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Date: December 1959
Location: Pinhal, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A witness encountered a two-meter tall humanoid with large eyes, blond hair, and wearing a tight fitting gray coverall. He was accompanied by a shorter, 1.60 meter in height, also human in appearance. No other information.
Source: Revista Brasileira Ovni

Date: December 1959
Location. Near Cherry Point Station, North Carolina
Time: 1500
Summary: A young man living near the 2nd Marine Air wing was playing baseball with high school age friends when someone hit the ball over the roof of his house. He chased the ball and saw a round, disc-shaped craft with platform around it just “sitting” in the air. The craft was 40 feet in diameter sat motionless and soundless about 100 feet away and about 20 feet high. An opening appeared in the UFO and a humanoid in a skintight suit and skullcap stepped out onto the platform. The humanoid after a few seconds spotted him and immediately reentered the UFO. The object then zoomed away. The humanoid stood about five feet three and wore a gray suit. The unknown object appeared to use colors to mimic its background for camouflage purposes. He says despite being only several miles from the Marine base he never considered the UFO was a man-made craft because of it seamless construction, zero engine noise, and great speed displayed. The entity, despite its short stature, did have human form.
Source: John Thompson, Filer’s Files # 50

Date: December 1959
Location. Brocton England
Time: night
Summary: The 3 witnesses car stalled on a hill and they got out to push it. Suddenly they saw a small figure, only 3.5 ft tall, standing behind the car. Its head was 3 or 4 times normal size, enclosed in a large transparent bowl; from the neck down it was clad in close fitting blackish clothing. This being asked “Are you in trouble,” and on receiving an affirmative answer, proceeded to push the car at a good pace up the hill, enabling the driver to start it. When they turned to thank the helpful stranger, he was gone.
Source: Wilfrid Daniels

Date: December 17 1959
Location. Haverhill, Massachusetts
Time: 0800A
Summary: In the morning four children on a school bus saw a flash in the sky, then watched a silver, domed disc land in a field. A door on the craft opened and a humanoid occupant exited. There is no additional information.
Source: UFOCAT, quoting Loren E Gross, “The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse: UFOs A History. 1959: October-December

Date: Dec. 18, 1959 
Location: S Victoria Island, Canada BBU 
Source: McDonald list 

Date: December 22 1959
Location. Near Modesto California
Time: 2350
Summary: Kenneth Lindsey was walking when he saw a bright orange bowl shaped object that descended to about 20 ft above the road, extending over the entire road.  “On it I could see shadows which appeared to be moving, but I could not distinguish what they were.” After 2 minutes, it rose again into the air. Others in the neighborhood also saw the object.
Source: Apro Bulletin 1/60; Magonia 500

Date: Dec. 23, 1959
Location:  10 mi. W. of Albuquerque, New Mexico BBU 
Time: 12:05 p.m. MST
Summary: Three objects were picked up at 70,000 feet at 208 degrees at 72 miles on a MPS-14 radar at the 687th AC&W Squadron. The objects flew on a 90 degree heading and were descending at a rate of 700 feet per minute. The objects disappeared from the radar after 1 hour 32 minutes at 11,000 feet altitude at 120 degrees at 65 miles distance.  
Source: McDonald, Dan Wilson, Jan Aldrich

Date: end of 1959
Location: Fontaines, Les Mitris France
Time: night
Summary: Several schoolchildren were walking on a field saw a large metallic craft with a black dome on top on the ground. Two figures stood in front of the object. Only the upper section of their bodies was visible and they appeared to be wearing brown combination suits. A couple of the witnesses attempted to approach the object but were prevented by some type of invisible force or influence. The humanoids seemed to ignore the witnesses. After awhile the beings disappeared and the object departed soundlessly at high speed.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date:  December  1959

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