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Date: May 10 1951
Location: Manila Philippines
Time: evening
Summary: On a sultry May evening the Manila police patrols were expecting trouble. There was the smell of it in the air and it was a safe prediction as the storm warning made by the distant rumble of the approaching thunderstorm. A patrol car received a message of a crowd gathering outside of the waterfront bars. The car skidded to a stop as a terrified scream rang out. Forcing their way through the watching crowd, the officers saw a girl rolling about on the ground. She kept shouting, “Keep it away from me! Keep it away, Oh, please wont someone help me, I can’t stand the pain!” But no one around her could see anything near the girl. The shocked police officers clearly saw teeth marks appearing on the girl’s arms and neck. As nobody else moved to help her, the officers sprang forward and carried the frantically struggling girl to the car, manacled her and drove at top speed to the police station.All during the trip, the girl fought against the manacles, screaming and sobbing. At the police headquarters, the police doctor suspected that the girl, Clarita Villanueva, had been taking drugs or drinking. Another doctor thought she was having an epileptic seizure.

She was then taken to a cell, ignoring her pleas not to leave her alone. A few minutes later, she started screaming uncontrollably and this time the two police officers came running. The distraught girl moaned to them “The thing is coming at me; It’s coming through the cell door.” She described the unseen entity as resembling a man with large bulging eyes and wearing a cape over his shoulders and it floated in mid-air. The police officers went inside the cell, but still could see nothing. As they watched stunned, ore and more bite barks began appearing on the girl’s arms. They summoned the doctor and the chief of police.The doctor determined that the bite marks were not self-inflicted. Eventually the exhausted girl fell asleep and in the morning as she was being led away she began screaming that the “thing” was back. She eventually collapsed. Later while being taken away by ambulance she reported two creatures attacking her this time, both with large staring eyes. Witnesses watched teeth marks forming on the girl’s neck and arms. They eventually reached the hospital where the attacks ceased. She was guarded 24 hours a day for several days. She was eventually released. Clarita described one of the beings as “big, black, hairy human like,” very tall, with two sharp canine teeth and a long beard like a “Hindu.” Its feet were three times the size of normal human feet. The second entity was about 3 feet tall, and also black, hairy and “ugly.”
Source: Frank Edwards

Date: May 15th to the 16th 1951: Salzburg, Austria Encounter

Date:  May 15 1951
Location:  Millington, Tennessee
Time:  16:30:00
Summary:  i was in the car a 1948 ford coming from a funeral in ripley ms there were 8 of us in the car it seem that everything went into slow motion it was eye level it looked like it was silver but was very dirty and had on seems on nuts or bolts as a three year old i could not believe that my mine was even thinking these things it was like something was making me notice these thing it just a few seconds but seem to be longer all at once with out noise it went strait up then i could see the bottom it looked it was sitting on a stool the first thing that came to my mine was a mother ship just flip a magnet because their was no sound at all and it did not spend it just went strait up first thing i was sitting on my oldest bothers knee looking east ever one else was looking north when i turned and ask my brother if he had seen what i saw he said what then i said it was nothing now i don’t understand how a three year old poor country boy could even think the things i was thinking but i think something was planted in my head i have never forgot this event and i have just told my brother this event word for word 65 years later this has been on my mine for 65 years it seems like it was yesterday i would truly like to talk to talk to some one ill bet you have heard every thing this made me know even at my age their was a higher power and when i started going to church every thing came into play about higher powers
Source:  MUFON

Date: May 22, 1951
Location:  Nr. Dodge City, Kansas
Summary: American Airlines pilot observed maneuvering star-like object. 

Date:  May  1951

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