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Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Date: August 1953
Time: 1100A
On a bright sunny day the witness had just left the barber shop and was on his way home and as he walked toward the curb to cross the street in a southwestern direction he suddenly stopped and looked up and slightly to his right which would have been in a northwestern direction. At that instant he saw a round object come from out of sight straight down. It was as though the blue sky had opened to let this object in. It was very high but he could detect that it was spinning and it looked as though it was transparent because it was the color of the blue sky, round in shape and spinning. The object moved extremely fast downward and stopped instantly. At this point the witness suddenly heard a thought in his mind as he stared at the object that someone was saying, “we have been spotted,” just as soon as that thought went through his mind, the round, spinning, transparent object accelerated straight up and out of sight instantly. (For the witness it has been always difficult to explain how the thought came into his mind).
Source: NUFORC

Location: San Bernardino Mountains, California
Date: August 1953
Time: 1400
At a summer church camp several boys and their counselors were standing at the edge of a lake when they saw a silvery saucer shaped craft with several illuminated windows hovering over the lake area. As the craft descended close to the witnesses they could see several human- like figures moving inside the object through the windows that surrounded the middle seam. The craft hovered briefly then shot away vertically at high speed.
Source: NUFORC

Location: Shelby, Ohio
Date: August 1953
Time: night
Most of the family was already in bed when the woman of the house looked out the bathroom window and saw a red-lighted object wobbling downward. She looked more closely and saw a round object on the ground with three round openings (ports) in it from which came a fiery-like glow. Trying to rationalize this she wondered if something was burning in their burn-barrel out back. She looked again (she was trying to take a bath at the time, and curiosity kept getting to her, so she was up and down, observing) and saw something different which would float up in the air near the garage almost as if it was inspecting the copper cable which hung there. This second thing was shaped like eyes (ovals) but perpendicular (one on top the other?) And would glow (pulse) and the round object would glow (pulse) in return. “I was sitting on the bathtub for two hours, at that time, very “you know.” She finally got her husband up to look at it, too. The days following saw the nearest evergreen tree turn brown and die.
Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”

Location: Burnsville, Minnesota
Date: August 1953
Time: 2330
A couple parked in a secluded area encountered a large disc-shaped object hovering 12 ft off the ground about 300ft away. They could see three human-like figures inside through some large windows. After several minutes the object rose up, moved over a nearby river and accelerated and ascended out of sight.
Source: MUFON April 1989

Date: August 5, 1953: Ellsworth Air Force Base UFO Incident

Date: between August 17-20 1953: Zhdanivka, Poltava region Ukraine Encounter

Date: about August 21 1953
Location: Ciudad Valles Mexico
Time: 1800
Summary: Salvador Villanueva, a taxi driver, was trying to repair his broken down car out in the country when he was joined by two pleasant looking men 4.5 ft tall, wearing one piece gray corduroy garments covering even their feet, with wide shiny belts. They had metal collars, and small black shiny boxes on the back of their necks, & carried football type helmets under their arms. As it was raining, he invited them to shelter in the car, where a conversation with one of them was conducted all night. The spokesperson eventually told him they were from another planet, which Villanueva scarcely believed. He accompanied them to their craft, noticing that the mud puddles did not wet their feet, and that their belts glowed whenever the mud was repelled. The UFO looked like 2 soup plates joined at the rim, with a shallow dome with portholes, & rested on three spheres. He was invited in, but refused. Glowing white, the vessel zigzagged upwards, and then shot up vertically, with only a faint whistling sound. A 40-foot circle of broken down bushes was found at the spot.
Source: Apro Bulletin 4/55

Location: Redon, near DAllaire, France
Date” August 23 1953
Time: midnight
A man was returning home with his two young girls when one of them yelled out, “Look Papa the moon is moving.” Looking up he saw what appeared to be a round luminous body slowly descending. Suddenly the helmeted head of a man projected itself in front of the object, after a minute the moon light object became white and then red, the head of a woman appeared, after a few minutes everything disappeared.
Source: SOS Ovni

Location: St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: August 23 1953
Time: 0030A
41-year old James Byrne had parked his car in a small field, just off the road, outside of this city. He and his fiancée were listening to the car radio. It was a bit cool so James had started the engine and turned on the heater. James and his fiancée were talking when suddenly the radio and the engine shut off. Surprised, James tried to restart the car, but to no avail. Preoccupied with the car, James was even more surprised when his fiancée let out a shriek. She was pointing through the windshield at something on the ground. James saw a circular shadow moving almost imperceptibly on the ground in front of them, surrounding the car. Something was moving between the moon and the ground. He leaned forward and looked up through the windshield to see a “great black circle” hovering immediately above. It was about 45 ft in diameter, with a rounded bottom and was surrounded by flames of different colors, which were pulsating toward the ground and seemed to vary in size between 4 and 10 ft. Since James and his fiancée seemed to be in the center of this ring of strange flames, he was concerned that they might be killed by radioactivity. This thought jarred him into action. He bent down to feel under the dash to see if the ignition wires were loose, but then he started to feel a prickling sensation throughout his body. It was concentrated in his hands and at the back of his neck—as though warm air was being blown into the car. Suddenly, the interior of the car lit up as if it were daylight. James looked to see that his fiancée had her head thrown back over the top of the back of the seat. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open, like she was in some kind of trance. He could see that flames were shooting down all around the exterior of the car, making it impossible for him to see past them. He figured the object was no more than 8 ft over the top of his car. The next thing James remembered was spotting the UFO about 20 ft away, opposite his side of the car, and at least that high in the air. It was stationary for a moment then slowly made three or four zigzags in a skimming motion before it vanished, traveling from the south to the north, the northwest. At the same time James heard a voice say, “Do not tell anyone about this as we shall return to visit you again.” The car started up on its own and the radio resumed playing. His fiancée awakened and was thoroughly confused. For some time after this event, James claimed that the back of his neck was always itchy. He has seen several UFOs since and also claims to have been contacted again by the voice he heard.
Source: Don Ledger, Maritime UFO Files

Location: Giant Rock California
Date: August 24 1953
Time: 0200A
Sleeping out in the desert, George Van Tassel woke up and saw a man who introduced himself as “Solgando” and said he would be pleased to show Van Tassel his craft which. About 9 ft high and 36 ft in diameter, was hovering 100 yards away. Unable to rouse his wife Van Tassel went aboard for 20 minutes, seeing among other things a lighting system without switches & furniture that folded into the wall. Solgando’s purpose was to give Van Tassel the designs for a machine to rejuvenate the old; he himself was 700 years old. Their religion is “the same as yours, but you talk about it, we live it.”
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source

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