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Date: March 1955
Location: Branch Hill Ohio
Time: 0400
Summary: Robert Hunicutt was driving home at 0330A when his headlights illuminated 3 short figures standing beside the road. The one closest to him was holding something like a rod or chain above his head, and sparks were passing along this. As Hunicutt got out of the car, this one bent down and seemed to “tie it around his ankles.” The beings were about 3.5 ft tall and gray, with very wide lipless mouths, & corrugations rather than hair on their heads; their chests were lopsided, with a very prominent bulge on the right side. They seemed to be wearing garments only below the waist. Hunicutt watched them at 20 ft distance for 4 or 5 minutes before he drove away to wake up the local police chief. He noted a strong odor “like fresh cut alfalfa, with a trace of almonds.”
Source: Stringfield; FS May., 61; Sanderson 147; Magonia 361

Date: March 1955
Location: Near La Roca Spain
Time: unknown
Summary: Pedro Corella, an architect, was out driving when his car stalled. While checking the engine, he saw a “gyroscope-shaped” object in a field 750 ft away; on top of it were 2 short humanoid beings. An instant later, it rose up & disappeared at an angle of 45 degrees. A farmer is said to have seen it at closer range. Traces were found.
Source: Antonio Ribera

Date: March 1955
Location: France, exact location not given
Time: evening
Summary: The witness, a painter, was occupied painting the landscape when he noticed a circular silvery machine slowly coming down in a vertical descent into a nearby clearing. The object was about 8 to 10 m in diameter, topped by a dome, and was about 50 meters from the witness. A type of door opened slowly and a person wearing a gray brown combination suit and a helmet descended to the ground. After taking a closer look at the being the witness noticed that it was a woman, of great beauty, with fair wicks of hair exceeding the lower edges and the sides of the helmet. She was smiling and remained 5 to 6 meters from the object. The woman then collected a certain number of small stones, which she aligned, two by two on the ground between her and the witness. There were 10 stone pairs. She pointed her index finger towards the witness, and then the to first stone pair. She indicated to the other stone pairs and pointed to herself and then to various points of the horizon. The witness understood that this meant that she has established contacts with 10 other people. The witness expressed his desire to visit the object, but she answered in incomprehensible words and the witness understood that she promised to return three days later. The witness return later and again encountered the landed object and its female occupant. This time he was given tangible proof of the encounter in the form of a 45 cm cylinder shaped metallic object that weighted about 2.5 kg. As he held the object it transformed itself into a kind of opalescent matter. He was supposedly able to see great distances when he looked through the object. A later visit to the site by the investigator and the witness caused the witness to become sick and leave the area. He was later supposedly harassed by mysterious strangers dressed in black and soon after disappeared, his whereabouts unknown.
Source: Jimmy Guieu, “Blackout of the Flying Saucers”

Date: March 1955: Hong Kong Beast 

Date: March 2 1955        BBU
Location: Huntley Illinois
Time: 1700
Summary:  A car was followed for 10 min by three elongated “balloons,” each showing eight red lights and about 7 m long.
Source: Magonia 362

Date: March 5 1955
Location: Mountain View Missouri
Time: unknown
Summary: The “spacemen” come to see Buck Nelson in his house. They arrived naked, but after shaking hands put on purplish blue overalls with low necks and short sleeves. The “spacemen” called on Buck Nelson briefly at night, on March 22, and told him they had tried to approach earlier but had been “worried by a jet.”
Source: FSR Vol. 1 # 2

Date: March 9 1955
Location: Paris, Illinois
Time: afternoon
Summary: Eugene Metcalfe reported that he was watching a jet fighter shoot across the sky, when suddenly a gigantic object “shaped like a call bell” descended over it. This object literally swallowed up the fast moving jet “as easy as a hawk would a chicken” and then disappeared upwards with its prey. A fighter and its pilot were reported missing in the region that same day.
 Source: John A Keel, Our Haunted Planet

Date:  March 16 [17?], 1955
Location: 35 miles N of Salton Sea [or Ripley?], Calif.                        BBU
Time: 9:24 a.m.
Summary: USAF SAC pilot flying B-47 saw a silver circular object on a steady course S fading in the distance.
Source: Project 1947

Date: March 20 1955
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Time: afternoon
Summary: Several witnesses onboard a British aircraft approaching the city at 3,000 feet spotted a strange orangey-bronze colored sphere hovering over the area. Among the witnesses was John Parker a British air force man. After the craft landed the men headed towards Karachi on a convoy of vehicles and again spotted the same or similar object hovering low over the city. This time the object resembled a disc, and apparently was hovering directly over the city. The military personnel on the convoy estimated the object to be hovering at about 300-400 ft above the ground. As the convoy turned a corner they encountered thousands of people massed ahead of them, most had knelt to the ground with their hands clasped, as if praying, only they were looking straight up at the disc. The crowd impeded the convoy of buses to continue so the men, including Parker disembarked and joined the crowd in staring at the object. There was no panic among the crowd. Carefully stepping over and around people, who were either knelt or crouched, Frank and some of the other men eventually came to a stop some 60 yards from the underside of the disc. They estimated the disc to have been at least 150ft across and two to three stories high. The craft was now hovering about 125ft off the ground, and the men saw what they could only describe as perfectly aligned rivets on the object. It appeared to be made out of a bronze colored metal, complete with catwalks, ladders, portholes and aerials. At the underside they saw a large black hole. They also saw what looked like fans and Parker counted eight rotors, and every few seconds there would be a “whooshing” sound and that created sparks and an array of laser-like effects. Whenever this occurred, the entire craft would swing to the left and right and then come back again. This happened several times leading Parker to believe that the craft was experiencing engine problems. Every now and then the craft ejected smoke towards the ground and this gave off a strong smell of oil, but curiously, this never reached the ground, it just seemed to evaporate. The craft made a constant noise not dissimilar to jet engine propulsion, but nothing as loud. Parker got the impression that he could see people, or the shapes of people on the other side of the windows, but he couldn’t be sure. At the top of the saucer they could see a translucent dome, which was lit from the inside and gave off a pinkish red light. There were red, green and blue flashing lights outside the dome. Another curious observation was that the craft looked heavily stained, as if it had traveled some distance in order to collect all this muck and dust. Incredibly after observing the craft for some time, Parker and his friends left the square and went for a drink, they did not see the object depart.
Source:Graham W. Birdsall, UFO Magazine, May/June 1999

Date:  March 20 1955
Location:  Tokyo, Japan (BBU)
Time:  4:13 p.m. 
Summary:  2 U.S. military pilots flying 2 aircraft tracked an unidentified target by airborne radar, and tracked by ground radar. (Project 1947) The 5th Air Force reported actual yellow alert due to this radar sighting.

Date:  March 24 1955
Location:  Ryukyu Islands, S Japan (BBU)
Time:  2:30 [2:13?] p.m. 
Summary:  Beechcraft pilot instructor and student pilot saw a hat-shaped object with 3 windows on top section, change color from white to orange, fly under and around their plane. Instruments failed and engine sputtered, pilot dove the plane to evade the object but it kept pace. 2 jets scrambled from Kadena AFB. 
Source:  NARCAP; Project 1947

Date:  March 29 1955
Location:  Sonoma & Soledad, CA (BBU)
Time:  7:35/7:38 p.m. (PST)
Summary:   McGrath (GOC observer) and Brown. (McDonald list) A round silvery white object with red and green flashing lights was seen to rise vertically at a 45 degree angle . The 666th AC&W Squadron reported 8:15 p.m. (30/0415Z) that they had a slow moving blip in that area, but for only a few sweeps of their radar. The area was searched thoroughly by two F-51 aircraft but without results.
Source:  Dan Wilson

Date:  March  1955

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