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Date: 1958:  Kaizuka, Japan

Date: 1958
Location: Stawell, Victoria Australia
Summary: My first sighting took place in Stawell, Victoria Australia, in about 1958. (Boy, how does anyone remember back that far.) I was around eleven years of age and it was probably spring or summer of that year as it was a fine cloudless day. Not usual at all, in the other months of the year. I remember the occurrence vividly. It was 11:30 AM and I was about to leave the house by the front door. This door faces due west and if not for the house across the street it would have been possible to see the Grampians Mountains around 20 Km away. As I left the house, I noticed a gleaming silver object the size of a dot at an elevation of 15 to 20 degrees dead ahead of me. It was later estimated by all witnesses to be around 10 Km distant which would mean its height would have been around 1,500 to 2,000 feet. It was giving off a series of repeated bright lights from underneath, Blue, Red, Green, White, in that order. I couldn’t see what the “dot” was, but it was hovering in the one spot without moving. I watched it for a few minutes and then called my parents who came and saw the same thing as I did. After a while we called the neighbors from across the street, who brought over their tripod mounted telescope. It was only a 4 inch ‘scope but it brought the object into clear and undisputed view. It was a classic early 1950s flying saucer.
A flat bottomed disc with a turret type dome on top with windows and the old 3 ball type undercarriage protrusions beneath it. The flashing lights were coming from a point directly under the middle of the disc. I had seen pictures of the original flying saucers, which by that time, had been resoundingly debunked by officialdom and ridiculed by the press so I was not a stranger to what it was. Nor were my parents and my neighbors. There was one difference I noted from the pictures though. Where the old pictures showed round porthole type windows, this craft had vertically elongated rectangular windows with rounded tops. Just like the narrow church windows you sometimes see. All of us watched that disc hovering there without movement or change until after 1 PM, almost 2 hours. Having other things to do, we gradually broke up and went away and the next time I looked for it, it was gone. With multiple witnesses watching this UFO in daylight for such a long period through a telescope, I conclude that there is no doubt it was an alien constructed flying machine. What its reasons for being there and all the other question as to where it came from, etc., remain unknown, but one thing is for sure…. It shaped my belief in the phenomenon for the rest of my life. Brad Mildern January 5, 2004.
Source: http://planbfromthebacardiroom.blogspot.com/2009_07_01_archive.html

Date: 1958
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Time: night
Summary: A ufology book reported in 1979 that an anonymous woman said that approximately in 1958, at Miami Beach, Florida, USA, in the night, as she was 5 and lived with her adoptive parents, three well-built, tall men with golden skin and brownish-gold hair materialized in her room, lifted her from bed, and telepathically said “Would you like to come with us now?”, and she replied, “No, I like it here.” The men then returned her to bed, said it was ok, and disappeared. The woman also claims that between 5 and 14, various alien males from the same race visited her bedside, teaching her “many things”. At 14 she “chose” to ride in their spacecraft which she revealed was “powered by … magnetic energy and the energy of the navigator.” She tells those aliens are “highly evolved” “Kuran race” and often act as guides for “other alien races visiting Earth”. She tells that several alien races once inhabited a planet in our solar system that broke up into what is now the asteroid belt, fortunately they were offered the chance to migrate to other planets. “Cro-Magnon” is a race from that exploded planet and went to Earth while another race went to “a planet in the Pegasus constellation.” Another alien race inhabited Earth at the time and those are what we call “Bigfoot”.
Source: “Direct Encounters: Personal Histories of UFO Abductions”, book by Alan and Judith Gansberg, Walker and Walker publishers, pp 29-37, USA, 1980.

01-UFO-Close-upDate:  1958
Location: Colima, Mexico
Summary: Reports state that Javier Torres and Alejandro Dueñas took the images while driving from Colima to Guadalajara. The mysterious disc-shaped object flew above them as they were taking pictures of the surrounding landscape. The four-image sequence is considered as one of the best pieces of evidence of UFOs on Earth. The images which are beyond fascinating according to ufologists depict a classical flying saucer, which, according to many, could have been very similar to the mysterious disc-shaped object that crashed into Roswell a decade earlier. Jaime Mausan, a renowned Ufologist from Mexico states that these images are a true historical treasure. The images have already been categorized as the best pieces of evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects in Mexico.
Source:  Javier Torres and Alejandro Dueñas

Date:   1958
Location:  English Channel about 300 miles off the coast of France
Summary:  Back in or about 1958 I was 18 years old and on the guided missile cruiser the USS Canberra. We were doing naval exercises in the English Channel about 300 miles off the coast of France. 80 to 150 various naval craft from many different countries were participating in the exercise. I was on watch as a seaman and saw this large gray metallic cigar shaped craft come towards the ship through my binoculars. It was described as a fast moving target, according to radar, traveling 5,000 mph. As the craft neared us it slowed down and stopped over us. It was hovering at 35,000 feet, about 15 miles from us. It was as big as a football field. It stayed hovering over us, when we turned it turned. This went on until my shift ended, for about an hour. The craft was metallic gray with no lights and no features on the skin of the craft. When I was relieved of duty I got some refreshment and came back topside to watch it further. It had just left going east towards Europe. When it first appeared it seemed to have come from the tip of Scotland by way of Norway over the sea. Afterwards I went to the bridge to look at the log book to see what had been recorded about this incident. Nothing was mentioned about the UFO and the handwriting and ink was identical to both separate listings in the log book. Very unlikely since the same person and pen would not have made both entries. The next day we pulled into port in England and nothing was ever said about the incident. I was in the Navy from 1956 to 1976.
Source:  MUFON

Date:   1958

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