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Date: 1933
Location: Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Summary: In Two fisherman witnessed flying disc explode just off beach of small fishing village in 1933 or 1934. Pieces showered down, passed to Sued and Fontes in 1957. Explanation: Prank.
Source: APRO Bulletin

Date: 1933
Location: Near Mirny, Yakutia, Russia
Summary: In an isolated area called “The Valley of the Dead” an elderly nomad reported entering “a metallic cave” where he encountered very thin, one-eyed men in metallic clothing. No other information.
Source: Valeriy Uvarov, FSR Vol. 42 # 1

Date: 1933
Location: Pitea, Sweden
Summary: The author indicates that in 1933, in the summer, in Pitea, Sweden, there was a close encounter of the third kind amidst a wave of unknown “aeroplanes” which broke on Scandinavia at the beginning of the 1930’s, that had the shape of propeller planes, but were never identified, which did not carry any mark, figures, letters, symbols, color of nationality, etc. Jean Sider indicates that their flight behaviour, sometimes under the most terrible weather conditions, strongly indicates that they were UFOs which had taken the shape of the modest monoplanes and biplanes of the time. He then quotes: “The vicar of Langtrask claimed to have seen mysterious airplanes in the area during the two last years. Last summer, these ghost planes flew over the area a dozen time. On four occurrences an apparatus appeared at very low altitude, but no sign of identification was observed on its fuselage. Once, the apparatus flew at only a few meters of the ground. During a few seconds two people were seen in the cabin. The machine was a monoplane of greyish color. The vicar did not report his observation earlier because he believed that these incidents had been reported by the coastal population.” Jean Sider indicates that this some from “FSR, vol. 16, #4, July/August, 1970, p. 17, according to the Dagens Nyheter for January 22, 1934, according to a compilation by Mr. Ake Franzen, of Stockholm, who browsed the Press of the time in his country.” The author, not noticing that it is the same case, indicates as a separate case that in 1933, in the summer, in Langtrask, Sweden, there was a close encounter of the third kind reported by a witness who noticed a strange object of the monoplane type going down on the area on several occasions. In one of these flights at very low altitude, two men are seen in the cockpit.
Source: FSR, vol. 16, #4, July/August, 1970, p. 17,

Date: 1933: Western Australia Abduction

Date: 1933
Location: Nizhegorodskaya Province Russia
Summary: Seven-year old Alexander V Zolotov (who later became a well known Russian scientist) was alone in his room when a being suddenly appeared. The being was described as humanoid of average height with a high forehead and large head with large pointed ears. Its skin was wrinkled and it had large intelligent eyes. The humanoid stood on all fours and was jumping around like a frog. He was about 7 meters away from Zolotov. The alien had a calm and penetrating gaze completely emotionless. The witness ran from the room and did not see how the being left. The second source indicates the year was 1935 in the Gorkovskaya region.
Source: Jacques Vallee, UFO Chronicles of The Soviet Union Alexander B Petukhov and Anton Anfalov

Date: March 1933
Location: Favorino Reggio Calabria Italy
Summary: A man that dragged him then slapped him took a peasant from his home. The witness then found himself on top of a tall tree, where the being was holding him by his hair. The witness crossed himself and the entity suddenly vanished. He was unable to speak for several hours afterward.
Source: Paolo Fiorino, UFO Universe Oct/Nov 1991

Date: May 1933
Location: unknown
Time: afternoon
Summary: A five and a half year old child, the daughter of a farmer, was playing alone on a steep hill not far from her house. As she wandered around a ravine in the bottom of a hill the child was confronted by what she describes as a “big round silver platform” with four people on it. They raised a ladder so the girl could board the craft, and then put her through some kind of physical examination.
Source: Whitley Strieber, The Communion Letters, and Chris Aubeck, Return to Magonia

Date: Summer 1933
Location: Chrysville, Pennsylvania
Time: 0230A
Summary: A witness, Y, who desired no publicity, claimed that as he was on his way to Nazareth, his car had a flat tire. As he was fixing it, he noticed a faint violet glow in a field to his right. Curious, he walked toward it and soon found himself facing a ball shaped craft 10 ft in diameter and six ft high. The light was coming from a slit in a circular opening that on close examination proved to be slightly ajar. With he a push, Y opened it and put his head through the one-foot circle to observe the inside. The violet light, emanating, he thought, from the ceiling, made it difficult for him to see, but as his eyes adjusted, he discerned dials, tubing, and walls seemingly of a marble-like material as well as a kind of “console” in the center. There were no windows. An ammonia scent permeated the room, which was notably chilly; Y then walked around the object and felt the outside surface, which was slick, metallic, and cold. At no time did y see the craft’s occupants. After 10 minutes he returned to his car, fixed the tire, and drove home. Technically a type G event.
Source: Jerome Clark, The UFO Book, Encyclopedia of The extraterrestrial

Date: 1933 UFO stops for repairs in Sasketchwan, Canada

Date: Summer 1933
Location: Near Cudworth Saskatchewan
Time: afternoon
Summary: The witness was alone in a field beside a pond that was located on the farm where she lived. Across the pond, she observe a number of “little green men” that were about 4 ft tall, and wearing silvery suits. The witness could not remember what happened next.
Source: Unidentified in Saskatchewan

Date: July 5, 1933
Location: Sussex, England
Summary: Gigantic light
Source: Page 6-7 Ref. 1

Date: Aug.-Dec. 1933
Location: East Coast United States
Summary: mysterious aircraft
Source: Page 7 Ref. 1

Date: Dec. 24, 1933
Location: Kalix, Sweden
Summary: Beam of light coming from machine
Source: Page 7 Ref. 1

Date: Dec. 30, 1933
Location: Sweden
Summary: Low-flying aeroplane
Source: Page 7 Ref. 1


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