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Date: 1937
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Summary: Mass Effect UFO craft taken in 1930’s over Canada

Date: 1937
Location: Near London England
Time: daytime
Summary: An eight-year old girl was walking alone in a meadow when she saw a huge silvery object with stilt like protrusions hovering above her. A platform of some kind descended from the object and three tall men, dressed in red stepped down. One carried her onboard the object as she realized she was unable to move. The interior of the object appeared much larger and she recalled being placed on a molded chair facing a dazzling bright light. She then experienced unique thoughts and visions. Later she was taken to an enormous pyramid and wandered inside dark corridors until she found a door that opened to the meadow where she was originally taken from.
Source: Lillian Crowner Desguin, UFO’s Fact or Fiction

Date: 1937
Location: Philippov, West Yaroslavl Province, Russia
Time: unknown
Summary: Several strange “men” who entered her house visited a local adult woman named Anna who lived in an isolated wooden house located 6 km from the main village. They had gray-greenish faces, big hairless heads, large dark slanted eyes, and hoofed feet. One of them asked her politely for help, requesting iodine, and saying: “We have our ship on at the nearby lake. One of our men injured his hand while closing a hatch.” She gave them a small bottle of iodine. The aliens then installed a strange device supported by tripod legs, with an object remotely resembling and old photo camera on top. Anna then offered the men milk, which they drank. The closed bottle of iodine was capped by a rag and wooded plug on the rag. The aliens took the plug out and took the rag and with a gesture indicating disgust threw the rag away. A device resembling a rubber hose was placed on the top of the bottle at the neck, after that they placed the device positioned in a way that it will face the bottle, (it was an apparent decontamination procedure). After this was done, they escorted the woman out of her house. Outside her home another “green man” was watching her. When the aliens finished what they were doing they went out thanked the woman for the food and iodine and went away.
Source: Valeriy A Kukushkin, Yaroslavl UFO Group, “Chimeras of the X Location”, Anton Anfalov

Date: 1937: Polo, Missouri Lights Observed And Cobwebs In Trees

Date: 1937
Location: West Yaroslavl Province, Russia
Time: unknown
Summary: A local villager named Parshin was sitting on a bench on the banks of the local river when he suddenly felt disoriented as if narcotized. He seemed to fall asleep for a moment and in a dream-like state he saw several greenish “men” with an object standing behind them. The object behind them was big, round like a piece of round bread. The strange “men” invited him to follow them. He felt no fear (apparently he was under the alien’s influence) and they entered inside the craft. He heard their thoughts in his head, as they demanded that he take his clothes off, he did as he was told. The beings then shone a beam of light on his cloths in an apparent decontamination procedure and told him that he could dress again. After that he was show a screen with holographic scenes of their home planet. Parshin remembered that the planet did not seem to have many trees and had small animals remotely resembling horses. After this demonstration they told him, “We are here for the fifth time. Every period we stay here for 5 years, those who are replacing us are coming and they are supposed to arrive in the year 1938, but they have apparently had some technical difficulty.” The aliens then said that they could not stay for too much longer since they were running out of provisions. They requested that he cooperate with them and assist them in whatever possible. The witness never divulged their specific requests. Before his death, Parshin confessed to his wife, Perepetuya that he had been supplying those beings with newspapers on a regular basis. The aliens also told Parshin that the flight time to their destination point took 2.5 years earth-time one way and the same for the return time. (The purpose of the newspaper is not made clear).
Source: Valeriy A Kukushkin, Yaroslavl UFO Group “Chimeras of the X Location”, Anton Anfalov

Date: 1937
Location: Near Chashniki, Belarus
Time: 1100A
Summary: 7-year old Ludmila Chepik was shepherding some cows and collecting flowers on a meadow near the River Uloy when suddenly she saw a “man” descending from the sky towards her without a parachute. He descended to about 1 to 2 meters from her. The man was approximately 113cm in height (dwarf like), of athletic built, with broad shoulders and a disproportionately large head. He had a narrow waist, and something like heavy boots starting at the knees, like wide trousers, red in color. The man wore dark tight-fitting clothing. He had a helmet on his head, resembling that of an ancient Russian warrior (?). The helmet had a cone-shaped “bulb” shaped protrusion on top. His face was visible, reddish in color and was wearing something resembling a transparent visor. The entity spent approximately 1 minute with the witness. He opened his visor, produced a protracted smile at the girl, looked around, touched the grass—he carried an oval device in his hands. After that, he waved his hands, and zoomed soundlessly up into the sky at high speed. After gaining an altitude of about 100 meters, he seemed to compress into a ball and dissolve into thin air.
Source: Aleksandr Kuzovkin, Selected reports of UFO observations in The USSR 1982

Date: 1937
Location: Plakentia, Greece
Time: noon
Summary: A woman was passing by from the Plakentia palace (then in a remote area) when she felt an unexplained sensation of fear. Suddenly, she saw, in a distance of 50 meters, a small girl, about 10-years of age, coming towards her. Her hair was standing up, like drawn by a magnet. In a few minutes a gust of wind took the “child” which vanished inside an old and crumbling nearby house.
Source: Folklorist Angeliki Tseva

Date: 1937
Location: Saginaw Michigan
Time: afternoon
Summary: An angler saw a scaly man-like creature that climbed up a riverbank and leaned against a tree and then jumped back into the water. The witness suffered a nervous breakdown after the incident.
Source: Loren Coleman, Curious Encounters

Date: 1937
Location: Upper Uwchlan Township Pennsylvania
Time: night
Cheyney Ladley encountered a creature with fiery red eyes and a bushy tail. It hopped like a kangaroo. No other information.
Source: Mark Chorvinsky Fate August 1990

Date: 1937
Location: Kokkina Vrachia, near Achladocambos Greece
Time: night
Summary: Witnesses saw a creature, “half-goat-half man” screaming and shouting. After awhile it vanished into thin air. No other information.
Source: J Anagnostopoulos

Date: 1937
Location: Sydney, Australia
Time: night
Summary: After waking up on two consecutive nights feeling paralyzed and in a deep sweat the witness left the light on the third night and woke up to see 2 small figures dressed in black standing by his bed. He thought they looked like 2 little nuns with their heads covered. One of them was trying to pull the clothes off of him. He said the Lord’s prayers and the strange figures left. Involved in other encounters.
Source: Alien Resistance

Date: 1937
Location: Not given
Time: night
Summary: A man and his two sisters reported that on the day of their mother’s death they were terrified to see a figure descending the stairs. The figure had a face the man saw again years later “on the dust jacket of the book Communion”. That of an alien with large slanted black oval shaped eyes. No other information.
Chris Aubeck, Return To Magonia

Date: 1937
Location: Near Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk, Russia
Time: night
Summary: In the Ural Mountains a silvery metallic cylinder-shaped object descended and exploded behind a mountain. It is reported that a number of bodies of unknown origin were located inside. No other information. Additional information by source indicates that there was a crash but no bodies were apparently retrieved.
Source: Anton Anfalov, Ukraine

Date: 1937
Location: Fontana, California
Time: 2100
Summary: Soon after the main witness and some friends were illuminated by an unknown shaft of orange light coming from the sky while walking back from the movies, the main witness remembered waking up at night finding his bedroom filled with a subdued light and four or five little figures with big heads and eyes looking at him. The figures appeared to be light blue or green gray in color. The figures then would move around and touched him. One night he recalled seeing the little men and a white light would appear at the door accompanied by a tall man (he could not see his features) that appeared to be in charge of the little humanoids. He never felt any fear during the encounters.
Source: NUFORC

Date: Jan. 1, 1937
Location: North Carolina
Summary: 30-40 foot in diameter object, no propellers, gun metal color
Source: Page 10-11 Ref. 1

Date: February 1937
Location: Ste. Pazanne, France
Time: 2000
Summary: On a road near this village a Mr. Billon and a female friend saw hovering in a field very close from the ground a luminous multi-colored almost square-shaped object. They could see two figures about 1 meter in height walking back & forth very rapidly in front of the object. The witnesses watched the scene from about 100 meters away. The figures appeared to be wearing brown-green colored uniforms. The witnesses were in a state of shock after the incident.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: Feb. 11, 1937
Location: Kvalsik, Norway
Summary: Large aeroplane with red and green glowing lights
Source: Page 11 Ref. 1

Date: March 1937
Location: Barra das Garcas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A tall hairy powerful humanoid reported to have been the legendary “Mapinguary” supposedly went on a three-week rampage in this small farming town. Somebody or something with super human strength, enough to tare out their huge tongues slaughtered a large number of heads of cattle. Reports included several sightings; humanoid like tracks as long as 18 inches, and horrible roaring sounds from the woods. All together, over one hundred heads of yellow cattle of old Spanish origin were killed, all the way to Ponta Branca, located 150 miles south of Barra das Garcas.
Source: Occultpedia

Date: March-April 1937
Location: Near Naples, Italy
Time: 0200A
Summary: Two men engaged in smuggling wine next to Cappodicino Airport came upon a landed disc shaped object, 20-30 meters in diameter. The object resembled two inverted plates and emitted a weak glow around its circumference. The surface of the craft was silvery and lusterless. A high pitch hum now became evident and three rows of lights became visible alongside of the object, a fluorescent blue glow on top also became visible and a pink glow on the bottom, furthermore along the lower section dim blue red flames became visible. Inside a small cupola on top of the object a dark humanoid figure was seen briefly by the witnesses, the craft also had a small cupola on its lower section. The craft rose to 400 meters and then took off towards the nearby Vesuvius Volcano, quickly disappearing from sight.
Source: Giornale de Misteri, Unknown number

Date: July 20, 1937
Location: London, England
Summary: Light (Nicknamed Ghost Flier)
Source: Page 11 Ref. 1

Date: July 22, 1937
Location: 500 miles off US coast
Summary: Lights of alleged aircraft
Source: Page 11 Ref. 1

Date1937: Czernica, Germany (Poland) Crash

Date: Summer 1937
Location: Carpathian Mountains, Czechoslovakia
Time: night
Summary: The witness, Dr. Z. was visiting relatives who lived in a small village near the Romanian border and one night was standing in an open field with a full moon overhead, and just staring at the vast expanse of stars, when suddenly he saw what at first appeared to be a shooting star flashing across the heavens. It gave off an eerie glow that lit up the entire sky, it stopped and hovered for several minutes and then streaked toward the horizon, making sudden right angle turns as it went. The nocturnal visitor, at its closest position took on the appearance of a craft apparently not of human origin. Later that night the witness experienced a very vivid dream in which he stood in the same field where he had originally seen the object. He saw a shiny metallic sphere about 50 ft in diameter come down from the sky and land nearby. Suddenly a port opened on the bottom of the craft and a ray of blue light beamed out and struck the witness, engulfing his head and shoulders. He felt paralyzed and light as a feather; he was then gently lifted up into the air and levitated into the landed craft. Once on board the craft, he found himself being led into a small chamber by two robot-like creatures, which were made of some material like metal except that the joint of their bodies were very flexible, giving them the movement of humans. He was directed to a seat and then left alone. In a matter of moments the room lit up a brilliant red, and a man towering well above normal height appeared in front of the witness. The witness was unable to speak and was told to pay strict attention, to remain quiet and to listen only. The being, who identified himself as “Andra Haxen”, said that the earth was soon going to find itself in the middle of a great battle that would take many lives and leave much sorrow in its wake. He expressed great compassion and stated that eventually good will overcome evil. The witness was told that he had been chosen for contact because of his scientific knowledge. Before leaving the craft he was apparently shown a blueprint of an invention that would apparently helped humanity in the future.
Source: Richard Stevens, Official UFO Special: Ancient Astronauts, November 1977

Date: Winter 1937
Location: Rotherham South Yorkshire England
Time: 2000
Summary: A man walking his dog along a dark lane near a pit hill saw a strange figure running down the slope. It ran straight at a fence and instead of stopping to climb over it, it ran through it, passing very close to the witness. The being was described as humanoid, about five-foot two inches tall, covered with hair, with goat like hands and feet and with an oddly pointed head. The figure crossed the road then ran up a steep bank towards the railroad tracks. The witness felt compelled to follow the creature but resisted.
Source: Michele Clare, Northern UFO News # 110

Date: Late 1937
Location: German-Polish border
Summary: Objects described as coffins and swords
Source: Page 11 Ref. 1

Date: 1937 or 1938: Confederation Park, Burnaby, B.C.

Date: 1937 or 1938: Spherical UFO over the Sea off Vancouver Island


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