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Date: November 1980
Location: Near Salina Kansas
Time: 0213A
Summary: On a cold clear night Donna Butts, her mother in law and two children were en route to Kansas City and had been following a semi tractor-trailer for miles. As they approached a hill and curve they noticed a bright light beyond the hill and the whole area lit up. The truck and the witness vehicle suddenly slowed down as they both saw a huge brightly lit object hovering above them. Both the trucker and Butts panicked and accelerated their vehicles; the object was huge and consisted of three triangular sections. It had green and glowing peach colored lights, at the bottom it had a huge white light and was emitting a loud vibrant hum. As the witness was about to pass the truck the object shot down a beam of light that hit the highway directly behind her car, the beam followed the car and hit the truck, it then suddenly disappeared, and so did the truck. At the same time several small aircraft and helicopters appeared to circle the object and the area. The small aircraft seemed cubical in shape and appeared to be playing tag with the helicopters. She also noticed army trucks in the area. Later under hypnosis they learned that they had been taken onboard the object where the main witness had a conversation with certain entities. No other information.
Source: Bill Caulfield, Intl. UFO Library Magazine Vol. # 3

Date: November 1980
Location: Near Nava De Abajo, Albacete Spain
Time: 0400A
Summary: Hours after independent witnesses sighted circular luminous objects maneuvering over the area, two witnesses were driving back to town when they saw what appeared to be a human figure standing in the middle of the roadway. As the witnesses drove closer to the figure they had to swerve the car in order to avoid hitting it. The figure was described as very tall and wearing beige colored coverall that covered its whole body including the head. The head appeared shapeless and the figure moved back in stiff movements almost mechanical. The driver of the car accelerated the vehicle and left the area at high speed.
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 27 # 2

Date: November 1980
Location: Wicomico River, Maryland
Time: night
Summary: An area around Maryland’s eastern shore is reputed to be the home of a bizarre entity dubbed the “Cat Man”. Four people parked near a landfill looked out to see two yellow eyes looking in the car window. Frightened they quickly left the area but soon decided to return. They returned in two cars this time and parked them at angles so they could direct the headlights and be able to see more area. Soon they saw something crouched down and moving towards them. The creature came over to them on all fours. He was all black and hairy, and had claws or hook like fingernails on each hand. He came over to one car and hooked his claws on the car and looked inside the window. His yellow eyes glowed in the dark as he peered inside. Again terrified, the witnesses started the car causing the creature to fall away from the car letting out a high-pitched scream and run away. Scratch marks were reportedly found on the car.
Source: Phillip L Rife, America’s Nightmare Monsters

Date: November 1980
Location: Kinderhook, New York
Time: night
Summary: Two men, Barry & Russell were walking on a road toward Cushing’s Hill to meet their girlfriend’s who lived nearby. They heard noises—something large and moving—from both sides of the wooded road and momentarily, five figures converged in the middle of the remote road. They were all very tall, and there were no necks apparent beneath their cone-shaped heads. Both men ran away. Around the same time Barry’s girlfriend was coming to meet them from the other direction when she saw an enormous bipedal hairy thing reaching into the garbage can near her house, taking out food and devouring it. She had a small dog with her, who acted terrified during the encounter.
Source: Paul & Bob Bartholomew, William Brann & Bruce Hallenbeck, Monsters of the Northwoods

Date: November 1980
Location: Malpas Newport Wales
Time: Night
Summary:Walking home about 8pm noticed orange glow in cloud then a gap in clouds appeared a orange ball went past above cloud level height wise hard to say size i would say 20metre diameter bright orange sphere with lines spinning round it. I can still see it now in my mind 36years later
Source: AFU Newsletter # 22 

Date: November 1 1980
Location: Hovsta Sweden
Time: 1730
Summary: Two witnesses in a car saw an oval shaped metallic craft descend over the road 12 meters away. Two figures were seen moving back and forth inside the object through a large opening. The car stalled and shook violently as the object departed.
Source: AFU Newsletter # 22

Date:  November 1 1980
Location:  Monroe City, IN
Time:  9:00 PM. 
Summary:   Sheriff deputy involved in CE-III. Organization never provided any documentation or report. 
Source:  UPRO

Date: November 1 1980
Location: Lucky Point Indiana
Time: 2100
Summary: A deputy sheriff on routine patrol had stopped to rest and was standing next to his police vehicle when he noticed a large black triangular shaped craft hovering at an angle about 200 feet away. The craft had large windows on its side and five humanoid figures could be seen standing inside from the waist up. The beings were gray colored with large heads, slim necks and slim bodies. No other features could be seen. As the witness stood watching in amazement he apparently received a telepathic message, “Why do you hate the Iranians?” it asked. He thought to himself that he did not hate anybody. At that moment one of the figures turned and faced the others, as this happened the object suddenly shot up and disappeared at high speed.
Source: Francis L Ridge, Regional Encounters The FC Files

Date: November 5 1980
Location: US route 68, Kentucky
Time: 0400A
Summary: Noble Clay, an Alabama truck driver was hauling steel west when he saw a figure on the opposite side of the highway. He slowed his vehicle and turned on his high beams thinking that it was a hitchhiker. When he approached the figure, he was shocked to see a 6-7 foot tall white haired “ape-like” creature. He quickly drove away.
Source: Ron Schaffner

Date: November 8 1980
Location: Northwest of Pugachev, Russia
Time: night
Summary: Authorities found sitting on the ground, an elongated elliptical object about 4.8m in length, with a width of about 2 m and a height of about 1.5m with two protrusions on its sides. The craft was transported by helicopter to the Syrzan Airfield; and then by military transport craft to an airdrome in Chkalovsk. It is reportedly now hidden in the Moscow region. No occupants were found.
Source: Anton “Cade” Belousov Soviet X Files list V I Kratokhvilya Kiev

Date: November 10 1980
Location: Santiago, Tianguistenco, Mexico
Time: 1100A
Summary: Several sheepherders in a field watched a luminous object shaped like a “lampshade” fly low over the area and then descend to the ground. Several figures reportedly emerged from the object. These figures were said to be totally human in appearance. They briefly walked around the area then went back inside the object. The craft then departed in total silence.
Source: Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date:  November 14 1980
Location:  Heidelberg, Germany
Time:  6:30 PM. 
Summary:  Two students saw a flat cylindrical UFO hovering over an athletic field in Heidelberg. The object had powerful headlights with a pinkish glow, and smaller red and yellow lights. It approached the witnesses and stayed over them for 10 minutes. 
Source:  Illobrand von Ludiger, Best UFO Cases–Europe, p. 42

Date: November 18 1980
Location: Cambridge, Ontario Canada
Time: 1930
Summary: The main witness and her son were traveling on Pinebush Road when she spotted some bright lights approaching from the east. The witness pulled over and stopped the car thinking that it was an airplane in distress. The lights now approached and stopped nearby, the witness could now see a dark metallic dome shaped craft behind the light. Now more lights turned on, on top of the hovering craft. The witness now felt hypnotized by the lights, she then had a floating sensation and felt drawn towards the craft. Here next recollection was of seeing the craft shoot straight up and disappear. Later under hypnosis she recalled being taken into a small craft that was cold inside, then into a larger object. She was then surrounded by numerous short ugly beings with large bright eyes that were somewhat insect like. She was then taken through a long tunnel with rough edges. She then entered a room with bright lights, there her clothes were removed, and she was medically examined. The beings communicated by using telepathy and told the witness she had been “rejected.” Another being with three eyes was apparently in charge and commanded the others. She was finally released. The witness suffered many painful after effects similar to some type of radiation damage. Her son was apparently not abducted.
Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research Group, Ontario Canada

Date:  November 18 1980
Location:  Kirksville, MO
Time:  Evening. 
Summary:  Hundreds of people in north-central Missouri, including a dozen police officers, saw a large, triangular object over a period of more than four hours. It moved slowly back and forth over an area of nearly one hundred miles, passing over many small communities and the cities of Kirksville and Trenton, which are about sixty miles apart. At one time, the object was tracked on radar moving erratically at a speed of about forty-five miles an hour. The technician who saw this on the radar scope at a remote FAA facility north of Kirksville stepped outside and could see the lights of the object about six miles away. 
Source:  NCS,191

Date: November 18/19 1980
Location: Near Longmont Colorado
Time: 2345
Summary: A couple was returning home one night when an intense blue beam of light shone on their vehicle. They heard a swishing sound and the car lights dimmed at the same time they felt the car being lifted off the road. The next conscious memory was one hour later. The woman found odd marks on her lower abdomen. Later under hypnosis the husband described the car being lifted into a hovering domed object apparently suspended above a heavy mist. A strong odor pervaded the area. Inside a five-foot gray skin being wearing a shiny gold colored outfit led them into a brightly lighted area where they were examined nude on a table. The beings were described as having elongated baldheads with narrow chins and four elongated fingers. They communicated with the witness by using telepathy.
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests | Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XIII

Date: November 21 1980
Location: Burneside Cumbria England
Time: night
Summary: Mario Luisi, a mill worker, had gone out in a field by a river when he came upon a hovering dark colored submarine shaped craft. He heard some “squelching” noises and turned around to confront two figures walking towards him. One figure was a male and the other a female, both fair skinned and with beautiful features. Both wore dark one-piece suits. The female carried a pencil-shaped object. The witness then shone his flashlight at the beings and instantly the female pointed the object at him and a bright beam of light emerged and struck the witness flashlight causing the front to shatter. There was a brief verbal exchange between the witness and the beings, which then walked back into the object, which took off at high speed.
Source: Jenny Randles, UFO Reality

Date: November 28 1980: Police constable Alan Godfrey’s abduction

Date:  November 29 1980
Location:   Littleborough, near Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England
Time:  5:10-5:50 AM.
Summary: Two on duty uniformed traffic officers were parked up in a pub car park when they observed a very bright UFO low on the horizon. The object was last seen heading in the direction of Todmorden. This case links to the Alan Godfrey case. The officers contacted Alan Godfrey approximately one year after his sighting. They would not come forward publicly fearing ridicule. 
Source:  PRUFOS. THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE

Date: late November 1980
Location: Braganca Para, Brazil
Time: dawn
Summary: A man walking along a beachfront area watched a luminous object descend at high speed. It was a luminous disc shaped object that then landed nearby on the sand. Two beings resembling normal men emerged from the disc. They approached the witness and asked him numerous questions in his native tongue. Before leaving the men told him that they would return soon.
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, Ufolore

Date: late November 1980
Location: Near Todmorden England
Time: 0100A
Summary: The witness who was living in a rural farm area suddenly awoke from a deep sleep. She saw an orange light shining through her window. She then attempted to wake her husband but he did not respond. Looking outside she noticed that the light originated from a hovering oval or football shaped object at a nearby field, it had a white aura around it. She then suddenly found herself outside of the farmhouse sitting on the grass, looking at the object and three figures standing next to it. The figures were described as five-feet tall and wearing black colored diving suits. They stood in the shadows near a farm building. She then found herself back in her bed attempting to wake her husband. The next day several of the chickens in the coop were found dead by the witness son.
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 141

Date:  November 1980

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