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‘1955 Sightings’

1955: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1955 Location: Giant Rock California Time: unknown Summary: Kelvin Rowe reportedly encountered “The Lady of Pluto” that was accompanied by a “Space Brother.” Rowe as “mettlesome and lovely” described the female alien. She stood 5-feet three inches tall, wore a blouse, jacket and slacks “in contrasting tones of a beautiful, pansy blue similar to royal blues, and a shade of red-wine in a scintillating, deep intensity.” He was told that she was the earthly equivalent of a captain on a spacecraft. Rowe supposedly met her again soon after this encounter. Source: Jerome Clark, Extraordinary Encounters Date:  January 1 1955 Location: Camaqua, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Time: 0005A Summary: 5 witnesses, Joao Rodel, (owner of a factory called Importadora Auto-Globo) his wife, his 2 children and… Read More

1955: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February  1955 Location:  Near Heilbronn, Germany Time:  night Summary:  At the fifteenth century Wildenstein Castle, Maximilian, Baron Hofer von Lobenstein had gone out one night to let the dogs out when he saw about ten feet away, lit up from behind by a small blue flame, a little man with a beard. He hopped around the Baron, but suddenly disappeared in plain sight. The Baroness saw the little man too, on a different occasion. It was about noon when she saw a two-foot tall man in a yellow vest and peaked cap, which turned a somersault in one of the castle rooms. Source:   Janet Bord, Fairies, Real Encounters with The Little People Date:  February 1 1955 Location:  Mountain View… Read More

1955: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March 1955 Location: Branch Hill Ohio Time: 0400 Summary: Robert Hunicutt was driving home at 0330A when his headlights illuminated 3 short figures standing beside the road. The one closest to him was holding something like a rod or chain above his head, and sparks were passing along this. As Hunicutt got out of the car, this one bent down and seemed to “tie it around his ankles.” The beings were about 3.5 ft tall and gray, with very wide lipless mouths, & corrugations rather than hair on their heads; their chests were lopsided, with a very prominent bulge on the right side. They seemed to be wearing garments only below the waist. Hunicutt watched them at 20 ft distance for 4… Read More

1955: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   Spring 1955 Location: Rivoli Italy Time: afternoon Summary: A woman taking a walk along a lane turned a corner and was confronted by a landed metallic disc shaped object. It had a large window like opening at the front. Inside stood three men like figures. One was described as resembling “Jesus Christ” with long black hair and the other two were described as blond-haired. The beings made friendly gestures towards the witness before the object took off at high speed. Source:  Maurizio Verga, Itacat Date:  April 1955 Location:  Detroit, Michigan Time: unknown Summary: Leo Childers reported being taken onboard a spacecraft and traveling to Mars, which he found to be a “dead planet”, whereas the Moon contained cities, which were raised and lowered within… Read More

1955: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May 4 1955 Location: Keflavik Airport, Iceland                         BBU 3523 Time: 12:38 p.m.  Summary:  USAF Lt. Col. E. J. Stealy and 1st Lt. J. W. Burt saw about 10 round, white objects, one of which left a brief smoke trail, flying in an irregular formation, some of them making erratic movements. Source: Berliner; FUFOR Index Date:  May 11 1955 Location: Thurmon, Colo. (BBU) Time: 6:06 p.m. MST. Summary:  Crew of American Airlines DC-7 saw an object flying on a SE course at 20,000 ft.  Source: Project 1947; FUFOR Index Date:  May  1955 Location:  Time:  Summary:   Source:  Summary: May 13, 1955; Duluth, MN (BBU) 8:30 PM. Two airmen flying in a F-89D at 26,000 feet on an air intercept… Read More

1955: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1955 Location: New York City, New York Time: 0300A Summary: The 15-year old witness was having difficulty in falling asleep when suddenly she heard heavy footsteps approaching her room, somebody entered the room and then she saw a very tall human like figure standing by her bed, piercing shafts of light came from its eyes that almost had a hypnotic effect on the witness. He asked the witness to follow him, they both entered the dining room where a gray mist extended from the floor to the ceiling, the witness grabbed the man’s hand and entered the mist. Inside they were suddenly in a metallic room that felt like an elevator, they both then entered a corridor,… Read More

1955: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Vestra Norrland Sweden Date: July 1955 Time: 0600A Three lumberjacks were out in a wooded area busy cutting trees when they suddenly heard a loud crashing sound. They then saw a cigar shaped craft flying very low between the trees, this object then apparently crashed into a clearing next to a river. There was no sound only a gigantic flash of light in the vicinity. Seconds later came a vacuum type wave that made all the witnesses tumble forward. Everything then seemed eerily silent. All three men went to the crash site but found no debris or fire. But close by they found a small man that was surrounded by a white light, he was apparently injured. One… Read More

1955: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1955 Location: Chazy Landing New York Time: 0300A Seeing a fire like glow in the woods, James F Roddy approached by car within a few hundred feet by using back roads; “It was off in a clearing, glowing like a batch of 200 watt bulbs.” The he heard heavy footsteps running, and “somebody walloped the back of my car—it seemed as if he had put his hands on the rear end and vaulted all the way over. It had to be a very heavy person to rock my car that way.” The then footsteps ran on toward the shining object. Scared, Roddy quickly drove back to the main road, where he saw a bluish-green light that rose… Read More

1955: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Near Liesing Obersteiermark Austria Date: Fall 1955 Time: afternoon Several children ranging in age from nine to twelve years old encountered a large sphere shaped object on a meadow near their homes. It was near a stream. It had a large transparent bubble on top where several standing figures could be seen. The children ran towards the object but it made a loud roaring sound and shot up into the sky. Source: Ulrich Magin Location: Ohio, exact location not given Date: Fall 1955 Time: 2000 The witness was walking down a road when he saw a rapidly approaching red ball of light. As the light came closer it turned to a bright white-hot color, as it got even… Read More

1955: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1955 Location: Peterborough New Hampshire Time: 2000 Summary: The 15-year old witness, a student at a local catholic seminary school, was walking back to the classroom after finishing some chores and glanced to a nearby field where he noticed four glowing bluish white oval shaped objects. One was larger that the rest and appeared to be on the ground. Standing next to the larger object were four human-like figures. The witness had the impression that the figures were extremely agitated for some unknown reason. Moments later the figures noticed the witness then he ran towards the school in order to obtain additional witnesses. Others saw the objects flying over the schoolhouse silently disappearing from sight. Source: Cufos… Read More

1955: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Winter 1955 Location: St. Therese Quebec Canada Time: 2330 A young woman and her fiancé observed a “ghost” from the balcony of a home in Ste-Therese. The human looking form was described as 8ft tall, with white glowing skin. A beam of light illuminated the entity as well as the ground besides it. Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters Location: Boa Vista dos Ramos, Brazil Date: November 1955 Time: evening In an isolated area a witness came upon a tall humanoid figure that appeared to have a mask covering its face. The humanoid pointed a device at the witness emitting a beam of light apparently knocking the witness down. After the encounter, the witness suffered from… Read More

1955: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Andes Mountains Argentina Date: December 6 1955 Time: 1700 Italian physicist Narcico Genovese said he was part of an international group of 98 scientists working in a secret underground laboratory in the Andean jungles. At 1700 on the above date, 5 objects like flattened spheres visited their camp, and one landed on their landing field. The UFOs were 23 ft in diameter, with a rotating equatorial band 3 ft wide. 4 Martian humanoids, taller than we are, came out & established friendly relations. A month later 5 UFOs returned, this time with a larger lens shaped object, 230 ft in diameter & 50 ft high. 40 beings emerged, 28 of whom “stayed on Earth to help the scientists… Read More

1955: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1955 Location: Kazakhstan Time: Summary: Crash – Allegedly in-fact the UFO was once more transported to Zhitkur. Source: Date: Mid 1950’s Location: Yokohama, Japan Time: Summary: Source: Date: 1955 Location: New York, New York Time: Summary: Source: Date: 1955 Location: Homer Alaska Time: night Summary: 3-year old Mark Fritz reported encountering a strange being in his bedroom. The being was wearing a black cloak and pulled it open so the witness would not be scared. The witness recalled that the face was human-like and it made him feel at ease. The alien claim he was from a group that was called the “Nodnuls.” No other information. Source: Art Bell, Shadow People Date: 1955 Location: Lakewood Colorado Time: unknown Summary:… Read More