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Date: July 1947
Location: Zacatecas State, Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: In the desert, a Mexican rancher came upon a landed metallic rocket-shaped object on some scrubland. Inside a cabin or cockpit, he was able to see two short man-like Dwarfin (Dwarfs) wearing silvery coveralls. He apparently left the area and did not see the object depart.

Date: early July 1947
Location: Near Nashville Tennessee
Time: unknown
Summary: A man wrote the Nashville Tennesseean that as he was driving along a highway, a flying saucer landed on a flying field, and two strange little men, “all heads and arms and legs, and glowing like fireflies,” emerged from it and exchanged greetings with him by sign language. The saucer finally took off in a cloud of dust.
Source: Loren E Gross

Date: 1947: Encounter near Amfreville la mi-Voie, France

Date: July 1947
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Time: 0530A
Summary: 22-year old Andrew Cherry waited at his usual bus stop close to St Johns School in Baileyfield Road. Glancing skywards, he caught sight of a strange object, disc-shaped with what looked like a large glass dome in the style of an observation window. The UFO was hovering about 300 ft above the ground, close enough for Cherry to get a clear view of its humanoid occupant. The “alien” was wearing dark clothes and was sitting or standing beside a control panel of some kind. He also noted the marked metal texture of the spacecraft—“like rough diamonds”—-and the orange yellow color, which he thinks was simply a reflection of the sun’s rays. The area around the object looked hazy, possibly owing to the object’s energy source. Cherry could hear a low, smooth hum, which he associated with the flames he could see escaping from the disc. The object suddenly tilted, spun away and disappeared over the Fife coast in a matter of seconds.
Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland

Date: Early July, 1947
Location: Near Malta, Mediterranean Sea
Time: 2:30 p.m. (EDT)
Summary: Fishermen on a boat 20 miles south of Malta were raising their nets with a catch of fish when they saw an object floating on the water’s surface that looked like a black submarine. The fishermen were frightened because they thought it looked more like a monster than a submarine, so they quickly pulled in their nets and started the boat’s engine. At that moment a bright light from the “submarine” lit up the whole area and “little men” began running over the deck of the object. The fishermen couldn’t make out much detail from their boat but whenever the light illuminated the “little men”, they could see some sort of apparatus around their waist.
Source: Original reference: “UFOs fuq iI-Gzejjer Maltin” by David Pace

Date: ? Jul 1, 1947
Location: Pima Indian reservation, just south of Chandler, Arizona
Time: 9:30 am MST
Summary: Robert E. Johnson, juvenile probation officer of Chandler county, sees lone silver-colored, discus-shaped object traveling at “great rate of speed”, headed north in a fairly direct way, visible two to three minutes. Estimated height at 5000 to 10,000 ft
Source: Tucson Daily Citizen, 7/7

Date: ? Jul 1, 1947
Location: Albuqurque, NM
Time: night
Summary: Max Hood, an Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce executive, sees “a disc-like bluish object following a zig-zag path in the northwestern sky” for about half a minute before it disappeared in the vicinity of Volcano Peak.
Source: Albuquerque Journal, 7/2; -Roswell Daily Record, 7/2; Portales Daily News, 7/2; Gallup Independent, 7/2; Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/2

Date: July 1 1947: Radar Pick-ups of High Speed Targets in the Far East.

Date: July 2, 1947
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Time: 9:50 p.m. (MST)
Summary: Pharmacist Dan Wilmot, wife, and son Paul, at home in downtown Roswell. Fireball came from SE directly or almost directly overhead, heading towards and disappearing over Sixmile Mtn at about azimuth 306°
Source: Sparks; Roswell Daily Record, July 8.1947

Date: July 2, 1947
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Time: 9:50 PM
Summary: Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot see oval object, “like two inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth,” passing over their house in Roswell. Object, moves at a high speed, heading northwest.

Date: Jul 2, 1947
Location: Corona, New Mexico
Time: night
Summary: Rancher Mac Brazel hears loud crash during night near Corona, New Mexico

Date: Jul 3, 1947
Location: Corona, New Mexico 
Summary: Mac Brazel discovers crash debris

Date: 1947: Roswell UFO Incident (Crash and Recovery) 

Date: Jul 3, 1947
Location:  Magdelena, New Mexico
Time: Morning
Summary: Barney Barnett finds crashed disc in arroyo.
Source: Webb, David HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports

Date: Jul 3, 1947
Location: South Brooksville-Harborside, Maine Bluebook # 27
Time: 2:30 p.m. (EDT)
Summary: Astronomer John F. Cole alerted by a roaring noise overhead saw about 10 very light colored 50-100 ft wide objects to the N at about 50° elevation in a formation initially about 1.5° wide, with 2 dark forms to their left or 2 objects had darker projections somewhat like wings, moving like a swarm of bees to the NW at about 600-1,200 mph through about 30° arc [at about 4-20 miles distance?]. 10-15 secs.
Source: Berliner; McDonald 1968; FOIA; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 3, 1947
Location: Northern Idaho, St. Maries, Idaho
Summary: This interesting report describes the landing, seen by a family of ten in Northern Idaho, of eight huge objects.  This report should have been among those in the Air Force files because it had been reported to intelligence officers from the Spokane Army Air Base, and an intensive air search was carried out by two missions of the National Guards 116th Fighter Group. Local sheriffs deputies also made a  ground search, but since no apparent trace of the objects was found, a report was probably never forwarded to Wright Field in Dayton. (Bloecher)  Bloecher: According to these (AMC) spokesmen, the investigation at Wright Field was continuing, in spite of what spokesmen in Washington were telling the press. Within twenty four hours after the release of these official statements, events would begin to take place that would leave everybody, civilians and military personnel alike, in a state closely approximating Ruppelt’s description of a flap. Reports of sightings, coming almost simultaneously from hundreds of bewildered citizens, were made to newspapers and police stations all over the country, and adjacent areas as well, from Southern California to New Brunswick, and from Louisiana to North Dakota. People everywhere were experiencing the beginning of one of the most massive waves of UFO sightings on record.  Reports came from all kinds of observers:  from picnickers and holiday crowds, from policemen and public officials, and from pilots, farmers, professional men, housewives and bus drivers.

Date: July 3, 1947
Location: near Santa Rosa NAS, California 
Time: 4:50 p.m.
Summary: A trained observer from the Naval Auxiliary (name withheld by newspaper and confirmed by Dr.  R. W. Nelson, civilian dentist) observed an object shaped like a giant pocket watch colored like aluminum about 15-20 feet in diameter, about 1,000 feet above main runway,  It moved N to end of runway, turned E banking headed toward Santa Rosa. 
Source: Jan Aldrich, Loren Gross, Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

Date: July 4, 1947    BBU
Location: Redmond  
Time: 11 a.m
Summary: C. J. Bogne of Tigard, Ore., and other witnesses in a car near Redmond saw 4 discs flying past  Mt. Jefferson on a straight course at high speed.
Source: McDonald list; FOIA; Ruppelt p. 20; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 4, 1947
Location: Portland and Milwaukee, Oregon, and Vancouver, Wash. (BBU)
Time: 1:05 p.m
Summary: Radio newsman Frank Cooley of station KOIN, INS wire service employees in the Portland Oregon Journal Building, Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Fred Krives, Deputy Clarence McKay, Sgt. John Sullivan, Portland Police Officer Kenneth A. McDowell, Harbor Patrol Capt. K. A. Prahn, Harbor Patrolmen A. T. Austad and K. C. Hoff, Portland Police Officers Earl J. Patterson [Paterson?], Walter A. Lissy and Robert Ellis, Oregon Highway Patrol Sgt. Claude Cross, and many others over a wide area saw 5 large discs moving at high speed to the E, 2 flying S and 3 to the E, with oscillating or wobbling motion, sudden 90° turns or zigzagging, radio reports alerted other officers who saw the objects, aluminum or chromium color, disc or hubcap or pie-pan or half-moon shape flashing in the sun, no vapor trail, no noise (except possible humming), some at 10,000-­40,000 ft others at about 1,000 ft. McDowell noticed pigeons reacted. Sullivan, McKay and Krives noted low humming sound and reported 20-30 objects. Cooley reported 12 discs at about 20,000 ft. [Further sightings at 2, 4:30, 5 p.m.] Patterson, Lissy and Ellis were pilots. 30-90 secs
Source: Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 100­2; McDonald 1968; FOIA; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 4, 1947
Location: Seattle, Washington
Summary: Photo by Frank Ryman. Coast Guard yeoman took first known photograph of UFO, a circular object which moved across the wind. Photo shows round dot of light. [UFOE, VII, XII] 

Source:  [Other sightings at 1:05, 4:30, 5 p.m.] (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 100-2; McDonald 1968; FOIA; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 4, 1947
Location: Portland, Oregon (BBU)
Time: 2 p.m.
Summary: E. A. Evans saw 3 metallic discs glinting sunlight, 1 moving W to E, followed by 2 others heading N.

Date: July 4, 1947    BBU
Location: Portland, Oregon
Time: 4:30 p.m
Summary: Mrs. L. J. Hayward saw a silvery disc-shaped object looking like a new dime flipping in an erratic path moving slowly. [Other sightings at 1:05, 2, 5 p.m.]
Source: Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 100-2; McDonald 1968; FOIA; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 4, 1947
Location: Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon, and Vancouver, Wash (BBU).
Time: 5 p.m. [Other sightings at 1:05, 2, 4:30 p.m.]
Source: Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 100-2; McDonald 1968; FOIA; Bloecher 1967

Date: 1947: United Airlines Flight 105 pilots witness disc-shaped object

Date: July 4 1947
Location: Near Tularosa, New Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: Close to the eastern border of White Sands missile test range a large lenticular disc-shaped craft, 99 ft in diameter, with a dome on top and a small rim, crashed. US radars tracked it for a long time; it was flying very slowly, apparently the pilots died out of decompression long before the disk crashed. 5 short aliens, all dead, were found at the site. There was a small hole in one of the portholes. The craft was moved to Muroc AFB and later to Wright Patterson and moved to Hangar 18. The aliens were about 1.0m-1.2m in height, gray type with 3 webbed fingers, lizard-like skin, which was originally bluish-gray-green in color but the color was distorted since all were badly charred. Their origin was later established as star MD-5015 on top of Cassiopeia Constellation, 60 light years away. Several other craft from that same civilization have also crashed.
Source: Anton Anfalov

Date: July 5 1947
Location: Plains of San Augustin New Mexico
Time: 1130A
Summary: According to Gerald Anderson when he was 5 years of age, him and several other family members were out rock hunting in the desert area, when they came upon a gully near a shallow arroyo and saw an object that appeared to have impacted on a small slope. Curious, himself and his cousin walked towards it and noticed that one side of it seemed to have been ripped open, there was a lot of debris scattered around. They also saw four apparent occupants of the craft. One was sitting next to it and was apparently alive. Soon other witnesses arrived; some were college students from an Eastern university. But soon several armed military personnel arrived, these made threats to all those present and made them leave the area. The beings were described as wearing two tone gray uniform like outfits and small in stature. They had slightly lager heads than humans and huge bluish eyes; their skin was very pale. The hands were also long and slender. Two of the beings were apparently dead, one injured and the fourth was alive and appeared terrified. No sound was heard coming from them. This is probably one of the several crash retrieval incidents that occurred in the same area about the same time.
Source: Kevin D Randle, A History of UFO Crashes

Date: Jul 5, 1947
Location: Brazel Farm, New Mexico
Summary: following the rain the night before, Brazel inspects the pastures surrounding the ranch house. Riding with him is the young son of the Proctors, William D. Proctor. During the inspection, Brazel discovers a debris field 300 hundred yards wide (3 football fields) and 3/4 of a mile long. Scattered on the slopes and into the sinkhole and depressions are metal, plasticlike beams, pieces of lightweight material, foil, and string. The debris is thick enough that the sheep refuse to cross the field and are driven around it to water more than a mile away. Brazel picks up a sackful of the “stuff.”

Date: July 5, 1947:
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Time: 1:15 or 1:30 pm
Summary: Glenn Dennis, mortician at Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell, which had a contract to provide mortuary services for the Roswell Army Air Field, receives a call from the base mortuary officer, who asks about smallest size hermetically sealed caskets in stock.

Date: Jul 6, 1947
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Time: Noon
Summary: Brazel arrives at the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office in downtown Roswell,tells Sheriff George Wilcox about his find, shows sheriff pieces of debris. Sheriff calls Roswell Army Air Field, connected with 509th Bomb Group’s Intelligence Officer, Jesse A. Marcel, at Officer’s Club eating lunch. Marcel promises to come to Sheriff’s Office after lunch. Marcel arrives at Sheriff’s office downtown Roswell, interviews Brazel, examines two boxes of wreckage

Date: July 6 1947
Location: Chickamauga Creek Tennessee
Time: 1400
Summary: W D Secrest was hunting turtles in a creek when he saw three flying disc shaped objects over the area. Scared at first he hid behind a tree. He then noticed one of the discs descend and hover over a nearby field. He was able to obtain a good look at the object & was able to see a cockpit with two pilot-like figures inside as the object tilted. He also noted a black hump behind the cockpit, which he believed housed the engines. The other two discs remained high in the air, while the lower disc apparently surveyed the field. It suddenly zoomed upward, took a leading position in front of the other two discs and all three took off at incredible speed.
Source: Project 1947

Date: July 6, 1947
Location: S. Central Wyoming
Summary: Aviation engineer saw oval UFO.
Source: UFOE, VI

Date: July 6, 1947
Location: Fairfield-Suisan AFB, California (BBU # 36)
Time: Daytime
Summary: AAF Capt. and Mrs. James H. Burniston saw a highly reflective round flat object having no wings or tail, the size of a C-54 transport (118 ft) roll from side-to-side 3 times then fly away very fast from NW to the SE [SW?] at 10,000 ft.
Source: Berliner; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 6, 1947
Location: Clay Center, Kansas (BBU)
Time: 1:45 p.m.
Summary: AAF pilot Major A. B. Browning and crew flying B-25 E to Kansas City saw a silvery circular object 30-50 ft diameter pacing the aircraft at a little lower altitude then shot off at high speed heading E at 11,000 ft at 210 mph.
Source: Project 1947; FOIA; Bloecher 1967

Date: July 7 1947
Location: Roswell Army Air Force Base.
Time: 07:00
Summary: Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan Calvert and enlisted man gather two carloads of strange material at debris site and  carrying it back to Roswell Army Air Force Base.
Source: Hatch, Larry *U* computer database Author, Redwood City, 2002

Date: July 7 1947
Location: Tacoma Washington
Time: unknown
Summary: Levity also had its day, coming from Gene Gamachi, 1309 S 8 St, I W Martenson and Gordon Pollack, and a group called the “Center & J Street Neighbors.” The “neighbors” reported the disks, after landing on a neighborhood roof, disgorged several “little people” who vanished when reporters approached.
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: Andrews AAF in Washington, D.C
Time: 2 AM
Summary: a special flight leaves for Andrews AAF in Washington, D.C. Some of the debris and the bodies are on that flight

Date: Jul 7, 1947
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Time: 4:50 pm
Summary: Three patients at Veterans Hospital see flying saucer. Lewis Zesper, former Army pilot, describes as oval shaped, about 25 feet in diameter, light metallic gray in color and wobbly in flight. Estimates altitude at 4000 ft and speed in excess of conventional jet plane.
Source: Flagstaff Arizona Daily Sun, 7/8; Prescott Evening Courier, 7/8; Phoenix Gazette, 7/8

Date: Jul 7, 1947
Location: Tucumcari, N.M
Time: 6:00 pm
Summary: Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Lawrence see “something” rather flat and round like a reflection of a mirror not traveling at a terrific rate of speed, but hard to tell, moving west.

Date: Jul 7, 1947
Location: El Paso, Texas
Time: 8:45 pm
Summary: unidentified woman sees something more grayish in color than silver going south to north across sky.
Source: El Paso Times, 7/8

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: 7 miles N of Shreveport, Louisiana (BBU)
Time: Morning
Summary: Military aircraft pilot Harston saw a bright silver object about the angular size of the moon.
Source: Project 1947; McDonald list

A 16-inch disk made of specification AN-A-13T aluminum, 1/16″ thickness fell into street.     Mysterious tube Inside was a fluorescent light starter. Credit: Kevin Randle

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: Hickam Field, Hawaii (BBU)
Time: 9 a.m.
Summary: Civil Service employee Saito saw a large silver balloon-like object with silvery disc [attached?] immediately beneath it without attaching cables slowly ascending to the NW at 6,000 ft
Source: McDonald list; FOIA; FUFOR Index

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: Muroc Army Air Field, Calif. (BBU)
Time: 10:10 a.m.
Summary: AAF experimental test pilot Major Jowell C. Wise while powering up an XP-84 jet on the runway looked up where others were looking and saw to the N a yellowish-white sphere about 5­ 10 ft diameter oscillating in a “forward whirling” motion without losing altitude at about 10,000­12,000 ft altitude moving W to E at about 200-225 mph.
Source: FOIA

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: Willow Springs, Illinois
Summary: A very notable incident occurred around noon, when Robert Meegan and his 14 year old son John heard a buzzing noise overhead. They were working in the fields on their farm near the Des Plains River not far from the Argonne National Laboratories. Looking up they saw “13 round objects all going east, single file in a straight line.” They described the objects as round with flat bottoms estimated about as big as a house and bluish-grey in color. They stated that the craft flew on a straight and level course toward the east.

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: Lakeland, Florida (BBU)
Time: 1-2 p.m. (EST)
Summary: Sign painter Griffin saw 5 round shiny objects in the NE climbing at 7.500 ft; shrill noise heard.
Source: Sparks; Battelle/BBSR14 ?: Mary Castner/CUFOS

Date: July 7, 1947
Location: Arlington, Virginia (BBU)
Time: 10:30 and 11 p.m. (EDT)
Summary: AAF Lt. Col. Cobb saw a “blob,” the size of a small airplane, reflecting white light flying at less than 500 ft above ground to the SE at about 1,350 mph.

Date: Jul 7, 1947
Location: Phoenix, Arizona   BBU
Time: dusk
Summary: William A Rhodes took 2 (or maybe 3) photos of a heel-shaped object w/concave trailing edge circling and banking north of town above his home. Photos also showed a white spot near center of the object. It initially approached from west and Rhodes heard “whooshing” sound. However, during its three clockwise circuits above him, Rhodes said he heard no sound. It then sped off to the southwest at a phenomenal speed, again making no sound. Rhodes said he saw twin vapor trails from the two points at the tips of the concave trailing edge. (Phoenix Arizona Republic, 7/9; San Diego (CA) Union, 7/9; Los Angeles Herald-Express, 7/9) [incident extensively investigated by military intelligence. All prints confiscated. Rhodes turned over negatives to FBI agent and an Army counterintelligence agent a few weeks later.

William Rhodes Photos, Phoenix, AZ, July 7, 1947


Date: July 8 1947
Location: Acres Home Texas
Time: unknown
Summary: A merchant seaman who swore he never touched a drop telephoned the Houston Post and said a big silver disc landed in front of him while he was walking in Acres Home addition (on Rt. I49, just NNW of the Houston city line). A little man, two feet tall, and with a head the size of a basketball, climbed out of the disc and shook hands with him, the seaman said, then climbed back in and whirled away into the blue.
“Did he look like a man from Mars?” the reporter asked.
“I dunno,” the seaman replied, “I never seen a man from Mars.”
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source

Date: July 8, 1947
Location: Los Angeles (near), California
Summary: F-51 pilot, According to Captain Edward Ruppelt, the top secret “Estimate of the Situation”, which was… that the UFOs were interplanetary, listed the following case as one which suggested that conclusion.

Date: July 8, 1947
Location: Muroc Army Air Field, Calif. (BBU # 50)
Time: 9:45 a.m. (PDT).
Summary:  AAF 1st Lt. Joseph C. McHenry, T/Sgt Joseph Ruvolo, S/Sgt Gerald E. Nauman, and Miss Jannette Marie Scotte at 10:00 a.m., saw two saucer or disc shaped objects, silver and apparently metallic, fly a wide circular pattern [?] at about 7500-8000 ft at 350-400 mph heading 320° (about NW) toward Mojave, Calif. Before the first 2 objects disappeared a 3rd similar disc or spherical silver object reflecting sunlight was seen, with additional 5 witnesses, to the N flying tight circles at about 7,000-8,000 ft beyond capability of known aircraft, maintaining altitude. No sound or trails. 3-4 mins.

Date: July 8, 1947
Location: Muroc Army Air Field, Calif. (BBU)
Time: 11:50 a.m.-12 noon.
Summary:  AAF experimental test pilot Capt. John Paul Strapp, Mr. Lenz from Wright Field and 2 others in an observation truck at Area 3 of Rogers Dry Lake for a P-82 ejection seat test saw a round silver or aluminum-white object at first thought to be a parachute, about 25 ft wide, falling from a height below the 20,000 ft of the test aircraft at 3x the rate for an ejection seat test, drifting horizontally toward Mt. Wilson (to the S) at less than 50-80 mph, which when close to horizon appeared to have an oval outline with 2 thick fins or knobs on the upper surface which seemed to rotate or oscillate, no propellers, slowly disappearing below the mountain tops in the distance after 90 secs.Others witnesses independently, including Muroc CO Col. Signa A. Gilkey and engineer Major Richard R. Shoop and wife saw from a different location 5-8 miles away to the N [?] the apparently same falling object, thin metallic aluminum colored and the size of a pursuit aircraft [50 ft?], reflecting sunlight and oscillating, descend to ground level, then rise again and move slowly off in the distance for a total of 8 mins. No sound or trail. [See sightings at Muroc earlier and later in the day and previous day.] 8-mins
Source: FOIA; Vallée Magonia 60

Date: July 8, 1947
Location: 40 miles S of Muroc Army Air Field (BBU)
Time: 4 p.m.
Summary: Exactly four hours later the pilot of an F-51 was flying at 20,000 feet about 40 miles south of Muroc Air Base when he sighted a “flat object of a light reflecting nature.” He reported that it had no vertical fin or wings. When he first saw it, the object was above him and he tried to climb up to it, but his F-51 would not climb high enough. All air bases in the area were contacted but they had no aircraft in the area
Source: Exact and complete quote from Ruppelt p. 22

Date: Jul 8, 1947
Time: noon
Summary: Colonel Blanchard at Roswell AAF ordered Second Lieutenant Walter Haut to issue a press release telling the country that the Army had found the remains of a crashed a flying saucer. Haut was the public information officer for the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell AAF. Haut delivered the press release to Frank Joyce at radio station KGFL. Joyce waited long enough for Haut to return to the base, then called Haut there to confirm the story. Joyce then sent the story on the Western Union wire to the United Press bureau.

Date: Jul 8, 1947
Location: Capitan Mtns, New Mexico
Time: 12:00
Summary: A second crash site is supposedly found with alien bodies. FBI Dallas teletype says 8th Air Force HQ notified FBI by telephone that an object purporting to be a flying disk was recovered on this date. “Disk was hexagonal in shape and was suspended from a balloon by cable, which balloon was approximately twenty feet in diameter.” The disk and balloon were being transported to Wright Field by special plane for examination.

Date: 1947: Flying Disc Photographed By Youth

Date: July 9, 1947
Location: Between. Meridian and Boise, Idaho (BBU)
Time: 12:17 p.m.
Summary: Idaho Statesman aviation editor and former (AAF) B-29 pilot Dave Johnson flying in an Idaho Air National Guard AT-6 saw a black disc, standing out against the clouds, make a half-roll then a stair-step climb. Object the size of a 25-cent coin [at arm’s length?]
Source: Berliner, Sparks, Wilson

Date: Jul 9, 1947
Location: Catalan Island, California
Summary: Three Army Air Force veterans reported six flying discs over Catalan Island, California, in 1947 and former aerial photographer Bob Jung said he succeeded in photographing one of the objects. The masts of a steamer can be seen at the bottom of the picture.


Date: 1947: Saucer Sightings

Date: July 10, 1947
Location: Harmon Field, Newfoundland, Canada    BBU
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Summary: Bet. 3 and 5 p.m. [or 5:30 p.m. (ADT)]. Three ground crewmen, A. R. Leidy, J. N. Mehrman, and J. E. Woodruff, of Pan American Airways, briefly saw a translucent disc or silvery wheel-shaped object the size of a C-54 transport fly very fast at 10,000 ft, leaving a dark bluish-black trail, then ascend and cut a path through the clouds.
Source: (BBU)

Date: July 10, 1947   BBU
Location: Near Ft. Sumner, New Mexico
Time: 4:47 p.m.
Summary: Dr. Lincoln LaPaz with wife and 2 teenage daughters were driving W on Hwy 60 when they saw a sharply outlined, white ellipsoidal seemingly luminous 200 ft object (±40 ft, major/minor axis ratio 2.45) wobbling in the distance to the W [probably 272° azimuth initially] about 25 miles away (±5 miles; distance from triangulation of the cloud bank by driving around it by about 90° over 50 miles along Hwy 84 and weather data). Object about 30 secs almost motionless at a low speed of about 150 mph (±30 mph) then disappeared behind a cloud at 273° azimuth elevation 1° but reappeared 5 secs later further to the right, or N, and higher at 275° azimuth 2° elevation, about 1 mile distance traveled thus an average speed of roughly 600-900 mph [peak velocity about 1,400 mph at about 13 gs], but no sound, no trail. Object continued to slowly drift N about 2 mins [in level flight] until disappearing in the cloud bank [at about 287° azimuth]. 2.5 mins.
Source: LIFE Incident 2; Hynek astronomer survey Aug. 1952; etc.(BBU)

Date: July 10,  1947
Location: Morristown, New Jersey
Summary: Six daylight discs observed from aircraft.


Date: July 11, 1947   BBU
Location: Elmendorf Air Base, Anchorage, Alaska
Summary: AAF Colonel Perry (?) plus another witness Guyer, saw a round 3 ft aluminum object travel at great speed to the S. At 6:30 p.m. (AHST) [July 12?] AAF Major Graham saw a balloon-like grayish 10 ft object headed NW at 100 mph at 1,500 ft.
Source: McDonald list; FOIA; FUFOR Index

project_blue_book01Date: July 12, 1947   BBU
Location: Sand Point Naval Air Station, Washington
Time: 6:35 p.m.
Summary: Seaman John C. Kennedy, Seaman Ben Bobberly reported a disc-like object observed flying overhead headed east toward Kirkland over Lake Washington. Silvery, perfectly round and made no noise. Reported to officers on base
Source: Jan Aldrich, Bloecher Case #835

Date: 1947: Nine Flying Discs Encountered by B-17

Date: July 23, 1947: 7 ft Aliens spotted in Brazil

Date: July 23, 1947
Location: The Villa Santina is in Friuli, in the extreme northeastern province of Italy
Summary: The witness was Professor R. L. Johannis, and he saw a classic flying disk, except that it was bright red, stuck in the side of a mountain, as well as one of the few known examples of “little green men.” They weren’t that little, being about the size of the San of the Kalahari, and they weren’t that green, being a kind of earthy green (Bowen, p. 188 ff.). Gordon Creighton presented this case.
Source: 1947: Villa Santina Encounter

Date: July 24, 1947
Location:  Squantum Naval Air Station, Massachusetts
Time: Morning
Summary: Joseph Muka, Seaman 2c, John Francis Nihen, aerographic. During routine weather check on the Operations Building a highly polished silver ball hurtled thru the air between about 8 to 10 thousand feet at a speed of 300 mph and raising in NW direction. It was not a weather balloon.
Source: Gross Supplement to Supplements, page 40-41 Quincy, (MA) Patriot-Ledger 24 July 1947, page 1

Date: July 28, 1947
Location: Between. Mountain Home & Boise, Idaho
Time: 8:34 p.m.
Summary: Crew of a Seattle-bound United Airlines Mainliner DC-3 reported disc-like object in the sky at estimated 9,010 feet as twin-engine liner was flying at 7,500 feet. CAA said no other planes in the area where pilot Givian said he saw the disc
Source: Newsclipping, Dan Wilson

Date: July 29, 1947
Location: Canyon Ferry, Montana (Helena?) (BBU)
Time: 12:05 p.m.
Summary: Observer Madden saw hovering and fluttering, rising and descending 3 ft gleaming and shimmering object heading NE at 3,000 ft height at tremendous speed.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: July 29, 1947
Location: Hamilton Field, Calif. (BBU # 69)
Time: 2:50 p.m. (PDT?)
Summary: Assistant Base Operations Officer Capt. William H. Ryherd and ex-Air B-29 pilot 1st Lt. Ward Stewart saw for unknown length of time two round, shiny, white objects with estimated 15-25 foot diameters, fly 3-4 times the apparent speed of a P-80, also in sight, (or at 750 mph), at 6,000-10,000 ft heading S or SE at 120°. One object flew straight and level; the other weaved from side-to-side like an escort fighter.
Capt. Edward J Ruppelt: “By the end of July (1947) The UFO security lid was down tight. The few members of the press who did inquire about what the Air Force was doing got the same treatment that you would get today if you inquired about the number of thermonuclear weapons stock-piled in the U.S. atomic arsenal. . . (At ATIC there was) confusion almost to the point of panic.”Michael Swords: As July wore on into August, (Lt. Col. George D.) Garrett, (General) Schulgen, and (FBI’s liaison officer to the AAF/AF) S. Wesley Reynolds became confused by a lack of interest and pressure emanating from the high echelons of the Pentagon. The previous year they had gone through an investigative furor about a subject that they considered to be similar to the flying discs, when hundreds of ghost rocket reports came out of Sweden and other European countries. In 1946, the top brass had exerted continuous pressure to find an answer, but now it had gone completely quiet. This puzzling void has been termed the silence from topside. It was very peculiar to Garrett and the FBI. Their mutual suspicion was that the very highest officials knew what this phenomenon was already
Source: Berliner; FOIA; FUFOR, Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, p.39, Swords, 1991

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