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Date:  Fall , 1948
Location: McDermitt, Nevada
Summary: Ghost lights were observed. Nocturnal lights were reported.
Source: Eberhart, George M. A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies Greenwood Press, Westport, 1980 ISBN:0-313-21337-2

Date: Fall 1948
Location: Lineville Alabama
Time: morning
Summary: The witness (a woman who wishes to remain anonymous) was drawing water from a well when an object (a round, luminous ball) landed in an adjacent cornfield. Two longhaired, bearded men got out, wearing long robes with a sash around the middle, and one of them came up and spoke to her in accented English. “He told her not to be afraid, and assured her she would not be harmed if she would cooperate and answer some simple questions.” After about half an hour’s conversation, she fled into the house, where the second humanoid was standing in the doorway; they left, and she saw the UFO ascend. In the cornfield was a flattened and scorched area. The witness “only spoke of the incident when forced to do so.”
Source: George Butler, Beyond Reality 9/73

Date: September , 1948
Location: Moskva (Moscow), Russia
Summary: One object, about 600 feet across, was observed.
Source: Vallee, Jacques 

Date: September , 1948
Location: Port Said, Ss Skaug, Egypt
Time: Daytime
Summary: Photo of ovoid or oval object, with apparent rough exterior.
Source: Delaire, J. Bernard UFO Register Volume 6 (1975) Data Research, Oxford, 1975

Date: September , 1948
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Time: 09:45
Summary: Two objects were observed by one witness for 30 seconds (Resseguie).
Source: NICAP 

Date: September 1948
Location: Near Prescott, Arizona
Time: night
Summary: Kathryn Brown was in her car when she suddenly got the feeling that something was about to happen, she felt great power and gentleness around her. She was not afraid, as she no longer could hear the car radio or engine. And then she saw the familiar lights ahead of the car and fell into what she thought was a deep sleep. She soon discovered that she had lost 2 hours and felt extremely hungry. Later she recalled being onboard an object and meeting a human like figure, tall with long brown hair, blue eyes and who spoke English, he seemed to be the “captain” or leader. The rest of the crew were shorter than her, with grayish white skin and wearing what appeared to be space travel suits. These communicated with the witness by using mental telepathy. After entering a small passageway she was taken to what appeared to be a command center. There she was shown a window that had been invisible from outside. She also saw what appeared to be star maps, dials and abstract drawings. The tall man and one of the short creatures showed her how to operate the dials. The floor was very shiny and made her feel light. Her next memory was of being back in her vehicle. (Involved in other experiences).
Source: UFO Watch

Date: September 5, 1948
Location: Kentwood, Louisiana
Summary: An object which flew in a straight line across the sky was reported on a river.
Source: Project Bluebook

Date: Sept. 11, 1948
Location: over San Francisco, California
Time: 11:30 p.m.  
Summary: A yellow glowing teardrop-shaped object was seen for several seconds flying toward the west at 800 miles per hour, against the wind. It was lost from view in the fog.
Source: Bruce D. Berry, Fate, February 1958, p. 58; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1948 (volume 2), p. 75

Date: Sept. 12, 1948       BBU
Location: 8-12 miles SE of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Time: 3:20 p.m. 
Summary: USAF pilot and copilot flying C-45 transport saw a round white object moving at high speed on a SW heading.
Source:  Sparks Database of Bluebook Unknowns Version 1.7, Dec. 31, 2003

Date: September 12 1948
Location: Lipa City, Philippines
Time: afternoon
Summary: Carmelite nun Teresita Castillo was walking in a garden when suddenly a nearby vine began to shake. A small shining female figure then appeared and requested that she kiss the earth and return to same spot for fifteen consecutive days. She was in a cloud, dressed in white, hands clasped, and a golden rosary hanging from her right hand. Her dress was very white, very simple, and had a narrow belt tied around her. She was radiant with beauty. She requested that the vine be blessed and that a statue be place at the site of the apparition.
Source: “Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace”

Date: September 13 1948
Location: Oristano Italy
Time: 1900
Summary: 18-year old Guiseppe Madau was walking home from a religious seminar when he perceived a loud “tone” like sound coming from overhead. Looking up he saw a strange craft approaching, maintaining an oblique position, at about rooftop height. It was a round disc with a transparent cupola on top. Inside the dome, Madau could see two men. The men were human-like, fair skinned, and apparently blond. Curious the witness waved at the men, who then smiled and waved back. The craft now descended silently flying parallel to the ground. On the upper section of the object there was a bright beam of light that changed colors, from green, to orange and blue. This beam completely enveloped Madau. Soon he perceived an “electronic” sound in his mind and heard words telling him to be “calm.” Soon the sound became somewhat painful, and the witness mentally told them that he “was not going with them.” Scared he began reciting the Mother Mary prayer. He then heard a loud feminine voice telling him to be quiet. The sensation in his mind continued, and he again invoked Mother Mary. Finally the sensation stopped. The light around him disappeared and when he turned around the object and the men were gone.
Source: ITACAT

Date: September 18 1948
Location: Near Grassy Butte Oregon
Time: before dawn
Summary: Fred Scott, 63, walking from Antelope to Rome, Oregon, was walking around Grassy Mountain just before dawn when he looked up and saw 2 “flying persons” to the south of him. They were 150-250 ft up, one following the other at a distance of 8-10 ft, flying west east. Their wings, which were narrow & rounded at the tip, did not flap. Their legs were unusually short, almost as if cut off at the knees. They were moving quite slowly, & remained visible while Scott walked for ½-1 mile.
Source: Kenneth Arnold, Jerome Clark & Ted Bloecher

Date: Sept. 18, 1948   BBU
Location: SE Shreveport, Louisiana
Time:  5:00 p.m. 
Summary:Draftsman at home using high-power binoculars to watch an L-6 aircraft at 10,000 ft altitude at 60° elevation to the SE traveling 100 mph, for Air Force Day, saw a bright white aluminum half-spherical object traveling the opposite direction in level flight at about 20,000 ft altitude 2­1/2 miles away ground distance at 100-150 mph heading S, no trail, lost when he tried to view it without binoculars. Object appeared to be 1/3 size of the L-6 (35.5 ft) but 2x the distance, or about 24 ft.
Source: FOIA

Date: Sept. 22, 1948    BBU
Location: Near Turner AFB, Albany, Georgia
Time: 3:30 p.m. (EST).
Summary:  USAF Lt. Martin G. Rubisch, Asst. Combat Ops Ofcr. at Eglin AFB, Fl., the copilot of a C-47 flying from Eglin heading NE into Turner AFB at 2,000 ft when he saw a shiny metallic object about the size of a radio controlled target drone, but with no wings or rudder, approaching from about 1,500-2,000 ft away about 35° to the left heading 335° (or 155°?) at about 250 mph at 1,500 ft altitude, no trail.
Source: FOIA

Date: September 23, 1948                                            BBU # 208
Location: San Pablo, California
Time: Approx. 12:02-12:03 p.m.
Summary:  Retired U.S. Army Col. Horace S. Eakins and Sylvester Bentham saw a 2-engine bomber aircraft pass low overhead to the SE then saw far beyond and high above it, possibly 1 mile higher, a strange fast-flying irregularly shaped translucent white amoeba headed E, the size of a 4-engine bomber, with 3 appendages in front 2 trailing with a dark grey spot possibly spherical near the center which remained stable in motion, the arms of the amoeba undulating, the object wobbling, disappeared suddenly, no trail. [Another object sighted?: a buff or grey rectangle with vertical lines.] (cf. FOIA)
Source: Sparks Database of Bluebook Unknowns Version 1.7, Dec. 31, 2003

Date: Sept. 23, 1948    BBU
Location: Los Alamos {Santa Fe?], New Mexico
Time: 9:40 a.m. 
Summary: Group of Los Alamos Scientific Lab personnel, Angier, Fairchild and others, waiting for an aircraft at the landing strip saw a sun-reflecting glint in the sky from a flat circular metallic object high in the N sky appearing like a flat dime on-edge slightly tipped as if 50 ft away.
Source: Case recounted in unpublished Ruppelt manuscript said to be included in the TOP SECRET AMC Estimate of the Situation, apparently a revised version of the Aug. 5, 1948, initial draft. FUFOR Index.

Date: Sept. 28 [18?], 1948    BBU
Location:  San Simeon, Calif. Patterson
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date:  September 1948

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