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Date: May 1968
Location: Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Time: afternoon
Summary: Sixteen year old schoolgirl, “Adele” was home alone when she answered a knock at the front door and found a strange man standing on her doorstep wearing a tiny pork pie hat and “an insanely beaming smile”. The visitor, who had an “extremely florid” complexion, was smartly dressed in a black suit and white shirt, although his trousers and jacket sleeves were both far too short. “After grinning madly at me for what seemed like ages…the man’s whole body jerked,” Adele told investigator Lynn Pickett. “Then he said ‘Have you got insurance? Is it now?’ His voice was most odd. Like a robot’s—jerky and without feeling. The startled girl asked the “salesman” to call back when her parents were at home. Sweating profusely, he took off his hat and wiped his forehead. A thick layer of carelessly applied stage makeup came off on the back of his hand. He was completely bald, and beneath the smeared makeup his skin looked unnaturally white and “dead”. “Can I see a glass? Of water?” he asked, still grinning fixedly. Afraid that he might faint on the doorstep, Adele invited the stranger in and sat him down in the lounge. He walked with peculiar jerky steps like a puppet; hardly helped by the fact that he had his shoes on the wrong feet. The girl fetched him a glass of water from the kitchen and returned to find him standing by the fireside staring fixedly at a carriage clock on the mantelpiece.
“He made me so nervous I started to blather,” she recalled. “I told him that the clock was my father’s retirement present, which seemed to be some huge revelation to him. He stared at me—still smiling—and said: “It is your father’s time? Is it here and now?” “Then he took the glass of water and just looked at it. I realized that he’d asked if he could see a glass, and that’s what he was doing. After scrutinizing it in a short of polite way, he handed it back, having not taken even the smallest sip.” The salesman seemed mesmerized by the carriage clock. He stood tapping it repeatedly, musing “Your father. Your father. His time. His time”. Finally, he spun around, snapped “Watch the lights!” and, giving the clock an affectionate pat, hobbled out without another word. Adele had to rush past him to open the front door, as it looked as though he was about to walk straight into it. Once he had left, she ran to the window to see who he visited next, but he appeared to have vanished into thin air. Not long afterwards, a cluster of tiny lights appeared and danced around the living room. The clock that had so delighted the extraordinary salesman stopped working following his visit. Years later it started up again during one of Uri Geller’s television appearances and has run perfectly ever since.

Source:Lynn Pickett: “The Massive Book of UFOs”

Date: May 1968
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 1810
Summary: 11-year old Ruben Walter Rusin was walking out of his apartment building into the patio when a black cloud suddenly enveloped him. Disoriented he soon became aware of lying on something soft. He had the impression he was inside a sphere, and was surrounded by lights. He felt that there was another person in the room who kept telling him to “talk”. Somebody approached him and touched him with very hot hands and kept repeating the same thing “talk, talk.” His family that had been looking for him found him 2 hours later. He had no further recollection.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: May 1968
Location: Near Ellenview New York
Time: night
Summary: Looking out his rearview mirror Art Finkelstein noticed a bizarre creature that appeared to be flying at a low altitude above the lonely and deserted road. It was apparently following the witness’s truck. Stunned, Finkelstein almost lost control of his truck. He described the creature as about 5 ft tall, with wings that had about a 5 ft span on each side. According to witness the creature seemed intelligent and menacing. It had large bright penetrating eyes. It followed its truck for about a mile and then disappeared into the darkness.
Source: Jorge Martin, Conspiracion Chupacabras

Date: May., 1968
Location:  Chascomus (Brazil).
Time: 2400 
Summary: Gerardo Vidal and his wife were driving along Route 2 when they were caught in “a dense fog” and lost consciousness for 48 hours. When they came to, it was daytime, and the car, whose paint was badly scorched, was parked in an unknown road. They spoke to local people and found that they were in Mexico
Source: FSR 68, 5; Magonia

Date: May, 1968
Location: Centralia, IL
Time: Evening
Summary:  Several minutes. Several strange occurrences. Strange glow moved (1:00 a.m.) E-M effects (stopped clock), burned trees, brood son vanished 9animal effects). Later in the month a hat-shaped UFO was observed by two men. Object had portholes illuminated by white light. Running lights (red and white) on each end; high-pitch whine.
Source: SL, Sept 72

Date: May 2 1968
Location: Keats Island British Columbia Canada
Time: morning
Summary: The witness was out collecting bark in a spot near the lake, when the same two men she had met previously approached her; both wore dark “neat” coveralls. One of the men was young, about 20 years of age, and seemed to hide behind the other man as the witness approached. The younger man stared intently at the witness during the conversation she had with the older man and only spoke once.
Source: Peter Guttilla, Saga UFO Report Summer 1974, Quoting John Magor

Date: May 3 1968
Location:  Westmoreland New York
Time:  0300A
Summary: On the night of May 2 Shane Kurz, a 19-year old girl, had been watching the sky for 2 hours when a luminous cigar shaped object came toward her, stopped, then shot upward, turning red. Miss Kurz went to bed and fell asleep. Her mother waked her at 0400A; she found that she was lying on top of the bed with her robe and slippers on; both were covered with dried mud, as were her legs. Earlier her mother had found her missing from her bed and the door open. She stayed out of school for the next 2 days because of nightmares and depression; her eyes hurt and she needed glasses, and 2 reddish ring shaped marks appeared on her lower abdomen. Her menstrual period disappeared and did not return for a year. Later under hypnosis, she remembered that she went outdoors in response to hearing her name called, and saw a saucer with windows and a revolving rim, hovering close to the ground. It came over her and lifted her inside with a beam of light; she found herself in a bare white room. A man shorter than her, with no nose, wearing a “motorcycle jacket,” and a “doctor” in a long coat, forced her onto a hospital table, and inserted a long needle into her navel. Another man, “the leader,” came in—they all had very “penetrating” eyes with no pupils—and said, “We’ve watched you. You’re the one. We want you as a mate.” He also said that they came “from very, very far.” The other went out and the leader proceeded to undress and to rape her. He said she would not remember. She was floated down to the ground again by a light beam.
Source: Hanz Holzer, The Ufonauts

Date: May 4, 1968.
Summary: Capt. Woodrow Atwood and the crew of the fishing boat “Which Way In” had a frightening experience about eight o’clock Saturday evening when about one and a half hours below Seal Island. The captain was watching the compass when he saw a light to the north, about the size of a match light. Suddenly it burst into a blood red light and appeared to be about 50 to 75 yards away, coming towards the boat. As he watched through the window it became so hot he had to move away. The light floated overread (sic) for about five minutes then lowered and seemed to float towards Brown’s Bank. Capt. Atwood called by radio to tell of his experience and was answered by the captain of the “Racer”, who told him his crew had called to tell him that a large red ball of light had just missed the spars when it passed over.Crew member William Nickerson, aboard the “Which Way In” called it a frightening experience. Capt. Atwood said the heat was intense and he expected the boat to be burned before it passed.
Source: News clip from “The Coast Guard”, dated May 9, 1968.

Date: May 5 1968
Location: Between Fargo & Kindred North Dakota
Time:  0145A
Summary: Jerome Clark and three other young men had gone to a site where a “ghost light” was reported to be seen, and had chased it fruitlessly in their car. When it re-appeared a few minutes later, against its red orange light they could see the silhouette of a huge figure that was gliding toward them. They took off in the car, but when they looked again from a side road, the silhouetted figure was still visible, and still moving towards them. This time they drove several miles before stopping.
Source: Jerome Clark, FSR Vol. 15 # 6

Date: May 7 1968
Location: Albion, Michigan
Time: evening
Summary: On this day an Albion butcher Charles William “Bill” Smith age about 36 also Father Gerald Boyer and a third witness observed a very large bulbous cylinder in the sky, glowing amber and ejecting numerous auto-sized disks that were also glowing amber. That same evening, Smith witnessed the landing of one of the ejected disks. Several 4 ½ ft tall humanoid beings, clad in silver suits, descended a ramp and again telepathically communicated with him. They attempted to convince him to “go for a ride”. Smith was apprehensive, to say the least, and refused to go with them. They obviously respected his decision, but told him that he will receive subsequent messages that he is to pass along to Father Boyer. Smith also claimed that a helicopter crew landed in his field around that time. When he went out to ask them what they were doing he was to “get out”. Shortly thereafter a plain clothed gentleman who identified himself as “Major Holmes” came to his door asking questions about the encounters. After the helicopter incident, Smith was unwilling to talk or trust anyone connected with the government. Major Holmes inquiry was rebuffed. During an 18month period in 1967/1968 dozens of neighbors, friends, relatives and other visitors observed regular intrusions of glowing spheres over the Smith property. Mrs. Smith daily dairy offers compelling testimony to further support the family’s account.
Source: Michigan Mufon, Mufon UFO Journal, December 2004 # 440

Date: May 10 1968
Location: Galesburg Illinois
Time: night
Summary: Grant Callison and his wife noticed 3 winged beings flying at an estimated altitude of 500 feet. The beings appeared to be covered with feathers or metallic scales which acquired an odd fluorescence as they reflected light from the local street lamps. The strange trio lacked necks of any sort and had short, conical tails. There were other sightings of the same creatures in the area.
Source: Scott Corrales, Unsolved UFO Sightings Fall 1995

Date: May 12 1968: Disc-shaped domed object over Omaha, Nebraska

Date: May 17 1968: Caconde, Sao Paulo, Brazil Landing?

apro22Date: May 17, 1968
Location: El Infiernillo Observatory, Chilean Andes
Summary: The scientific research facility involved with this photographic case has been set up in the high Andes primarily as a Cosmic Ray measuring installation. It is described as part of the University of Chile and is run by the department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics. The operators of the observatory apparently began observing a “series of luminous phenomena” starting in October of 1967. The “phenomena” are described as “star-like” and of magnitude zero to +1. They were “mobile” but also stopped or hovered. When hovering [the ultra-careful scientists said “static”] , they were photographable. The photographs showed a bright “focus” [looking to me suspiciously like a disk] surrounded by Fresnel Rings [caused usually by light diffraction]. The significance of these Fresnel patterns is beyond the author of this thumbnail, but perhaps a physicist can tell the rest of us. The observatory staff logged around a dozen instances of these “phenomena” which they were nervous about calling UFOs , but seem to fit that description. A not-terribly-great copy of one of the photos is attached. {Mike Swords: Sources: 
Source: Prof. Gabriel Alvial. “Unusual Photograph from 14,000 Feet Andean Observatory”, Flying Saucer Review March/April 1969; and “From a Laboratory in the Cordilleras Comes Documented Cases”, INFO Journal 1 (4), Spring 1969; and J. Antonio Huneeus. ” A Historical Survey of UFO cases in Chile”, MUFON 1978 Symposium.

Date: May 17 1968
Location: Between Florianopolis & Lagune, Brazil
Time: 2045
Summary: Driving a minibus driver Jose Da Silva and three passengers were listening to the radio under a light rain when they suddenly heard a whirring sound and noticed a diffused light over the road. Suddenly the van rose up in the air at about 50 cm and stay there for a moment coming down immediately and again rising up in the air soon it was set down on the road again, this time more slowly. The men then noticed an intensely luminous circular object hovering at above 100 meters overhead. Frightened the men watched from the van an object, which they described as about as only about 2 meters in diameter, on its lower part several porthole-like openings were visible where shadows or movement could be seen passing in behind them. A reddish light emanated from the top of the object. The UFO remained motionless for a few minutes, and then tilted at an angle and disappeared towards the sea. After the incident all four men suffered from vomiting. One of the men lost all the hairs of his eyebrows, Da Silva, which had had abundant hair became bald in less than a year. A round burned area was found on the roof the minibus
Source: Cuarta Dimension # 20

Date: May 18 1968
Location: Caconde, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time: 5 a.m.
Summary: We have heard, in the course of the past 21 years, of many UFO residuals which although exhaustively investigated and analyzed, prove almost as puzzling after analysis as they did before, but the following case is one of the, most intriguing. On the 18th of May, 1968, at 5 a.m. C. S, Dos Santos, a night watchman at Caconde, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, returned home from his nightly work and found, in the courtyard of his house. a very curious object which was partly buried in the ground. It was quite heavy (comparable to a car battery) of gray polished metal, had no seams or rivets or screws showing and was cylinder shaped and above the size of a medium, sized powdered milk can. At each end of the cylinder three dials which looked to Dos Santo like manometers. One dial displayed a black hand and the other a red one. These dials appeared to be encased under a glass or plastic lens and Dos Santos observed embossed figures on them arranged in a semi-circle He thought they resembled our arabic numerals. Above each figure there were other signs which Dos Santos could not decipher, and, being curious. he took the object into the house with him. His wife said she thought it might be a time-bomb and did not want it about, but Dos Santos put it on the floor and allowed their small son to handle it. As was his custom, Dos Santos breakfasted and then went to bed, but before retiring he put the object on the slat windowsill of the bathroom. After getting up that evening, he went to work at his usual time, having completely forgotten about the object. At about 1 a.m., Dos Santos went back home to check on his wife who was pregnant and was surprised to find all the doors and windows open and the house brightly lit. Neighbors were outside with his wife, and both Mrs. Dos Santos and their son were in a very agitated state. Mrs. Dos Santos then told her husband of the strange events of the night. She had been awakened by a sound like the “buzz of a big transformer” and a feeling of intense and stifling heat, despite the bitter cold of the night. She decided to get up and switch off the main electric switches, fearing that there had been a short circuit. As she left the bedroom she noted a bright bluish Light coming from the little bathroom, from which the noise apparently was emulating also. Frightened, she decided to call the neighbors and did so immediately. The neighbors had just gotten over the light and, heard the sound and saw the when they heard a very loud noise like tiles breaking. Immediately after this sound was heard the heat stopped and the light in the house went out. After hearing this Dos Santos went into the house to investigate, and in the bathroom he found a hole in the roof, there was tile scattered all over the floor and the object which he had left on the sill was gone. The indication is, of course. that the object either took off o{ its own accord, making a hole in the roof as it left , or was somehow taken out of the house. All the witnesses (Mr. and Mrs. Dos Santos and their neighbors) were interviewed and their testimony taken by Dr. Max Berezowsky, M.D., and Dr. Methodius Kalkasieff (Architeot) on behalf of the Brazilian Commission for Confidential Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Objects (CBPCOANI) and forwarded to APRO by Professor Flavio Pereira, the organization’s president and APRO’S representative in Brazil. We are indebted also to Mrs. Irene Granchi of Rio de Janeiro, our official Portuguese translator.

Date: May 22 1968
Location: La Florida Argentina
Time: 0300A
Summary: Mr. T. Banescu was returning home when he observed a luminous sphere coming down rapidly from the sky; it landed about 300 meters away. Shortly afterwards he heard footsteps behind him, but noticed nothing strange about then. When he got to the house he encountered a creature no more than 39” tall, with big ears and of luminous green coloring. He had his arms crossed, and was rocking his body slightly back & forth. When Mr. Banescu in desperation tried to open the door of his house, he found that the individual had disappeared.
Source: Carlos Banchs

Date: May 25 1968
Location: Superior Wisconsin
Time: night
Summary: An unidentified young man woke in his bedroom and saw a huge shaped standing over the bed. “It appeared to be almost six-feet six inches tall…a massive head with huge broad shoulders is the only way I can described it. It moved from the right side of the bed to the left and then disappeared.”
Source: John Keel, Strange Creatures

Date:  May 27, 1968
Location: Punta Gorda, FL
Summary:  Domed-disc, green-blue glow, below tree-top height, landed. [E,L] car.
Source: CUFOS report, see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 41

Date:  May 31 1968
Location:  Fairfield, New Jersey
Time:  Night
Summary:  I was working outside at the time. i looked up and saw this grey triangle object zoom over the tree tops and make a very tight turn and suddenly disappear at a very high rate of speed! when it turned it sorta flipped over so that i actually saw the top and bottom of the craft! it had no windows or openings that i could see. another thing was that not a leaf fluttered when the craft flew by! i was recently out of the navy at the time and operated with jet aircraft and knew we had no aircraft that could make a turn that tight! as a side note after my sighting there was quite a few sightings in new jersey!
Source:  MUFON

Date:  Summer 1968
Location:  L’Epine-les-Eloux Vendee France
Time: unknown
Summary: Daniel Morgaut is supposed to have seen, on the beach, little black humanoids twenty inches tall. There is no other information.
Source:Patrice Bernard, LDLN # 152

Date: Summer 1968
Location: West Virginia, exact location not given
Time: unknown
Summary: After seeing bright maneuvering lights over the area the witness was working on a project in the basement when he sensed a presence behind him. He turned around and was confronted by a five-foot tall rough skinned reptilian looking creature with bug like eyes, thick lips, and long dangling arms. The being was heavy set and appeared to be blocking the doorway. The creature suddenly disappeared.
Source: Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOs, Close Encounters in The Mountain State

Date:  Summer 1968
Location: Near Volsk, Saratov Province, Russia
Time: 0200A
Summary: A young boy, Anatoliy Grigorevich was sleeping in a hayloft outside of town when he suddenly awoke and noticed a silvery oval-shaped object hovering above the stables. A greenish, slightly blinking light emanated from the top section of the craft. The witness also counted seven round orange colored windows in the lower section of the UFO. Next the witness vaguely remembered that a ladder descended from the object and he started climbing up. After that his memory was seemingly erased. In the morning a neighbor woman told his mother that she had seen the witness standing on the roof of the barn and stretching his arms into the sky. The witness eventually forgot about the strange episode. But in the morning of June 27 1993 while living in Sevastopol all the details of his remote childhood encounter came back to him. He remembered that after he climbed the ladder he walked into a round sterile-appearing room. Several vague figures were standing around, wearing some kind of masks, and white heavy coats. The boy was then placed on a table and medically examined. Something was done to his left forearm. He felt no pain during the entire procedure. He heard a low monotone voice, “You will be released and you will forget everything”. He regained consciousness in his room with an unpleasant feeling in his left forearm and noticed a small protruding scar resembling a whitish line. There was a spot in the center resembling the ace of diamonds with an oval circle in the middle. He had no trauma there before the encounter.
Source:  Anton Anfalov quoting “Taynaya Doktrina” Simferopol Number 3, 2003

Date: Summer 1968
Location: Near Lompoc California
Time: 0300A
Summary: The main witness was driving along with three friends on a deserted highway when all saw a white light moving over the area in an erratic fashion and then approaches their vehicle. As it came near, they all could see that it was a large glowing object that projected four funnel shaped lights over the four witnesses. This apparently caused them to separate from their bodies and float out of the car. Later under hypnosis the main witness recalled being taken onboard the object and meeting a “man” that showed her an amazing “motor.” No other information.
Source: Richard L Thompson, Alien Identities, quoting Jacques Vallee

Date:  summer 1968
Location: Houston, Texas
Time:  around noon
Summary: The witness, who was only 5-years of age at the time, was living on Telephone Road at the time and remembers waking up on his bed and thinking “why am I taking a nap?” he got up and went to his parent’s room to find them both asleep on the bed, with the sun coming in through the windows, he tried but could not wake them up. He then went out the front door and proceeded down the driveway, it was deathly quiet, no birds, no cars, no planes and nothing was moving anywhere. As he got almost to the end of their driveway he heard an unusual humming noise. Looking up he sees a disk shaped object floating over the roof of his neighbor’s house. He estimates the craft to be about 6ft in diameter, apparently big enough for one occupant; it has a glass dome and is a brushed silver color. Inside the dome he could see a humanoid that appears to be driving the object using a sort of “joy stick”. The humanoid is dark greenish gray in color and the witness remembers thinking if it was his skin or a body suit, the figure is also wearing a goggle type glasses very round and thick. The witness is now frozen at the end of the driveway, terrified. The humanoid apparently does not see him at first. The object progresses over the neighbor’s yard and crosses the street. Suddenly the humanoid “jerks” his head around to the left and looks directly at the witness. The witness becomes paralyzed and falls off the driveway into a small ditch that borders the road. He can still see but cannot move. His next memory is of waking up back in bed. The little TV in his room is on but has only “snow” on the screen. He screams and begins pulling on the TV electrical cord until the TV falls of the dresser and breaks. This apparently wakes his parents from their “sleep” and his father spanks him for breaking the TV.
Source: NUFORC

Date: Summer 1968
Location:  Capuchinos, Malaga, Spain
Time: 1230
Summary: Trinidad Gomez Sanchez was performing some daily chores in the interior patio of her home, which was not connected to the street she was accompanied by the young daughter of a neighbor who was playing on a nearby corridor. Suddenly and not knowing how she noticed a bizarre figure standing on the patio, she described the figure as thin with long hair and less than a meter in height, with a large head resembling that of a “newborn”. Trinidad Gomez screamed and ran looking for the neighbor’s daughter in order to protect her from any danger. The creature upon hearing the woman scream jumped back and left running through the rooftops with its armed raised up and emitting a loud howling scream. Alarmed by the screams a neighbor, Jose Santana Cordoba grabbed a large piece of wood and climbed on the roof in an attempt to chase the creature, but was unable to catch it. The police was notified and a search was conducted but nothing was found.
Source: http://eureka.ya.com/miralooculto/ovnisenespana

Date: summer 1968
Location: Novaya Rechka, Chalna area, Karelia, Russia (USSR)
Time: afternoon
Summary: The main witness, 10 or 11 year old Tatyana Viktorovna Kotova had gone into the woods with a friend in order to collect some honey agarics. They collected the agarics, hand bells, chamomiles flowers and wild strawberry. Later as the girls stood on a hillock, Kotova suddenly saw the strange “persons” at about 150 to 200 meters from their location; the strangers were gigantic in height. There were three of them and were dressed in something bright red in color. Their height was no less than 4 or 5 meters. The one in the middle was shorter than the other two. One wore what appeared to be skirt. All three gigantic figures headed directly to the witnesses location. Their arms appeared to be stretched forward, as though they wanted to grab the witnesses and the figures made motions with their hands as if going through “water”. At the same time the two taller figures on each side of the shorter one seemed to support it. Their pace was quick and steady, as they kept moving their arms. Both witnesses then ran from the area and after 20 meters Kotova looked back and realized that the entities were no longer present. They had vanished. The witnesses had by now reached the kitchen garden. One of the entities was carrying something resembling a basket in one hand which it kept pointed forward also. Small trees and shrubbery hid the legs and feet of the entities. Kotova was perplexed since there appeared to be no place for the huge entities to hide. Kotova was in a sate of fear for one week after the incident.
Source:  Yuri Linnik, Petrozavodsk, Karelia and Mikhail Gershtein

Date: Summer 1968
Location: . Near Sarnia Ontario Canada
Time: evening
Summary: The 10-year old witness had gone to the back door to turn off some outside lights and was looking out the window when she noticed a glowing white humanoid figure sitting on a bench outside the garage. The figure stood up and appeared to be at least six-foot tall with a round glowing head, no facial features were discernible. The witness ran screaming to get her parents. Her dad searched the area with a flashlight but found nothing.
Source:  Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research Ontario Canada

Date: summer 1968
Location: Lushun, Dalian, China
Time: evening
Summary: When gunboats of the Lushin-Dalian Coastguard were patrolling offshore, far away, a tubular flying object emitting flashes of golden-yellow light was seen skimming at high speed across the surface of the water, and vanished on the port side. As the UFO was seen, all radar and radio equipment aboard all the vessels went dead simultaneously. Then after quite a while, the radio equipment was all normal again. Prior to this happening, Coastal Defense troops on shore had already observed the UFO as it landed at a point on the coast. They fired on it, with automatic rifles and light machine guns, whereupon it made off. All who saw the UFO were dumbfounded.
Source: Gordon Creighton/Paul Dong FSR Vol. 29 # 6

Date: Summer 1968
Location: Laval-des-Rapides Quebec Canada
Time: 2130
Summary: Mrs B. L. and Mrs. A. B. had been shopping and were walking beside a vacant lot at the Rue Bon Pasteur when the full moon, which was on the horizon, was suddenly eclipsed. After several seconds of darkness it reappeared, but the women now saw against its disc two figures floating several feet above the ground, slowly approaching them. They could see that they were wearing very close fitting one-piece clothing, and had expressionless faces; “they were all black.” One appeared to be 5’6” in height and the other about 5’2”; one was holding a 2 tiered pitchfork, with which he seemed to be probing the ground. The witnesses ran home.
Source: Jean Ferguson, Les Humanoides

Date: Summer 1968
Location: Bellfonte, Pennsylvania
Time: 2200
Summary: The main witness, his girlfriend Lynda, his best friend Wally and Wally’s girlfriend Carol had been driving around one night when they decided to pull over alongside of a local cemetery where there was no real traffic around. Wally, who was driving, suddenly told the others to look over into the cemetery. They noticed a small lighted object floating around. At first they thought it was somebody with a flashlight playing a joke, but at the speed it moved over the cemetery it would have been impossible for a human. They watched the small orb for about 10 minutes as it flew over the graveyard, crossed the street and sped through a field next to the witnesses. As they all wondered what it was suddenly a bright white light shown down on the vehicle and the next thing the main witness remembered was lying down on what appeared to be a hospital operating room, but somehow he knew that he was onboard a “spaceship”. He was paralyzed and could not even open his mouth to speak. He was terrified as he was surrounded by several short gray colored creatures. One of them communicated to him to stop struggling, that he was going to be fine and he wouldn’t even remember what had happened. There appeared to be 6 or 7 humanoids in the room with the witness. Each had in their hands some sort of what appeared to be a medical instrument. The witness remembered being probed with a large tube-like device with a short needle that penetrated his left thigh just above the knee as the tube appeared to be collecting blood samples. Then one of the humanoids came over to the witness and used another device on his groin area. The witness is unsure what the humanoid did and does not know if it was a sperm or urine sample that was taken. The witness was covered with a yellow sheet. Then they turned him over onto his stomach and he heard the hum of some medical tool being used on the back of his neck just at the beginning of his hairline. He felt no pain but did feel pressure being exerted downwards. Then all but two of gray humanoids left the room and did not return. The other two remained with the witness one standing on each side apparently waiting for something. Just when the witness was starting to move again one of the humanoids injected something in him that made him loose consciousness. His next memory was of pulling into their home town, some 30 miles from the cemetery. They all felt weird and couldn’t remember how they got there, it was already 0320A. They had lost nearly four hours
Source: http://www.alien-ufos.com/forum

Date:  Summer 1968
Location: West Gorton England
Time: 2300
Summary: Hearing the sounds of people shouting the witness went to the bedroom window to see what was happening. He then saw an object descending slowly towards the apartment complex. It was a disc shaped object covered with multi-colored lights. Two figures wearing tight fitting ski-suits could be seen inside through a window. One of them seemed to have been operating a lever. The witness lost conscious memory after seeing the object land on the grass below. Later the authorities cordoned off the area claiming an experimental Russian helicopter had crashed.
Source: Peter Hough & Jenny Randles, Mysteries of the Mersey Valley

Date: Summer 1968
Location: Stratford England
Time:  late evening
Summary: The witness who earlier around 1600 along with a companion had watched a shiny silvery disc dart and maneuver over the area, was at home just after supper when she looked out the window and noticed a strange figure crouching in the yard. It was described as satyr like with goat like legs, and covered in a silky, downy dark fur. It crouched and stared at the witness with luminous slanted grape green eyes; it had pointy ears and a long muzzle, it was about five-foot tall. The witness had the impression that the creature was malevolent and that it was trying to communicate with her, it appeared frail and emaciated. During the earlier incident the witness experienced amazing insights as to the nature of reality that transformed her personality.
Source: Richard L Thompson, Alien Identities, quoting Jacques Vallee

Date: summer 1968
Location: Vidnoe, Krasnogvardeiskoe area, Crimea, Ukraine (USSR)
Time: night
Summary: According to 12-year old Victor P. Sikilinda who lived in this village almost positioned at the very geographical center of the Crimean peninsula, he and some of his friends—local boys—from time to time had discovered several pieces of ancient weird crockery or pottery in the fields after the fields had been ploughed by the tractors. The pottery was truly amazing with well preserved images of ancient buildings, temples, columns, dragons and other animals. Victor stated that the fine ancient Chinese ceramics could not compare with these, they were pitiful in comparison. The images on the pottery indicated that that a very developed culture had made them. The pottery had a gold-like trim and by all signs quite valuable and interesting for archeologists. Victor admitted in giving all their findings to a local school teacher from their school. Later he couldn’t explain why he and his friends had done that. One night Victor suddenly saw a powerful light source emanating from an unknown source outside which appeared to be hovering low over the ground. The light was in the immediate vicinity from the house of the same local school teacher. Victor was peeping out his window and could see many details, the light was very bright and of a strange unnatural platinum color. The light was definitely not from a car or a truck, since it was evidently positioned in the sky. He then saw the teacher coming out of the house and talking to a tall humanoid entity standing in the background of the bright light. After the talk, like a zombie, the teacher returned to his house and brought out some kind of package which he promptly gave to the tall humanoid. Then to Victor’s amazement and in the blink of an eye, the tall humanoid figure simply disappeared in plain sight. The frightened Victor then saw a light zooming up into the air and disappearing in the sky. The next day when he asked the teacher where the pieces of crockery (pottery) where, the teacher’s eyes suddenly became glazed and in a monotone told Victor that he had been compelled to give it to those who had come to retrieve it, “to eliminate the evidence”. Then Victor understood that the teacher’s behavior and maybe also his own had been “remotely controlled” and that there were indeed teams of aliens engaged in “cleaning” up all material evidence of ancient developed civilizations on Earth. Literally stealing and erasing human history.
Source: direct from Victor P. Sikilinda to Anton A. Anfalov

Date: summer 1968
Location:  Old Denaby, South Yorkshire, England
Time: night
Summary: As a small boy Peter Good, remembers spending many sleepless nights where voices spoke to him in strange tongues. He says it was as if the voice or voices were so close that they sat on his shoulder. He attempted to scream but was not able to force any sound out of his mouth. Sometimes the voices would be in slow motion that drowned on totally ignoring his tears. He also remembers waking in the middle of the night and seeing a small almost transparent being watching him. The closest he could describe the being is that he was the color of frost upon a window pane. And for some reason he felt that it was a “he”. It would sometimes sit on his pillow, sometimes beside the bed or on top of a small wardrobe. Peter experienced no fear when he awoke to see the little frosty color being watching him in the night. He does not recall seeing any clothing and he thinks it had a small slit where the mouth was. Its eyes were dark but not large, almost Chinese in shape. But it did seem to be swirling with a sparkling energy.
Source: http://www.geocities.com/ilfufo/HauntingsblackburnAvenue.htm

Date: summer 1968
Location: Seattle, Washington
Time: night
Summary: The witness had gone to bed when he suddenly found himself awake in a clay/mud area surrounded by trees next to the elementary school he went to at the time, about six blocks from his house, barefoot and in pajamas. There was a saucer shaped craft that looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, and it had a door open and ramp down to the ground. He could see inside and didn’t see any alien beings from his vantage point. When he approached the craft closer he then saw an alien in the doorway which motioned to him. The witness described the aliens he met as a light shade of computer beige, not gray. Their heads were shaped like the grays frequently depicted, but their eyes were normal but large. Their bodies were both small in stature and thin limbs. They did have a nose, but he doesn’t remember any ears, but they seemed more human in appearance than the grays, but definitely not earthly human either. The witness felt both fear and enormous curiosity. Inside there was only one room which took up the interior of the craft. There were no food facilities, restroom facilities or even furniture to sit down. He got the impression that this craft was capable of almost instantaneous flight over great distances, or there was a mother-craft nearby, because otherwise you would need facilities to accommodate a longer flight. There was what appeared like a glass ring about a foot from the inside wall and about a foot off the floor around the inner circumference of the craft, it had a 4-inch minor diameter and appeared to be filled with mercury. The craft itself appeared to be about 25 feet in diameter. About a foot to the right of the door there were two coils wound around this ring, they looked like they were separated and contained by separators that looked like they were made out of bakelite. The coils attached to something that resembled a lead acid car battery except there were only three cells, the inter-cell connectors were external and they were larger than car battery cells. This was the only thing resembling anything technological in the craft. He got the feeling that this was a highly simplified version being shown to him for some reason
Source: http://www.ufoplace.com/forum

Date: summer 1968
Location: Jayuya, Puerto Rico
Time: late night
Summary: The 10-year old witness was woken up by something pulling at her blanket. She pulled up the blanket but the blanket was pulled down a second and third time. At this point she remembers waken up and pulling the blanket yet one more time. As before the blanket was pulled down. She slowly sat up and looked down at the bottom of her bed. There stood this non-human creature, about 3ft tall, large head, large eyes and gray in color. She remembers screaming and the being just disappeared. Her parents responded to her screams. According to the witness, for years this experience has ruled her life. She is now afraid of the dark and has found several unexplained scars on her body including a deviated septum which she has no recollection how it occurred. She is also a cancer survivor. She has a feeling that is “ultra” important that she recalls the complete experience on that night, not because of that particular night but because it appears that other things occurred and she doesn’t remember. During a hypnotic regression the witness could only say, “They don’t want me to remember” and she cried during the whole time. During a second session she was able to recall that the creature had come to say goodbye. The witness also found a peculiar triangular-shaped scar on her face.
Source:  direct from Y2klonewolf@aol.com

Date: Summer of 1968
Location: Viet Nam
Summary: In 1968, when I was an Intelligence Officer, I briefed General George S. Brown, at 7th Air Force Headquarters in Saigon, Vietnam about UFOs near the DMZ. General Brown states in a Department of Defense transcript of press conference in Illinois, October 16, 1973. “I don’t know whether this story has ever been told or not. They weren’t called UFOs.” They were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places. They were seen up around the DMZ in the summer of ’68. And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and there was no enemy at all involved, but we always reacted. Always after dark. The same thing happened up at Pleiku at the Highlands in ’69.” Thanks to General George S. Brown, USAF Chief of Staff and later Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. 
Source: George Filer

Date:  May  1968
Source:  :

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