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‘1956 Sightings’

1956: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1, 1956 Location: Sao Sebastiao Time: Summary: One warm night in the summer of 1956, a wealthy, respected professor of Roman Law, Joao de Freitas Guimareaes, was out for a walk on the beach at Sao Sebastio when a huge disk-shaped craft–about 60 FT in diameter–landed on the beach. The disk was about 18 FT high and rested on a pawnshop-type landing gear of three balls. Two 6-FT tall men got out of the disk, and Guimareaes tried to communicate in English, French, Spanish, and Italian without success. Then the two visitors communicated with him through telepathy and invited him aboard. The two men had blond hair, green eyes, and were wearing yellow shoes. The professor entered… Read More

1956: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Feb. 1956 Location: Nr. Fishguard, SW Wales Time: Evening Summary: A man considered in some circles to be the greatest test pilot of all time, Eric “Winkle” Brown, of the Royal Navy described a disc sighting he made in February 1956 (perhaps located in the vicinity of Fishguard, in SW Wales).  He was flying a deHavilland Vampire jet fighter, and could not climb to the saucer’s altitude or catch it. Source: Don Berliner Date: Feb. 2, 9, 21, 1956 Location:  Camp Irwin, Calif. (BBU) Time: Summary: Source: McDonald list; BBU Files Date: Feb. 7, 1955 Location: Harrisburg, Penna. (BBU) Time: 10:18 a.m. Summary:  Flying Tiger pilot saw a brilliant object flash off to the S. Source: Project 1947; Original Docs Date: Feb. 7, 1955 Location: Knights Landing, California (BB) Time: 4:30 p.m. local. Summary: During observations of… Read More

1956: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Not given Date: Spring 1956 Time: afternoon The six-year old witness had gone into some woods in order to relieve himself when he saw what he describes as a huge praying Mantis in front of him in the woods. It was sideways to him with its head turned looking straight at him. He was horrified almost sick to his stomach. Soon he heard his mom and others calling him by name. He ran a few steps where he had heard his mom and she came running toward him and reprimanded him for being gone for over an hour (which he could not remember any of it). Source: Paranormal About com. July 2002 Archive or G? Location: White Sands… Read More

1956: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 3 1956 Location: Birmingham, Alabama Time: night Witnesses described a winged humanoid which resembled a ‘silver colored’ angel flying over a coal and iron plant and disappearing towards the North. It was again seen in the area on April 5. Source: G. E. Eberhart Date: April 4, 1956 Location: McKinney, Texas (BBU 4050) Time: 3:15 p.m. Summary:  Capt. Roy Hall, U.S. Army (Ret.), Charles Anderson and others saw fat, oblong, stationary object with two lines around its middle through a 6-inch telescope and a 55-200x telescope.  Source: Berliner Date: April 5, 1956 Location: Almy Pond, Newport, Rhode Island (BBU) Time: 12:30-12:35 p.m. (EST).  Summary: USN Underwater Ordnance Test Station physicist Mrs. Genevieve Mathison and her 3 children from the front door of their home saw a circular… Read More

1956: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Rengo Valley, Argentina Date: May 1956 Time: unknown Independent witnesses reported encountering in an isolated mountainous area a tall hairy man-like figure that supposedly attacked them. A local farmer P Espinoza was confronted by tall hairy figure with long arms, wearing what appeared to be a leather loincloth. It ran into the woods when the witness resisted. No other information. Source: Fabio Picasso Date: May 1, 1956 Location: Ada Oklahoma Time: Summary: 20 Sec. duration,  Circle Source: NUFORC Date: May 8, 1956 Location:  Aliquippa, Penns (BBU) Time: 9:48 a.m. (EST) Summary: A flight of seven objects, silver in color, appearing the size of a baseball held at arm’s length were observed moving south at an altitude of 5,000 to 15,000 feet… Read More

1956: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Forest of Marsois Haute Marne France Date: Summer 1956 Time: 0700A The witness had been walking along a broad path in a wooded area searching for mushrooms when as she reached the vicinity of a local “dolmen” she caught sight of two short figures coming towards her on the path. The witness thought that these were children, so she walked towards them, but she suddenly halted, as the figures got nearer, she then realized that they were indeed not children at all. The beings had stopped and were staring at the witness. These were described as having stocky thickset bodies, with short thin legs. They wore close fitting white one-piece suits, black mittens on their hands, black half… Read More

1956: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1956 Location: Otterburn, Northumberland, England Time: morning Summary: A Mr. Stocker, wireless operator for the Territorial Army and a driver were traveling through open moorland in a Land Rover on a single-track road. As they crossed a bridge and ascended a slight hill, Stocker saw what looked like an elderly woman dressed in a long, gray coat and a shawl. She was standing on a sandy area on the left hand side of the road beneath a hawthorn tree. After they passed her, Stocker glanced in one of the vehicle’s rearview mirror, but now could see no one beneath the thorn tree. The drive too had seen the figure. They went back but there was nobody visible… Read More

1956: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1956: A UK Radar-Visual UFO Classic Location. Granja de Torrehermosa Badajoz Spain Date: August 1956 Time: 1400 Summary: About 20 small boys, including 5-year old CS, hear a loud noise and observed a bullet shaped object approaching from the NW at high speed; passing overhead, it turned east and descended to several meters above the ground, about 500 meters east of the boys. About 4 meters long and aluminum colored, it had a transparent window at the narrow end through which could be seen the heads and shoulders of two apparently naked occupants. About ten adults joined the children and the group approached to within 50 meters, gesturing to the “pilots.” CS described them as appearing green, with apparent… Read More

1956: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Location:  Falls City Nebraska Date:  Autumn 1956 Time: afternoon Summary: The witness was standing outside next to his pick up truck when he noticed something in the sky resembling a kite descending. As it came closer the witness realized that it was a strange winged creature almost 8 to 9 feet tall, flying about 15 feet above the ground. Its wings were silvery and polished and had multi colored lights on its underside, it had a breastplate with dials that the being seemed to be manipulating with his hands. The being’s face was demonic in appearance; it had large watery blue eyes and leathery wrinkled skin. As the being flew above the witness, he felt temporarily paralyzed and heard… Read More

1956: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   Oct. 1956 Location:  Oslo, Norway Time: Summary: Cat 3. Motorist felt “prickly sensation”, wristwatch magnetized when UFO flew in front of car and hovered over pad. Source: Location:  Krisitnehamn Varmland Sweden Date:  October 1956 Time: midnight Summary: Lyyli Nilsson was going home and had come a few blocks from her flat when somebody spoke to her, looking up into one of the lime trees besides the street she saw two persons sitting there. There was a 15-minute conversation in Swedish between her and the persons, during which they said they were unable to come down into the street because they had different “clothing” and could be detected. They claimed to have recognized the witness and they gave her advice about her future. Finally… Read More

1956: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   Early Nov. 1956 Location:  Malibu, Calif. Time: Summary: Flat oval object with three window-like markings on underside flew low, through searchlight beam. Source: UFOE, XII Location:  Mitchel Air Force Base New York Date:  Winter 1956 Time: 0100A Two hours after about 15 military personnel witnesses several luminous disc shaped objects cavorting over the area and the being chased away by jet fighters, two of the men were patrolling the grounds where some of the aircraft hangars were located when they noticed the figure of a man walk quickly and disappear towards the nearby fire drill hangar. Suddenly the whole are near the hangar lit up and an object shaped like a disc became visible on the ground. The object became brighter and… Read More

1956: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   Dec. 1956 Location:  South Florida Time: Summary: A large egg-shaped object was spotted on radar 65 miles SW of Miami at an altitude of 7,000 to 8,000 feet going about 4,000 mph. The observation was made by Donald Freestone, a radar expert for Pan American Airways. Six other Pan American radar experts confirmed his observation.  Source: Dan Wilson Date:    Dec. 1956 Location:  Far East, Asia Time: Summary: Cat. 3, 9. Air Force jet pilot tracked UFO on radar; observed visually as “large round object.” Radar jammed by strong interference Source: UFOE, I Date:   Dec. 1, 1956 Location:  Valley City, ND Time: 12:20 AM.  Summary: One round object, red to orange in color, was observed at approximately 1000 foot altitude. The object had rapid movements movements up and down, sideways, and… Read More

1956: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Location: Thornton Colorado Date: 1956 Time: unknown In a dream like state the witness found herself walking to school, when, at a corner, she found herself enveloped in a blue light. Next thing she knew she was surrounded by a group of human looking beings. They asked her if she wanted to visit their home and she agreed. She was then taken to a room, and sat in some kind of molded bucket like seat. Upon arriving at an unknown location she was led down a ramp into a corral type fenced in area. Around its perimeter were giant flowers, of every kind and color. In the middle of the corral was a big swing set. Eventually somebody said… Read More