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1948: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: June 28, 2016)

Date: April 1, 1948 BBU
Location: About 9 miles SE of Sorsogon, SE Luzon Island, Philippines
Time: 9:55 a.m.
Summary: USAF Lt. Meyers leading a flight of 4 P-47 fighters of the 67th Fighter Sq was flying S heading 180° at 1,500 ft altitude when he saw a half-moon shaped “flying wing” about 30 ft wide 20 ft long, with a barely perceptible dorsal fin, flying on a N heading 360° at about 1,000 ft about 3 miles to his E [evidently silhouetted against the surface 9 miles away at a depression angle of about 2°]. He immediately made a 270° left turn to identify the object when it made a 90° left turn [banking evidently] leveled out on a W heading 270° accelerating rapidly to disappearance in 5 secs, no trail [assuming 10x distance increase to reduce apparent size below visual resolution limit, and constant acceleration, terminal velocity would be about 11 miles per second or 39,000 mph at about 350 g’s].
Source: FOIA; FUFOR Index

Date: April 3 1948
Location: San Martino in Pensilis Italy
Time: 0635A
Summary: Guiseppe Langiano, a bus driver, and the stationmaster, Bavota, saw a luminous orange object hovering about 10 meters above the ground at Fara Di Gigno, emitting a beam of very bright white light. It was an inverted bowl shape, surmounted by a transparent looking “upside down cup,” diameter 10-15 meters. From this floated down to the ground “a sort of big puppet about 1.5 meters in height, dressed in a stiff, metallic looking one piece garment and wearing heavy metallic gauntlets; he had two round holes in place of eyes.” When the witness ran toward it, this figure re-entered the UFO, which took off.
Source: UFO in Italia

Date: April 5 1948 (BBU # 139)
Location: Holloman AFB New Mexico
Summary: “In the afternoon of April 5 (1948) Holloman (New Mexico) AFB personnel reported having witnessed an object in the shape of a disk, 35 m in diameter, executing a series of violent turns and maneuvers – it is worth making a note of the dimensions of the disk as estimated by these competent observers. Another disk was seen the same day displaying similar behavior at Manila (?)”

Date: April 7 1948
Location: Longview Washington
Time: 1500
Summary: Mrs Viola Johnson & James Pittman, laundry employees, saw “3 men in dark drab flying suits flying through the air—about 250 ft high, circling the city, going about as fast as a freight train. I couldn’t see any motors or propellers on them, but I could hear motors like airplane motors, but not as loud. They had some kind of apparatus on their sides which looked like guns.” The flying men were gone before others could get outside, but “other residents reported hearing plane motors and seeing three planes circle at a high altitude.”
Source: Humcat quoting News INS story

Date: April 8, 1948  BBU
Location: Ashley, Ohio [Delaware?]. Paines
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

Date: April 9, 1948  BBU
Location: Holloman AFB?, Alamogordo, New Mexico
Time: 2:06 p.m. (MST)
Source: Trakowski GRUDGE rpt

Date: April 9, 1948  BBU
Location: Montgomery, Alabama 
Time: 3:10 p.m.
Summary: Lt. Col. Hughes, Air Tactical School instructor, Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Florida, while flying a P-51H fighter at 16,000 ft and just before completing a 180° left turn spotted a silver parachute-shaped 8 ft disc with a 5 ft long cable or shroud underneath suspending a silver canister or ball, at his 10 o’clock position (to the SE) off his left wing headed NW, about 300-500 ft away and 200­300 ft below him. He banked sharp left to try to follow the object, at 310 mph IAS, but it disappeared in 5 secs without dropping in altitude.
Source: FOIA

Date: April 11, 1948  BBU
Location: Alton, Illinois
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: April 14 1948
Location: Near Remedios, Las Villas, Cuba
Time: midnight
Summary: On all Friday all Saints Days, Jose Espinoza got up early in order to arrange some sugar cane carts, which he had left in the fields in order to work on them later. Ignoring his mother’s his mother’s pleas not to go out on such a Holy day because the “Devil himself was out doing his work on this day” Jose headed out to the carts. Soon after climbing on the first cart he began his labors, suddenly he noticed standing on the last cart (there were four carts) a little man, only about one foot and a half in height, fiery red in color, emitting sparks from “horn like protrusions and a tail”. The little man noticed the stunned Jose and produced a small ball of fire which he flung at Jose, he repeated this several times; rolling several balls of fire at Jose, each ball was bigger than the last. Jose barely managed to avoid the fiery spheres, and could not further react to the situation. Finally he reacted and screamed with all his might, “this is the devil!”, and quickly jumped from the cart, running towards his house without stopping.
Source: orestes100350 @y ahoo. es quoting Samuel Feijo “Mitologia Cubana”

Date: April 18, 1948  BBU
Location: 1 mile N of Fairbanks, Alaska
Time: 1:06 p.m.
Summary: USAF member Johnson of 375th Recon Sq-Very Long Range, Ladd AFB, in the Cheechako Hotel saw a noiseless object with a flat discus shaped object 8 inches in size [at arm’s length??] rapidly oscillating in flight at about 2,000­3,000 ft altitude about 1 mile away traveling NE to SW at about 250-300 mph visible only when the flat side was toward the observer reflecting high intensity sunlight (?). few mins or 15 secs ?
Source: FOIA; FUFOR Index

Date: April 18, 1948   BBU
Location: N Atlantic bet. Iceland and Greenland
Source: McDonald list

Date: April 19, 1948  BBU
Location: Greenville AFB, South Carolina
Time: 4:15 p.m.
Summary: 2 Lts. Henning (Henning?) and Loomis heard jet fighter(s) and when looking for it saw a stationary silvery or white sphere directly overhead at about 15,000-20,000 ft, which looked like a weather balloon (but none had been launched), and after 1 min it was joined by an identical object at 15,000+ ft which remained relatively stationary (about 1 min) then both suddenly accelerated to high speed off to the NNE in trail formation disappearing in about 30 secs, while the original object drifted N [?]. Size estimated at slightly smaller than a 42 ft AT-6 at the indicated altitude.
Source: FOIA; FUFOR Index

Date: April 30, 1948 BBU
Location: S. of Anacostia NAS, Maryland
Time: 10:15 a.m. 
Summary: Pilot Lowe of Navy aircraft SNJ Buno 90731 flying S at 180° magnetic at 5,500 ft saw yellow sphere in opposite course S to N at constant altitude about 1,000 ft below. 
Source: Jan Aldrich; Project 1947; FUFOR Index

Date:  April 1948



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