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Date:  July  1950

Date: July 1950
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Summary: CAA flight engineer observed a “wingless, fuselage-shaped” UFO.
Source: V

Date: July 2 1950
Location: Steep Rock Lake Ontario Canada
Time: evening
Summary: After feeling a blast like vibration, Mr. & Mrs Gordon Edwards looked at the lake and saw a large shiny object on the water, less than ¼ mile away. It looked like “one saucer upside down on another,” with round portholes around the edge. A hatch on top was open; about 10 “queer little figures” less than 4 ft tall were visible. A hoop shaped antenna was slowly rotating. The topmost figure wore a red skullcap; the others dark blue; all had “a shiny metallic substance over the chest,” and appeared to lack faces. Moving like automatons, they seemed to be drawing water through a bright green hose and discharging it through another. When the witness next looked, the beings were gone and the craft was about 8 ft up; it appeared about 48 ft wide and 15 ft thick. It tilted to 45 degrees and took off northward, with a blast of wind.
Source: Gordon Evans

Date: July 4 1950
Location: White Sands New Mexico
Time: night
Summary: Walking at night in the desert, Daniel Fry saw an oblate spheroid 30 ft in diameter settle to the ground 70 ft away. He was about to touch the hull when a voice warned him not to, as it was still hot. The voice proceeded to tell him that he had been chosen for contact because of his scientific background and his open mind. He was invited to board the saucer, and was taken for a ride to New York City and back, consuming only 30 minutes. Such high accelerations are possible, he was told, because the accelerating force, like gravity, operates on the passenger’s body as well as on the craft. Fry’s host, the humanoid, identified himself as A-lan, a descendant of the inhabitants of the sunken continent Lemuria. A-lan again contacted Fry on several subsequent occasions.
Source: Daniel Fry, The White Sands Incident

Date: July 7, 1950
Location: Weisbaden, Germany
Time: 10:20 p.m. local. 
Summary: At approximately 2120Z the operator of the GCA scope noticed the presence of a radar target in addition to the aircraft under control. A second radar operator confirmed the presence of the additional target. After several minutes the radar target then seemed to separate into 2 or 3 individual targets spaced 90 degrees to 100 degrees apart. The separate targets then seemed to move at a very high rate of speed in a counterclockwise motion on the scope.
Source: Dan Wilson

Date: July 9 1950
Location: Near Hasselbach Germany
Summary: Oscar Linke, former Wehrmacht major, and his daughter Gabrielle, 11, had to leave their motorcycle when they had a flat tire. Inside the woods the girl noticed two men in silvery suits examining the ground in a clearing near a pink disk-shaped object, 13-15 meters in diameter, showing a double row of openings around the rim and a black turret on top. One of the men had a flashing box. Both men went inside, and the disk vibrated, rose along the turretlike cylinder, then spun faster and rose out of sight..Source: Kathimerini newspaper (Athens, Greece), 1952, found in declassfied CIA files

Date: July 11, 1950
Location: Near Osceola, Ark. (BBU)
Summary: The crews of two Navy planes saw a disc-shaped UFO whose presence was confirmed by airborne radar. Lt. (j.g.) J. W. Martin, enlisted pilot R.E. Moore, and electronics technician G.D. Wehner said the object first appeared as a round ball, ahead and to the left of their planes. As it crossed their flight path, disappearing in the distance to the right, the UFO resembled a “World War I helmet seen from the side, or a shiny, shallow bowl turned upside down.” Wehner said he “caught it on the radar scope,” at the closest point, it was estimated to be about a mile away. 
Source: Weinstein; BB files??

Date: July 13, 1950
Location: Fort Peck, Montana (BBU)
Time: 11:50 a.m. 
Summary: USAF Weather Recon flight crew saw 4 groups of round metallic silver objects.
Source: Weinstein

Date: July 13, 1950
Location: Huntsville, Alabama (BBU 758)
Time: 5 p.m. 
Summary: 2 Redstone Arsenal employees including Mr. Washburn, saw a polished aluminum object, shaped like a bowtie fly straight and level, then one triangle rotated 1/4 turn in the opposite direction and returned to its original position. Object then made a right-angle turn and accelerated away. 30 secs
Source: Berliner; FUFOR Index

Date: July 23 1950
Location: Guyancourt Airport France
Time: 2300
Summary: Walking in the dark near the airport, Claude Blondeau came upon 2 round craft “resembling two enormous folded napkins, one upside down on the other,” 15 ft in diameter and 6.5 ft high, with square portholes around the rim. They were hovering just above the ground. From each one a normal sized man in a “flying suit” was emerging from a thick door in the lower half. These men “re-installed or moved,” on one of the craft, “a sort of plate that rested on a base similar to rubber,” using bare hands only. Blondeau approached and asked if they were in trouble. In somewhat hesitant French, one replied “Yes, but not for long.” Inside the craft, brilliantly illuminated, Blondeau could see an armchair in front of a control console, with a large oval steering wheel. He asked about the controls and received the curt answer “Energy.” The men re-entered, the “portholes” became luminescent, and the craft tilted to a vertical position before disappearing upwards. The incident took only 2 minutes.
Source: Fernande Palatan & Jimmy Guieu Admitted HOAX per /r30 p655

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