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Date: June 4, 1958
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Summary: White oval-shaped object zigzagged overhead.
Source: UFOE, XII

Date: June 9, 1958
Location: Central Puget Sound, Wash.      BBU
Time: 10:17 a.m. (PST).
Summary:  USAF 1st Lt. Charles Scharf, pilot of F­102 jet fighter (no. 1425) with 318th FI Sq. McChord AFB, Tacoma, Wash., and ground witnesses [?] saw a pinkish-whitish cylindrical object (length/width ratio 12:1) with a slight orange tint [?] and a dark circle in the center approaching at high speed at about 30° elevation with an oscillating motion. F-102 was heading S or 180° between 40,000 and 50,000 ft at about 600 mph. Pilot banked left to keep object in sight, object continued N, then climbed, decelerated, made a large 360° orbit, then circled the jet 3 times as it descended closer. Object finally pitched up 45° and accelerated in a climb, rapidly disappearing on a NW heading. 
Source: NARCAP; Project 1947; FUFOR Index

Date: June 12, 1958
Location: 10 miles W of Huntsville, Texas    BBU
Time: 5:26 a.m. (CDT). 
Summary:  Military pilot saw an oval reddish object the size of a pinhead [at arm’s length?] on a S to NE course.
Source: Project 1947

Date: June 14, 1958
Location: Pueblo, Colo.    BBU 5852
Time: 10:46 a.m. 
Summary: Airport weather observer O. R. Foster, using a theodolite, sighted an object shaped like Saturn, less the bottom part, silver with no metallic luster, which flew overhead. ()
Source: Berliner

Date: June 20, 1958
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina    BBU 5857
Time: 11:05 p.m.
Summary:  Battalion Communication Chief SFC A. Parsley saw a silver, circular object, its lower portion seen through a green haze, hover, then oscillate slightly, then move at great speed. 
Source: Berliner

Date: June 23, 1958
Location: Nr. England AFB, Louisiana
Summary: State policeman photographed two round UFOs.
Source: UFOE, VIII

Date: Summer 1958; 
Location: Air Force Base, Southwest United States
Summary: Two maneuvering UFOs evaded jet interceptors.
Source: UFOE, VIII

Date:  June  1958

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