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1946: January UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: 1946
Location: Romania
Summary: Again, wreckage transported to Zhitkur.

Date: 1946
Location: Sweden
Summary: The well-documented ‘Ghost Rocket’ invasion of Sweden took place as cigar-shaped objects rained down on land and lake in this area of northern Europe.

Date: 1946
Location: Florida
Summary: Pilot and crew of a C-47 aircraft 30 miles north-east of Tampa, saw a cigar-shaped object with luminous portholes hurtle towards them in horizontal flight at the same altitude of 4,000ft. At 1,000 yards distant it swerved to avoid them. Estimated size of object was twice that of a B-29 bomber.

Date: January 18, 1946
Location: Cherbourg, Basse-Normandie, France
Time: 23:00
Summary: USAAF C-54 Pilot incident. Bright “shooting star” streaked downward without exploding, then came back. An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One light was observed by one experienced male military witness in a warplane.
Source: Weinstein, Dominique Aircraft UFO Encounters Project ACUFOE, Paris, 1999

Date: January 19, 1946
Location: Sweden
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Summary: (GMT). RAF pilot of Mosquito pursued unidentified radar target showing efficient controlled evasive action at 22,000 ft speed equal or greater than Mosquito, headed W? towards Norfolk, Eng. (FOIA) This was five months before the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the beginning of the Wave of 1947, followed by the crash at Roswell in early July. The incident was also linked to another “X raid” tracked by radar earlier that same day. An FBI document from July of 1947 quoted the Air Ministry case summary stating that: “no explanation has been forthcoming, nor has it been repeated.” This information was not entirely accurate, because a very similar incident had occurred just 24 hours after the North Sea incident. As a direct result, Fighter Command immediately extended its night radar watch.

Date:  January 19, 1946
Location: Flagstaff W, Arizona
Time: 00:00 
Summary: Lapse of time experienced by witness, 10 hours. Under hypnosis: car had stopped in front of “Mexican hat” object. three beings glided, no feet, radiant glow, levitation. An abduction of a witness was reported. Witness reported that a period of time could not be accounted for. Telepathic phenomena were said to have occurred. One domed disc was observed in foggy weather by two male witnesses, typical age 20, at a mountain for ten hours (Pisula). Three beings, each wearing a luminous suit, were seen.
Source: Webb, David HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports

Date: January 31, 1946
Location: Bridgeton, New Jersey
Time: 2:23 p.m
Summary: Radar and flying boats otherwise unspecified, reported an unidentified object in the air 40 miles SE of Philadelphia detected near Bridgeton.  Flying boats sent to check with no result. Blamed on unusual cloud formation.
Source: Aldrich, Philadelphia [PA] Enquirer  1 February 1946

Date:  January 1946



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