of leaves and snapping of branches and suddenly a strange creature appeared. It was about five to six feet… Read More

2001: April UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  April 2001 Location:  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Time:  unknown Summary:  Several campers encountered strange humanoids in a forest clearing. A photograph was supposedly taken. Source:  UFOROM Date:  April 2001 Location:  Lake Delton, Wisconsin Time:  night Summary:  On April 4 at about 0130A a family was woke up by a small balloon-like object that flew around inside the house. They followed it outside and saw numerous lighted objects flying over the area. The husband using binoculars saw different shaped craft including discs and football shaped objects. Some of the… Read More

2000: December UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: Winter 2000 Location:  Donetsk, Ukraine Time:  after midnight Summary:  A local woman, L. Andreeva had gone to bed after midnight and everything appeared normal but her small dog “Rozochka” was behaving strangely, whining constantly and hiding under the bed. Finally the witness switched off the lamp and went to bed, attempting to sleep. After some time as she was about to fall sleep she suddenly felt as if someone was staring at her. She tried to reach the lamp switch but couldn’t even move her hand. She felt… Read More

2000: September UFO & Alien Sightings

NASA Photo, Sept 2000

Date: Fall 2000: Oblong, Illinois Thee Orange Lights Coming Over The Tree-Line Date:  September  2000 Location:  Wysoka, Poland Time:  evening Summary:   Several children sitting around a campfire noticed a shiny object descend behind some nearby trees. Soon a huge human like figure at least 3 meters in height appeared and began to approach the children. Terrified the children ran away from the area. The UFO and the giant humanoid later disappeared. Source:   Robert K Lesniakiewicz Date:  September  2000 Location:   Time:   Summary:    Source:   Location. Pitrufquen, Argentina Date:… Read More

2000: July UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date:  July 2000 Location:  Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico Time:  unknown Summary:  Gerardo Valenzuela had an unusual sighting of a dark tall body with humanoid characteristics descending slowly over the valley. Gerardo took a great video and the mysterious humanoid creature is seen descending until it disappears behind a hill. Source:  “Mysterious Flying Humanoids” Santiago Yturria Date:  July 2000 Location:  Near Prescott Arizona Time:  0200A Summary:  Joshua Dantz was on his way home after visiting relatives in New Mexico and found deserted highway when he noticed bright floodlights lit up the… Read More

2000: May UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  May  2000 Location:  Ohio, exact location not given Time:  morning Summary:  A woman working on her garden one Sunday morning when all of a sudden a strange little man appeared about 200 ft away. Having poor eyesight, the woman edged closer for a better look, what she saw was a bizarre little man with long pointed ears, a shaggy hair-dew, beaver-like teeth and wearing something that looked like bib overalls. The little man ignored her and instead began to dig on the ground and take soil samples, which… Read More

2000: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: 2000 Location: Harford, Maryland Time:0500A Summary: Donald Kessler was returning home from a friend’s house he was on a usually busy highway but at that time it was Saturday and appeared totally deserted. After passing the I95 exit he saw a 7 or 8 ft tall creature step out of the median strip and step out into the witness path. I had dark curly hair, a flat featureless face, little beady black eyes, no nose and a large row of pointy teeth in his grinning mouth. It was dressed in a… Read More

2000: March UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  Spring 2000 Location:  Newton New Jersey Time:  afternoon Summary:  A young boy reported seeing a “green man” walking through the Glen of his family backyard. He reported that the figure was tall and somewhat translucent, as though made more of energy than matter. Source:  Life Spirit Center Date:  March 2000 Location:  La Pampa, Argentina Time:  afternoon Summary:  Several witnesses working at a local marble mine saw large truck-sized object sitting on the ground nearby. Near the object stood two, 2 meter tall, human like figures wearing tight fitting… Read More

2000: February UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  early February 2000 Location:  Trapa Trapa, Neuquen, Argentina Time:  night Summary:  A local Indian, Amandina Manquepi, encountered in an isolated area a diminutive figure with a large head that moved quickly over the hills bounding away like a rabbit. The figure was encased in a yellowish glow that turned bluish as it disappeared from sight. Source:  Gaceta OVNI Date:  February 2000 Location:  Edgewater, Western Australia Time:  0100A Summary:  Aaron was looking northwest when he noticed a bright light approaching that stopped and hovered as if watching him. Two… Read More

1999: November UFO & Alien Sightings


Date: November 1999 Location: Grove Hill, Alabama Time:  morningSummary: After local police received calls about a strange entity seen at a local field, assistant deputy Gene Sheffield responded to the site. At the field Sheffield and another man saw a bizarre humanoid described as very tall, muscular and reptilian in nature with its body covered in what appeared to be scales. Sheffield gave chase on foot but was unable to capture the elusive being. Footprints were reportedly found. Source: Año Cero XII Date: November 1999 Location: Chilla Well, Northern Territories, Australia Time: daytime Summary: A craft resembling two… Read More