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Date: Summer 1971: Abductee Involved in UFO Crash near Edwards AFB

Date: Summer 1971
Location: Guerneville California
Time: after 0100A
Summary: The witness was awakened by the faraway sounds of cats howling. He rose out of bed and opened a window facing the south. After hushing the cats everything became quite, he then walked out into the living room and was drawn to the pane glass door that led to the backyard. Outside he saw several hovering shimmering white lights. His next conscious memory was climbing back into bed. Much later under hypnosis he recalled looking at the lights and hearing an explosion. He then began walking through the house towards the lights. He felt himself walking through the closed back door. Outside he felt a cold sensation and then was engulfed by the lights and felt a tingling all over the body. He then noticed a short greenish glowing being with hard to discern features. It appeared to be composed of a liquid fluffy substance; it had two black dot-like eyes. Via telepathy the witness was told to follow the being, he was then shown a tall, thin pyramid like object with a halo around it and was told he was going to be implanted with knowledge. He also saw a hovering object with beautiful green, yellow, and red lights. He felt a strong love and compassion towards the being and felt that they were “good.”
Source: Richard J Boylan, PhD & Lee K Boylan Close Extraterrestrial Encounters

Date: Summer 1971
Location: Mansfield Massachusetts
Time:  0200A
Summary: A police sergeant driving along a local street on the way home had approached a location at the edge of a swamp when he was suddenly confronted by a huge winged creature over six-foot tall with an apparent wingspan of over eight feet. As the sergeant stopped his vehicle the creature flew straight up and flapping his massive wings disappeared from sight over the swamp. A later search of the area proved negative.
Source:  Loren Coleman, Mysterious America

Date: summer 1971: Odessa, Ukraine Strange Happenings

Date: Summer 1971
Location: Bravos De Boston, Vieques Island Puerto Rico
Time: mid-afternoon
Summary: Leonor Rosa Colon was in her kitchen preparing a soup and had momentarily gone to use the bathroom, as she walked back to the kitchen, she glanced at the opened front door of the house and was stunned to see two little men standing right outside her home. On was a bit taller than the other and both were thin and wore tight fitting gray coveralls that covered them up to their necks and to their wrists. The little men wore black knee height boots and a wide black belt with a strap that crossed over to their left shoulders. Their arms were longer than usual and so were the fingers. They were bald headed  with oval shaped heads, slightly larger than normal. Their eyes were huge, oval shaped and dark with no pupils that almost cast a hypnotic effect on the witness. They stared at the witness for a few seconds, and then quickly walked away disappearing towards the beach area.
Source:  Jorge Martin, Vieques, Poligono del tercer Tipo

Date: Summer 1971
Location:  Elk Mountain, Wyoming
Time: evening
Summary: A man named “Joe” and his family was camping when they saw an orange-blue light streak across the evening sky, it crossed the horizon in a matter of seconds. They all witnessed the impact into Elk Mountain and blow up a cloud of debris up into the air. Within about 10 minutes it started smoking and they could se it had started a fire. His father having heavy equipment and being in the logging trade immediately went to the family home and took his equipment to the area. The fire moved quickly nearly killing Joe’s father, and destroying his bulldozer, which he burrowed under just in the nick of time. The firestorm took two weeks to contain. By the next morning the military had shown up and blocked highway 130 in the nearby town of Saratoga and quarantined the town allowing nobody to come or go. Within a few hours the telephones, televisions, radios, and 2-way CB’s were dead throughout the town, snow and static were all they could get. The next day swarms of NASA vehicles started showing up in cars, trucks even limousines with NASA insignias. Joe noticed a crowd of people gathering at the corner. Curious he went over to see two big trucks with flat bed trailers side by side. It had this huge oblong egg-shaped lump on it under traps and nets, it was so big and heavy it caused the trailer to scrape the ground. They even had to lift the power lines for it on their way through town. They got no mail until the ordeal was over and it had been opened. During the ordeal there was no communication going in or out of the town, no newspapers, no nothing. After the ordeal the newspapers only reported the incident as a fire nothing else.
Source:CSETI crash list, UFO Chronicles

Date: Summer 1971
Location:  Karnes City, TX
Time:  Night shift. 
Summary:  UFO encounter over open pit uranium mine, near Conoco Oil Co. 
Source:  rense.com, Unevaluated

Date: Summer 1971
Location: Starr Hill, Warminster, England
Time: night
Summary: Two men looking out for strange phenomena on the hill suddenly felt hat they were being watched. Glancing over their shoulders they saw a human figure in a white suit and helmet running towards some bushes. One of the witnesses chased the figure through the bushes. The figure appeared not to be making any noise at all and disappeared into some brush. The figure was described as of average height and weight.
Source:  Boar and Blundell, The World’s Strangest Mysteries

Date: Summer 1971: Beam Of Light Moved Quick And Low Over The Ground

Date: Summer 1971
Location: Near Huntsville Alabama
Time: night
Summary: At the same time that numerous cattle were reported missing and disc-shaped objects were seen landing on several hills, a sheriff posse out in a stake out for the supposed cattle rustlers, caught sight of several agile short squat figures that appeared to have no problem in vaulting fences no matter how high. One night several of the guards saw the creatures attacking some cattle and shot at them apparently without any visible affect. The beings were described as about 4-feet tall and weighing about 400 pounds. They were endowed with great strength and their bodies were covered with hair. The beings apparently fled into some nearby caves and were followed by sheriff deputies and guard dogs. The dogs did not venture into the caves after the creatures. The men shone their flashlights into the cave and could see shiny eyes staring back at them. Numerous cattle carcasses littered the ground inside and the stench was unbearable. The beings left behind unusual footprints.
Source: Peter & Paul Blechinger, Saucers Space & Science # 63

Date: June 1971
Location:  Sharpsville, IN
Summary:  Humanoid report. No details except witness’ name, which was King. 
Source:  EGBA, 680

Date: June 1971
Location: Santiago, Chile
Time: 0200A
Summary: The young witness woke up in the middle of the night and saw a huge disc-shaped object floating over the garden, it appeared to be descending and displacing air below it. In front of the craft he could see a tall man-like figure that seemed to be “gentle” in nature. Suddenly everything disappeared and the witness has no further recollection.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  June, 1971: Large orange UFO over park, in Portland, Oregon

Date: June 1971
Location:  Iowa City Iowa
Time:  dawn
Summary:  An unidentified nurse was driving to work one morning when she saw what appeared to be an “egg-shaped cage” suspended from a long line that came down from the sky. Enclosed behind vertical bars on the object was a figure of a man dressed in a shiny, form fitting outfit; he was too far away to be able to see features, but it appeared thick chested, and his arms and legs were proportionally thicker than of a normal person. He moved about inside the cage and the woman felt that he was definitely looking down at her. A newspaper delivery boy and a laundry deliveryman are also reported as having observed the object and its occupant, and all described that the face area of the figure seemed to be darker than the shiny suit. A report appears to have been made out to the police.
Source:  Brad Steiger, Gods of Aquarius

Date: June 1 1971
Location:  Midway Island – Pacific Ocean
Time:  23:30
Summary:  Viewed 7 lights each shaped like a “Chinese Lantern”. They serpentined in a slow path, that appeared about 100 feet overhead. No noise, and when they were directly overhead, they turned 90 degrees straight up and were out of sight in about 5 seconds. This event was observed while in the Navy, stationed on Midway Island. I was with a group of men getting ready to go on watch, when a group of seven lights, were observed coming from the airfield control tower, towards our group. The lights were moving very slowly. We were able to call the tower and ask if they observed the same. The answer was yes. We asked if any weather balloons had been released. The answer-no. We then watched the lights come closer, in a serpentine formation, one following the other. The lights were a red and orange blend, similar in color and shape to a “fat” oval shaped chinese lantern. There was no noise. Our group of about 8 men were waiting to go on watch. The lights appeared to be close to the ground, maybe about 100 feet up, approx. (hard to tell for sure). When the lights were directly overhead, the turned 90 degrees, and headed straight up and out of sight in about 5 seconds. Again, no noise. When we arrived on our watch and asked if our radar or electronic recorders had monitored any activity, the answer was no. I have not known what to do with this information since that sighting. I have told others and have heard similar reports of this kind of observation. I have not seen anything since. Please advise if any other information exists relative to my experience.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: June 5 1971
Location:  Manuel Diaz, Rivera, Uruguay
Time:  2200
Summary:  The witness was attempting to fall sleep in his bedroom when suddenly a very bright white light illuminated the bedroom. He ran to the window to look outside. On a nearby hill he then saw a strange luminescence resembling an old “Lumiere” screen. Inside the screen he saw several thin silvery humanoid figures, with long faces and short cropped frizzy silvery hair. In a state of panic he hid in the bathroom and watched as the white light diminished in brilliance. Soon he felt asleep, feeling very cold and hearing “thousands” of voices in his head that seemed to speak in calm coherent tones.
Source:  Amilcar Legazcue, Ovnis en Uruguay y Argentina

uo30Date: June 9 1971
Location: Rosedale, Alberta, Canada
Time: 2050
Summary: Miss Esther Clappison, noticing a light outside her home, went to the window and saw a rectangular window, illuminated from within by a white light, on an object whose shaped she could not make out, which rested on the ground. In the window was a man less that 5 ft tall, dressed in an olive green outfit that completely covered him, even his face. He seemed to be aware of the witness observing him from a distance of approximately 200 feet; he used his body and arm to apparently conceal some sort of control panel. He was also trying to attract the attention of another humanoid figure outside the object, visible in the light from the window, who was stooped over and picking up something from the ground-apparently rocks, since he “picked up” and didn’t “scoop up.” Although she tried to move closer to get a better look, Miss Clappison’s dog would not let her, and although trembling and cowering, he forced his mistress back inside the house. After the object left, the grass at the landing site was charred black over an area 20 ft in diameter.
Source: William K Allan for Apro

Date: June 11 1971
Location: Tellebang near Monto, Queensland, Australia
Time: unknown
Summary: On the property of Lindsay Hartwig, a 6m wide ring was found in open grass just on the edge of heavily timbered scrub. The ring was in the form of a 45cm wide ring of apparent “burnt” grass. The grass inside the “perfect circle” was quite green. On the above date the body of Hartwig’s 19-year old son was found about 150m away from the circle. It was reported there was a strange mark on his face. An autopsy was unable to reveal a cause of death. The ring was of possible fungal origin.
Source:Bill Chalker, personal investigation

Date: June 15 1971
Location: Alton Illinois
Time: 2055
Summary: Tony Wilkens, a young veteran, told Alton police that a 50-foot “velvet silver” UFO with radiating green lights hovered outside his second story back porch; two humanoid occupants of the craft “made contact” with him by mental telepathy; they gave him a formula that would provide “the universe at his fingerprints,” which he wrote out for the police; they also invited him to take a ride in the object, but he refused.
Source: Neal C Butler, Apro

Date: June 1971

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