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Date: October 1978
Location: Near Tbilisi Georgia (Russia)
Time: late afternoon
Summary: A group of geologists working in an isolated field came upon a metallic disc-shaped object sitting on the ground. The group of geologists began to approach, however when they reached an area within 12 meters of the object they began to experience very unpleasant feelings: fear, oppression. At 6 meters further the group experienced paralysis of the extremities. They stopped and began to throw stones at the object. They soundlessly passed through the “skin” of the object (apparently) or perhaps soundlessly were destroyed within the boundary of the object. Then after, connecting several thin sticks, they attempted to touch the object. The stick or rod entered into the object freely as into water, when they took it out it proved to be shorter than when it first went in. One of the geologists, in a desperate act jumped towards the side of the craft and immediately lost consciousness. A few minutes later, from out of the woods a 2-meter tall figure appeared and walked towards the object, totally ignoring the group, it then entered the object. After seven minutes the object took off. At this point the man that had lost consciousness came to.
Source: UFOZONE Russia

Date: October 1978
Location: Near Ceballos Mexico
Time: night
Summary: Driving through a desert area known as ‘La Zona Del Silencio“, Ruben Lopez began experiencing engine trouble. He stopped his van and became aware that five small figures were standing along the roadside about 100 feet ahead. At first he thought they were lost children, until he noticed that they wore unusual silver one-piece suits. Helmets resembling those used by football players covered the little beings heads. Through the helmets open fronts, Lopez could tell the beings had adult man-like faces. The little men approached the stalled van with curiosity. Scared, Lopez raced the van’s engine in neutral, and the little men scattered into the desert darkness. The van then functioned normally again after the beings had vanished.
Source: Scott Corrales, Fate April 1998

Date: October 1978
Location: Mendoza Argentina
Time: night
Summary: Two guards at a local factory encountered a strange three-foot tall dwarf that seemed to hop in one leg. Using some type of machinery or apparatus the being suspended the two witnesses above the ground. After some jumping and hoping about the dwarf flew off into the sky and disappeared. No other information.
Source: Fortean Times # 31. Quoting V Corradi

Date: October 1978
Location: Newport, Essex, England
Time: 2100
Summary: Three women had decided to take a shortcut down a darkened alley to Church Street as the neared a bend in the alley they became aware of someone walking toward them dressed as a “cavalier”, the figure “drifted” toward them. They could not see its features as he was silhouetted against the light in a nearby church entrance, but he wore a large hat with a plume, and a cape (full attire for a cavalier.) As the figured neared them they had an overwhelming need to press themselves against the wall until it had passed. When they reached the end of the alley the witnesses looked back but the figure had vanished.
Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land

Date:  October 2 1978
Location:  Groendal Reserve, Despatch South Africa
Time:  1115A
Summary:  Four young boys had been out hiking in an isolated area and were now waiting to be picked up by their parents when suddenly their attention was drawn to a glistening object in the distance, they then saw two men just west of the object. The men wore shiny silvery outfits. These men appeared to move across the terrain in a gliding motion, on top of the hill they were joined by a third man that appeared to be carrying a small suitcase. The men then glided towards a dividing fence and glided over it, one stopped to look at the boys. The silver suit covered his forehead, leaving only his face clear, he had gray skin. The men then glided up a hill and seemed to disappear upon reaching the summit. During the incident the witnesses noticed a strange silence in the area and a couple of them felt disoriented. Possible ground traces were found on the site.
Source:   Cynthia Hind, Phenomenon, 40 years of Flying Saucers

Date:  October 3 1978
Location:  Bogota, Columbia
Summary:  Thousands of witnesses in saw two UFOs in an unusually clear sky. One was shaped like a “croissant” and the other was cylinder-shaped. Both gave off an intense luminosity. Traffic halted throughout the city during the sighting. (Source: 
Source:  UFO News clipping Service, December 1978, p. 15

uo72Date: October 3 1978
Location: Sayama City Japan
Time: late evening
Summary: The witness, a CB radio operator had driven to the top of a mountain in order to obtain better reception, he had taken his two-year-old daughter with him. Suddenly the interior of the car began to glow, looking out he sees nothing, and then looking back at his daughter he sees her lying on the seat with an orange beam of light shining on her stomach. He then feels a metal object pressing against his right temple. He looks up and comes face to face with a strange being under five-foot tall with no nose. He then hears high-pitched noises and his heads is filled with images and pictures. He is totally paralyzed. An unknown amount of time passes and the glow fades and the being disappears. The witness feels that something has been implanted into him and goes to bed that night with a pounding headache.
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction

Date: October 3 1978
Location: Buckfastleigh England
Time: 2055
Summary: Three 14-year old boys, following a UFO sighting, saw a very muscular figure, seven-foot tall, dressed in a diving suit, some 50 yards away. Later on a second glowing figure about six-foot tall was seen darting behind a concrete motorway support post.
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting British Flying Saucer Bureau UFO News Bulletin 11/12 1979

Date: October 4 1978
Location: Palpala Jujuy Argentina
Time: evening
Summary: Two young girls were playing in front of the house when one of them went to the kitchen to get an apple, there she was confronted by a strange being with claw like hands that was ripping the mosquito netting as he attempted to enter through the window. She ran to get her friend who entered the kitchen and saw the being in the yard surrounded by a strong light. She wanted to approach the window but could not for some unknown reason. The being was described as silver clad with a red neck and pockmarked face, he had black short hair. Other witnesses saw an unusual light ascending near the house.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 8

Date: October 6 1978
Location: South West London England
Time: 2000
Summary: The witness had a sudden very strong mental impression of an entity with pale gray skin, large slit eyes and dressed in a blue top with a white bird emblem on the chest area. The being wore a belt with a green stone that appeared to be emitting some sort of energy. The background where the entity stood was a dark gray paneled wall with dozens of very small red and yellow flashing lights. She sensed other people around but could not see any details. The being communicated by using telepathy and mentioned that our form of space travel was very primitive.
Source: Bufora Journal Vol. 8 # 4

Date: October 7, 1978
Location: Sauche Huacho, state of Tucuman, Argentina
Time: 09:45 p.m. or 10:00 p.m.
Summary: on October 7, 1978, at 09:45 p.m. or 10:00 p.m., in Sauche Huacho, state of Tucuman, Argentina, Juan Carlos Torres, José A. Bustos, with two other people were in their court barbecuing when they suddenly or successively noticed two small figures standing in the shade. One of the witnesses, thinking that the small men were neighbors, reportedly approached them to suddenly see them disappearing and reappearing at another place. They reportedly disappeared and reappeared once again at an unspecified distance 
Source: Fabio Picasso and Proyecto CATENT

Date: October 7 1978
Location: San Cataldo Italy
Time: unknown
Summary: A student traveling by vehicle had to stop to fix a flat tire. As he attempted to drive away the vehicle would not start, then he noticed a bright silvery object similar to a disc shaped craft, hovering nearby. The object emitted a strong light from its bottom. It had a transparent viewing window and three to four human like figures were seen moving back and forth inside. Moments later the object departed at high speed emitting a roaring sound.
Source: Maurizio Verga, “Itacat”

Date:  October 8 1978
Location:  Jenkins, MO
Time:  7:00 AM.
Summary:   Multiple (7) witness, two objects, one on ground two hours, 180 ft away, traces. A farming family noted an unusual object in a field to the south of their house. The object was 285 feet from the house and at that distance, difficult to see. It appeared as a white object of moderate size, but was felt to be probably a large piece of paper blown there over the previous evening. The family did not go over to inspect it at that time. The six family members [5 adults and a teenager] stole occasional glances in its direction over the next two hours but nothing moved. Then, at 9am, the farm owner left the house to do some chores. At that moment, the object rapidly rose from the ground to a height of 30 to 50 feet. Everyone else ran out of the house to watch. It began moving slowly and silently to the west, ascended rapidly, turned twice, and gradually flew away. The witnesses noted that a second larger and more distant object seemed also to be in the sky. These objects came into close approximation and moved off together. The landed object was described as an oval or egg shape appearing white on the ground but more silvery reflective once airborne. Its size was judged to be 4-5 feet in the longer dimension, and 3-4 feet in the shorter. One area of the surface was darker in tone, and allowed the witnesses to note that it was rotating at about a once per two seconds rate. The witnesses immediately called the sheriff’s department. A deputy arrived in the afternoon and went to the landing site, took pictures, as well as soil samples. There was a noticeable trace which measured 4 1/2 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide. The character of the trace was described as depressed, not burnt nor dried. Soil moisture was normal. The force bearing down on the ground was not great as measured by penetrometer tests. No radioactive heightened readings were measured either. [We owe all these tests to the field’s trace expert, Ted Phillips.] As time went on though, there was some easily noticeable deterioration of the grass, selectively within the trace. The only slightly reasonable alternate hypothesis that Phillips and CUFOS were able to come up with, was something involving a weather balloon. Some effort was made to check for such launches but the only known source was in the entirely wrong wind direction. The fast take-off speed is also against this theory among several other things one might mention. One other note, when the farmer arrived at the scene he said that the grass at the site was very noticeably swirled. This case was also reported in the MUFON Journal where there were a few discrepancies. MUFON reports the trace as a tripod of depressed spots within an area of depressed and swirled grass. At one point in the article the trace is described as “burnt” but more reading seems to indicate that “discolored” might be a better word. “Like a spot which has been over-fertilized”. Testing by MUFON at a college laboratory showed no unusual chemicals or volatile organics, such as solvents. It was found by MUFON that that farmer had previously recovered one of the weather balloons from the local service and knew perfectly well what they looked like. CUFOS’ and MUFON’s reports agree on almost all details, and the trace as described by MUFON is probably the better detail. As an aside, the witnesses describe their cows and a “local” meandering coyote as merely staring at the object and not agitated in any way.
Source:  International UFO Reporter Vol. 3 # 12, December 1978; MUFON Journal #135, May 1979; and follow up by Phillips in #141, November 1979; plus, Joplin(MO) Globe, October 24, 1978.

Date: October 8 1978
Location: Lowton Manchester England
Time: 2330
Summary: A man was driving with his sleeping wife when suddenly his headlights caught sight of a figure standing in the middle of the grassy area in the center of the road. The figure was human like over six-foot tall and was wearing a shiny silvery garment. The figure was encased in an orange glow. The witness drove on and could still see the orange glow on the roadway as he looked back. Earlier in the same area other witnesses had seen a large lighted object with a silvery dome and three bumps underneath descend slowly towards the road.
Source: Peter Hough, Stephen Balon in Northern UFO News # 55

Date: October 8 1978
Location: Birmingham, England
Time: late night
Summary: The 11-year old witness remembered getting into bed and turning off the light and thinking how odd it was that he could see everything in the room clearly, even though it was pitch black outside. It was as if there was pale light shining from the walls, He started drifting off to sleep, but was awoken by a banging noise. It was his bedroom door, which was opening and slamming shut repeatedly. This happened about 6 times and he became frightened, he tried to shout for his mother but no sound came out and he now could clearly see the shape of something standing there in front of the door. It was something small—about three feet tall but he could not make out any detail. He could hear a heavy breathing coming from it and could vividly feel its presence. The witness panicked and attempted to get up from bed but could not move a muscle. Even though it seemed like an eternity, the figure stood there for about 7 seconds before appearing to dissolve into the door. When it had gone, the room became very dark to the point that he could not see anything at all. He was now able to move so he ran to his mother’s room and was surprised to find her awake. She told the witness that she had woken suddenly for no apparent reason and felt something standing next to her, watching her.
Source: Aliens Among Us

Date: October 9 1978
Location: Near Ord Nebraska
Time: morning
Summary: In a farm area a witness watched a gray metallic disc hovering 200 feet off the ground, a beam of light shone down to the ground from the disc and two creatures floated down in it. The beings were five-foot tall, were black brown in color with blob like heads and what appeared to be tentacles on their sides. The beings took some shrub and soil samples and then ascended back into the object via the beam of light. The disc then shot up into the sky and disappeared.
Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon Journal # 246

Date:  October 1978

Location. Bouxieres aux Dames France
Date: October 12 1978
Time: 2310
Three adolescents were traveling in a small motor scooter near the village when they noticed a white phosphorescent human like figure floating by the side of the road. It wore a transparent tunic like outfit; it then floated towards the witnesses without touching the ground. Before leaving the area at high speed, one of the witnesses shone a flashlight at the figure.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: October 12, 1978
Location: Famailla, Tucuman Argentina
Time: 2200
Summary: A man named Bustos and another one named Torres were outside in their yard operating a barbecue when they suddenly noticed standing only a few meters away two short figures that were standing in the shadows. One of the witnesses, thinking the figures were neighbors approached them to see them suddenly disappear and appear at another location nearby, the figures then disappear again and appear some distance away. The frightened witnesses ran inside the house, and looked out to see a red circular object rise up from a nearby field. Scorched brush was found at the site.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  October 1978

Location. Near Los Altares Argentina
Date: October 13 1978
Time: 2300
Two truck drivers encountered a bright star like light that descended at high speed over the area. Later a metallic object with bright white and red lights began pacing their trucks. At one point one of the drivers saw four white clad figures wearing square helmets and visor inside the truck, they seemed to be searching for something. The same or similar beings were also seen briefly standing on the roadway. One of the truckers suffered a severe headache during the encounter.
Source: Fabio Zerpa, Los Hombres De Negro Y Los Ovnis

Date: October 14 1978
Location: Denver Colorado
Time: 2220
Summary: Peggy Otis was traveling by car with her young daughter when she saw a massive dome shaped object descend overhead emitting sparks from underneath. The adult witness jumped out of the car and now was able to see a figure moving within the object. She received a telepathic message telling her not to be afraid and not to forget. The craft then flew out of sight emitting a humming sound. Later under hypnosis the witness was able to recall what the figure inside the dome looked like. The humanoid was described as having a white head, no ears, large slanted eyes and only four-foot tall. It appeared to be holding something resembling a steering wheel.
Source: Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among us

1978-10-15-spain-jaraba-fs1bDate: October 15 1978
Location: Jaraba Zaragoza Spain
Time: 0730A
Summary: The witness was alone in a wooded area attempting to photograph eagle nests when suddenly all sounds in the area ceased. The witness then began walking and heard a weak whistling sound; he then began to feel nauseated with a metallic taste in his mouth. His wristwatch felt hot to the touch. He turned around and saw in clearing a metallic dome shaped craft whose perimeter was surrounded by antennae like protrusions. Next to the object stood two very tall men wearing blue gray outfits and wide tight belts. Both had blond hair. One was leaning over a metallic tube apparently stuck on the ground. The other carried a box with a small sphere on top. The one holding the tube motioned to the witness to approach. The witness felt a heat wave as he approached the two men, frightened he stopped and yelled at them, and strangely he heard his voice in a weird distorted manner. The two men then walked over to the object and boarded it. The whistling sound now became stronger and the witness felt and electric shock on the back of his neck and strange vibrations on the ground. The craft lifted up and flew out of sight as the whistling sound increased. The witness managed to take a photograph of the objects as it departed. A hole was found on the ground at the scene.
Source: Ballester Olmos & Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia de Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis

Date:  October 1978

Location. Bouxieres-aux-Dames, France
Date: October 15 1978 Time: 2200
Two young people involved in the previous encounter at the “La Pelouse” woods returned to the scene on their moped and park at the edge of the woods. As they watched, suddenly two “vertical” white forms leave the woods passing under some high-tension wires. The identical apparitions appear not to touch the ground. Frightened but curious at the same time, the witnesses shine their headlights on the figures and attempt to catch up with the figures dodging large oak trees in the ahead of them, however the figures move away very quickly and disappear from sight.
Source: Raoul Robe Regional Catalogue, GPUN October 1978

Date:  October 1978
Location. Gironde, France
Date: Middle of October 1978
Time: after 2200
19-year old Marcel was at the wheel of his 2-CV when he is suddenly overcome by a strange feeling and is compelled to follow an isolated little used road. The vehicle was as if was driving itself. The Citroen does not appear to be touching the ground as it reaches a spot in a wooded area. Soon Marcel sees at the bottom of a ravine a huge sphere about 15 to 20 meters in diameter, hovering at about 10 meters from the ground, the car suddenly stops right under the sphere. The car door opens and Marcel is compelled to walk under the sphere, which resembles a translucent light bulb. Suddenly a translucent cylinder descends from the sphere totally covering the witness and forms a base at his feet. He is then transported inside the sphere. Once inside he is confronted by two beings, 1 human like about 1.70 m in height, wearing a molded metallic combination suit. This being had a larger than normal head, totally bald, but had an attractive beauty about him. The second figure is larger, about 1.90 m, with long fair hair and wearing a white tunic. In his forehead he wore a red bandana decorated with a triangle within a white circle. He saw two other larger muscular beings with brown hair, and sunken cheeks which could have passed for normal humans except for their strange “countenance”. A wall suddenly dematerializes in front of him and he enters a second room. There one of the beings (which one?) introduces himself as “Haurrio” and conveys a large amount of information about the “genesis” of the earth and upcoming inevitable cataclysms. Further contacts are reported.
Source: Jimmy Guieu, Our Masters the Extraterrestrial ones

Date:  October 1978
Location. Fuzeta Algarve Portugal
Date: October 15 1978
Time: 2200
An elderly farm couple was sitting in their country home, when an intense red light shone through their windows. They both went out and saw a hovering metallic gray round object with a door like opening on the front section. The red light came out from this opening. The object hovered making a constant up and down motion and was totally silent. The wife walked towards the object and inside she was able to see two brown seats and in front of those sat two apparently very tall human like figures, heavy set and wearing gray colored outfits. Their head were totally covered with a helmet and a round black eye visor. When the woman got to within 2 meters of the object it rose up and flew away in a straight line barely avoiding two pecan bushes, it then disappeared at high speed towards the Atlantic Ocean.
Source: Ballester Olmos and Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia de Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis

Date:  October  1978

Location. Bouxieres-aux-Dames, France
Date: October 17 1978
Time: 2300
Three young people involved in previous encounters this time accompanied by two girls drive to the woods in order to see the mysterious figures again. One of the boys is armed with a flashlight and drives along the edge of the wood. Suddenly from behind a nearby large tree, a phosphorescent form appears in front of them. The boy directs his flashlight towards the figure and the driver tries to direct the headlights towards it also. The silhouette then flees into the thick woods at high speed and vanishes from sight.
Source: Raoul Robe Regional Catalogue, GPUN October 1978

Date:  October 19 1978
Location:  Tucuman, Argentina
Time:  2015
Summary:  Mr. Humberto Gonzalez, 28, had just arrived at his home and had gone to the backyard patio area in order to chop down some shrubbery. As he was cutting some of the dried up shrubs he suddenly heard a very loud noise. He described the sound as resembling the sound of bees buzzing but at a very loud scale. Turning around he was confronted by a strange entity at least 3 meters in height. The figure had a perfect human shape, but in huge proportions. It wore a tight fitting black outfit, resembling that of a diver’s suit. It stood slightly hunched forward; its hands appeared to be covered with gloves. Its face was described as “ugly” with unpleasant features. The eyes were about 8 to 10 cm apart, and round and seemed to emit a radiant light orange-yellow in color. Terrified the witness attempted to leave, but felt unable to move. He then noticed that the being’s ears were large and pointed. The bizarre figure seemed to float just above the ground. The terrified witness then was finally able to move and ran panic stricken towards the front of the house where he was assisted by the other residents and given some medication to calm his nerves. He suffered from eye problems for years to come after the incident.
Source:  Luis Emilio Dumeyneux, ONIFE

Date: October 21, 1978: The Valentich Mystery

Date:  October 23 1978
Location:  Kansu Province, China
Summary:  At an open-air motion picture film showing, several Chinese Air Force pilots sighted a large, bright rectangular object at an estimated 21,000-foot altitude. They watched it for two to three minutes. They said it carried intensely bright lights. 
Source:  FSR, March 1983, p. 24

Date:  October 25 1978
Location:  Tagliocozzo Italy
Time:  0500A
Summary:  A 51-year old farmer was searching for a stray cow in a hilly area near his home when he came to an open field and spotted a large light brown object shaped like a shoe shine box on the ground. Lighted windows surrounded the craft. He approached to within 3 feet of the object and was able to see six to seven beings inside. These were described as small human like, both male and female. The women were blonde and had beautiful pink skin and smiled at him. The men were uglier, dark skinned and appeared elderly, and they ignored him. All wore green outfits and conical hats. The witness became frightened and left the area.
Source:  Roberto Pinotti, IUR Vol. 4 # 3

Date: October 30 1978
Location: Carmo Da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time: 2130
Summary: Sebastiana Francelina de Jesus an older brother and a younger cousin were traveling by Jeep on their way to a local farm when suddenly an unknown force seemed to halt the vehicle in its tracks pulling it backwards and into the mud on the side of the road. All this while a torrential rain was falling. The Jeep was hopelessly stuck in the mud on the side of the road. As the three witnesses attempted to dislodge it a very large object emitting an intense rotating light suddenly appeared. The object flew over them at very low altitude and then descended to hover a few meters away from the witnesses. The light from the object was so bright that it temporarily blinded the three young people. The older witness almost fainted of fright. Two bright rotating beams of light constantly illuminated the area around the witnesses and the interior of the Jeep. They could also hear a steady droning noise coming from the object. After awhile the witnesses began hearing what seemed to be human voices coming from the object, the voices spoke in an unknown language. The terrified witnesses began yelling for help as they began to feel a bizarre effect apparently as a result to the proximity of the object. All three felt as if they were “floating” apparently related to the loss of gravity. They also described it as feeling like “they were growing in size.” Finally the object began to move away throwing up into the air numerous rocks and debris, as it disappeared from view, a small spherical orange-yellow light seemed to follow the craft as it left the area at high speed. The witnesses then returned to normal.
Source: Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues

Date: October 31 1978
Location: Loose Valley, near Maidstone, Kent, England
Time: midnight
Summary: A group of about 10 youngsters were sitting around chatting in a field. After about 45 minutes Will leapt to his feet slapping his head saying that there was a bee in his hair; he looked absolutely terrified. A girl named Dorothy and another witness then saw a tall, thin figure wearing a hat “dancing” behind him. Will said later that it was as if a terrifically loud buzzing was coming up through the top of his head. However only Rachel heard any buzzing. Partially satisfied that they had stumbled near a bee’s nest they moved a short distance away. As they moved, Dorothy and the same witness saw a ring outlined in the grass, which enclosed where they had been sitting. Eventually it started raining sow the group headed for Rachel’s house. As they left one of the men turned around and saw the same thin black figure walk across the opening between the trees to where they had been sitting. Later while sitting in Rachel’s bedroom one of the men looked at Will, who was reading and saw an amorphous black blob drop out of his hair onto the bed. He was the only one who saw this. A few seconds later a black shape started whizzing around the room. The main movement was from bottom left to top right and getting larger during the movement and inducing a great fright among those present. About four people altogether saw this. Later the girls slept in a room together. Apparently Rachel and Dorothy saw the black blob in the curtains during the night. One of the men upon awakening saw the thin black figure silhouetted against the wardrobe doors.
Source: Fortean Times Magazine On-line

Date:  October  1978

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