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1959: July UFO & Alien Sightings

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apro108Date: July 1 1959
Location: Guanabara Bay Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Summary: uao  the object hovering  in the above  picture was observed  and photographed by engineer rm azevedo of rio de janeiro  brazil on a summer night in 1955. he and his wife  and friends were enjoying the evening  on the veranda facing  guanabara bay  when the pictured object was spotted  standing perfectly still in the sky  azevedo snapped the picture  using a leica camera model f 3 with a summaron f1 35 lens the film used  was kodachrome  type a for photo flood, exposure time 40 seconds distance infinity  diaphragm completely open projected on a screen the color slide shows the moon behind some  thin high cloud haz but the object  is obviously under the haze.the moone sends a streamer of reflected  light down on the water of the bay  and so does the object  azevedo and other observers watched the object while  the photo was being made saw it start to move hesitate then speedily leave in the direction of the mountains .the picture shows a faint light path where the object moved out of sight azevedo at the time  tough he had  seen and photographed some now military device, so the slide reposed in his files for over two years. A few months ago, a friend, Dr. Anti (physician-surgeon) was visiting Azevedo, and the subject of UAO came up during thc course of the conversation. Azevedo brought out the slide and showed it to Dr. Anti who immediately asked permission 1o show the picture to his friend, Dr. Olavo D. Fontes. In due course, Fontes had thtl picture examined by Ed Keffel (well known photographer of the magazine O’Cruzeiro who photographed a UAO in 1952). also Commander Bacellar, who is former chief of the Brazilian Navy’s Meteorological Station at Trinidade Island and one of the NavY’s toP exPerts on UAO. Other photographic experts also examined the slide. Visual examination on a special slide projector and microscopic studies as wcll as granulation tests and measurements of the image’s brightness were performed and rechecked several times. The results confirmed the authenticity of thc color transparency and that possibility’ of a falsification or photographie trick was definitely excluded. During the course of his thorough investigation, Dr. Fontes also interviewed the witnesses of the sighting. The full report, including estimates as to size and distance based on measurements of landmarks in the picture, will be offered as oDe of the special reports from this office in the near future. We consider this lo be one of the most important photos of r UAO ever taken

Date: July 9 1959
Location: Washington DC
Time: 1400
Summary: An interesting para-psychological experiment closely tied to the UFO phenomenon was conducted on this day in Washington DC by the CIA and US Naval Intelligence. It was held at an office in a government building at the corner of 5th and K Streets. According to Lt Colonel Robert Friend, the officer in charge of Project Blue Book at the time and who was present at the session, telepathic communication was attempted through a psychic channeler who was also a military officer. Colonel Friend was invited to attend a meeting with this officer, and was given the following background information. A Canadian woman Mrs. Swan had come to their attention through the Canadian government. The Canadians had conducted an extensive investigation into Mrs. Swan’s claims of contact with the aliens. With two Naval Intelligence officers present, she went into a trance and they asked her scientific and technical questions to which a woman of her education could not possibly know the answers. Yet as questions were put to her, she was able to answer quickly and easily, apparently with telepathic help from purported extraterrestrials. According to the report, the aliens represented an organization called the “Universal Association of Planets,” and this group had a project monitoring Earth. The investigation took an unexpected turn when the woman informed one of the Naval officers that “they” were willing to answers questions directly through him, a Navy commander and intelligence officer—with no prior experience in telepathic communications. He took over, attempting to write down the answers to questions put to him by his associate Naval officer. The word traveled back quickly to Washington officials and a very skeptical CIA. Nevertheless, there was no strong reason to totally disbelieve the report of this respected Navy commander and his partner. A meeting was arranged to be held in the security portion of a Washington government building. When trance state contact was achieved, several questions were put to him, and answers came back quickly. “Do you favor any government group or race?” and “Would there be a third world war?” Both were answered “No.” The officials present then asked to see a spaceship. The commander, still in a trance, told the group to look out the window and they would have proof. They did promptly and a dark saucer-shaped object was seen hovering in the sky “at approximately 1400 hours.” They hurriedly made calls to the Washington radar center to confirm the presence of the object. Radar operators told them that they were experiencing a strange type of technical difficulty with their equipment, and radar was blocked for that quadrant of the sky over Washington. A follow up contact session was attempted that same day with only limited success, it was indicated, “this was not the right time”.
Source: UFOCAT, quoting Don Elkins “Secrets of the UFOs”, Robert Emenegger, “UFOs, Past, Present and Future”

Date:  July 11, 1959 
Location: N Pacific, 800 n.mi. from Hawaii BBU 
Time: 6:02 a.m.
Summary:  Pan Am Boeing Stratocruiser pilot and crew saw a big bright light followed by 3-4 smaller lights. 
Source: NICAP UFOE, X; Project 1947; McDonald list

Date:  July 12,1959
Location:  Nr.Ridgecrest, California
Summary: Electronics mechanic at China Lake U. S. Naval Ordnance Test Station saw three disc-like UFOs which alternately hovered and moved at high speeds over desert to the Southwest.

Date: July 12 1959
Location: Near Sapulpa Oklahoma
Time: night
Summary: Frank B Standing Horse was in a field clearing some land for a local church when a large disc shaped craft landed nearby. Three normal looking men emerged from the craft and invited him aboard. Inside the witness met a beautiful woman six-feet 4 inches tall with long black hair and blue eyes. The witness supposedly took a long journey to several planets including Mars where he saw some large rock-like buildings, & to the planet Oreon where he saw large beautiful buildings & churches. He was eventually returned.
Source: Flying Saucers Intl Issue # 25, July 1967

Date: July 13 1959: Domed Saucer with two occupants

Date: July 14, 1959 
Location: New Delhi, India BBU 
Source: McDonald list

Date: July 14,  1959
Location: Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State
Summary: Luminous object followed FAB (Brazilian Air Force) B-26, hovered near airport.  

Date: July 25, 1959 
Location: Irondequoit, New York     BBU 6446
Time: 1 p.m. 
Summary: Technical illustrator W. D. Neva saw a thin, crescent moon-shaped object, with a small white dome in the center, fly at tremendous speed.
Source: Berliner

Date: July 28, 1959
Location:  Corpus Christi, Texas BBU 
Source: McDonald list

Date: July 28, 1959 
Location: E of Florida BBU 
Source: McDonald list

Date:  July 1959 



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