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Date: April 11 (maybe 1570)
Location: Bergen, Norway
Summary: the priest Absalon Pederssøn Beyer sees a ball of light, not as big as the Sun, with a white tail turning red at its end
Source: Armand / Holm-Hansen: UFOER OVER NORGE., 1971, 74

Date: July 20, 1571
Location: Prague, Czechoslovakia
Summary: “About midnight there was a great wind over Prague that made such a rumbling noise that it sounded like an earthquake. The people woke up with a start and hurried to their windows. Looking towards the cattle fair (today Charles Square) they saw a marching army coming along Spalena Street. “The soldiers held their weapons in their hands and witnesses found their appearance somewhat unnerving. Behind the soldiers came something resembling a large round ‘chariot’ drawn by oxen.

“The object, which made a loud noise, was apparently made of metal and had no wheels. Eight large human figures marched behind the vehicle. They looked frightful because they had no faces but wore enormous spurs on their feet, adding to the noise. “Once they had crossed the square, a great fire appeared on the ground in front of the Church of the Sacred Heart. On one side of the fire there were a large number of boxes, and on the other there were barrels. These barrels looked as if they could have been used to transport gunpowder. The big chariot arrived near the fire and all the boxes and the barrels were thrown on it. Then again a frightful wind arose at the same time as a kind of rain of fire and all this horrifying vision disappeared. However, a luminous object could be made out in the air, a circle of fire that persisted until dawn. That year there was a great
famine and many people died.”

Date: September 20 1571
Location: Lepanto, Italy 
Time: evening
Summary: On the night of September 20th 1571 a fiery object was seen over Lepanto. The official historian of the papal fleet of Rome, Alberto Guglielmotti, recorded the event in a report based on statements given by two witnesses, Sereno and Caracciolo. In his summary, Father Guglielmotti wrote that the “sign in the sky…was considered by everyone to be a miracle.”
“It was a clear, starry night with a cool wind coming from the north. Suddenly, a colossal fire in the shape of a shining, flaming column was seen by everyone to cross the*27 sky over a long period of time, filling all the witnesses with great admiration… All the witnesses regarded this as a good omen and sensed they were on the verge of a great victory. They believed this column of fire was showing them the way, guiding the Christian fleet in the sea in the same way the people of Israel were guided across the desert in biblical times. On October 7th, Selim II, the Sultan of Turkey, was defeated at sea by the Christian fleet, just off the shore of Lepanto.

Source: Padre Alberto Guglielmotti, La Guerra dei pirati e la marina pontificia dal 1500 al 1560 (Florence: Le Monnier, 1876).

Date: September 29, 1571
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Summary: The “Neue Zeitung” reports that a dark sphere remained visible during the day, covering the sky like five years ago.
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977

Date: October 17, 1571
Location: Rome, ITALY
Summary: Shortly after the naval victory of Lepanto, Pope Pius V had watched from his window, as a mechanism that remained motionless a few minutes before disappearing.
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.85

Date: 1572
Location: China
Summary: Khanh six years (1572) summer, he Greatest fire such as round, under the southwestern village of Wang Jian Yang Xiangguan house, the house is correct.
Source: “Journal of the County Chairman”

Date: February  16, 1572
Location: Constantinople, Turkey
Summary: The people of Constantinople were amazed to see cross-shaped objects flying above their city. It was said that for the consolation of the miserable Christians held captive in Constantinople, and for the confusion of the Turks and Jews living in that city, God placed three crosses in the sky above three Turkish mosques (Piali Baja, Capassi and Saint Sophia). These appeared three days in a row, from Thursday to Saturday. The crosses were seen by everyone in the area. They floated in the air, high above the roofs of the mosques. Their color changed continuously. The Christians rejoiced and gazed at the objects in wonder, while among the Turks there was only confusion and uproar.
Finally, the Turks met with the Jews and asked them what they thought was happening. The Jews replied that the Christians were great magicians, and were trying to frighten them with their magic arts. The Turkish soldiers decided to retaliate more violently than ever, crushing the Christian troops in armed combat. They even started to shoot at the crosses. However, whenever a missile was about to hit them, the crosses vanished momentarily, only to reappear immediately afterwards.
Source: Warhaffte Zeitung vnd beschreibung der Stadt Constantinopel dreyer Creutz gesicht. AuffS. Sophia /Patriarcha / vnd Andrea Kirchen gesehen worden seind/Dreytag auffjeder besonder / vnd allmal von einer Kirchen auff die andersich erzeigt /geschehflffl den 16. Februarij des 72. jars. Auch ist warhafftig vnden hernach gesetztes schreiben von Constantinopel aus / von einem Ritter Grio Malluj genandt / Bebstlicher Heiligkeit fiir warhafftige zeitung zugeschrieben worden / den 10. Martij. im 72. Jar (Augsburg: Hans Rogel, 1572), SUB Gottingen 4° H TURC. 712.

Date: Nov. 15 1572
Location: Romerswil, Switzerland        
Summary: Hans Buchmann, a 50-year-old Swiss farmer from Romerswil, had gone to Sempach, a nearby village. When he failed to return, his wife sent out their two sons to look for him. The boys found their father’s hat, coat and gloves. They also found his saber and its sheath, lying on the path. This frightened them and they suspected that Klaus Buchmann, their father’s cousin, who had for years been an enemy to the family, could  have murdered him. The authorities had Buchmann’s property searched, in vain.
Four weeks later, the family received news about Hans Buchmann’s whereabouts: he was in Milan! On 2 February 1573, two and a half months after he disappeared, he came back. His wife and children were astonished to see that he did not have a single hair on his head, his face or his chin. His face was so swollen that they didn’t recognize him at first. When the authorities learnt that the man had returned they interrogated him, as so much trouble had been caused to cousin Klaus. The town chronicler, Renward Cysat (1545-1614), was present at the interrogation.
Buchmann explained that on the day he disappeared he carried money to pay Hans Schiirmann, the owner of the Romerswil inn, to whom he owed sixteen florins. Schiirmann was not at home so he decided to go to Sempach on other business matters. There he stayed until dawn, drinking something but very little, and then set off for home. As he was passing through the forest he suddenly heard a strange noise. At first he thought
it was the buzz of a swarm of bees, but then he realized it sounded more like music. He felt afraid, and was no longer sure where he was nor what was happening. He unsheathed his sword and swiped at the air around him, losing his hat, gloves and coat in the process? Before losing consciousness he could feel that he was being lifted up into the air. He was  taken to another country. He was disoriented and confused, with no idea where he was. He felt pain and swellings in his face and around his head. Two weeks after his abduction he found himself in Milan, with no idea how he had got there. He was weak because he had not eaten or drunk anything in days, but he was determined to find his way home. Hans Buchmann neither knew the city nor spoke the language, and had no way of communicating his situation to anyone until he came across a guard of German origin who took pity on him.    

Date: January 29, 1574
Location: Japan
Summary: A large object shaped like an umbrella flew over, illuminating the sky and the ground. It was seen twice.
Source: Brothers I, 1. 

Date: February 13, 1575
Location: Brabant, BELGIUM
Summary: Cornelius Gemma, professor at Louvain doctor lives at 9 o’clock at night two large arches appear from the north, and two arches and a huge light. Arches offered a variety of colors and both were supported on the west, about the equinox. The southernmost arc broke with Orion’s belt and he went out of the breach a multitude of rays, spears and javelins. They formed by moving the image of a bloody battle. Red vapor spread in the sky and then became a bright purple. Meanwhile a white cloud with a dark spot ascended to heaven. The spears and javelins ascended to heaven and the fire became universal.
Source: Christiane Piens: “The UFO past” – Marabout 1977 – p. 62,

Date: September 28, 1575
Location: Brabant, BELGIUM
Summary: Cornelius Gemma, professor of medicine at the University of Louvain, in the night saw a powerful light from the sky and swept the floor of a burning beam. According to witness the lighting was such “that one could discern a nail at night on the floor”
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977

Date: 1575
Summary: Boaistuau Peter writes: “the face of heaven has so often been disfigured by bearded and hairy comets, torches, flames, columns, spears, shields, dragons, moons, suns and multiplied else similar … “
Source: Yves Naud:” UFOs and ETs in history “Famot 1977, Volume 2 p. 119

Date: December 21, 1576
Location: Mount Kasuga, Japan
Summary: A wheel-shaped object flew for an hour over the castle on Mount Kasuga. No historical source is given for this tantalizing case, which would deserve further study by researchers familiar with Japanese chronicles.
Source: Brothers magazine

Date: December  5, 1577
Location: Tubingen, Germany
Summary: “Numerous black clouds appeared around the Sun, similar to those we see during major storms; shortly thereafter, other clouds of blood and fire emerged from the Sun, and yet others yellow as saffron.
“From these clouds came luminous effects like big, high and broad hats, and the earth itself appeared yellow, bloody, and covered with high and broad hats that took various colors such as red, blue, green, and most of them black. “Everyone can easily understand the meaning of this miracle, and know that God wants men to repent and make penance. May the all-powerful God help all men to recognize Him. Amen”.
Source: From Pierre Boaistuan

Date: 1577
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Summary: Black spheres darting around the sky were seen.

Date: December 21, 1578
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Summary: “Speech and espouvantables wonderful signs and wonders that are in heaven apparuz City Genefve on the 21st day of December 1578” is the title of a brochure published by G. Stadius, Duke of Savoy mathematician and astronomer known by that time. He describes the strange phenomena have occurred in the skies of Geneva. This is the description of a “comet surmounted by a small cross.”
Source: The Saucers at Heidi, cfr GREPI, 1997

Date: February 18, 1579
Location: Paris, France
Summary: A “great and wondrous flying serpent or dragon” appeared, according to a leaflet {“canard”) of the time.It was seen by many over Paris from two o’clock in the afternoon until evening.
Source: A leaflet at the Library of Amiens entitled Du serpent ou dragon volant, grand et merveilleux, apparu et veu par un chacun sur la ville de Paris, le mercredi XVIII febvrier 1579, depuis deux heures apres midijusques au soir (1579).

Date: February 7, 1580
Location: Straits of Magellan, Chile
Summary: In Viajes al Estrecho de Magallanes by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa (ca. 1530-1592) we read of this navigator’s travels to the Strait of Magellan in 1579 and 1581. On Thursday, February 7th 1580 at 1:00 A.M., he wrote that towards the south-southeast: “We saw a round thing appear, red like fire, like a shield, that rose up on the air or dft the wind. It became longer as it went over a mountain and, in the form of a lance high above the mount, its shape became like a half-moon between red and white in color.” The three simple shapes accompanying the text are a circle, an oval and a half-moon. Sarmiento de Gamboa compares the object to an “adarga.” This was a round, oval or heart-shaped shield used in the time of Don Quijote.
Source: Logbook of Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, Spanish navigator and founder of two ports of the Straits Magellan

Date: September 10, 1580
Location: Valence (Drome), FRANCE
Summary: Were observed “two great strengths in the air”.
Source: Mr. FIGUET / RUCHON JL: “UFO: the first complete record …” ed. Alain LEFEUVRE 1979, p. 34

Date: 1582: Siberia, Russia Sighting

Date: 1586
Location: Tors (Charente Maritime), FRANCE
Summary: Agrippa D’Aubigne recounts: “a few days after taking Tors, lord of the Marquis took his guest into a garden, a little before sun set, and they saw descending upon the town of Beauvais-sous-Matha, a cloud round color horrible to look for the colors which we must use a Latin word subfusca (dark brown). This cloud seemed a hat that had among themselves an ear, a throat colors of India Cocq such that the audience thought the abscess in all things that he had torn in its plague posthume he had been in Orleans. This hat with its fatal sign came in and blend with the bell … “
Source: Agrippa d’Aubigne, Histoire Universelle (1626), III, iv, ch. 3.

Date: 1586
Location: Grangemuir, Scotland
Summary: A woman named Alison Pearson confessed that she had met with the “Good Neighbors,” who had given her a salve that could cure every disease. She had seen a man clad in green, who was accompanied by many men and women making merry with good cheer and music, and she was carried away by them. She was tried and put to death in 1586, although she had treated the Archbishop of Saint Andrews, who stated he had received benefit from it     
Source: James Grant, The Mysteries of all Nations: Rise and Progress of Superstition, laws against and trials of witches, ancient and modern delusions (Edinburgh: Reid & Son, 1880), 517.

Date: Mar 5, 1587 
Summary: Dark Side “A sterre is seen in the bodie of the moon vpon the (blank) of Marche, whereat many men merueiled, and not without cause, for it stode directly between the pointes of her horns, the mone being chaunged, not passing 5 or 6 daies before.”
Source: Anonymous Harrison 1876; Lowes 1927

Date: September 21, 1587
Location: Turnac (Sarlat, Dordogne), FRANCE
Summary: “It happened on the vespers in the parish of Carsac, land of Monfort, appeared in the air as on the plant to a place called Turnac, Coste of the South, taking in the West, a large army esquippée and in good order, so that the foot of horse, making a hundred yards in front and staying about two hours, as if to rattle préparans. and suddenly rushed to the skirmish, one among the other: some are discernoit of them the color of clothes, who were yellow, and signs of action. During the first bout was seen to spring from the Coste d’Orient, and from the Rock of Sarlat, a larger and better trained army of people dressed in white who were holding a stick in hand .. white
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977

Date: June 30, 1588
Location: La Rochelle France
Summary: the Middle Ages, people èoccu pr pa ient Dea ucou!, phenomena observed in the sky. We do not yet know at the time CEUE – “flying saucer” but the “cross-Iumineu its s,” or flared enflarnmèes ~ ‘s rain of swords, many frightened. Thus an ancient writing q oc rapporte June 30, 1588, in La Rochelle, “a large stone covered with blood, oval, on which was engraved a cross. fell in the hall to town hall and ca United States with awe!

Date: January  12, 1589
Location: Saint-Denis, France
Summary: A text published in French around 1599 makes the following report:”We have seen at night two large clouds between Paris and St. Denis, which radiate’s great light, and they moved towards one another, joined and then separated again, and a large number of sagettes (arrows) and spears of fire came out, which lasted a long time in combat, then after having been fighting well, they retreated, then began to travel, and passed over the City of Paris, and went straight on southwards. “Then on Friday 13th of the month of January, we have also seen in the Sky a great Crescent and one Star above it, like a Comet, which was bright all day, and people were amazed. Christians prayed for God to save us from the menace. Amen”
Anon., Signes merveilleux aparuz sur la ville & Chasteau de Bloys, en la presence du Roy: & 1 ‘assistance du peuple. Ensemble les signes & Comete aparuz pres Paris, le douziesme de Janvier, 1589 comme voyez par ce present portraict (1599?), Bibliotheque Municipale de Blois, n° Inv.: LI 13.

Date: 1590
Location: Italy
Summary: The daily rituals of Italian monks were upset by the flight of many glowing discs that they felt were harbingers of Armageddon.

Date: 1590
Location: Scotland
Summary: farmers have seen tell a tubular object motionless in the sky for a few minutes.

Date: 1590: Lezajsk, Poland

Date: 1592
Location: Pinner, Middlesex, England
Summary: Farm worker Richard Burt was confronted by a being he described as “a large black cat” and was transported magically to Harrow.
Source: A Most Wicked Work of a Wretched Witch (1593)

Date: 1593
Location: Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
Summary: Abduction of a witness was reported. An abduction by alien entities was reported by one male witness.
Source: FSR, London, 1966

Date: May 6, 1593
Location: London, England
Summary: In the suburbs of London several witnesses reported seeing a “flying dragon” surrounded by flames
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p.86

Date: October 24, 1593
Location: Manila, Philippines
Summary:According to Father Gaspar de San Agustin, on the morning of Monday, October 25th 1593, a Spanish soldier suddenly appeared in the Main Square in Mexico City. He belonged to a regimental unit stationed in Manila in the Philippines, some 9,000 miles away. The soldier, whose name is not stated, was not merely lost: he was unable to explain how he had reached the other side of the Pacific Ocean! Following his arrest he was ordered by the Inquisition to return to Manila. This story has been published in a number of versions since Father Gaspar de Agustin included it in his 1698 book Conquista de las Islas Filipinas. Here is the original paragraph, in English:
“It is worthy of reflection that on the same day that the tragedy of Gomez Perez occurred, the art of Satan had already made it knowledge in Mexico. With [Satan’s help] some women inclined to performing such acts transported a soldier, who was in the sentry box on the walls of Manila, to the main square in Mexico City. This was carried out without the soldier’s even being aware of it, and in the morning he was found walking about the square in Mexico with his weapons, asking everyone who passed by to give him their name. But the Holy Inquisition of the city ordered him to return to these Islands, where many who knew him assured me of the truth of this event. “
Many details were added later. It is often claimed, for example, that to prove that he had actually been in Manila the night before, the soldier told Mexican authorities that His Excellency the Governor of the Philippines, Gomez Perez Dasmarinas, had just been assassinated with a blow to the head. In this version two months pass before a galleon arrives in Acapulco bringing an important message from Manila: Governor Dasmarinas has indeed been murdered by the Chinese during a military mission against the Molucas Islands. The date of the assassination is given as October 24th. However, no such incident is described in Father Gaspar’s book.

Date: 1594: Freiburg, Germany

Date: 1594
Location: China
Summary: “Annals of Sichuan” in mind are: “Wanli Nianer year (1594) the first month in spring, see Qijiang subsolar complex one day a few days with swing Naizhi.”

Date: 1595
Location: Targoviste, Wallachia, Romania
Summary: “When prince Michel the Brave besieged the city of Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, temporarily occupied by Turks, “a large comet appeared” above the military camp and rested for two hours (according to an Italian report of the facts, redacted in Prague). After three days the Turks were defeated. No such comet is mentioned in astronomical records.
Source: Calin N. Turcu, Enciclopedia observatiilor O.Z.N, din Romania (1517-1994) (Bucharest: Ed. Emanuel, 1994), 3.

Date: 1598: Elf in Trei-Gruinard, Scotland


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