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1979: February UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

Date: February 1979
Location: Xucurus Argentina
Time: unknown
Summary: Local villagers claimed to have seen on several occasions, nine-foot tall humanoids, green in color with antennae like protrusions and square legs come out of a local cave. That was recently discovered and its said to have many inter-connecting tunnels and glyph like inscriptions.
Source: Saga UFO Annual 1980

Date: February  1979
Location:  Ayia Galini Crete Greece
Time:  0300A
Summary:  Joseph Ostrom and his wife were sleeping in a third floor hotel room when a loud electrical humming sound, and the barking of dogs in the street below suddenly awakened him. He opened his eyes and found the room filled with a reddish orange light. He woke up his wife and jumped out of bed running towards the balcony, he looked out and could not see anything, he then went back to bed and later recalled that the room door opened and a very tall man entered. The tall figure invited the witness to come with him; he was then led to the roof and saw a small gray colored disc hovering overhead. A turquoise beam of light hit the witness who became paralyzed and was then floated up into the craft. He was then taken to a larger “mother-ship” type object then into a dimly lit room with a very high ceiling. He then saw a thin gray skinned figure, with a long thin face sitting at a nearby table. They communicated with him, and then took him to a huge floating city like structure. There he saw numerous human like beings wearing one-piece suits of different colors and boots. He is later taken on an extensive tour then returned.
Source:  Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among us

Date: February 1979
Location: Ipaucu, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: The witness encountered several 1.30-meter tall humanoids that wore bright silvery capes and floated slowly above the ground.
Source: Antonio Faleiroary

UFO_411Date: February  1979
Location:  Santa Monica California

Date: February  1979
Location:  Lawitta, Tasmania
Time:  2150
Summary:  While driving alone a man noted his car radio died. Pressing the station button had no effect and the radio remained dead. Seconds later an intense white light enveloped the car and he could not see beyond the bonnet. The car’s lights and motor failed in the same instant. Beyond this events are vague and the next thing he knew he was being stopped by police for driving his car without lights.He was taken to hospital and examined where he was found to be in a state of shock. His vehicle, a Ford Cortina 71TC, was inspected and found to have a flat battery and the oil level was low. The cut-off switch on the alternator needed replacing, as did wiring, especially the headlights. Radiator water was also low. The reporter did not want further investigations conducted.
Source:  TUFOIC

Date: February 2 1979
Location:  Leusderheide, 3 miles from Soesterberg AFB in the Netherlands
Time:  Afternoon. 
Summary:  Josie Zwinenberg was riding her horse along an area known as the Leusderheide. As she approached the highest point of this area, she brought her horse to a stop and looked out at a stand of trees about a half-mile away. There, she saw an object silently hovering above the trees. She estimated the object was about 100 to 165 feet in length. It was not an aircraft of any type she had ever seen. Living near Soesterberg, she had seen many dif­ferent aircraft fly in and out of the base, but nothing like this object hovering above the trees. This object had many bright white lights interspaced with blue lights. The lights were so bright that she could not make out the exact shape of the craft. This object made no noise and seemed to be perfectly still. She was awestruck by the color of the blue lights, saying it was the brightest blue she had ever noticed, but it did not hurt her eyes to look directly at them. She watched the object for a full 15 minutes and noticed that it did not seem to be affected by gravity at all; it was perfectly motionless the en­tire time. As she approached the object on horseback, she kept it in view until she reached the trees. At that point, she stopped under the trees to try to look underneath the object. Then, she heard some rustling sounds coming from the brush in the forest. Her horse also reacted to the sounds. When she looked up, the object was gone. 
Source:  Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon, 143, Robert Salas

Date: February 3 1979
Location:  Camp New Amsterdam, Netherlands
Time:  Night?
Summary:   An object with three very bright white lights and one red light flew at an altitude of 150 to 200 meters (about 500 to 650 feet) and an average speed of 50 to 100 kilometers per hour (about 30 to 60 miles per hour) over the flight line of the Soesterberg base. At times it was seen to emit a beam of light to the ground. The object did not make a sound and was seen by many airmen at the base. The object twice flew along the flight line before departing at a high rate of speed. This was the summary of an investigative report by three members of the working group NOBOVO, including Dr. W. deGraaff, who worked at the (Harmons) Astronomical Institute. 
Source:  Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon, 144, Robert Salas

Date: February 5 1979
Location:  Lawitta, Tasmania
Summary:  Brilliant illumination of car, E-M effects; driver shocked and dazed, memory loss 
Source:  section XII

Date: February 7, 1979?
Location: State of Pernambuco, in Brazil, at some 2,600 kilometers in the North of Rio de Janeiro
Summary: that on February 7, 1979, in the State de Pernambuco, in Brazil, at 2600 kilometers in the North of Rio de Janeiro, a farmer, Géraldo Cordeiro Nunes, saw strange robots equipped with “antennas, square arms and legs, of greenish color” and measuring 3 meters, come out of a cave

UFO_81Date: February 7 1979
Location:  Zurich Switzerland

Date: February 7 1979
Location:  Olgiate Comasco, Italy
Time:  2230
Summary:  Two witnesses were traveling on a road when suddenly from the side of the road a huge 2 meter tall dark figure emerged from the road and stood in the middle of the road about 5 meters away from the object. The bizarre humanoid appeared to have phosphorescent facial figures and two huge eyes. No other details were visible. The witnesses noticed a complete silence in the area during the encounter. The figure did not appear to be touching the ground as it stood in front of the car. The witnesses slowed down and the figure suddenly vanished in plain sight.
Source:  Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: February 8 1979
Location:   near Wiltshire, England
Time:  6:00 PM.
Summary:  An oval-shaped flying object approached a car driving between Broad Hinton and Clyffe Pypard in Wiltshire, England. It came to within 150 to 300 feet at its closest approach. It had a cluster of very bright strobe-like lights that lit up ground. The UFO made a V-turn, then stopped over a water tower before departing. It made no noise. 
Source:  UFO News clipping Service, April 1979, p. 12, citing the Wiltshire Gazette, February 15, 1979

Date: February 9 1979
Location:  Liverpool Creek, Qld
Time:  2100
Summary:  A banana farmer was returning home when he became aware of a dull white light sitting on the bitumen on the left hand side of the road. Nearing the light he saw what looked like a dark beehive shape behind it. The light then rose vertically and when it was an estimated ten metres away and one metre off the ground, there was a blinding flash. Upon regaining his sight he realized that the car’s headlights, dash lights and engine had all ceased to function. The reporter put the car into neutral (it was an automatic) and coasted to a stop.He was just lighting a cigarette when the headlights and dash lights came back on by themselves. He tried the engine which started the first time and he drove home. Once home he inspected the vehicle. Battery leads were on tight, terminals were free of corrosion. No lasting side effects were noticed. A magnetic signature check revealed nothing abnormal.
Source:  UFORFNQ

Date: February 9 1979
Location:  near Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea
Time:  3:00 AM.
Summary:   Over 50 UFOs surrounded the butane freighter “Tamames” in the Mediterranean Sea as it approached the Escombreras refinery in the Balearic Islands. The ship’s log reports that clouds appeared at 3:00 a.m., and the ship’s radar showed the presence of many huge aerial objects. The presence of yellow lights in the clouds continued for six hours. The radar of a second ship also reported the presence of the UFOs, but not ground radar.
Source:  Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, March 1979, p. 15, citing Pueblo, February 9, 1979

Date: February  1979

Location. Cañaveral De Leon, Huelva Spain
Date: February 12 1979
Time: 1900
Several witnesses at the city outskirts near the main road, observed a flat cucumber-shaped craft descend towards an embankment, it emitted a strong red light then hovered very close to the ground making up and down movements and at times touching the ground, with one of its three leg like protrusions. A crowd gathered and some walked towards the object getting close enough to see lighted windows and moving figures inside. The object also emitted a wave of extreme heat. After about two hours the object departed at very high speed.

Source: Ballester Olmos, and Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis

Date: February 12 1979
Location: Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania
Time: night
Summary: A man named Larry Johnson reported hitting a humanoid creature with his car. Johnson said that he had loaded the creature into his car, when he checked it three hours later it had died. The humanoid was about 3-foot tall, without a nose, and with a single ear, the other apparently having been cut off in the accident. It was covered with fuzz and the hands had only three fingers with webbing between them. Johnson apparently disappeared and was never heard from again, and the whereabouts of the creature is unknown.
Source: Leonard Stringfield, Larry Moyers

Date: February 13, 1979: Bridge to Mendonca Lima, Peru

Date: February 15 1979
Location:  Fano, Italy
Time:  10:00 PM. 
Summary:  A 15 meter in diameter luminous domed disc was seen over the Metauro River in Fano, Italy during a rainstorm. It shot out “black rays” or beams. 
Source:   Maurizio Verga, ITACAT: Italian UFO Catalogue

Date: February 17 1979
Location: Near Zhigansk, Russia
Time: unknown
Summary: Near this village a disc shaped object with a mirror-like surface crashed into the banks of the Lena River. Alien bodies were allegedly recovered which were later autopsied at the Moscow State University.
Source: Chronology of UFO Crashes in the Former Soviet Union

Date: February 18 1979
Location:  Lardit, Aveyron district, France
Time:  2:30 AM. 
Summary:  An incident involving missing time and vehicle electrical system interference occurred. Dark objects flew over a reservoir, followed by a 1.5 meter in diameter metallic disc. The witness experienced semi-paralysis and the car’s electrical system failed. 
Source:  Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 13644, citing Lumieres dans la Nuit, March 1979

Date: February 21 1979: Filiberto Cardenas Abduction SECOND ENCOUNTER

Date: February 21 1979
Location:  Oakenholt Clwyd Wales
Time:  1815
Summary:  The witness had been out walking her dog when the animal suddenly laid down on the ground whimpering for no apparent reason. Glancing ahead of her, she saw a bright orange hovering spinning sphere. She then looked to her side and saw nearby, standing in the shadows among some bushes two silvery-garbed humanoid figures that appeared to be smiling. The dog then briefly distracted the witness and when she looked up again the figures were gone. The bright orange sphere then vanished; the dog then ran home barking.
Source:  Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall FSR Vol. 25 # 4

Date: February 22 1979
Location:  near Leeds, England
Time:  4:00 PM.
Summary:   In Meanwood, near Leeds an eight-foot long ovoid object landed for three minutes. It left behind landing traces. 
Source:   Timmothy Good, Above Top Secret, p. 72

Date: February  1979

Location. Crayke North Yorkshire England
Date: February 24 1979
Time: 0800A
Phil Shepherdson was riding his motorbike along some twisting country lanes when he saw, hovering in the corner of a field, a black triangular shaped craft. He saw a figure in the cockpit of the craft and two other figures by the side. These turned to stare at him, and he believes some sort of mental contact was made. The figure inside the “cockpit” wore a black helmet and coverall. The 2 figures by the craft were tall and slim, and wore also dark coveralls and helmets, at first they appeared to be crouching but stood up as the witness approached, then stared at him intently. As Shepherdson stood transfixed, the craft suddenly took off at high speed, he does not remember seeing the figures entering the object. The craft was dark metallic, and had two fins on its back.

Source: Simon Ritchie, “Y Files”

Date: February 26 1979
Location: Serodino Argentina
Time: 2030
Summary: 49-year old Ernesto Camusoni was clearing some overgrown fields at the entrance to the farm when suddenly everything became illuminated behind him, turning the night into day. Turning around he saw an approaching object that landed 40 meters away from his location. He tried to make out what the object looked light but the light emanating from it was to strong. As he approached the object he saw a strange figure emerge from the rear of the craft. The figure appeared to be robot-like in nature, lacking any arms; it did not move its body when it walked. Its head appeared to be of normal size, but it had what appeared to be a trunk-like object coming from the facial area. It wore a very shiny outfit. The strange being walked towards the witness and approached to within 3 meters and stood silently, seemingly observing the witness. The witness felt no fear, but did feel curiosity towards the strange entity. Apparently the entity did not want to communicate since it suddenly wheeled around, returning to the object and then disappearing behind it. The craft then rose up and disappeared at high speed towards the south. The whole encounter lasted 5 minutes. Ground traces were found the next day.
Source: Oscar Alemanno, ONIFE

Date: February  1979



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