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1947: October UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: October 1947
Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona
Time: unknown
Summary: Another alleged crash retrieval took place in Paradise Valley. Selman E Graves, a former businessman and pilot, witnesses part of the recovery along with two friends during a hunting trip. Graves reported: “There were some mine shafts—what you might call an outcropping—and a small hill, and we went up there and the three of us could look back and see everything that was taking place.” There was a large aluminum colored dome shaped object, which was roughly the size of a house—it was measured to have been 36 feet in diameter. They could see pitched buildings—tents—and men moving about. Supposedly there were a couple of small humanoids—about 4 and half feet tall recovered at the site.
Source: Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, quoting Scully


Date: Oct., 1947
Location: Dodgeville, Wisc.    BBU # 91
Time: 11 [a.m.?].
Summary:  Unnamed civilian man saw an undescribed object fly counterclockwise circles. 1-hr.

Date: Oct. 8/9, 1947
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada         BBU
Summary: AAF reserve Capt. Moore saw an object traveling at 700 mph leave an almost white smoke/vapor trail and change direction from SE to W

Date: Oct., 11 1947
Location: Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Summary: unnamed civilian man.  Watched for 1 hour while an undescribed object flew counterclockwise circles.

c207Date: Oct. 12, 1947.
Location: Guadalupe, Mexico     BBU
Time: 9:30 a.m. (CST).
Summary: Numerous witnesses saw a cigar-shaped, blue and silver color fireball trailing blue flame heading E to W plunge to earth resembling an errant V-2 rocket and appearing to head for impact in the Zamalayuca Mtns. with a billow of smoke and loud explosion. Mexican Army reserve Capt. Aranda saw the fireball from the Hernandez Torres filling station near Caseta and saw it disappear over the sandhills near Colonia Reforma. No meteorites or other remains found in searches
Source: Sparks; Loren Gross, Jul-Dec 1947 p. 38; 1947 pp. 69-71; SUPP Aug-Dec 1947 pp. 44-45;

Date: Oct. 14 [12?], 1947
Location: 11 miles NNE of Cave Creek, Ariz.       BBU # 95
Time: 12 noon (MDT).
Summary: Ex-AAF fighter pilot J. L. Clark, civilian pilot Anderson, third man saw 3-foot “flying wing,” black against the white clouds and red against the blue sky, flying straight at an estimated 380 m.p.h., at 8,000-10,000 ft, from NW to SE. 45-60 secs.

Date: October 15 1947
Location:  Palmira, Colombia
Time:  21:00
Summary:  This event occurred in October of 1947. A vocal concert was given in this small town of Palmira, Colombia, S.A. It is located near to Cali, Colombia. The U.P.S. was notified of this incident and sent reports over the wires at that time. After the concert a group of people (approximately 65) followed the artist to the town square to talk and get autographed pictures. While at the square the group noticed a large object that looked like a full moon near the mountains. It was neon blue-green color. It made no noise other than a very low grade electrical hum. The object came and hovered over the square for nearly an hour. It did nothing but hover above the square pulsating brighter and darker in the same blue-green color. It was about the size of a football stadium, and completely covered the square. After hovering. it slowly zigzagged away from the square and then took off at a high rate of speed straight up. When it did the zig-zig movement it left a trail behind like the tail of a comet.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: October 16 1947
Location:  Pereira Colombia
Time:  12:00
Summary:  I arrived in the town in the middle of the day to give a concert there. When I arrived everyone was looking up in the sky. I looked and there was this circular object in the sky that looked metallic. It was very large. It stayed in the same spot without movement for near to 12 hours. When it became dark the object started pulsating blue-green. The object was still hovering in the town when I left to do to the next town on my concert tour. This event occurred in October of 1947. My background is that I am A concert artist and voice teacher. I live and still give concerts in North Hollywood, CA. At the time of these sightings I was giving a concert tour in the country of Colombia,S.A. I was born in Santiago, Chile and educated in private conservatories there. I also studied voice in Italy. I have given concerts throughout South America and the United States. I have sung in Town Hall in New York, Carnegie Hall in New York, with the San Francisco Opera Company, and many other places. I have lived and worked in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years now.
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date: Oct. 20, 1947
Location:  Xenia, Ohio                   BBU
Time: 11 a.m.
Summary:  Atkinson saw a round 1 ft object at 1,500 ft heading SW on a straight course.

Date: Oct. 20, 1947
Location: Dayton, Ohio      BBU
Time: 1:20 p.m.
Summary: Farmer Britton saw 2 cigar-shaped objects reflecting brilliant sunlight traveling W to E on a straight course at high speed about 1 mile height in trail formation about a city block apart emitting a slight vapor trail, disappearing suddenly

Date: Oct 28 1947
Summary:  Intelligence Requirements on Flying Saucer Type Aircraft, SECRET Schulgen Memo

Date: October 1947



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