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Date: 1940s                           Foo Fighters
Location: Europe
Summary: UFOs in World War 2. Nazi ovni sightings in 1940s.

Date: 1940
Location: Bata, Hungary
Summary: “Fiery cartwheel” UFO is seen ascending from a hilltop in Bata, Hungary

Date: 1940
Location: Japan
Summary: While flying over Japan, Wing Commander D.J. Blakeslee sighted an object he described as having red, green and white lights. The craft moved rapidly to escape detection. Blakeslee was guided by ground radar. He was reported to be stable and reliable. The Air Force officially ruled the sighting to be Jupiter, although it was tracked by radar.

Date: 1940: The alien killed with a coal shovel

Date: Spring 1940
Location: Hinsdale, IL
Summary: William T. Powers (later associated with the Center for UFO Studies) saw five disc-shaped objects traveling at about 100-200 m.p.h. They disappeared into a cloud and did not re-emerge.
Source: Ref. 3; Jerry Clark Encyclopedia, 1992, Vol. II, p. 380

Date: May 30, 1940
Location: Toledo, OH
Time: sunrise
Summary: At sunrise a dark ellipse was seen moving northeast, then making a 90-degree turn. Color visible on the dark object changed from red to orange to yellow.
Source: Ref. 3; Report in NICAP files

Date: 1940: Broadwater County Montana

Date: 1940: Lost UFO Abduction of Geneseo, Illinois

Date: June 1940
Location: Hoy Island, The Orkneys, Scotland
Time: day
Summary: On a bright sunny day an anti-aircraft unit member focused a height and range-finder on a flattened sphere moving rapidly on a horizontal course and tracked it for 10 seconds. It’s height was computed to be 38,000 feet.
Source: Ref. 3; Randles & Warrington, 1985, p. 9

Date: July 1940
Location: Jutland, Denmark
Summary: In the late 70’s, several authors told that in July or August 1940, one afternoon, in the center of Jutland, Denmark, a 15 year-old-boy went to the feeding trough with some cows, and then suddenly saw three weird characters who advanced in the North-East. They are described as wearing a dark green suit, of one piece that covered them entirely except for their face hidden behind a glass plate. From the shoulders to the feet, they had two bumps or pipes of ten centimeters thicknes{. These three beings were of normal size but advanced by slightly dandling the arms “like robots”, according to the statement of the witness.
At some thirty meters of him, they suddenly took the direction of the south and disappeared behind a hill. The boy then rushed there and saw a hemispherical shining object posed on the ground, with the three characters in the vicinity. Whereas he saw no door opening, he suddenly noticed that the beings were gone. The object emitted a high-pitched whistling sound like that of a metal axis spinning quickly, rose slowly, and after 6 to 7 seconds, took the direction of south-east where it was lost from sight.
Source: Michel Bougard, in “La chronique des OVNI”, Delarge, 1977, page 258

Date:  1940

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