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‘1953 Sightings’

1953: January UFO & Alien Sightings

  Date: Jan. 1, 1953          BBU Location: Mobile, Alabama Time: Summary: Brookley AFB USAF Capt. and senior pilot saw to the W from a drive-in theater a bluish-white object 1­ 2 ft size with a short exhaust trail in rapid level flight left to right through 80° arc about 2,000-3,000 ft altitude, 1 mile distance, 250-300 knots speed, started climbing turn at the end and suddenly disappeared like turning off a light.  Source: Hynek-CUFOS­ Willy Smith files Date:  January  1, 1953 Location:   Old Town, Maine Time:   03:20 &  08:15 Summary:  Small ringed orb rapidly to the north northeast, zig-zagged and changed colors. Observed spinning in both directions. An object was observed. It zig-zagged through the air. One… Read More

1953: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 1953 Location: Vayres, Gironde, France Time: 0200A Summary: 63-year old Marcial Grillet was riding his moped on Route 89 along a field when he noticed multi-colored flashes of light nearby. There was total silence in the area. As he approached he noticed that the lights were on an oval shaped “colorful mass” that was hovering at about 10-15 meters from the ground. He could see what appeared to be several shadowy figures moving around under the light. The witness suffered from anxiety and a general malaise after the encounter. An area of about 60 meters in width of burned grass was found at the site. Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Location: Los Angeles California Date: February 1953… Read More

1953: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March 3, 1953               BBU Location: 130 miles W of Luke AFB, Phoenix, Ariz., near Blythe, Calif.  Time: 1:25-1:32 p.m. (MST).  Summary: USAF Capt. Roderick D. Thompson, 3600th Fighter Training Group, Luke AFB, instructor pilot in an F-84 at 25,000 ft 500 mph TAS heading 305° Mag spotted 300-500 ft wide aircraft leaving contrail crossing his path at 2 [10?] o’clock high position from left to right at about 35,000 to 45,000 ft and about 400 mph TAS, visible only by condensation vapor emitted from manta-ray shape flat surface. Student pilots of two F-84’s, Lt. Jack E. Brasher and Lt. Thomas W. Hale, saw the object but did not follow the pursuit. When Thompson turned (right?) to… Read More

1953: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Bagley Minnesota Date: April 1953 Time: night The 3-year old witness at the time was apparently abducted from his bedroom by several entities. His next impression was that the entities were telling him “neither he nor his family would remember the encounter.” At this point he became angry and broke free from the control of the entities. Suddenly he woke in bed, a very bright light, apparently coming from above the house, shone in both windows of his bedroom. The light was brilliant white. He threw the covers over his head and could still see the light, also felt a presence in his “brain.” A neighbor had apparently seen a brilliant light hovering over the witness house that… Read More

1953: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Cagnes-sur-Mer Alpes Maritimes France Date: May 1953 Time: 0030A Pierre Cavallo, 50, a cinema projectionist, was walking home, pushing his bicycle, and collecting snails, when he was surprised by the apparition in the sky of an orange luminous cigar with blue spangles in its interior. This passed silently in 20-30 seconds, leaving a trail of orange sparks. Astounded, Mr. Cavallo remained where he was for about 40 seconds. Then he sensed a presence near him, and, turning his head, saw a face of extreme pallor, with blue eyes, the head perfectly bald, and the mouth mixed in a “sanctimonious smile.” A hedge only 3 ft high hid the body. After staring for some seconds, Cavallo jumped on his… Read More

1953: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Tiszacsege Hungary Date: early summer 1953 Time: afternoon 5-year old Laszlo Bako was alone playing near a railway bed when he suddenly began to feel strange and noticed a strange little man approaching him. The man was described as human-like, but with a head a little bigger than normal. The being’s body was very smooth and gray colored, and apparently wore no clothing. He was as tall as the witness. The being approached to about 1 meter away from the witness and stopped, he then smiled at Laszlo, who felt a friendly feeling coming from the little man. The being made several motions with his hands while at the same time communicating telepathically with Laszlo. After about 1… Read More

1953: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Home Counties, near London England Date: July 1953 Time: mid afternoon Twelve-year old Gerry Armstrong was hiding in a wooded area playing hooky from a school field trip when he apparently blacked out and found himself in total darkness. His next recollection was being awakened by an angry schoolteacher. Later under hypnosis he remembered seeing a light in the sky that seemed to descend behind a nearby clump of trees. Moments later he noticed some movement through the foliage and saw two figures walking in his direction. The witness became very frightened and was totally unable to move. As the figures approached he began to hear voices in his head telling him not to be afraid. The beings… Read More

1953: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Louisville, Kentucky Date: August 1953 Time: 1100A On a bright sunny day the witness had just left the barber shop and was on his way home and as he walked toward the curb to cross the street in a southwestern direction he suddenly stopped and looked up and slightly to his right which would have been in a northwestern direction. At that instant he saw a round object come from out of sight straight down. It was as though the blue sky had opened to let this object in. It was very high but he could detect that it was spinning and it looked as though it was transparent because it was the color of the blue sky,… Read More

1953: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: In Fall 1953 Location: Dutton, Montana Time: 19:00 Summary: An object was observed. Electromagnetic effects were noted. Men in black later interviewed witnesses. One object was observed by one male 53-year-old witness for eight minutes. Source: MUFON  Date: September 4 1953 Location: Tonnerre France Time: 2130 A woman saw 2 objects on the ground and 3 1.5-meter tall men running toward the craft. They had oversized heads and wore helmets and boots. One entered the elongated object, 5 m long, 1.5 m wide, which spread ‘wings” that made it look like a butterfly. It then took a vertical position, resting on a tripod, and took off with the spherical object into which the other 2 creatures had gone. Traces… Read More

1953: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Near Gracheva, near Orenburg, Russia Date: October 1953 Time: unknown A disc shaped UFO approximately 5 meters in diameter with a band of multicolored lights around its middle, crashed near this village. The wreckage was transported to the military base at Zhitkur. Source: Anton Anfalov and Phillip Mantle crash list Location: Darlington Ohio Date: October 1953 Time: late night In a farm area a family observed a round ball of fire hovering over a field where a boy and a dog had been seen running. The boy was then heard screaming for help, and then the father armed with a shotgun ran over to him firing several shots. He then saw several small humanoids carrying the boy into… Read More

1953: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1953 Location: Sjusjoen Bridge Norway Time: Summary: Mr. Trygve, Mrs. Bufflot and a neighbor saw an object rise from behind a hill, oscillate over a lake, follow their car, and stop ahead of them just above the ground. They stopped, felt “pricklings” until the craft took off vertically. A watch stopped working, and numerous people vouch for the fact that the paint on the car changed from dark beige to bright green. Source: APRO Mar., 62; FSR 56, 5: Magonia 120 Date: November 1953: St. Francis River, Northeastern Arkansas Sighting Date: November 23 1953: The Kinross Air Force Base Incident Location: Baia Dos Patos Brazil Date: November 28 1953 Time: daytime The witnesses, Pedro Serrate & Francisco Teixeira, were… Read More

1953: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Sherbrooke Nova Scotia Canada Date: December 1953 Time: night A Mrs. Orfei heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night and got no answer when she asked who it was, only louder knocks. Her Alsatian dog jumped toward the door, and then retreated, trembling as if terrified, to a corner. Mrs Orfei went to an upper floor and saw 2 “indescribable” shadows go away from the house. A while later a big, round object took off 100 yards away with a blue green lighting. The police found broken bushes as evidence of an enormous weight. Source: Jacques Vallee, quoting Oltre IL Cielo, Vol. I Location: Near Twenty Nine Palms, California Date: December 1953 Time:… Read More

1953: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1953 Location: Paris, France Time: Summary: Source: Date: 1953 Location: Moumra, Italy Time: Summary: Source: Date: 1953 Location: Long Beach California Time: unknown Summary: Paul Villa, an employee of the Water & Power Company suddenly felt compelled to go to the beach. There he met a man about seven-feet tall that communicated with Villa and was apparently able to read his mind. Villa was told to look beyond the reef and there he saw a metallic looking disc shaped craft, which seemed to be floating in the water. He was then invited to go onboard the object with the tall “spaceman.” Villa reported that the saucer occupants were human like in appearance, though more refined in face and… Read More