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1942: UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)

Date: 1942
Location: Federal Base, California
Summary: Captured Disc incident. Remnant trace Flying discs were observed. Metallic traces found. Seven discs were observed by one experienced male witness.
Source: CUFOS

Date: 1942
Location: Japan
Summary: An Imperial Japanese Sally bomber aircraft, on a mission over the Sea of Japan, was approached by a small dark spherical object which flew around and between the aircraft in the formation. An alert gun-cameraman snapped one photograph.

Date: 1942
Location: Prouvy, Nord, France
Time: 01:00 a.m
Summary: A ufology catalogue reports circa 2003 that according to the French ufologists Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne, in Prouvy, France, in 1942, at 01:00 a.m., a woman returning home by the garden found herself face to face with three entities of small size. In the moonlight, she very distinctly saw that they were not children. Their head was large and round and the three wore a short beard. The eyes were broad and luminous, of yellow color, and they were dressed with a combination of only one piece, brilliant, of metallic appearance. A hood continued the clothing so that only the face was uncovered. They were slightly spaced one from the other, with their arms slightly folded and rigid. The frightened woman entered her house, alerted her husband, but the time that he came out there was nothing anymore.
Source: Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne.

Date: 1942: UFO over China

Date: February 24 1942: Battle Of Los Angeles

Date: February 27, 1942
Location: Timor Sea
Summary: Large disc; departed location at 3,500 miles per hour
Source: Page 23 Ref. 1

Date: March 14, 1942
Location: Banak, Europe, Norway
Time: 5:35 PM.
Summary: Radar/visuals, Ground radar and German pilot. 100 meter long cigar, 15 meter diameter, hovered, shot straight up at impossible speed.
Source: UFOCAT

Date: March 25, 1942
Location: Zuider Zee, Holland
Summary: An RAF bomber returning from a raid on Essen, Germany, was followed by a luminous orange disc or sphere. As it came closer the tail gunner opened fire on it, to no apparent effect. Finally it sped away at an estimated 1,000 m.p.h.
Source: Ref. 3; Flying Saucer Review, March-April 1962

Date: Spring 1942
Location: Kentucky
Summary: Powerful searchlight shining down, emanating from unidentifiable object; sometimes remained motionless
Source: Page 23 Ref. 1

Date: Spring 1942
Location: Illinois
Summary: Light gray, sharply defined rectangle; gray in color
Source:  Page 23 Ref. 1

Date: Summer, 1942
Location: Guam, Western Pacific
Summary: A US Navy radar officer who requested anonymity recalled several incidents of unexplained radar returns on his vessel’s air search radar in the area between Guam and Saipan during the summer of 1945. Typically they appeared as “large groups” of echoes detected at about 100 miles range on courses inbound towards the ship. Plotted speeds were over 1000 mph. The targets “passed overhead at approximately two thousand feet and showed up on the radar screen as definitely solid objects.” Visual lookouts on alert deckside saw nothing, and the radar officer himself on one occasion went on deck to search the sky, but he too saw nothing. He was adamant that the targets were not due to “ionized clouds, inversions, sea gulls, mechanical defects, or any of the other common explanations.” The equipment was carefully checked and found to be functioning properly.
Source: Martin Shough

Date:  Summer, 1942
Location: Tasman Peninsula, Bass Strait between Island of Tasmania and Australia
Summary: A singular airfoil of glistening bronze color; domed upper surface; possible crew member, Cheshire cat emblem on dome.

Date: June 25, 1942
Location: Holland
Summary: Shining copper object, like setting sun, the size of a full moon

Date: June (late), 1942
Location: Cussey-sur-l’Ognon, Doubs, France
Summary: Several witnesses heard a motor-like sound and saw a blue-gray oval object with a dome on top hovering just above the ground in a wooded area. It had portholes and a tripod landing gear, with light emanating from the portholes. As witnesses approached to within 20 meters, the object took off vertically and disappeared. A 1.5-meter diameter circle was found in the grass.
Source: Ref. 3; ‘La chronique des OVNI’, Jean-Pierre Delarge, Paris 1977, p. 261.

Date: Aug. 5, 1942
Location: Solomon Islands
Summary: Saucer shaped cigar with round dome on  top; approximately ninety feet in diameter

Date: Aug. 11/12, 1942
Location: Near Aachen, Germany
Summary: A phenomenon described as a bright white light

Date: Aug. 12, 1942
Location: Solomon Islands
Summary: Formation of silvery objects directly overhead, numbering close to 150; mighty roaring sound

Date: Aug. 13, 1942
Location: Washington, DC
Time: 11:00 PM
Summary: Radar/visual. 68 UFOs over capitol, photos, big CAA investigtion.
Source: UFOCAT

Date: Aug. 17/18, 1942
Location: Osnabruk, Germany
Summary: A rocket with a long white tail of light
Source: Page 30 Ref.1

Date: Mid Aug.1942
Location: Tula Region, near Moscow, Russia
Summary: Huge cigar-shaped object something like a Zeppelin, but much bulkier and rounder at the front; aluminum hued color

Date: Aug. 29, 1942
Location: Columbus, MS.
Summary: Control tower operator at Army Air Base saw two round reddish objects hover over field.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, III

Date: Fall 1942
Location: Long Branch, NJ
Summary: A research engineer saw a dark elliptical object sharply outlined against the star field in the night sky. A flickering light was visible at the trailing end as it sped from horizon to horizon in 10-15 seconds.  “I saw a nose view, side view, and tail view”, the witness said.
Source: Ref. 3; Report in NICAP files

Date: October 1942
Location: Radway Green, Cheshire, England
Summary: In the evening two witnesses saw an elongated object with a dome on top and lights at either end descend toward the ground. At the apparent landing site a circular burned area and footprints were found.
Source: Ref. 3; Michel Bougard, ‘La chronique des OVNI’, Jean-Pierre Delarge, Paris, 1977, p. 263.

Date: Oct. 9-10, 1942
Location: Guadalcanal
Time: 10:00 AM.
Summary: During the Guadalcanal invasion U.S. Navy fleet radar detected an incoming unidentified object which also was observed through binoculars. When it approached within 3,000 yards gunners opened fire on it, whereupon the object made a sharp turn, accelerated and circled the entire fleet twice at very high speed at about 3,000 to 4,000 feet altitude. It was visually observed to be a silvery disc with dome on top, and portholes around the dome.
Source: UFOCAT; Ref. 3; MUFON UFO Journal, No. 185, July 1983; tape-recorded witness interview

1942-october-29-washington-dc-ufoDate: October 29, 1942
Location: Washington DC
Summary: Old UFO sighting footage from US capitol city. Nazi world war II sightings.

Date: Nov. 28/29, 1942
Location: Turin, Italy
Summary: Object two to three hundred feet in length 500 mph & four red lights spaced at equal distances along its body.
Source: Page 34-35 Ref. 1

Date: Nov. 1942
Location: Bay of Biscay, England
Summary: Thing massive in size; no wings; electronic interference.
Source: Page 35-36 Ref. 1

Date: Dec. 1942
Location: French coast, over mouth of Somme River
Summary: Two amber and orange lights, flying in unison; not aircraft.
Source: Page 36 Ref.1

Date:  1942



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