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Location. London, England
Date: March 29, 1845
Summary: At 11 P.M. Mr. Goddart observed an unusual object and reported it to an English journal: “The sky was perfectly clear and the stars sparkled (…) My attention was suddenly diverted by a weak light in the constellation of Canes Venatici, resembling a speck of fog about 4 in magnitude but clearly of a yellow color. I immediately pointed my telescope toward it, which gives small but very clear and bright vision. The meteor appeared as a fog of four stars, with the center of an orange color. From Alpha Can.Ven. it moved slowly towards Coma Berenices, gaining ever more brilliance. It took two minutes before it went out.”
Source: L’institut Journal general des societes et travaux scientifiques de la France et de L’etranger. lere section, Sciences mathematiques, physiques et naturelles, vol. 13, no. 590 (Paris, 1845): 148. There is a reference to this observation in Poggendorff’s catalog in Annalen der Physik und Chemie (1854).

Location. Naples, Italy
Date: May 11, 1845
Summary: Astronomers at a Naples observatory recorded the appearance of several luminous discs, which left trails.
Source: Correspondence between mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and astronomer Schumacher. Briefwechsel Zwischen C.F. Gauss und H.C. Schumacher, edited by C.A.F. Peters, vol. 5 (Altona, 1863), 46-47; Report of the nineteenth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (year 1849) (London, 1850): 46.

Location. Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia 
Date: May 11, 1845
Time: 20:00
Summary: An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object, the size of the moon, was observed by several witnesses at a lake.
Source: British Assn Advancement of Science

Location. between Malta and Turkey
Date: June 18, 1845
Time: 9:30 P.M.
Summary: “At 9:30 P.M. the brig Victoria, from Newcastle to Malta, in lat. 36° 40′ 56″, long. 13° 44′ 36″ was becalmed, with no appearance of bad weather; when her top-gallant and royal masts suddenly went over the side as if carried away by a squall. Two hours it blew very hard from the east; and whilst all hands were aloft reefing topsails, it suddenly fell calm again, and they felt an overpowering heat and stench of sulphur. At this moment three luminous bodies issued from the sea, about half a mile from the vessel, and remained visible for ten minutes. Soon after it began to blow hard again, and the vessel got into a current of cold fresh air.”
Source: “Malta Mail”, cited by London Times, 18 August 1845, and James Glaisher, et al. “Report on observations of luminous meteors, 1860-1861.” Annual Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1861): 1-44, at 30.

Location. Ainab Mountain, Lebanon
Date: June 18, 1845
Summary: “At Ainab, on Mount Lebanon, at half an hour after sunset, the heavens presented an extraordinary and beautiful though awful spectacle.” Witnesses described the phenomenon as “composed of two large bodies, each apparently at least 5 times larger than the moon, with streamers or appendages from each joining the two, and looking precisely like large flags blown out by a gentle breeze.” They appeared in the west, remaining visible for an hour, taking an easterly course, and gradually disappeared. “The appendages appeared to shine from the reflected light of main bodies, which it was painful to look at for any time. The moon has risen about half an hour before, and there was scarcely any wind.” This phenomenon may well have been related to the first sighting for this date, above.
Source: James Glaisher, et al. “Report on observations of luminous meteors, 1860-1861,” Annual Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, (1861): 1-44. 

Location.  Firenze (Florence), Italy
Date: July 25, 1845
Summary:  A flying disc was observed. One disc, about 600 feet across, was observed
Source: Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 1953

Location. Ryook Phyoo, China
Date: December 2 1845
Summary:  An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed.
Source: Fort, Charles Book of the Damned Boni-Liveright, 1919

Location. USA
Date: 1846
Summary: A ‘luminous flying disc’ was reported over this eastern seaboard area.

Date: 1846: Brazil’s very first official UFO report

Location. Liverpool
Date: July 28, 1846
Time: 3 P.M.
Summary: In the Transactions of the British Association for the Advancement of Science of 1847, Dr. D.P. Thomson reported that “during the exhibition of a panoramic model of Edinburgh, in the Zoological Gardens at Liverpool, on Sept. 27, 1846, about 3 P.M., an erect image of Edinburgh, depicted on the clouds over Liverpool, was seen by two residents in the Great Park at Birkenhead, for a period of forty minutes.” Edinburgh is about 325 kilometres north of Liverpool.

Location. Saint-Apre, France
Date: August 25, 1846
Time: 2:30 A.M.
Summary: At 2:30 A.M. Dr. Moreau was returning from a visit to a patient’s home by warm, calm weather when he found himself bathed in the light coming from a globe that seemed to open up, emitting hundreds of star-like objects. This was observed for three to four minutes, after which the display slowed down and the globe disappeared.
Source: “Sur un meteore lumineux,” Comptes-Rendus de lAcademie des Sciences 23 (Paris, 1846): 549-550.

Location. La Salette, France
Date: September 19, 1846
 Summary: Two cowherds, an eleven year old boy, Maximin, and a fourteen year old girl, Melanie Calvat, saw a sudden flash of light. She testified: “I could see our cows grazing peacefully and I was on my way down, with Maximin on his way up, when all at once I saw a beautiful light shining more brightly than the sun. ‘Maximim, do you see what is over there? Oh! My God!’ At the same moment, I dropped the stick I was holding. Something inconceivably fantastic passed through me in that moment, and I felt myself being drawn. I felt great respect, full of love, and my heart beat faster. I kept my eyes firmly fixed on this light, which was static, and as if it had opened up, I caught sight of another, much more brilliant light which was moving, and in this light I saw a most beautiful lady. ” The “lady” was dressed in white and gold, with a cap of roses on her head. She was surrounded by a brilliant light and was weeping. The lady complained that Sunday was being desecrated and the peasants were blaspheming the saints in swearing. (The Cure d’Ars and other clergy were complaining about these very sins in their sermons). If there was no amendment, there would be great disaster, the harvest would fail and people would starve The parish priest declared the lady to be the Blessed Virgin; the apparitions were later approved by the Bishop of Grenoble, and pilgrimages began. Melanie became a nun and continued to receive revelations.
Source: Melanie wrote down her testimony in 1878. On 15 Nov. 1879 it was published with the “Imprimatur” of the Bishop of Lecce. In 1904, a few weeks before her death, it was reprinted “ne varietur” at Lyon.

Location. Lowell, Massachusetts
Date: October 26 1846
Summary: A flying disc was observed. Metallic traces found. One disc was observed.
Source: Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 1953

Location. Rangoon River, China
Date: November 1846
Time:   7:30 P.M.
Summary: By a dark night, at about 7:30 P.M., a bright light appeared, accompanied by extreme heat, and moved rapidly in front of the ship where the witness, (the wife of the ship’s  owner) was standing with the captain and a 4 year old child. The light did not come as a bolt of lightning but rather as a compact flame that terrified the witnesses. Several people in the vicinity felt the sudden increase in heat, although they were not in a position to see the light.
Source: Collingwood, Philosoph. Magazine, and L’Institut, 29 April 1868, 144.

Location. Holloway, London, England
Date: March 1 19, 1847
Summary: “On the evening of Friday, March 19, “A” and I left Albion road, [Holloway], about halfpast eight. Not any stars were then visible, but when we were in Highbury place, “A” called my attention to what we thought a fire-balloon ascending slowly. It was in the west, a little inclining to the south. As it passed on slowly to the west, its intense brilliance convinced me that it was not an earthly thing. “When it appeared to be over Hampstead (but as high in the heavens as the sun is at six o’clock in the evening when the days are longest) it shot forth several fiery coruscations, and whilst we were gazing at it broke into an intensely radiant cloud: this cloud sailed on slowly, and we never took our eyes off it. At this time the stars were shining. When we were in the gravel path opposite to Highbury terrace, the cloud was higher in the heavens and more to the west. It cast a most brilliant light on the houses there, brighter than moonlight, and unlike any light I ever saw. It appeared of a blue tint on the bricks, but there was no blue light in the cloud itself. “Suddenly, over the radiant cloud appeared another cloud still more brilliant, but I now felt so awe-struck, that I cannot say precisely how long they hung one over the other before the most wonderful sight happened. Perhaps they remained so for two or three minutes, when from the upper cloud a small fiery ball (about the size that the largest planets appear to the naked eye) dropped into the lower cloud, and was instantly absorbed. Soon after, another similar ball dropped from the upper to the lower cloud and then a ball apparently four or five times the size of the two preceding, fell from one cloud to the other. “Shortly after this both clouds disappeared, apparently absorbed in the heavens, though I did see a few particles of the brilliant clouds floating about for a minute or so. Presently the moon appeared, considerably to the northward of the place where the clouds had hung. We then saw the bright light across the heavens, which you told me, was zodiacal light, which lasted for more than an hour.”
Source: “Meteoric Stones,” The Living age, vol. 56, No. 717 (Feb 20, 1858), 503. Also Excelsior: Helps to Progress in Religion, Science and Literature, vol. V (London: James Nisbetand Co., 1856)

Location. Bonn, Germany
Date: October 11, 1847
Summary: Single object, a small black spot rapidly crossing the disk of the sun, reported by astronomer Schmidt. It was “neither a bird nor an insect crossing before the telescope.”
Source: R. C. Carrington, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 20 (January 1860): 100-1.

Location. Near Balashov, Saratov region, Russia
Date: October 12-13 1847 until October 6 1848
Time: various
Summary: During the night local residents noticed four fiery columns of light in the clear northeastern sky. The columns or beams of light were in close proximity of each other, with blue and white shades. The phenomenon lasted for about 2hours. After that the area became dark again and the sky again appeared normal. Soon after this observation, bizarre looking strangers appeared in the Saratov region. These “men” looked aged, like elderly men, with strange yellow-greenish looking faces, and all the men were beardless. These strangers visited several villages but never begged for alms. When the locals attempted to communicate with the strangers these only mumbled in an unrecognizable language which the Russian villagers could not understand. So the strangers were then considered eccentric or crazy (if indeed extraterrestrials, a perfect disguise which did not attract too much attention). Neither village elders nor district policemen detained the strangers. But as was found out later the strangers aroused the suspicion of local representatives and authorities. The strangers seemed to move very quickly in between villages, and never stayed one night in any of the villages. But the authorities could never corner or pinpoint the whereabouts of the strangers. All of the strangers appeared to vanish soon after October 6 1848 when a report was sent to the Ministry of Internal affairs from the town of Balashov. This report stated that on the above date at around 2100 there was very bright lighting over the area corresponding with the rumble of thunder which lighted the sky. And then at 2200 a blood red colored spot appeared in the center of the sky which was visible for 5 minutes, the spot then took an elongated form, becoming pinkish in color and moving towards the northwest, in half an hour the sky appeared to clear and the red “spot” moved to the west and separated into several dozen cone-shaped columns stretching to the horizon and becoming dark red in color. After that the north was covered with whitish-red stripes which slowly drifted towards the west. The phenomenon vanished around 2300.
Source: “Sekretnye Isslendovaniya v Ukraine” (Secret investigations, Ukrainian variant) # 6 2003

Location. Oxford, Wytham Park, England
Date: November 19, 1847
Time:  04:30
Summary: A large object reported by Mr. Symonds was stationary at two points of its trajectory, which took seven minutes.
Source: Report of the eighteenth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement ol Science (year 1848) (London, 1849): 9-10.

Location. Quigley’s Point, Lough Foyle, Ireland
Date: September 9 1848
Time: early morning
Summary: The sky turned dark and seemed to open, with a reddish opening, with a regiment of soldiers appearing in the reddish area. These were followed by war vessels under full sail, then “a man and a woman and a swan and a peahen,” after which the “opening” closed.
Source: T. Peter Park, The Anomalist # 10

Location. Inverness, Scotland
Date: September 18(19), 1848
Time:  Evening
Summary: Two large, bright lights that looked like stars were seen in the sky. Sometimes they were stationary, but occasionally they moved at high velocity. .
Source: The Times, 19 Sept. 1848

Location.  Gais, Appenzell-Ausser Rhoden, Switzerland
Date: August 8 1849
Time: 15:00
Summary: Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Physiological effects were noted. Many objects were observed by one witness at an observatory for over 25 minutes (Inglis)..
Source: Fort, Charles Book of the Damned Boni-Liveright, 1919

Location.  Deal, England
Date: October 1849
Summary: Many objects were observed.
Source: Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 1953

Location.  Sandwick Rigg, UK
Date: 1850
Time: unknown
Summary: Close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. An unidentified object at close range and its occupants were observed by one male witness.
Source:  FSR

Location. Brown Mountain, North Carolina
Date: 1850
Time: unknown
Summary: Ghost lights were observed. Many objects were observed

Location. Lacar Lake, Neuquen, Argentina
Date: 1850
Time: unknown
Summary: A mermaid like creature, apparently half amphibian, and half human was reportedly seen in the area. The mermaid was reported to be able to levitate over the water, and supposedly lived in an underwater city. No other information.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 10

Location. Cherbourg, France
Date: January 15, 1850
Time: 7:45 P.M.
Summary: About 7:45 P.M., by snowy weather, a bright light appeared above the trees. It was observed by Mr. Fleury, swinging about its base, which was in line with the horizon. It scintillated, seemed ready to disappear, then was reignited and finally disappeared. Small flashes continued to be seen, moving south. .
Source: Camille Flammarion, Bolides Inexpliques par leur aspect bizarre et la lenteur de leurparcours – Bradytes, citing Sestier, La Foudre et ses formes, T.I., 205.

Location. Sandwich, Kent, England
Date: February 5, 1850
Time: 6:50 P.M.
Summary: At 6:50 P.M. according to Mr. W. H. Weekes, a small luminous object appeared stationary near Orion and approached slowly on a straight line, growing to one third the  apparent diameter of the moon. It went from a speck of light to a “red-hot iron ball,” hovered for about three minutes and disappeared in a shower of fire. The object had remained
stationary for 1 min 45 seconds, then moved horizontally for a full 45 seconds.
Source: Report of the British Astronomical Association (1851): 1-52 at 2-3, 38, and Baden Powell, On Observations of luminous meteors, op. cit.

Date: 1850: Virgin Mary Sighting in Lichen, Poland

Location. Wellington Channel, Ontario, Canada
Date: September 15, 1850
Time: 6:20 P.M.
Summary:  A sphere, thought to be a balloon, sighted from rescue ship US Grinnell. Object hovered north of vessel, appeared about 2′ long x 18″ wide with appendage.
Source: Lore, Jr., Gordon I. R. Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1968

Location.  Washington, District Of Columbia
Date: October  1850
Time: Night
Summary:  One object was observed by one male witness at a building (Ferguson).
Source: Contact U.K.

Location. Talcot Mt., near Hartford, CT
Date: October 3, 1850
Summary: According to a paper read by Professor Brocklesby before the American Association in 1851, an observer named Graylord Wells, who was on the eastern slope of Talcot 227 Mountain saw an unidentified object: “The evening was clear and the moon near the meridian, when Mr. Wells saw, a little south of west, and full 60 degrees above the horizon, a bright meteor apparently a foot in diameter. It shone with an orange hue, and below was a train which seemed to be 15 or 16 feet in length, fan-shaped, and possessing an apparent breath at its further extremity of two feet. The meteor rose from east to west with a slow and steady motion, and in its progress passed above or to the north of the moon. And when it had arrived on the eastern side, directly turned toward the southeast, and dropping below the moon, a part of its attendant train swept over the lunar disk.” The phenomenon gradually descended to the horizon in the southeast. The observer stated that this could not have lasted less than three minutes in moving the length of its train, and that the time of its visibility “could not possibly have been less than an hour, and was probably an hour and a half.”
Source: The Ohio Journal of Education 2 (Dec. 1853): 411

Date: 1851: Cloud Object with a Giant Man?

Location. London, England
Date: 1851
Time:  9:30
Summary:  Unidentified objects were sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. Physiological effects were noted. Many discs were observed by one experienced male witness for 99 minutes.
Source: Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 1953

Location. Holyhead, Wales
Date: August 13 1852
Time: 21:20
Summary:  One object was observed by one witness in a city for 42 seconds
Source: FSR

Location.  Wolverhampton, England
Date: September 11 1852
Time: 04:15
Summary:  A flying disc was observed. One disc was observed by a male witness for 30 minutes.
Source:  British Assn Advancement of Science

Location. Dover, England
Date: December 17 1852
Time: 04:50
Summary: . Red flashes emerging from dense, triangular cloud in southeast. Cloud had right-angle with hypotenuse east to west, single hissing noise. In 10 minutes cloud had doubled in size. Center had red fireball 1/2 moon diameter
Source: Corliss, William R. Remarkable Luminous Phenomena in Nature The Sourcebook Project, Glen Arm, 2001

Location. Paris, France
Date: July 9 1853
Summary: A witness named Amede Guillemin, who lived on Rue Arnelot, observed an object moving extremely slowly, horizontally above Pere-Lachaise cemetery. The object was “a pale red disk.”
Source: Flammarion, Bradytes, op. cit., 155.

Location. Unknown
Date: 1853
Summary: In 1853, a live horned lizard was freed from a block of solid stone. It was sent to the Smithsonian Institution. The lizard only lived two days after being freed.
Source: Mysteries of the Unexplained, Reader’s Digest

Location. Ragusa, Sizilien, Italy
Date: October 26 1853
Time:  02:00
Summary: An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One object, the size of the moon, was observed by a male witness.
Source: Leslie, Desmond Flying Saucers Have Landed British Book Center, 195

Location.  Nottingham, UK
Date: October 28 1853
Time:  16:04
Summary: One object, about 150 feet across, was observed for two minutes
Source:  FSR

Location. Washington Island, Wisconsin
Date: circa 1853
Time: evening
Summary: An eight-year old girl named Anna was out in the fields collecting wild berries when she was reportedly accosted by several tiny human-like figures wearing shiny clothing and small funny pointy hats and shoes. They told her they were very hungry and asked for some of the berries. They talked to the girl and allowed her to dance with them they also taught her a new son, that resembled “a haunting melody.”
Source: W. Files

Location. Waldoboro, Maine
Date: 1855
Time: unknown
Summary: A local man wrote a letter to a local publication describing how he chased and captured a “miniature human being” near this town. It was 18 inches in height, with limbs in perfect proportion. With the exception of his face, hands and feet, he was covered with hair of a jet-black hue. The man concluded his letter by inviting any interested parties to come by to view the “strange specimen” for themselves. Its not known what became of the little men.
Source: Phillip L Rife, America’s Nightmare Monsters

Location. New Haven, Connecticut
Date: January 21, 1855
Time: 10 P.M.
Summary: About 10 P.M. a man saw a brilliant red ball about two minutes in diameter, first visible about eight degrees below the guards in Ursa Minor. It seemed stationary at first, but in about fifteen seconds commenced moving slowly towards the east in an almost horizontal line, with what seemed like a slight undulatory motion. It passed below and about one degree from the star Benetuash in Ursa Major and disappeared in the distance, not far from Denebola in the constellation Leo. The observation had lasted ten minutes. The writer adds: “there was no explosion, nor was any scintillation thrown off at any time.”
Source: New Haven Palladium, 23 January 1855.

Location. Central Russia, European Part (Exact location unknown)
Date: circa 1855
Time: unknown
Summary: The famous Russian writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818-1883) was once swimming in a quite forest lake in a remote area of Central Russia when he felt someone’s hand touching his shoulder. He turned around and saw a “horrible” female humanoid creature, similar to a monkey, with a huge grimacing face, covered in long red hair. Turgenev was seized by panic and horror and rushed to the shore, but the “monster” chased him. Luckily there was another witness near the shore, a young boy, a shepherd who came running, reacting to Turgenev’s screams. Using a lash or whip the boy kept the monster away from Turgenev until he reached safety.
Source: Alexander Bogatikov “Water Man” in: Interesnaya Gazeta” Kiev # 101 D+ bock, June 2005

Location. Unknown
Date: June 11, 1855
Time: 11:30 P.M.
Summary: An unidentified object was sighted, but with appearance and behavior that most likely would have a conventional explanation. One object, about 150 feet across, was observed by two experienced male witnesses (Ritter).
Source: Flying Saucers Magazine.

Location. Tillington, Sussex, England
Date: August 11, 1855
Time: 11:30 P.M.
Summary: At 11:30 P.M. a Mrs. Ayling and other witnesses watched in awe as a red wheel-like object with spokes emerged from behind some hills and remained visible in the sky for an
hour and a half.
Source: .Baden Powell, “Report on observations of luminous meteors, 1855-56,” Annual Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1856): 53-62, at 54-55.

Location. Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: December 10, 1855
Summary: An object varying in size from the apparent diameter of the sun to that of a star was visible in the south-western atmosphere for 10 to 12 minutes. It “changed its configuration several times, having appeared now in one mass, then in two, then again in three, and so forth alternately, lighting up the heavens to a considerable distance.”
Source: Copenhagen Faedrelandet, quoted by the Manchester Guardian of 5 January, 1856, under the heading “Prussia, from our own correspondent.”

Location. France
Date: winter of 1856
Summary: Workmen were digging a railway tunnel through a layer of Jurassic limestone. They were startled to find a large creature stumbling out of a recently split boulder, flapping what looked like wings and croaking. It died immediately. The creature was identified as a pterodactyl by a local paleontology student who recognized the characteristic features of the extinct reptile. The stone in which it was found was consistent with the time period in which pterodactyls lived and formed an exact mold of the creature’s body.
Source: Mysteries of the Unexplained, Reader’s Digest

Location. Off the coast of Britain
Date: June 4 1857
Time: unknown
Summary: A Scottish seaman reported spotting a creature, “in the shape of a woman with full breast, dark complexion, and comely face.” No other information.
Source: The Historical Mermaid

Date: 1857: Neston, England UFO Sighting

Location. Ft. Bridger, Utah
Date: 1858
Time: unknown
Summary: During the founding of Ft Bridger by the colonists they reportedly found a “tribe” of small, smelly people, who were called the Northern Paiutes. They only ate corn, which they got from the local Indians and lived, in “holes” in the ground. They left shortly before the main force of “white people” made it to the area.
Source: UFO Updates, Toronto

Location. Lourdes, France
Date: February 11 1858
Time: mid-day
Summary: 14-year old Bernadette Soubirous was scavenging for animal bones along the banks of a stream just outside the town. Her two young companions decided to cross to the opposite side and Bernadette paused in front of a small grotto in the cliff face to remove her shoes and stockings. She soon noticed a white object in the shape of a woman or girl inside the cave. This vision seems to have sent her into a state of ecstasy, since she proceeded to paddle across the stream without being bothered by the freezing waters. She described the woman as being dressed in white, a white dress and a blue sash and a yellow rose on each foot the color of the chair of her rosary. At first she thought she was seeing things and found her rosary. She attempted to make the sign of the cross but could not get her hand up to her forehead. The vision made the sign of the cross, and then Bernadette’s hand shook. After reading her rosary, the vision suddenly disappeared. Interpreted as a Virgin Mary encounter.
Source: Mike Dash, Borderlands

Location. Lourdes, France
Date: April 10 1858
Time: afternoon
Summary: Some women from Lourdes claimed to see the Blessed Virgin while praying at the grotto, and they were the first of many. They climbed up to the back of the grotto and along a small shaft to a hidden cavern. One of these, Claire-Marie Cazenave, aged 22, claimed to have seen something in the shape of a woman, carrying a child, and dressed in white. Two older women alleged that they too saw “something” but they variously described it as a ten-year old or a four-year old girl. Their only source of lighting was candles.
Source: Theotokos.org

Location. Lourdes, France
Date: April 14 1858
Time: afternoon
Summary: Another woman also claimed to have seen “something” in the cavern. A few days later a young girl had to be brought down from the cavern in some distress, claiming to have seen, “the immaculate Conception, carrying a child in her arms, and standing beside her a man with a long beard.” This led to a great deal of confusion.
Source: Theotokos.org

Location. Jay Ohio
Date: 1858
Time: daytime
Summary: Mr. Henry Wallace and other residents of this town reported seeing a shadow that was thrown over the place where they were; this necessarily attracted their attentions to the heavens, where they one and all beheld a large and curiously constructed vessel, not over one hundred yards from the earth. They could plainly discern a large number of people onboard of her, whose average height appeared to be about twelve feet. Wheels and other mechanical appendages all of which worked with a precision and a degree of beauty never yet attained by any mechanical skill upon this planet evidently worked the vessel.
Source: Chris Aubeck, Return To Magonia

Location. Mohan, India
Date: February 25 1858
Time: unknown
Summary: What was termed as “phantom soldiers” wearing traditional Hindu costumes were seen in the sky above this city by British witnesses.
Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist # 10

Location. Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire, Wales
Date: February 9 1859
Time: unknown
Summary: “On Wednesday, February 9, I was getting out a piece of timber, for the purpose of setting it for the saw, when I was startled by something falling all over me-down my neck, on my head, and on my back. On putting my hand down my neck I was surprised to find they were little fish. By this time I saw the whole ground covered with them. I took off my hat, the brim of which was full of them. They were jumping all about. They covered the ground in a long strip of about 80 yards by 12, as we measured afterwards. That shed was covered with them, and the shoots were quite full of them. My mate and I might have gathered bucketsful of them, scraping with our hands. We did gather a great many, about a bucketful, and threw them into the rain pool, where some of them now are. There were two showers with an interval of about ten minutes, and each shower lasted about two minutes or thereabouts. The time was 11 AM. The morning up-train to Aberdare was just then passing. It was not blowing very hard, but uncommon wet; just about the same wind as there is today, and it came from this quarter. They came down with the rain in a body, like.”
Source: Annual Register, 101:14-15, 1859

Location. Robinsonville, Wisconsin
Date: October 9 1859
Time: afternoon
Summary: Adele Brise was on her way to the grist mill with a sack of wheat on her head and as she came near the place, she saw a lady in white standing between two trees, one a maple, the other a hemlock. Adele was frightened and stood still. The vision slowly disappeared, leaving a white cloud after it. Adele continued on her errand and returned home without seeing anything more. On the following Sunday, she had to pass on her way to Mass at Bay Settlement this time she was not alone, but was accompanied by her sister Isabel and a neighbor Mrs. Vander Niessen. When they came near the trees, the same lady in white was at the place where Adele had seen her before. Adele was again frightened, and said, almost in a tone of reproach, “Oh, there is that lady again.” The other two did not see anything, but they could tell by Adele’s look that she was afraid. Adele then saw the lady disappear as the first time, and all she could see was a little mist or white cloud. After Mass, her two companions and a man who was clearing land for the Holy Cross Fathers at Bay Settlement accompanied Adele. As they approached the “hallowed” spot Adele could see the beautiful lady, clothed in dazzling white, with a yellow sash around her waist. Her dress fell to her knees in graceful folds. She had a crown of stars around her head, and her long, golden wavy hair fell loosely around her shoulders. Overcome by this heavenly light and the beauty of her amiable visitor, Adele fell to her knees. At this point the mysterious lady told Adele: “I am the Queen of Heaven, who prays for the conversion of sinners, and I wish you to do the same. You received Holy Communion this morning, and that is well. But you must do more. Make a general confession, and offer Communion for the conversion of sinners. If they do not convert and do penance, my Son will be obliged to punish them.” Soon the manifestation then lifted her hands, as though beseeching a blessing for those at her feet and slowly vanished, leaving Adele overwhelmed and prostrate on the ground.
Source: Sister Pauline LaPlant, Robinsonville, Wisconsin

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