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2008: Bolton England Sighting


THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date:  February 7 2008 Sighting Time:  08:00 Day/Night:   Location:  Bolton England Urban or Rural: –  No. of Entity(‘s):   Entity Type:   Entity Description:   Hynek Classification:  CE-I (Close Encounter I) Observation of an object in close proximity to the witness (i.e. within 500’) Duration:  4 mins approx No. of Object(s):  1 Height & Speed:  20 feet maybe slightly more above the semi’s across the road from me (around 60 foot from where I was standing) Size of Object(s):   large 30 foot or more… Read More

2008: March UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  March  2008 Location:  Borne Sulinowo, Poland Time:  afternoon Summary:  A 71-year old woman from Szczecinek had gone with her husband to visit the former Soviet military complex. While her husband explored the nearby woods the woman went to explore an abandoned building. While there she suddenly felt ill and saw a strange figure that was floating in midair. The figure was transparent with a white outline that gave the woman the indication that the being was “male” in nature. The figure was about 2m tall with no visible… Read More

2008: Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada Sighting


THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date:  March 25 2008 Sighting Time:  2330 Day/Night:  Night Location:  Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada Urban or Rural:  Rural No. of Entity(‘s):   Entity Type:   Entity Description:   Hynek Classification:  CE-I (Close Encounter I) Observation of an object in close proximity to the witness (i.e. within 500’) Duration:   No. of Object(s):  1 Height & Speed:   Size of Object(s):   Distance to Object(s):   Shape of Object(s):  flat X Color/Description of Object(s):  flat X shape and dome like topside, same tail, and the… Read More

2008: Near Norrtalje Sweden


THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date:  January 20 2008 Sighting Time:  1800 Day/Night:  Night Location:  Near Norrtalje Sweden Urban or Rural: rural No. of Entity(‘s):  1 Entity Type:   Entity Description:  large dark slanting eyes, on a large head with a high forehead; it has long thin arms with four fingers on each. It also has some kind of protrusion of the middle of its forehead. Miguel does not see any ears, and only two small holes for a nose. The creature is hairless, lacks sexual organs and is completely… Read More

2008: Dubno, Rovno region, Ukraine Sighting


THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date:  January 12 2008 Sighting Time:  0200 am Day/Night:  Night Location:  Dubno, Rovno region, Ukraine Urban or Rural: –  No. of Entity(‘s):   Entity Type:   Entity Description:  The humanoids were short—not taller than their oldest daughter Vanessa—all about 1.20m in height. They had three fingers on each hand, large heads with smooth gray skin. Vladimir didn’t notice any mouths, noses or ears on the entities. Visibly they wore a kind of completely sealed tight fitting coverall with masks and hoods that covered their bodies… Read More

2008: Granada Hills, California Abduction


THINK ABOUTIT ABDUCTION REPORT Date:  January 1 2008 Sighting Time:   Day/Night:  late night Location:  Granada Hills, California Urban or Rural: –  No. of Entity(‘s):  3 to 5 Entity Type:  humanoids  Entity Description:  height, 5’8”, One was taller than the other two. The taller one seemed to be in charge and the two little ones acted like robots Hynek Classification:  CE-IV (Close Encounter IV) Abduction of the witness or other direct contact Duration:   No. of Object(s):  1 Height & Speed:   Size of Object(s):   Distance to Object(s):   Shape of… Read More

2007: December UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  beginning of December 2007 Location:  Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia Time:  night Summary:  The witness (involved in other encounters) who was staying at her grandmother’s house woke up one night to find she had a bruised puncture needle mark in the vein on his left arm. She thought it was strange but brushed it aside as an insect bite. 3 nights later she awoke in a semi-trance state to see and feel two people, a man and a woman, holding her left arm down taking blood. The woman was pinning… Read More

2007: August UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  early August 2007 Location:   Chaparral, New Mexico Time:  between 0200am & 0300am Summary:  The witness was outside smoking a cigarette when his dog suddenly began to bark frantically. He looked up and saw a nearby tree swaying back and forth, like in a wind storm. He then heard what he described as a terribly squealing sound and saw a dark winged humanoid shape swooping overhead. The figure appeared to have a tiny head with large fanged teeth and claws on its hands; it had what appeared to… Read More

2007: September UFO & Alien Sightings


Dette bildet av  Hessdalsfenomenet er tatt med 30 sekunders eksponeringstid klokken 10 en septemberkveld 2007 i forbindelse med Science Camp i Hessdalen.

De flerfargete strekene under er det optiske spekteret til lyset, og skal nå analyseres for å se hvilke grunnstoffer som går igjen. Farten er anslått til godt over 400 meter i sekundet.

Foto: Bjørn Gitle Hauge 

© ScienceCenter Østfold

Date:  fall 2007 Location:  Between Venus and Mansfield, Texas Time:  around dusk Summary:  The witness and her daughter were driving on the FM 157 on their way to Wal-Mart when from her left something in the sky caught her eye. At first she thought it was a trash bag that had gotten caught in a wind current. As she got nearer, it seemed to be descending and she thought of a person stretched out in a glider. Even nearer and still descending, it looked like a human-like form with… Read More

2007: April UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  April 2007 Location:  Envaco, Provincia Limon, Costa Rica Time:  0250am Summary:  The witness had taken his usual coffee brake from work and had gone to his car parked in the garage at about 50 meters from the factory building. As he attempted to rest he suddenly felt a heavy sleep come over him as he couldn’t open his eyes even though he tried, in this half sleep state he was suddenly grabbed by three human-like figures, wearing white suits with very white skin and somewhat longer than average necks,… Read More

2007: February UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  February 2007 Location:  Tavares, Florida Time:  0500A Summary:  The witness (involved in a previous encounter) was in bed when he suddenly felt paralyzed and saw glowing swirling lights of various colors across his bedroom window that emitted a whirling sound, and then his room turned bluish and about 3 human-like figures wearing bluish spandex appeared in front of his bed. The witness claims he heard them speak in a “creepy” voice. He covered himself with the comforter and began to pray, the figures disappeared 15 seconds later. The… Read More

2006: June UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  June 2006 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Location. Gatchina area, Saint Petersburg region, Russia Date: summer 2006 Time: morning 48-year old Antonina was driving with her family on their way to their country cottage which was located near Gatchina and close to a military missile installation. Suddenly, Antonina fell into a strong dream-like state and apparently lost consciousness, incredibly everybody else in the vehicle also “fell asleep”. The family returned back to their senses sitting in a ditch on the side of the road, thankfully… Read More

2006: October UFO & Alien Sightings


Date:  October 2006 Location:  Przymilowice, Slaskie, Poland Time:  unknown Summary:  The owner of a local bar-grill-gas station glimpsed a strange figure of an odd man in a black hat and black clothing standing by a tree in her yard. She briefly took her glance away from the odd figure and when she looked back it suddenly disappeared in plain sight. Source:  NPN & NOL Date:  October 2006 Location:  Tavares, Florida Time:  0500A Summary:  The witness felt a strange paralyzing sensation over her body and a little sense of fear. A man, nicely… Read More