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Date: April 3 1956
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Time: night
Witnesses described a winged humanoid which resembled a ‘silver colored’ angel flying over a coal and iron plant and disappearing towards the North. It was again seen in the area on April 5.
Source: G. E. Eberhart

Date: April 4, 1956
Location: McKinney, Texas (BBU 4050)
Time: 3:15 p.m.
Summary:  Capt. Roy Hall, U.S. Army (Ret.), Charles Anderson and others saw fat, oblong, stationary object with two lines around its middle through a 6-inch telescope and a 55-200x telescope. 
Source: Berliner

Date: April 5, 1956
Location: Almy Pond, Newport, Rhode Island (BBU)
Time: 12:30-12:35 p.m. (EST). 
Summary: USN Underwater Ordnance Test Station physicist Mrs. Genevieve Mathison and her 3 children from the front door of their home saw a circular silver object with no trail or sound descending from 45° elevation in the N down to 0° elevation on an approaching path, with a receding 135° maneuver [?] and disappearing by whirling into the haze. 
Source: Jan Aldrich

Date: April 6 1956
Location: McKinney Texas
Time: Two men saw a silvery, balloon-shaped craft about 2 m in diameter land in a field 100 m away from them, about 8 km east of McKinney. They stopped their car to investigate, but the object took off at fantastic speed.
Source: Magonia 379

Date: April 8 1956
Location: Elboeuf France
Time: 2345
Near Exauroux, two brothers, 18 and 20, saw a red ball to their left coming down and hovering at tree height. It then left at fantastic speed. Three additional witnesses reported it independently. The object was a disk about 7.5 m in diameter, with a red dome, and rotating fins under it. It emitted a yellow-orange glow.
Source: Magonia 380

Date: April 8, 1956
Location: N of Schenectady to W of Syracuse, New York (BBU)
Time: 10:15 p.m. (EST) 
Summary: Capt. Raymond E. Ryan, First Officer William Neff, flight attendant Phyllis Reynolds, and passengers, took off in an airliner from Albany heading N then nearly due W (about 280° True) at 260 mph and 6,000 ft N of Schenectady when a brilliant white light about 2-3 miles away was spotted about 90° to the left appearing like an airliner heading in to land at Albany. The white light moved about 90° to dead­ ahead position about 8-10 miles away at high speed estimated at about 800-1,000 mph where it changed color to orange and seemed to block the airliner’s path or risk collision, disappeared briefly, reappeared as an orange light again but standing still ahead of the airliner to the W. Airliner contacted Griffiss AFB, Rome, NY, where controllers asked pilot to turn lights off and on to help identify aircraft and was told airliner was seen and the orange UFO to the S. Airliner was ordered to maintain course to follow the UFO to the W, skipping its scheduled landing at Syracuse after nearly 30 mins of following the object. Promised fighter jet interception was not seen. Object disappeared at high speed to the NW (or N) towards Oswego, NY
Source: UFOE, V, IX; McDonald list; NICAP website 

Date: April 9 1956
Location: Mooi River Natal Province South Africa
Time: 0700A
In the early morning Mrs Elizabeth Klarer Fielding walked to the hill where she had previously seen a UFO, & found the vessel on the ground there; in front of it stood the spaceman she had seen before. 6 ft 4” tall, he had long white hair & wore a silvery whitish one piece suit covering even his feet. She went aboard, seeing a man of darker complexion at the controls, and was taken in the UFO to the “huge” mother ship in space, where she saw many people & was shown pictures of the humanoids home planet. She spent “a whole day & evening” in space. Further information indicates that the humanoid greeted her in a friendly manner and expressed surprised that she was not afraid. She was helped aboard by the humanoid. At first she thought that the humanoid was Russian but was immediately reassured by the alien that he was from the planet Venus. “The interior of the craft was simple, and beautiful in my mind. None of the mass of instruments and wires over dashboard and walls as in modern aircraft, but simple rows of pushbuttons on some kind of desk. None of the stuffy smell of fuel—it was all clean, efficient and simple.” A gentle humming sound, soothing and pleasant emanated from the floor of the craft, which gave her a sense of power and security. The porthole covers were open and she could see for miles, but it was all very hazy. Soon she saw an incredible landscape she described as like a rolling green country and a blue sea in the distance. The tall spaceman and his companion wore dark brownish suits, the trousers narrowing down to the ankles, the shirtsleeves narrowing to the wrists, and a high neckline. They were close-fitting garments, but light and comfortable made of a material not unlike a coarse shiny nylon. She was given refreshing water to drink and a delicious red apple and other fruit similar to bananas. They told Klarer that they were vegetarians.
Source: Cynthia Hind in Fate, Edgar Sievers, FSR 56 # 2

Date: April 16 1956 BBU
Location: Henderson North Carolina
Time: 0500
On Route 1, just before dawn, two government employees saw for a few seconds a large, top-shaped object passing over their car. It was as large as the road and made no sound.
Source: Magonia 381

Date: April 28, 1956
Location: Old Bridge, NJ (BBU)
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Summary:  Lockheed/Curtis-Wright technical rep and JCS scientific consultant and his wife saw bright white star increase in brightness in the E for 10+ secs at “high altitude,” dim to medium dull red, then move from E to W roughly 3°/sec, dimming after 30 secs of travel to dull red, accelerating to “enormous speed,” wobbling as it disappeared. 
Source: Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 91-92

Date:  April  1956

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