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‘1954 Sightings’

1954: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1954: Near Acapulco Mexico Abduction? Location: Los Toldos, Salta, Argentina Date: January 1954 Time: late night 25-year old Martin Antiman (now a local Indian “Cacique” ‘chieftain’) was in his room alone when he suddenly heard a very high pitched sound. At the same time a type of “magnetic” force somehow introduced him into a type cabin or “elevator” which had appeared in the room. Immediately after the cabin or elevator departed at fantastic speed and everything became very silent around him. The door suddenly opened and he stepped out finding himself in a sort of mountainous valley very desolate in appearance. He walked about 100 meters and saw several men carrying large bags on their shoulders. He… Read More

1954: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Peekskill New York Date: February 1954 Time: unknown Mr. & Mrs Forster stated they saw a craft on the ground, with a woman close by. She was wearing luminous clothing, a sort of hood, and thick glasses, and held a tube in one hand and a box in the other. Mrs Forster had to be taken to the hospital in a state of shock. Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia Location: Lombez Gers France Date: February 1954 Time: 1400 While pushing her son in a baby carriage across the bridge over the River Save, Mrs Jandot observed a motorcyclist staring into the sky. Going a few feet further, and seeing no change in his concentration at something above,… Read More

1954: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Norco California Date: Spring 1954 Time: unknown Mrs J. and her daughter went outside to investigate a metallic droning sound, and saw an object passing overhead at low altitude, at 5 mph or less. It came to a stop, the noise subsiding, over a tree only 15 ft away. It was aluminum colored & resembled a rowboat, bout 20 ft long & 10 ft wide; on top was a transparent dome. Inside this dome 5 seated men were visible facing the witnesses. They had “rather long faces,” dark eyes & hair, and dull olive complexions, and wore neutral colored uniforms & helmets. They stared at the witnesses; one in particular gave Mrs J the impression of “a cold… Read More

1954: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Near Denver Colorado Date: April 1954 Time: dusk Herb Barlow, a motorist, was driving on Rt. 41 and had come around a bend, slowing down due to heavy traffic to about 10 mph, when he was surprised to see a six story tall structure on the other side of the road. The structure appeared to be resting on a deep canyon on the other side of the road. It seemed to be silvery and dome shaped with yellow patches that resembled windows from which shadowy figures appeared to be watching. The object seemed to be moving slowly up & down as the witness and other vehicles drove by. Source: Witness letter in Fate Magazine Dec. 1995 Date: April 1954:… Read More

1954: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 1954: Ayacucho Perú Encounter Location: Kensington Lake, Detroit, Michigan Date: May 1954 Time: 1300-1400 The 5-year old witness remembers seeing a large saucer-shaped object with a round top and three skinny telescoping legs that only came out when it was about to land, it emitted no sound. It was white metallic in color. 3 beings came out of the object through a door-drop down stairway on the sandy beach land grass covered area where it landed. The three beings looked tall, thin with long arms, and large oversized heads with large black eyes, they collected samples of sand, vegetation, water and communicated telepathically with the witness telling her, “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you”… Read More

1954: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Hull Yorkshire England Date: Summer 1954 Time: unknown A 32-year old housewife recalled that as a child living in Hull, she and a friend had observed a silver “aircraft” with no wings, tail or markings that hovered over the roofs of adjacent buildings. In the object could be seen two figures looking out through a row of portholes. One was a woman who “half smiled at her,” and the other was a man of about 20. Both appeared entirely human. The object remained motionless and was silent. The girl looked away for a moment; when she turned back the object had disappeared. Her playmate had seen it also. Source: Derek James & Phil Barnett for UFORA Location: Sesto… Read More

1954: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1954: Cold Blow, Lydden, Kent, England Encounter Location: Wegierska Gorka Poland Date: July 1954 Time: afternoon The witness had gone into a wooded area to pick mushrooms along with several other children when she became separated from the others and became attracted to some nearby cliffs. She then noticed a yellowish white oval shaped light in between the trees, which seem to hover above the ground. She approached the light and as she came closer she noticed a door and close to it, a figure. The being stood sideways but with his head turned watching her. She approached and climbed four “stairs” which led to an open rectangular door. Inside she met four more beings standing with… Read More

1954: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Saint-Sauveur-La-Sagne, France Date: August 1954 Time: morning Mrs. Carriere, on holiday in the area, was returning to the house one early morning when she saw an object resembling a “big black balloon” landing on a nearby field. From the object “a very small man with a dreadful black face” emerges, a similar figure remains in the object. The little man remains on the ground only for a few moments and then re-boards the object, which then rises silently leaving behind a very white wake. The witness notices two cows on the ground wriggling in apparent pain. A farmer and his wife who come upon the scene are paralyzed and unable to move. Source: SITOVNIS, France Location: Galfingue, Haut-Rhin,… Read More

1954: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Eisenberg Germany Date: Autumn 1954 Time: unknown Six-year old Anna Lex saw inside a floating gleaming sphere a female entity interpreted to have been the Holy Virgin Mary. No other information. Source: Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of The Gods Location: Mittelfranken Germany Date: Fall 1954 Time: unknown A couple was walking their dog in a coastal wooded area when they spotted a bright bluish light. The dog became disturbed and ran ahead. The witness now could see the object hovering low over the area; it was a flat pyramid shaped craft. It had a dazzling amber light on the bottom and was about 60 meters in diameter. It had a cabin like structure on top and a rotating… Read More

1954: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Unnamed American military base, United States Date: October 1954 Time: various The witness reported seeing a metallic saucer shaped object land nearby. A human looking being emerged from it, picked up some pebbles, earth and grass, and took a nest from a bush. The being went back into the craft, which took off at incredible speed and vanished. A few days later the saucer landed in the middle of the airfield, its human like pilot emerged and appeared to inspect it. As several men approached the craft the man straightened up, saw them and apparently immobilized them with some unknown gas. The after watching the witnesses for a moment he walked around the saucer, climbed into a kind… Read More

1954: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand Date: November 1954 Time: night UFO investigator John Stuart along with Doreen Wilkinson where at the formers house when Doreen stepped out in order to buy some cigarettes. A few minutes later she rushed in yelling that there was “something” out there. Stuart hurried outside and immediately felt a terrible stench resembling burnt plastic and sulfur. He began searching the rear of the grounds when soon he began hearing a peculiar shuffling and scraping sound and felt something brush against his shoulder, apparently an invisible entity. Walking around the house, John and Doreen were horrified to see a grotesque eight foot tall creature about 30 ft from them. They described the creature as having a… Read More

1954: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Near Fixin, France Date: December 1954 Time: unknown 40-year old M. Baran spotted a gray top-shaped craft sitting on a field. Several humanoid figures wearing gray combination suits seemed to be moving around the object moving their arms with apparent difficulty. Previous to that he had seen bright lights descend from the sky. Source: Raoul Robe, Regional Catalogue Location: Hamilton New Zealand Date: December 1954 Time: 0130A Doreen Wilkinson reported that three invisible entities attacked and violated her in her home. Around the same time John Stuart was sitting at his desk when a bizarre entity appeared before him. The humanoid was about four or five ft from him and was facing him. Its body resembled, vaguely that… Read More

1954: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March(?) 1954 Location: Rouen, France Time: Summary: Source: UFOE Date: 1954 Location: Near Cincinnati Ohio Time: unknown Summary: A reported landing of a silvery disc from which a tall human like occupant resembling the “Adamski” type beings, with long blond hair and wearing a sky blue coverall emerged. He reportedly walked to a nearby stream and obtained some water; he then went back into the object and took off. No other information. Source: Michael D Swords, IUR Vol. 18 # 5, quoting Hunt-Williamson Files Date: 1954 Location: Tenterden Kent England Time: unknown Summary: The witness was alone in her house when she encountered, standing in the passage on the landing in front of her, a man over six-foot tall.… Read More