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Date: April-Dec 1954

Sighting Time:


Location: Caracas, CaroraSan Carlos del ZuliaVenezuela

Urban or Rural:

No. of Entity(‘s):

Entity Type: Hairy dwarves

Entity Description:

Hynek Classification: CE3


No. of Object(s): 

Height & Speed:

Size of Object(s):

Distance to Object(s):

Shape of Object(s): various disc-shaped craft

Color of Object(s):

Number of Witnesses: Multiple 


Summary/Description: Hairy dwarves visit Venezuela.

Full Report

Round 1: Alien Vs Hunter

1954 was a bumper year for close encounters with a wide variety of alien beings. In America blonde Nordics delivered earnest lectures about the arms race. In France enigmatic humanoids prowled the country lanes after dark. And in Venezuela a gang of hairy dwarves busied themselves collecting rocks and picking fights with people twice their size.

Their first victim was Emelino Martinez; a hunter who found himself turned prey. On the night of April 10, Martinez was walking back to his car after spending the day hunting in hills near Caracas when suddenly he heard a commotion in some bushes followed by a long guttural growl. He dropped his catch and ran towards the car, closely pursued by two short “half man, half monkey” creatures covered in thick, dark hair.

While he was fumbling with his car keys, one of the creatures grabbed him from behind and rolled him into a ditch. Man and beast struggled furiously; the creature scratching and biting Martinez, while Martinez repeatedly smashed its head with a rock.

Bloodied and howling in pain, the aggressor loosened its grip and Martinez scrambled into his car. Both creatures pounded frantically on the windscreen as he started the engine and sped away.

Round 2: Alien Vs Trucker

On November 28, truck driver Gustavo Gonzalez and his assistant Jose Ponce were travelling to Petare when they found the road blocked by a 9-ft-wide spherical craft hovering 6 feet above the ground.

Gonzalez exited the truck and was confronted by a 3-ft-tall hairy dwarf. It had glowing red eyes and was wearing a loincloth. When he tried to grab it, it gave him a shove that sent him flying backwards 15 feet. Then it came leaping after him! Gonzalez drew his knife and stabbed it in the shoulder, but the blade merely glanced off as though it had struck steel.

Ponce jumped down from the truck just as two more dwarves emerged from the roadside carrying armfuls of rocks. Seeing himself outnumbered, he ran to a nearby police station to fetch help.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez was momentarily blinded when a dwarf standing inside the sphere fired a dazzling beam of light at him. His assailant leapt into the craft, which flew quickly away. The trucker was left with a deep scratch down one side.

Round 3: Alien Vs Hunter (again)

On December 10, hunters Lorenzo Flores and Jesus Gomez encountered a luminous 3-ft-wide craft “like two washbowls put together” in countryside near Carora. It was hovering just above the ground emitting flames from its underside.

“We saw four little men coming out of it,” Flores said. “When they realised we were there, four of them grabbed Jesus and tried to drag him towards this thing.”

“I could do nothing but take my shotgun, which was unloaded, and strike at one of them. The gun seemed to have struck rock or something harder, for it broke into two pieces.”

Asked to describe the assailants, Flores said, “We could see no details as it was dark, but what we did notice was the abundant hair on their bodies and their great strength”.

The men managed to escape the clutches of the entities and fled to the nearest police station, badly bruised and scratched.

Round 4: Alien Vs Man caught Short

Three days after the attack on Jesus Gomez, another man named Jesus was attacked by a hairy dwarf. Jesus Paz was being driven home by friends after a night out in San Carlos del Zulia when he asked the driver to pull over so he could relieve himself in the bushes by the roadside.

Moments later, his friends heard him screaming in pain. They ran to his aid and found him lying unconscious, covered in scratches and bleeding profusely. A short hairy entity rushed past them and leapt into a flat shiny disc hovering nearby. The disc emitted a whistling sound, then shot out of sight. Paz’s injuries were so severe that he needed hospital treatment.

Round 5: Alien Vs Jockey

On the evening of December 19, Valencia jockey Jose Parra was out jogging when he saw a sextet of hairy dwarves loading boulders on to a hovering disc-shaped craft.

Parra tried to run away, but one of the beings paralyzed him by firing a violet beam of light at him from a hand-held device. Then the dwarves simply boarded their craft and flew away.

Police investigated the site of the encounter and found strange footprints that were “neither animal or human”.

Invasion or Theater?

If the witnesses are to be believed, the hairy dwarves visiting Venezuela were not only immensely strong and immune to weapons but were also in command of advanced technology. If they had seriously intended to capture or kill an Earthman, they could surely have done so with ease. Yet instead, they chose to merely harass their victims then let them go free. Why?

Were they trying to deliver a warning? To spread fear? Or were they just plain ornery?

From a psychosocial perspective, the dwarves seem to embody a strange combination of brain and brawn. On the one hand, they possess powerful futuristic technology. But on the other, they look and behave like wild animals. Co-incidentally, this potent juxtaposition was one explored at length in that most quintessential of 1950’s film genres, the Creature Feature.

Dwarves from the Id?

In films such as Godzilla, Them, and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, atom bomb tests either create or awaken terrifying creatures that wreak havoc upon the world that spawned them.

In The Fly, a scientist’s experiments cause him to slowly mutate into a monstrous insect. And in Forbidden Planet, Professor Morbius meddles with ancient alien technology and inadvertently creates a rampaging monster from his own subconscious.

These films exploit the anxiety that advanced technology, far from civilizing humanity, will instead unleash the beast within us in all its destructive animal fury. The hairy dwarves embody what we fear our headlong pursuit of science may lead us to become – savage technocrats lacking any sense of morality or compassion.

Perhaps rather than fearing invaders from outer space, we should instead fear our own hidden selves.

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