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Date:  early October 1968
Location: Lins Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Hospital patient Leoncio Nuñes saw from his window an object hovering 5 ft above the ground about 150 yards away over the hospital grounds. It emitted yellow, green, and red light and bore a transparent cupola, “striated like a wastebasket.” The cabin had a light about a yard in diameter, underneath it were 3 people dressed in white clothing, who seemed to move slowly. After a few minutes the light went out, leaving only a big headlight; then this, too, was extinguished.
Source: FSR Case Histories # 4

Date: October 1968: Lakeland Florida Encounter with Aliens

Date: October 1968
Location:  Mar Del Plata Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 0300A
Summary: Driving along National Highway # 2 toward Mar del Plata, Ignacio Papaleo states that he suffered a sudden stoppage of the little truck, which he was driving. When he got out to investigate the reason for this breakdown, an incandescent object located only a few meters from his head surprised him, and he was paralyzed. A few seconds later the craft let down a little ladder, on which a little individual came down, who invited him to come up into the UFO by means of gesture, and then using the spoken language. His purpose was to find out whether he would be able to reproduce himself in this atmosphere. Then the little man led him up the ladder, and there he lost consciousness, coming to his senses later to find himself seated in his truck, with the marks of numerous punctures on his left forearm.
Source:Roberto Banchs

Date: October 1968
Location: Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium
Time: 0400A
Summary: Andre Kesteleyn was at a bus top waiting to go to work when he heard a whistle, which grew louder and louder. At first he thought it was a jet but when he looked up he saw a UFO. It was saucer shaped with a dome with illuminated portholes on top. The UFO was traveling at very high speed above the treetops. For a split second the UFO stopped in front of the witness. The object was very close and the witness hoped to see its occupants inside the portholes but saw no movement there. The bus arrived and the witness left. Since this observation, Andre has never experienced disease, not even a cold. He only told this story in 1996.

Date: October 1968
Location: Galesburg Illinois
Time: night
Summary: The same couple of a previous encounter saw a “giant winged being” that flew directly over them. The couple noticed that this particular creature appeared to have some sort of difficulty with its right wing, which was kept rigid and several degrees below the left one. (It had a 15 to 20 foot wingspan). The flying creature appeared to take notice of the two humans, and fixed its gaze on them as it flew away. The frightened witnesses went inside the house for the rest of the evening.
Source: Scott Corrales, Unsolved UFO Sightings Fall 1995

Date: Oct., 1968
Location: Bt. Boston Bar and Yale, B.C.
Time: 3:00 a.m. 
Summary: The first sighting took place in the Fraser Canyon between Boston Bar and Yale in an area where the Canyon is quite deep. There was no other traffic on the road at the time and as the witnesses were driving along, one said “what is that strange light in the canyon below”. They pulled over and both got out and looked down into the canyon. What they saw was very strange as there seemed to be a fog or mist in the canyon and inside the fog they could make out a luminous, sort of translucent oval light source that was probably several hundred feet long and hovering above the Fraser River.
Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Date:  October 1968
Location: Kaysville, Utah
Time: night
Summary: 19-year old Richard Brinkerhoff had come home from work one night and found that his parents and brothers and sisters weren’t home. It was getting late so he went to bed. He shared a basement room with a younger brother. The room had no windows and when the door closed it was pitch black. After lying there for a while, he opened his eyes and could make out the pattern of the wood paneling in the room. It was as if the door was open and the light was on down the hall. He halfway rolled over to see if the family had come home. He could see a figure standing next to his bed and assumed it was his brother, so he lay back down. He sensed he was still standing there, so the witness rolled over again and indeed ‘he’ was still standing there. He could see that whoever was standing there was wearing red and had long, messed up red hair. He knew his brother had been wearing a red t-shirt earlier and for some reason he thought he was wearing an old red wig their mother kept for the younger children to wear when then played dress up. He still thought it was his brother so he asked him what he wanted. He then lay back down and waited for him to respond. There was nothing but silence. He again asked him what he wanted. Still no reply, but continued to stand there silently. Getting impatient Richard sat up in bed and turned and faced him. He asked a final time what he wanted and when there was again nothing but silence, he put out his arm to push him away. To his horror his hand went right through him, and while he was sitting there looking at his hand, the figure floated backward and all the light in the room gathered around it and it got smaller and smaller until it became a pinpoint of light and then just went out. Terrified the witness jumped out of bed and turned out every light in the house he could. But whatever it had been it had disappeared.
Source: Your True Tales—May 2007

Date: October 1968
Location: Asegur, Spain
Time: late night
Summary: Farmers Juan Rubio and Rosa Remigio were watering their vegetable garden late one night when they heard strange sounds resembling that of someone “dragging” a large metal object or chain. Suddenly they heard loud moaning sounds, sounds that appeared to say, “Juan, Juan”; at least that’s what the witnesses understood. Terrified, both witnesses ran and hid behind a ditch. While in the ditch they continued to hear the strange sounds. Soon they saw bright lights and heard loud detonations and saw a tall humanoid figure, metallic in appearance, which was moving at a fast clip on a nearby dirt road. Soon, the figure, lights and sounds seemed to disappear into the distance.
Source: Iker Jimenez, “El Paraiso Maldito”, (Cursed Paradise)

Date: October 2 1968
Location: Lins Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: 0620A
Summary:  While oiling his bulldozer’s engine, Doribio Pereira saw, only a few feet away, a cigar shaped craft of golden color, hovering a foot or so above the ground. Then he saw, on a platform that extended from the base of the object, a person who drew from his sleeve a weapon resembling an electric drill, which he pointed at the witness; it emitted a bright flash and Pereira found himself paralyzed. He could see, however, that inside the cigar, which had a “glass roof,” there was a man using both hands on a sort of typewriter; below, on the extended platform outside the object, he saw 3 men standing. One of these was taking soil samples with a “conch shaped object.” Then the craft flashed a very vivid light 3 times, the platform now retracted, and under the cigar appeared “something like an electric polisher, rotating at high speed.” It then took off with a slight sound. The men were lean, about 5’5” tall, and dressed in blue knee length robes, hoods, and brown sandals with cross garters to the knees. Pereira, in a state of near shock, was given a lift to his home; from there he reported to the Town Council offices; because of his nervous condition, he was sent to a medical examination, upon which Dr Antonio Geris found entirely normal. Officials of the Brazilian Air Force later subjected him to an intense interrogation.
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 15 # 1

Date: October 5 1968
Location:  Manchester Lancashire England
Time: early morning
Summary: After retiring at 2300, Miss Z, 20, was awakened “in the early hours of the morning” by a “strange feeling.” Looking around the room she saw nothing unusual, but then heard a “high-pitched whirring sound.” She went back to sleep but was again awakened; this time she found that she was unable to move and, after several moments, again heard the same “whirring sound.” Looking straight ahead, she saw three figures facing her, each wearing shiny silvery suits. She found that she was again able to move as two of the figures approached her. Their faces had no recognizable features but were covered with “lumps.” After standing next to her for several minutes, the two figures walked to a “bell shaped” craft in the corner of the room; they walked up what appeared to be a flight of steps and “disappeared” into the object; followed by the third entity, which had remained in his original position. The object had a faint glow, but Miss Z could see no door through which they entered; they simply walked into the side and disappeared “by getting smaller.” There was no way in which an object of that dimension could have fit into the room. It disappeared by moving upward through the ceiling while rapidly rotating. The figures were of normal height; she could recall no specific details regarding arms and legs but was sure they were of general humanoid shape. Around the same time, the percipient’s father had two remarkable experiences both around the time when he was waking up. On one occasion he saw a large number of tiny storybook dwarfs with strange, patchy, faces, running about the room, riding tiny horses. On another occasion there were about a dozen figures, wearing glittery silvery suits. These were quite different from the figures described by his daughter, being normal-looking human figures and the suits were of a normal style, resembling glitter suits worn by show business personalities.
Source: Peter Rogerson & John Rimmer for Mufob

Date: October 5 1968
Location: Nunda, South Dakota
Time: 2130
Summary: A man returning home from working in a farm watched what at first looked like a bright star in the southeastern sky. The light then grew in size rapidly and appeared to be coming at him on a perpendicular trajectory. Then it was very close to him as he was driving over a hill about two miles from his home. It was huge and hovered over a nearby swamp. He stopped the car and, got out and studied the craft, which was about 800 yards away. It was saucer shaped emitting a very bright pinkish red light. He could see what looked like bars connecting the two saucer shapes together. In between the bars were windows and he could see figures inside looking at him. This terrified him and he got back into his car and sped off for home. The craft kept up with the car and stayed about ¼ mile to his left. At one point the craft went over him and flew away at high speed.
Source: NUFORC

Date: before October 9 1968
Location: Asbestos Quebec Canada
Time: unknown
Summary:  A man, his wife, his brother in law, and his sister in law saw in the sky a rectangular green shape. After some minutes “a real saucer” came out of the cloud, with a yellow-orange light around it # 3 circular lights beneath it. The men got into a car & followed the UFO toward St. Claude; watching from the home, the women distinctly saw humanoids walk from the object seemingly into space.
Source: Saucers, Space & Science # 54

Date: Oct. 9, 1968
Location: Lins, Brazil
Time: 6:20 a.m. 
Summary: Doribio Pereira, 41, municipal employee, suddenly observed a golden, cigar-shaped object, and a figure armed with a flashing weapon that immobilized him. Three beings were standing on a platform under the craft, and another figure appeared to be using a keyboard inside the transparent top part. The object took off rapidly, leaving the witness in a state of shock.
Source: Magonia #920, FSR 69, 1

Date:  October 11 1968
Location: La Pedrera Gerona Spain
Time: unknown
Summary: Mountain climbers from the UEC group observed an object that landed, and two small figures that emerged from it. No other information.
Source: Julio Roca Muntanola

Date: October 15 1968
Location: Near Kingman Arizona
Time: 0300A
Summary: Driving through the desert to California at 0300A, Michael Watts, and a hitch hiking passengers saw a “falling star” that stopped and shot back up again. They got out of the car and walked toward a distant light source at ground level; at the site, they then heard a sound like “digging,” and dimly saw 2 shadowy forms 4 ft tall, 15-20 ft away. The figures seemed to have large heads and abnormally long arms. Then the hitchhiker suggested they go back for a gun, the figures vanished. Other maneuvering lights were observed. The light on the ground proved to be 4 lights, one of which took off into the air. Then something sounding like a train passed by at a distance; it had a string of lighted windows in which silhouettes of passengers sitting up were visible. After this a dark lens-shaped object having a flat dome on top and a row of pulsating multi-colored lights around the edge approached the witnesses quite closely. As dawn came, the ground light could be seen to be on a pale cigar shaped object. Cloven footprints were found where the beings had been seen. Watts believe he may have had a memory lapse. The hitchhiker cannot be identified.
Source: Michael Schutz & Loren Reichert

Date:  October 15 1968
Location:  Chillicothe, Ohio
Time:  16:00
Summary:  A fireball following road a mist floating in front of tv glowing red eyes going from tree to tree quigy board flying and hitting wall all events there are witnesses
Source:  MUFON

Date:  October 18 1968
Location:  Correa, Santa Fe, Argentina
Time: 1230
Summary: After patrolling the ranch belonging to a Mr. Schmidlin, Humberto Damiani returned to his home to find his wife in the front pointing to a suspicious truck parked on the road in front of the house. Damiani approaches the truck, and sees four foreign looking occupants, human-like wearing brown tight-fitting coveralls with silver belts. One of the men asks (in perfect Spanish) Damiani where was the exit road of the ranch. The strangers then drove away, without explaining how they had gotten in the ranch on the first place, since they had come from the rear of the ranch, which was completely circled in a strong barbwire fence and with several guard dogs around. Damiani found no sign of force entry on the wires or tracks (!). The day before his brother had found a dead and mutilated calf and next to it a circular impression on the ground. A neighbor, Mr. Pertusatti reported seeing a very bright white light hovering over the fields in the days prior to the above encounter.
Source: Alejandro Vignati, Tercer Tipo: Contacto Extraterrestre

Date: October 18 1968
Location: Medulla Florida
Time: 1930
Summary: Mr. And Mrs. Buck McMullen were alerted b the barking of their dog outside their home, just as they were about to sit down to dinner. The dog, howling and whimpering, broke loose from his chain and ripping a hole through the screen door barreled in to cower under the table. Going out, accompanied by the son’s fiancée, Sharon Thompson, they saw 50 yards from the house a transparent spherical object hovering over a palm tree, giving off a purplish red light. Inside the sphere were visible two standing men dressed in white, tight fitting uniforms with close fitting hoods, who were operating a horizontal bar pivoted to a metallic central column. As they worked the bar up and down, the craft rocked back and forth, slowly gaining altitude; finally it emitted fire and sparks and sped out of sight. It left a strong odor of ammonia behind. The object had been visible for approximately 20 minutes. Prior to its appearance the family had noticed audio and visual interference in their TV set.
Source: Lee Butcher

Date:  October 19 1968
Location:  Vancouver Washington
Time: 2030
Summary: Robert Thompson, 14, and two other students at the School for the Deaf, were outside their dormitory when they saw a bright light in the north. It began descending in a zigzag fashion and landed with a flash in the playing fields to the west of their position. They climbed a small hill overlooking the fields on the east where they saw the object had landed between the physical education field and the football field, a distance of several football fields from where they stood. The object was large as a house and oval, brightly lit, with bright yellow lights around the central edge. It made a sound “like bees” and Thompson’s hearing aid was affected by it. A brightly lighted door appeared on the periphery out of which floated an 8 to 9 foot “apparition with a large head and small body. They saw no legs and the most prominent features on the head were two large cat-like eyes and large lips. After being briefly observed for a minute or less, both object and entity abruptly disappeared, “like turning off a light switch.” Traces were found at the site, consisting of four 2-3” circles placed in a square of some two meters per side.
Source: David W Akers

Date: Oct. 24, 1968
Location: About 30 miles NW of Minot AFB, ND                  BBU
Time: 3:30 a.m. (CDT). 
Summary: USAF Minot AFB ground radar tracked unidentified object correlated with orange glow and radioed it to the attention of the USAF crew of B-52H bomber (call sign JAG 31) on a 290° heading at 2,000 ft as a UFO target at 1 o’clock position to the NW at 24 miles, then 15 miles at 3:35 a.m. At 3:52 a.m., Minot radioed the B-52H that base weather radar was also tracking target now at 1 o’clock position and 3 miles from the B-52H. At 3:58 Minot requested IFF transponder identification from the B-52H and the B-52H radio transmitter failed for 4 mins. B-52H crew saw and radar tracked bright red-orange object [?] at 9 o’clock position at 35 miles then 1.25-1.5 miles, traveling at 3,000 mph [?]. UFO landing for 45 mins at location “AA-43.” UFO sightings at Minuteman ICBM nuclear missile sites N, O, J [?], and M Flights, 91st Strategic Missile Wing, including strange EM effects such as security alarms activated at outer and inner rings around silo, outer [silo?] door opened and combination lock of inner door moved. Witnesses included Maj. Bradford Runyon, Capt. Robert Salas,  S/Sgt Bond, S/Sgt Smith, et al. 
Source: Project 1947; Kevin Randle; Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 137-9 [misdated as 1966]; etc.

Date: Oct. 26, 1968
Location: Greenfield, IN
Time: 10:00 p.m. 
Summary: Witnesses: Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Foster. While driving near Greenfield, they saw UFO come to rest on road about two miles ahead of them. It rose up and landed two or three times, and when the car reached the landing site on the road, car lights went out for half a minute or more in each place.
Source: Letter to NICAP

Date:  October 28 1968
Location: Las Vegas Nevada
Time: 2320
Summary:  A bright white light hovered over the desert 300-400 ft away at 10-15 ft altitude; then it was replaced by a group of smaller lights, red, white and blue, which blinked in a pattern indicating 3 side of a square. Behind this could be seen a somewhat nebulous figure, not clearly defined. Duration of the incident was 25 minutes.
Source: Apro Bulletin Nov. Dec. 1968

Date: October to December, 1968: Waldo, Maine

Date:  October  1968

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