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‘1981 Sightings’

1981: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1981 Location: Camaracu Island Brazil Time: dawn Summary: A farmer saw a glowing gray colored saucer shaped object land nearby on his property. Two beings closely resembling humans emerged and asked him numerous questions, generally about life in the village and other general information. The beings then re-entered the craft, which promptly took off at high speed. Source: Boar and Blundell The Worlds Strangest Mysteries Date: January 1981 Location:  Worsley Manchester England Time: 1930 Summary: The witness was returning home with her mother by car when the normally busy highway became oddly quiet. A huge light now appeared and began pacing their vehicle. The vehicle would not accelerate and then slowed down. Suddenly a very peculiar “old fashioned” car appeared ahead very close to the witness vehicle.… Read More

1981: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   February  1981 Location:  Quindira Brazil Time:  0200A Summary:  A woman was awakened by a loud engine type noise coming from outside, she ran out and watched a round object hovering nearby and emitting multi-colored beams of light. Three human like beings cold be clearly seen inside, one them glanced briefly at the witness then the object rose and disappeared. The next day two dead bloodless horses were found on the field where the object had hovered. Source:  National Enquirer UFO Report Date:   February  1981 Location:   Arnold Pennsylvania Time:  afternoon Summary:  Fives boys ranging from 11-years old to 16 were playing on a railway yard when one of them saw a strange little creature squatting down near them.… Read More

1981: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March, 1981: Metallic object flew silently overhead at 20-40 mph at 200-400 feet Date: March 1981 Location: Near Algeciras Spain Time: 1030A Summary: A truck driver was delivering produce to a nearby village when he noticed strange lights on a nearby field behind a row of eucalyptus trees. He then drove his truck off the road and got out to investigate. As the witness entered the field he spotted a large metallic dome shaped craft on the ground about 50 yards away. The object seemed to be supported by three “telescopic” legs like protrusions. It had three large round windows on the front. As he attempted to approach there was a brilliant flash form the top of the craft that struck him, causing extreme… Read More

1981: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1981 Location: Somers Point, New Jersey Time: 0010A Summary: The witness was suddenly awake and sensed that something or some force was in the room. Looking around she saw a figure standing in front of her bookcase. It was described as five-foot four inches tall, humanoid, apparently transparent, pale facial features, penetrating blue eyes and wearing a gray “space suit” with a brocade design. Its body frame was small and the top of its head was white. The creature stood there staring at the witness without any facial expression. It then began floating towards the witness bed, the witness then led out a horrified scream and turned the lights on, and the creature then vanished. Source:  Witness… Read More

1981: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May  1981 Location:  Near Toppenish Ridge Yakima Washington Time:  late night Summary:  The main witness had seen for the past 2 months numerous slow flying UFOs and strange lights over the area. That night she woke up to go to the bathroom and noticed that the electricity was out in the house. She felt a breeze coming from the kitchen area and walked down the hallway calling for her husband. He came to her and stepped around her to shut the kitchen window. She then heard a sound similar to a sewing machine, she turned around and saw the figure of a “feminine appearing” man with small rounded narrow shoulders, a thin head and thick turtle like neck.… Read More

1981: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Summer 1981 Location:    Marajo Island Brazil Time:  unknown Summary:  An elderly, almost blind couple had been in their shack when they saw a shiny object land nearby. Two human like figures emerged from the craft and invited the couple onboard. They refused but felt compelled to go after the men touched them on their shoulders. They were then apparently taken to a strange location where they landed next to a wire fence by a large field of grass where some people were playing a game resembling volleyball. They were then taken to a large city that was all red in color. Onboard the object the aliens placed some type of device in front of the couple’s eyes… Read More

1981: July UFO & Alien SIghtings

Date: July 1 1981: Rome Ohio Encounter Date: July 3 1981 Location: Rome Ohio Time:  late night Summary: Several witnesses were up on the roof keeping watch in the area when a strange fog began appearing over the top of the house, nowhere else. Out in the plow field back of the house the family saw two black forms moving across the field toward the house. They watched these forms for about 15 minutes. One of the witnesses fired at one of the forms, it then fell down screaming and growling. It stayed on the ground for about 30 seconds to a minute then got back up and ran away. As this took place, the second form was observed to actually move off backwards… Read More

1981: August UFO & Alien SIghtings

Date: August, 1981: Object observed entering water in Hamilton, Ontario Date: August  1981 Location:  Near Stone Mountain Georgia Time:  afternoon Summary:  Mark James had arranged a clandestine date with a girl and was sitting behind a vacant house awaiting her arrival. She arrived without incident. As they sat next to the sliding glass door holding hands they noticed a large “hand” up against the door from the inside. It was described as bigger than a normal hand. It had only three fingers. Looking up they saw a creature with huge eyes staring at them. After seeing this they were unable to move. The glass door opened and the being stepped outside. The being held a device and was not wearing any… Read More

1981: September UFO & Alien SIghtings

Date: Autumn 1981: Asum Funen Denmark Close Encounter Date: Autumn 1981 Location:  Sauk Village, Illinois Time: night Summary: The 8-year old witness was in his room when all of the sudden he felt instantly cold and every single hair on his body stood up. He felt terrified and his heart was racing. His 8-track cassette player got stuck on the same tune and would not go play on. Curiously his toy robot eye’s now began to glow bright red. Then he felt a magnetic pull. Like something was pulling him to his right. He turned his head and looked out the east window and saw “something” that has haunted him for the rest of his life. Sitting just barely outside his window, levitating,… Read More

1981: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October  1981 Location:  Tylorstown/Ystrad, South Wales Time:  evening  Summary:  On a Tuesday evening in October 1981 Malcolm (who was 35 at the time) headed out to Tylorstown Rugby Club on Penrhys Road for a drink with his friend John. They left the club about 8pm. It was a clear still evening, and due to the time of year it was already dark, and the stars were visible in the sky. As they exited the club, Malcolm noticed a glowing light in the sky to the West at a 45 degree angle over the top of the treeline. It appeared larger than a star and was glowing bright white. Suddenly the object darted across the sky before coming to a… Read More

1981: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: late Fall  1981 Location:  Denver Colorado Time:  2200 Summary:  The witness who lived in the outskirts surrounded by several acres of open ground was in her kitchen cooking when she felt compelled to go look out the front window. Her dog did the same. She was startled to see what she thought was a group of children standing at the edge of the lawn near a street light. She then realized the figures were not human, but short beings with oversized baldheads, with thin bodies and long arms, their color was a dark shade of brown. Their movements were jerky, irregular and quick, almost insect like. The witness became frightened and her dog hid under the bed until… Read More

1981: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December  1981 Location:  El Yunque Puerto Rico Time:  late night Summary:  Three hunters had gone out camping in an isolated area of the mountain when they began to hear noises coming from the wooded area. They then saw four dark figures coming out of the woods. The witnesses panicked when they realized that the figures were tall, hairy and had bright red eyes. The beings walked towards the witnesses, two of the men fired their rifles at the creatures without any apparent effect then ran into the tent. The third man fired his AR-15 rifle at an approaching creature also without any effect. The being then grabbed him and tore his shirt then punched him twice, he then… Read More

1981: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1981 Location: Black Creek South Carolina Time: unknown Summary: A man was fishing in the creek when some unknown creature came up out of the water and threw the boat over. Afterwards the boat was examined and claw marks were found. Amphibian humanoid? Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate November 1989 Date: 1981 Location: Pillpinto Peru Time: unknown Summary: In a rugged mountain area travelers and local peasants reported encountering several very tall, almost 8-foot tall beings with copper red hair, crystal blue eyes and very white skin. Local police officers saw a large shiny circular object lift off from the area leaving a burned oval-shaped patch on the ground. Source: Linda Moulton Howe, In Glimpses of Other Realities Vol.… Read More