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‘1951 Sightings’

1951: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1951 Location: Gungal district, near Denman, NSW, Australia Time: night Summary: A passing prospector, Graem Stout, learnt from Aborigines that a “huge saucer” airship had descended upon six Aborigines camping beside a creek in the area. “The big ship” descended upon the group while they were sitting at their campfire having dinner and sucked them all up through a big hole underneath it, it then flew away with them. Apparently they were never seen again. Source: Rex Gilroy “Blue Mountain Triangle” in Date:  Jan. 8, 1951 Location:  S of Ft. Worth, Texas (BBU 864) Time: 10:45 p.m.  Summary: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Boggus, plus unidentified drivers and passengers in other cars stopped to watch 2 stationary groups of red and green… Read More

1951: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1951 Location: Unmatjera central Australia Time: Summary: A group of aborigines observed a shiny circular object land near a similar craft, about 12 meters in diameter. Several minutes later, a dwarf dressed in a shiny suit and having a “round shiny head” came out of one craft and entered the other; both took off with a buzzing sound. Source: Frank Edwards Date: Feb. 1 [2?], 1951 Location:  Johnson AFB, Japan (BBU 886) Time: 5:10 p.m. [?]  Summary: Pilot and radar operator of F-82 night fighter saw an amber light make 3-4 360° turns to the right, reverse towards the F-82 then climb out of sight.  Source: Berliner Date: February 4 1951 Location: Sussex England Time: evening Summary: A young girl playing… Read More

1951: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Spring of 1951: Korean War battlefield UFO encounter; physiological effects Date: Spring 1951 Location: East Port Macquarie New South Wales Australia Time: 2200 Summary: The main witness and two friends were walking up a steep incline on a hill when suddenly his two friends turned and ran down the hill. The witness then saw a sixfoot tall human shaped figure floating just above the ground just ahead of him. It was smoky gray in color and was wearing a robe. No facial features could be seen. The main witness eventually also fled the scene. Source: Mark Moravec, Psiufo Phenomena Date: Spring 1951 Location: Near Paarl Cape Town, South Africa Time: 2315 Summary: H. M. a British instrumentation engineer,… Read More

1951: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 7-15 1951 Location: Puebla, Mexico Time: night Summary: A mysterious character that called himself “John Copper” and claimed to be of British nationality arrived in Puebla in the summer of 1944. He claimed he was an 21 “optician” working on a research project and wanted complete privacy during his extended stay. He was apparently working on developing new methods in the development of photography. During his 7 years there he was rarely seen in town, he was seen at times at the local bank where he kept a deposit of 78,000$ (a very large sum at the time) and at times he was seen visiting the local University. One day he arrived at a local grocery and… Read More

1951: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 10 1951 Location: Manila Philippines Time: evening Summary: On a sultry May evening the Manila police patrols were expecting trouble. There was the smell of it in the air and it was a safe prediction as the storm warning made by the distant rumble of the approaching thunderstorm. A patrol car received a message of a crowd gathering outside of the waterfront bars. The car skidded to a stop as a terrified scream rang out. Forcing their way through the watching crowd, the officers saw a girl rolling about on the ground. She kept shouting, “Keep it away from me! Keep it away, Oh, please wont someone help me, I can’t stand the pain!” But no one… Read More

1951: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1951 Location: Siena, Italy Time: unknown Summary: Young Luciano Bichi was playing in an outside patio area behind some houses when a beautiful & Elegant female figure suddenly approached from a nearby path. The figure was encased in a bluish light or glow that seemed to emanate from the sky. The woman had a beautiful olive skinned facial features, with pink voluptuous lips and large oriental eyes. On its head she wore a large broad rimmed hat, adorned with what appeared to be matured stalks of wheat. It moved swiftly, apparently floating just above the ground. The figure briefly glanced at the witness with a dark penetrating stare. She did not speak. The witness suffered from a period of… Read More

1951: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1951 Location: Over Georgia Time: unknown Summary: A lozenge shaped object collided with a Piper Club piloted by Fred Reagan and it fell until a force pulled him upward, into the UFO. Inside it were beings like metallic stalks of asparagus, about 3 feet tall, who communicated somehow, but seemingly in English. They apologized for the accident, then gave him a medical examination and healed him of cancer, so they claimed. They deposited him unconscious on the ground beside the wreck of his plane, without a scratch or bruise on him. In May 1952 the witness died of brain deterioration attributed to radiation. Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 15 # 5: Date: July 1951 Location: Mountain Home… Read More

1951: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1951 Location: Mount Semenicului, Romania Time: night Summary: The young witness was at a pioneer camp in this isolated region and was staying at a solitary cabin surrounded by a few trees. The cabin was built exclusively from Elm and it had two levels, the front level contained a balcony where at nights they would gather to play games and sing songs. One night they were awakened by the cries of alarm of the professors, coaches and service personnel. They were yelling that they were being attacked by “bandits”. However after a thorough search nothing was located and the main witness was left to wonder who would want to attack a cabin full of young children in the… Read More

1951: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Fall 1951 Location: Dugny-sur-Meuse, France Time: night Summary: A group of workers were attempting to re-charge the battery of their stalled truck, when suddenly an orange light illuminated the area around them and they saw a luminous orange globe on the ground nearby. Suddenly from out of the globe a tall beautiful woman stepped out. The woman was Nordic in appearance with long blond flowing hair over her shoulders. She wore a blue robe with a belt and was smiling at the men. She was carrying what appeared to be an infant in her hands, which she caressed lovingly. Abruptly the figure vanished and the globe suddenly brightened up taking on the appearance of a “jellyfish”. The witness felt a strange sensation of cold… Read More

1951: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 2, 1951 Location: Columbus, Ohio (BBU 980) Time: 6 p.m.  Summary: Battelle Memorial Institute physicist Howard Cross saw a bright oval with a clipped tail fly straight and level, fading into the distance.  Source: Berliner Date: October  3, 1951 Location: Kadena AFB, Okinawa (BBU 984) Time: 10:27 (8:27?) p.m.  Summary: Radar operators Sgt. M. W. Watson, Pvt. Gonzales and another Sgt. saw a large, sausage-shaped blip [arc shape due to radar display?] tracked at about 4,800 mph. Source: Berliner; FUFOR Index Date: October  7, 1951 Location: Nr. coast, Honshu, Japan (BBU) Time: 7:37 p.m. local time Summary: ;At Site 6, 621st AC&W Squadron at Nigata Air Base, Japan, established radar contact with an unidentified object at 37 degrees 37′ N – 137 degrees 15′ E. The heading of… Read More

1951: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  November 1951 Location: Garston Liverpool England Time: night Summary: Two witnesses (a third person with them was unable to see anything), were driving on a ship breaking yard when they spotted a strange creature on the car headlights, it was a humanoid about six-foot six and wearing tight fitting plum colored pants, his hair stuck up from his head in a great brush four to five inches high. It walked with an ape like gait and was quickly lost from sight. Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain Date: 1951 or 1952: Terest-Houthulst, Belgium Sighting  Date: Nov. 1, 1951  Location: Time: Summary: AFM 50-12, Ground Observer’s Guide Source: Date: November 2 1951 Location: Mojave, California Time: Summary: Discoid UFO estimated to be approximately 30 feet in diameter and 10… Read More

1951: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: winter 1951 Location: Near Safonovo, Arkhangelsk region, northern Russia (USSR) Time: evening Summary: A local resident, 50-year old Semyen Stepanovich Okulov had gone out, armed with a rifle, in a hunt for martens in the dense taiga. He had taken bread and other necessary supplies for at least a week. Walking along the River Pesha for many kilometers he had succeeded in catching only one marten. The days in winter are short and soon the northern environs became dark, so he stopped to spend the night under a large spruce tree. He cut firewood and constructed a fire and prepared a “bed” made of conifer branches. Suddenly Okulov heard a strange buzzing sound in the taiga, the sound was extremely strange. The… Read More

1951: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1951 Location: Near Eureka California Time: unknown Summary: Near the Eel River a 10-year old girl encountered a red-eyed hairy creature “with the strangest looking fangs.” The strangest and most frightening thing about the creature is that it had tattered and torn clothing that barely covered it. Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman Creatures of the Goblin World Date: 1951 Location: Time: unknown Summary: The witness encountered a large Nordic-type being, accompanied by small beings. The large being was approximately 7-foot tall, very fair skin, chiseled features, long arms and fingers that reached to his knees. He wore a one-piece silver suit. He spoke about coming earth changes. The small beings were about 3 to 4-feet tall and had a covering over their mouths. She was escorted to a transport scout ship, where… Read More