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‘1950 Sightings’

1950: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  January 1950 Location:  Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina Time: Night Summary:  Nautical UFO. Long distance walker on shore north of San Sebastian Bay, saw very brilliant object emerge from sea, fly toward Rio Gallegos. Dead fish at site, 100m radius. An object was observed. Metallic traces found. One luminous object was observed by one male 23-year-old witness on the shore (Suarez, R) Source: Farish, Lucius UFO Newsclipping Service UFO Newspaper Clipping Service, Plumerville Date:  January 1, 1950 Location:  Mojave Desert California Time: unknown Summary:  It was reported that a flying disc shaped object had been found intact at this site, with eighteen 3-foot tall, human like occupants, all dead, but not burned. An alleged photograph of an alien body being kept in cold storage at Wright Patterson shows what… Read More

1950: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February 1950 Location:  Dunnville, Ontario, Canada Time:  02:00 Summary:  One object was observed by one witness briefly (Lee). Source: NICAP  Date:  February 1950 Location:  Massachusetts Time: Daytime Summary:  USN F6F-5 Hellcat incident. Three large disc-shaped objects seen by fighter pilot at 10,000 feet altitude. Pilot attempted to contact tower, but tower would not answer due to accident at airfield. Source: Aldrich, Jan  Date:  February 1, 1950 Location:  Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona Time: 17:00 Summary:  Fiery object with heavy trail of smoke approached airfield, ATCs thought at first was aircraft on fire. Slows, flies off. B-29 chased. One fiery fireball, about 600 feet across, was observed by more than two male military witness, two of them experienced observers, at an airfield for two minutes (Jones). Source: Keyhoe, Donald E. Flying Saucers Are Real Fawcett 107, New York,… Read More

1950: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March  1950 Location: St Raphael, France Time: . Summary: Objects were observed and photographed. Five objects were observed. Source: .Vallee, Jacques Date: March  1950 Location: .Algorta, Spain Time: . Summary: .One disc was observed on a river for over one minute. Source: .Stendek (CEONI) Date: March  1950 Location: .Ethiopia Time: . Summary: .Flying discs were observed. Several discs, the size of the moon, were observed. Source: .Wilkins, Harold T. Flying Saucers on the Attack Ace Star A-11, New York, 1967 Date: March  1950  Location: .Mina Hassan Tani, Morocco Time: . Summary: .A flying disc was observed. One disc was observed. Source: .Schoenherr, Luis Date: March  1950 Location: .Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico Time: . Summary: .An object was observed.… Read More

1950: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1950 Location: Canby Oregon Time: daytime Summary: Mrs Ellen Jonerson was working on her lawn when she saw on a neighbor’s lot a very tiny person, not more than 12” tall, standing with his back turned toward her. He turned to face her and she saw that it was a man with a heavily tanned face, clad in coveralls & a plaid shirt. He wore a skullcap on the back of his head; his hair was the same color as his face. He had wide shoulders and was quite stocky. Mrs Jonerson went back to her house & called to a friend inside; when she returned, the being was “waddling” away. He walked under a 1937 Dodge without stooping, and that… Read More

1950: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May  1950 Location:  Florence, Toscana, Italy Time:   Summary:   Two discs were observed by one male witness (Donnini). Source:  Newspaper  Date:  May  1950 Location:  Flagstaff, Lowell Observatory, Arizona Time:   Summary:  An object was observed using optical instruments. One disc was observed by one experienced male witness (Hess). Source:  Flying Saucers, Flying Saucers Magazine (Palmer) Date:  May  1950 Location:  Albany, New York Time:   Summary:  A daylight disc was observed by a female witness. Source:  Eberhart, George M. A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies Greenwood Press, Westport, 1980 ISBN:0-313-21337-2 Date:  May  1950 Location:  Navasota, Texas Time:   Summary:  More than three objects were observed by several witnesses for over one minute (Miguez). Source:   Date: May 1950 Location: Vaux en Dieulet, near Buzancy,… Read More

1950: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1950 Location: Vasan, Quebec, Canada Time: 0200A Summary: L. B. was returning to his home after spending the night playing checkers with its neighbors. The weather was nice and it was a clear night. He was using an isolated road when he noticed by a nearby farm a bright light. At the same time he heard noises that sounded metallic in nature. After a moment of hesitation he approach the area, he soon heard what appeared to be shouts and thought he had run into some type of clandestine still operation. He then heard more voices and saw the object that was emitting the light. It was a luminous disc about 6 meters in diameter, suspended about a meter and a… Read More

1950: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  July  1950 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date: July 1950 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Time: Summary: CAA flight engineer observed a “wingless, fuselage-shaped” UFO. Source: V Date: July 2 1950 Location: Steep Rock Lake Ontario Canada Time: evening Summary: After feeling a blast like vibration, Mr. & Mrs Gordon Edwards looked at the lake and saw a large shiny object on the water, less than ¼ mile away. It looked like “one saucer upside down on another,” with round portholes around the edge. A hatch on top was open; about 10 “queer little figures” less than 4 ft tall were visible. A hoop shaped antenna was slowly rotating. The topmost figure wore a red skullcap; the others dark blue; all had “a shiny metallic… Read More

1950: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August  1950 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date: August 1950 Location: Agia Mavra Village, Helis County, Greece Time: daytime Summary: Miltiades Boyopoulos was at a location called Gefyria when he saw a “woman dressed in black” walking towards him. He continued his way. When the distance between them was approximately 6 meters, the woman suddenly shrunk, until she was as tall as a 10-year old child. After that, she made a 90-degree turn to the left and entered the tall vegetation of a nearby crop. The witness was terrified. Source: Makis Nodaros Date: August 1950 Location: Aguilas, Murcia, Spain Time: night Summary: A man named Mendoza had just finished showing a film in an outdoor setting and was busy rewinding the movie and cleaning… Read More

1950: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: September 1950 Location: Near Columbus, Ohio Time: 0300A Summary: Guards at the Ohio State Prison, including Roy Beck, watched a huge luminous disc-shaped craft glide silently just above the walls of the compound. The center of the object appeared to rotate and it appeared to have antennas on the top section. At one point the object became somewhat translucent and the guards were able to see several man-like figures moving inside the object. The terrified guards attempted to fire on the object but were prevented to by a superior. Source: UFO Notebook # 12 Date: Sept. 1, 1950 Location: McKorryuk, Nunivak Island, Aleutians, Alaska (BBU) Time: 7:30-7:35 p.m.  Summary: Nunivak Island CAA Airways Observer Timothy J. Kenick, George Williams and others saw a strange deep red ball… Read More

1950: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1950 Location: Moose Factory, Quebec Canada Time: various Summary: Locals reported different incidents. Three Indians reported seeing a “water going object” which they identified as the top of a submarine in James Bay near the mouth of the Moose River. A strange red light hung almost stationary over the area. Other Indians observed two “airplanes” one large one small, which stood still in the sky. Three huge explosions shook every building over a period of two minutes. Later several Indians encountered “strange white men” which ran to hide in the forest when observed. The Royal Mounted Police was notified. Source: HBCC UFO Research Date: October 3, 1950 Location: Pomona, Calif. Time: Summary: Disc-shaped UFO reported by scientist. Source: [VI] Date: 1950: Above Van Nuys and San Fernando… Read More

1950: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Nov. 5, 1950 Location: Oak Ridge, Tenn. (BBU 829) Time: 11:55 a.m.  Summary: Fairchild Aircraft illustrator Don Patrick saw a translucent object, light grey with dark core, shaped like a pear or bean, flying with rapid, darting movements. 5-10 mins Source: Berliner Date: Nov. 7, 1950 Location: E of Lakehurst, New Jersey (BBU) Time: 7:15 p.m.  Summary: USN pilot Lt. jg Robert Haven flying AD-4Q at 3,500 ft heading W saw a steady white 10-12 inch light to his right at about 4,000 ft 5 miles away heading SE, made a slight climbing turn to the left to get on the tail of the object but it responded by making a head on pass about 100-200 ft over the AD-4Q in a slight dive at high speed.… Read More

1950: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December 1950 Location: Nr. Cheyenne, Wyo. Time: Summary: USAF officer saw aluminum-like oval UFO. Source: III Date: Dec. 2, 1950 Location: Nanyuki [Nanyuki?], Kenya, Africa (BBU 845) Time: 10:50 a.m.  Summary: Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott saw a pearly, iridescent object with a flattened top, spin while hovering, making a sound like bees buzzing. Only data in files was from East African Standard newspaper. Source: Berliner Date: Dec. 6, 1950 Location: Westover AFB, Massachusetts (BB) Time: 8:16 a.m. EST.  Summary: A civilian at Westover AFB, observed an object half moon in shape, with a silvery outline traveling south at a speed greater than known aircraft. The object appeared to be at an altitude from 10,000 to 20,000 feet. The object was first sighted at an estimated 60 degree angle above the… Read More

1950: Unknown Date UFO & Sighting Sightings

Date:  1950 Location:  Souza, Paraiba Brazil Time: unknown Summary:  Silvia Medeiros saw at her farm near the city a large disc shaped object land on a field. A hatch opened and three small creatures resembling Dwarfin (Dwarfs) emerged, for 15 minutes they walked and looked around seemingly looking for something. The small men finally collected some rocks and went back inside the craft, which promptly took off at high speed. Source: Centro Paraibano de Ufologia  Date:  1950 Location:  Monterrey Mexico Time: unknown Summary:  and produced a soft whistling sound. As the witness stood paralyzed unable to move he was able to see several human like figures looking down on him form the several portholes on the object. Meanwhile his friends had run away. No other information. Source: Scott Corrales, Samizdat Vol. 2 # 2… Read More