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Date: December 1950
Location: Nr. Cheyenne, Wyo.
Summary: USAF officer saw aluminum-like oval UFO.
Source: III

Date: Dec. 2, 1950
Location: Nanyuki [Nanyuki?], Kenya, Africa (BBU 845)
Time: 10:50 a.m. 
Summary: Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott saw a pearly, iridescent object with a flattened top, spin while hovering, making a sound like bees buzzing. Only data in files was from East African Standard newspaper.
Source: Berliner

Date: Dec. 6, 1950
Location: Westover AFB, Massachusetts (BB)
Time: 8:16 a.m. EST. 
Summary: A civilian at Westover AFB, observed an object half moon in shape, with a silvery outline traveling south at a speed greater than known aircraft. The object appeared to be at an altitude from 10,000 to 20,000 feet. The object was first sighted at an estimated 60 degree angle above the horizon. The object disappeared suddenly without apparent reason. The Westover Approach Control Radar was inoperative at time of reported sighting. The observer is a member of the Air National Guard and is an aircraft mechanic.
Source: Dan Wilson, Bruce Maccabee

Date: Dec. 6, 1950
Location: Laredo AFB, Texas
Summary: Possible UFO crash/retrieval.
Source:  Dolan, Richard M. UFO’s and the National Security State: An Unclassified History Volume One: 1941-1973 Keyhole Publishing Company, Rochester, 2000

Date: Dec. 6, 1950
Location: Radar-inspired national alert
Time: 10:30 a.m. 
Summary: For an hour the United States military was under a condition of national emergency during the morning of December 6, 1950. Two days later the FBI was informed that the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps had been placed on Immediate High Alert for any information related to flying saucers. 
Source: Ridge/Maccabee

Date: Dec. 6, 1950
Location: Ft. Myers, Florida (BBU 848)
Time:5 p.m. 
Summary: Former aircraft purchasing agent Harry Lamp and 4 boys, using 10x binoculars saw a 75 ft object, 3-4 ft thick, bubble on top, silver with a red rim having two white and two orange jets along it and a center that revolved when the object hovered. Object flew away at very high speed. 
Source: Berliner

Date1950: Crash Near Del Rio, Mexico

Date: Dec. 11 [18?], 1950
Location: 10 miles NW of Gulkana, Alaska. (BBU 849)
Time: 10:13 p.m. 
Summary: Crew of Northwest Air Lines flight 802 [and military ?] saw 2 white flashes, followed by a dark cloud which rose and split in 2. 
Source: Berliner

Date: Dec. 14, 1950
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Time: 4:05 p.m. 
Summary: A group of targets blanketed the radar scopes in the area directly over the government Atomic Energy Commission projects at Oak Ridge. These objects could not be identified from the radar image and a perfect fighter interception met with negative results. 
Source: Fran Ridge

Date: Dec. 18, 1950
Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee (BBU)
Summary: Between 0820 and 0830 hours seven officials of the NEPA Division while traveling in two cars observed an unidentified flying object. At 0839 hours to 0845 hours a small “paint” appeared on the scopes of the 663rd AC&W Squadron AF radar station, Knoxville Airport, near the southeast corner of the Oak Ridge Controlled Area. The target was on a magnetic bearing of 190 degrees at a speed of 60 mph at an estimated altitude of 2500 feet. Fighter interception was attempted with negative results.
Source: Blue Book files, McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: Dec. 20, 1950
Location: Oak Ridge, Tenn. (BBU)
Summary: AN&C radar tracks UFO. Log of the 663rd AN &C Squadron, F-82 intercept

Date: Dec. 27, 1950
Location: Lakehurst, New Jersey (BBU)
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: December 27, 1950
Location: Bradford, Ill.
Summary: Trans-World Airways pilot watched light source perform violent and erratic maneuvers.
Source: V

Date: 1950 – 1953:  Korean War
Location:  North-East China Sea
Summary: A UFO photographed by a US Marine Air Group pilot over the North-East China Sea during the Korean War. The object came close to the aircraft before shooting off at over 1,000 mph. It had a very bright top, which ‘burned’ into the film emulsion, and a bronze colored base.
: W. Gordon Allen 

Date:  December  1950

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