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Date: December, 1317
Location: Tver, Russia
Summary: In December 1317 a strange circular UFO plagued the city of Tver for over a week, before eventually moving northward and out of sight. The circle, which was bright green and emitted a pulsating red glow at its center produced three rays: two pointed eastward, and one westward.

Date: 1319 A.D.
Location: Russia (no exact location given)
Summary: At night, over Russia, people observed “fiery pillars”; they extended from the ground toward the sky. Some also sighted a “heavenly arc”. Yet others saw horse-like flying entities, equipped with “lanterns”.
Source: Phillip Mantle, Paul Stonehill “UFO-USSR

Date: 1320
Location: Durham, England
Summary: After the abbot of Durham Abbey died and was buried, a strange light was seen to descend from the sky and move about over his grave.
Source: Robert de Graytanes, Historia Dunelmensis. As published in Historiae Dunelmensis Scriptores tres (London-Edinburgh: Publications of the Surtees Society, 1839).

Date: November  4 1322
Location: Uxbridge, England
Summary: “In the first hour of the night there was seen in the sky over Uxbridge a pillar of fire the size of a small boat, pallid, and livid in color. It rose from the south, crossed the sky with a slow and grave motion, and went north. Out of the front of the pillar, a fervent red flame burst forth with great beams of light. Its speed increased, and it flew thro’ the air…Many beholders saw it in collision, and there came blows as of a fearful combat, and sounds of crashes were heard at a distance.”
Source: Flores Historiarum attributed to Robert of Reading, Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores 95, v. 3: 210-211.

maryufo2-1Date: 1330
Location: Beaune France
Summary: a tapestry depicting the life of the 14th of Mary ‘The Magnificent’ – Notre Dame in Beaune, Burgandy this close objects UFO in the sky.


Date: 1338
Location: Chantilly France
Summary: Book of Good Manners – France by Jacques Legrand, available at the museum in Chantilly “Conde” has a very strange ball.



Date: Jan. 1, 1339
Location: Silesian
Summary: Silesia angel hair “Revenons filamentary material. In 1339, there was a drop in Silesia” “sheets” “having the appearance of a” “cotton felt. ‘” the microscopic exam ¬ men would have revealed that the substance that came primarily composed of conifers We do not know if that means it was needles [Jins or pollen. “
Source: Edinburgh Rev. 87-197

Date: 1347-1350 A.D.
Location: Florence, Italy
Summary: Writer Gianfranco degli Esposti mentions that “reports relating to the period of the famous Black Plague, between 1347 and the 1350, speak of strange cigar-shaped objects slowly crossing the sky, sometimes at low altitude, dispersing in their passage a disturbing mist.” He attributes the Black Plague to these objects because “immediately after the appearance of these shocking events, the epidemic exploded in that area.” In Florence a huge mass of vapors appeared in the sky, coming from the north. It spread throughout the land. In the East in the same year, many animals fell from the sky. Their decomposing animal carcasses were said to make the air fetid and to cause the spread of the infamous illness that was fatal in India, Asia, and Britain. In Florence alone it killed 60,000 people.
Source: Gianfranco Degli Esposti, “Travi di fuoco e segni divini: paura nei cieli del Medioevo” (www.edicolaweb.net/ufostl6r.htm); Lycosthenes, Prodigiorum acostentorum Chronicon (Basel, 1557).

Date: July 18, 1349
Location: Japan
Summary: Two shining objects appeared from the southeast and northwest. They had a terrible clash as they appeared to maneuver acrobatically, emitting flashes.
Source: Morihiro Saito, Nihon-Tenmonshiriyou. Chapter 8, “The Messenger from Space.”

Date: 1350
Location: Serbia kosovo
Summary: In the fourteenth century, on a fresco from the monastery of Detjani Kosovo, dated 1350, shows two characters in two flying objects one chasing the other. The characters seem strange watching this scene frightened.
Explanation: anthropomorphic representation of Byzantine style symbolizing the sun and moon. Site of Mr. Diego Cuoghi

1356ufochase 1356ufochase2



Date: December 1352
Location: north of england
Summary: A kind of powerful light beam scanning the sky in the north of England.
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.71

Date: Feb. 5, 1355
Location: Suzhou (Pingjiang) Jiangsu prov., China
Summary: Big noise in the sky, vision of a large black cloud with flames and lights, loaded with troops. Physical destruction.
Source: Shi Bo, La Chine et les Extraterrestres, op.cit., 30, citing writer Tao Zhongyi.

Date: summer 1355
Location: Leicester England
According to the “Chronicon Monachi Leycestrensis” Henry Knigton, in the summer of 1355 “a red banner and another appeared in the blue sky and Leicester were also observed in many parts of England. They sometimes appeared as closer to collide. finally defeated the Red Banner and the blue dashed to the ground, that everyone lives “
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.71-72

Date: March 16, 1356
Location: China
Summary: “Following Chronicle”: “Yuan Shun, in favor of positive 16 (1356) in March, compared with a swing of two days,” “The Country Whispers” also contains: “Yuan Shun, who favored positive for March 16, when the day Asr, the day suddenly weak, if the fog and mist, the noise made by the city: days on the second. fruit see a two-day delivery and defeated open free, then together. “

Date: December 18, 1358
Location: China
Summary: “Astronomical Journal”: “Yuan Shun, who favored the positive 18 (1358) in December, by the days are Taibai”

Date: Summer 1360
Location: England and France
Summary: “And in the summertime of this year in flat and deserted places in England and France, and often visible to many, there suddenly appeared two towers, from which two armies went out, one of which was crowned with a warlike sign, and the other was clothed in black. And a second time the warriors overcame the blacks, and returned to their tower, and the whole vanished.”
Source: The Chronicon Angliae, covering 1328 to 1388, is attributed to Thomas Walsingham (d. 1422). C. E. Britton, Meteorological Chronology to A.D. 1450 (London: H.M.S.O., 1937), 144.

Date: 1361 
Location: Yamaguti prefecture, Western Japan
Summary: a flying object described as being ‘shaped like a drum, about twenty feet in diameter’ emerged from the inland sea off Western Japan…

Date: June 1364
Summary: Following Chronicle “:” Yuan Shun, in favor of positive year round (1364) June Tzu and the great view of the starry night in southern Henan government, light as day, ” “Following Chronicle”: “Yuan Shun, in favor of positive year round (1364) June Mao, triple star of the day see, the process gas in which transverse white”

Date: between 1368 and 1399
Location: along the Yellow River China
Summary: During the reign of Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty, Qiu Jingsi the commander had his troops along the Yellow River. One afternoon, in a village “Sycamore” a huge glowing object fell into the river, flames jetting out of the camps set up waves at the water’s edge, several soldiers were wounded.
Source: SHI BO: “China and the aliens’ ed. Mercure de FRANCE, 1983, p. 41


Date: July 1370
Location: China
Summary: [Edit Ming] “critical history”: “Tai Zu Ming Hongwu years (1370) July Hai Yi, Ng KWU night, with stars as big as Yu Qing Baise. From the swarm of north-northeast slowly line, depending on the light for about 4 Zhang Yu, scattered to broken stars, not in the clouds.

Date: February 1382
Location: Paris, France
Summary: Before the Maillets uprising, a fiery flashing globe was seen for a period of eight days, “roaming from door to door above the city of Paris, without there being any wind agitation nor lightning or noise of thunder, and on the contrary, the weather never ceased to be serene.”
Source: Chronique du Religieux Saint Denys contenant le regne de Charles VI de 1380 a 1422. Tome II (Paris, 1840).

Date: 1384
Location: Caravaca, Spain
Summary: Strange aerial lights were frequently associated with miracles in Medieval Spain. In 1384, while the Caravaca cross (see case 109 above) was being transported from the village of Caravaca in Murcia to the village of Lorca y Totan, two lights in the sky accompanied the cross-bearers throughout the journey. They did not disappear until the object was in place. There are several stories about the Caravaca cross, which had more than its fair share of magical adventures. There are legends about how it ‘teleported’ from one place to another and how it attracted luminous phenomena on more than one occasion.
Source: Clara Tahoces, “Caravaca, jQue Cruz!” Mas Alia 127 (September 1999).

Date: July 15, 1385
Location: London and Dover, England
Summary: On July 15th 1385 “at London and likewise at Dover, there appeared after sunset a kind of fire in the shape of a head in the south part of the heavens, stretching out to the northern quarter, which flew away, dividing itself into three parts, and travelled in the air like a bird of the woods in flight. At length they joined as one and suddenly disappeared.”
Source: C.E. Britton, A Meteorological Chronology to A.D. 1450 (London: H.M.S.O.,1937), 149; also noted by John Malvern, a monk of Worcester, who certainly contributed to the Polychronicon (begun by Ranulph Higden, a monk of Chester), but continued the chronicle only as far as 1377.

Date: September 1385
Location: China
Summary: Ming Chronicle “,” Tai Zu Ming Hongwu 18 years (in 1385) in the Tigris in September, the day after Bai, Yinghuo with the same degree, there are guest stars See Tai Wei Yuan. Yiyou, Bai Fu one day, Dinghai see also committed Yinghuo “

Date: February 1387
Location: China
Summary: “Ming Chronicle”, “Ming Tai Zu twenty Hongwu (1387) Horse Moon in February, the club five stars, July Renyin see, Bai and triple stars all day, see”

Date: October 14 1387 A.D.
Location: Leicester and in Northamptonshire, England
Time: 06:00
Summary:“A certain appearance in the likeness of a fire was seen in many parts of the kingdom of England, now in one form, now in another, nearly on a single night, yet in various places, throughout the months of November and December (…) and some appeared in the form Of a burning revolving wheel, others again in the form of a round barrel of flame emitting fire from above, yet others in the shape of a long fiery beam, and it thus appeared in one form or another through a great deal of the winter, especially in the counties of Leicester and Northants.”
Source: Chronicon Henrici Knighton, vel Cnitthon, monachi Leycester Nsis,” or the Chronicon of Henry Knighton (d. 1396). The book covers 1337-1396, and after Knighton’s death was continued by another scribe. See also C.E. Britton, A Meteorological Chronology to A.D. 1450 {London: H.M.S.O., 1937), 150. Note that the date might be November.

Date: November and December 1388
Location: County of Leicester and Northampton England
Summary: The Continuation of the Chronicle of Leicester, Henry Knighton says that in November and December 1388, “a fire in the sky, like a wheel spinning and on fire, or a circular barrel of flame, emitting fire from above, and other forms of long burning rays, were observed much of the winter in the county of Leicester, and also in Northampton County. “In 1388, Henry Knighton in his “Continuation of the Chronicle of Leicester,” reports that “a fire in the sky, like a wheel spinning and on fire, or a circular barrel of flame, emitting fire from above, and other like long fiery rays, were observed. “1388, 8

Date: January 8 1388/1389?
Location: Ragusa Sicily Italy
Time: 23:00
Summary: … passage of several very bright objects and aligned above the convent of the Friars Minor of Ragusa.
Source: Henry DURRANT: “The black book of VS” – Laffont 1970, p 59.

Date: April 1389
Location: Leicester England
Summary: The same source (Continuation of the Chronicle of Leicester, Henry Knighton) reports that the following year (1389) in the city of Leicester “was seen in several places, in April, a flying dragon.”
Source: UFO Files”, ed. Marshall Cavendish, 1998 Paris, Special issue, p. 5

Date: September 2, 1389
Location: Forli Italy
Time: 2 pm:
Summary: A strange object flying over Forli (Italy) repeatedly: “There appeared in the beginning of September many ASUD (name given to celestial objects notes Professor Marzocchi) in the air and shooting stars.” “The second day of September, the second hour of the night appeared to men who were in the public square of Forli and other locations in other assembled a large ASUD that slowly crossed the sky and which was held in the space of two time Pater Noster and was in great length by one step and that at his death, men who were on the site reported, sent a smell of burning wood. and we heard other people who provided that said ASUD on fire traveled air as its own. But then he remained motionless for some time in space and after that time it gradually disappeared leaving its place as a cloud of vapor and the rest had taken the form of snakes, which were quite admirable. “
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.72

Date: January 1390
Location: Bologna, Italy
Summary: “a “ball of fire” that rotated over the roofs, and inside were seen the faces of some devils who were trying to see outside.”
Source: IL DOMANI DI BOLOGNA, 21 (Oct. 2006):10.

Date: January 26, 1390
Location: Messina, Sicily, Italy
Summary: Mongitore writes “A similar appearance was seen at two hours of the night in Messina, as you saw fall from the sky above the Cross, at the top of the dome of the Monastery of the Fathers of St. Salvadore. The monks were astonished at this view, but it was not certain how long the light was seen, so the fear was brief; as having lasted half an hour, (then it) went back up to Heaven…” We retain this case because a “light” visible for half an hour going up in the sky is unlikely to be a meteor.
Source: Antonino Mongitore, Delia Sicilia ricercata nelle cose piii memorabilia (Palermo,1742).

Date: September 2, 1394
Location: Fundao  portugal / Forli, Italy
Summary: At the second hour of the night, men walking in the main square of Forli saw an enormous “asub” (celestial object) fly over very slowly. Duration: “the time of two Paternosters.” It left a smell like burning wood. Some witnesses described it as motionless in the sky for a while, then evaporates into a cloud..
Source:  F. Guarini, I Terremoti Forli (Croppi, Forli, 1880), 142.

Date: Winter 1394
Location: England
Summary: “A certain thing appeared in the likeness of fire in many parts of England every night. This fiery apparition, oftentimes when anybody went alone, it would go with him, and would stand still when he stood still. To some it appeared in the likeness of a turning wheel burning; to other some a round object, the likeness of a barrel, flashing out flames of fire at the head; to others, the likeness of a long burning lance.”
Source: Raphael Holinshed, Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (London: J. Johnson, 1808) vol. II, 829. 

Date: 1395
Location: Languedoc France
Summary: By Jean Juvenal des Ursins we read the following: In the land of Languedoc was sight to the sky big and five small Estoile. Which as it seemed, and wished to fight assailloient big and well followed by the space of half an hour. And we oyoit voice to heaven by way of cries. And was seen after a man who seemed Estre copper, holding a spear in his hand, and throwing fire, which grabbed the big Estoile and hit it. Oncques and nothing was seen. In no steps were Guyenne gills voice and the rustle of armor and people who combatoient. Donnoient things which people, great fear and fear, and not without cause. And because those things advinrent before the battle of Hungary, said, that this in no estoit meaning.
Source: L ‘Histoire de Charles VI, Roy de France, et des choses memorables advenues durant quarante-deux annees de son regne, depuis 1380jusqu ‘a 1422, by Jean Juvenal des Ursins, eveque de Reims. Published by Michaud and Poujoulat in Nouvelle Collection des Memolres pour servir a 1 histoire de France depuis le XIHe siecle jusqu’a la fin du XVIIIe, Tome II (1836).


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