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1961: May UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: May (first week) 1961 
Location: Union Mills, Indiana
Summary: Hemispherical UFO with “portholes”, on road; took off as car approached.

Date: May 3 1961
Location: Union Mills Indiana
Time: 2200
Summary: Approximate date. A hemi-spherical craft with portholes, resting on a road, took off when a car came near it. Estimated diameter was 4 m, height 2.5 m, bearing “fluorescent lights.”
Source: Magonia 518

Date:  May  1961

Date:   May 4, 1961 
Location: South Pacific Island
Time: 01:00
Summary: My dad was called into the radar shack on a secret island in the south pacific early in the morning, around 03:00. the radar operator stated the object was hovering about 200 miles out from the base. my dad was the security chief of the base, as well as the fire chief of the base. Am reluctant to disclose anything vital for security reasons. He asked the radar operator if their was any military operations around from naval vessels to which the reply was NO. He then asked if any helicopters could be out their as well, once again NO. While watching the 300 mile screen the object moved to a position above the island in 2 to 3 rotations of the radar, indicating incredible speed. The object then hovered above the island for a few minutes at a high altitude. my dad then asked where the nearest airbase was, which he already knew but had to ask, which was Honolulu Hawaii. honolulu was over 2500 miles away. while ascertaining what to do the object took off at incredible speed and did the impossible. the object while leaving at speeds estimated at over 12,000 miles per hour did a 90 degree turn. I am reporting this because my dad is old and would never report it. in just 2 rotations of the radar the object was gone off screen. Btw my dad held a top lvl 20 security clearance so i am reluctant to go into too much details even though it was a long time ago. I personally eye witnessed the forced downing of a UFO in between the 2 islands of Kauai and Niihau Hawaii on about 7-1-1972 or 1973. their is more but dont know how much space is available.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  May 19, 1961 
Location: About 7 miles W of Bay Minette, Alabama BBU 
Time: 10:18 a.m.
Summary:  Man checking mast of a ship saw an oval aluminum or silver-like object with tapered edges reflecting sunlight to the NNE at 20° azimuth 60° elevation traveling to SSW at 200° azimuth 60° elevation, no sound or trail. (Hynek-CUFOS-Willy Smith files

Date: May 19, 1961
Location:  Long Beach, Calif.
Summary: Twelve shiny UFOs maneuvered erratically over the area at 3:50 p.m., with an odd fluttering motion; then two loud “skyquakes” were heard.

Date: May 20, 1961 
Location: Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama BBU 
Time: 3:30 a.m. CST
Summary: An object oval in shape the size of a dime with a tail and silver colored, was sighted in the sky SE of the sunrise. Weather radar detected an object moving east at 150 knots.  
Source: McDonald list

Date: May 20, 1961 
Location: Tyndall AFB, Florida BBU 
Time: 2:50 a.m. local time.
Summary:  A round rusty-orange colored object was observed near the Drone Launching Area. The object moved up and down and would gain altitude rapidly. The object seemed to float. Four Air Policemen saw the object. RAPCON was painting the target that the Air Police at the launching site had called in. An F-102 fighter was scrambled to run on the object. The object was traveling at 2-4 mph and then up to 45 mph. The fighter was getting a sporadic paint on radar. A helicopter was scrambled due to the slowness of the object. An AF GCI radar also tracked the object between 2,000 and 10,000 feet. Total time of observation was approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Source: UFOE, III; 85 pages of documents by Dan Wilson

Date: May 22, 1961 
Location: Tyndall AFB, Florida    BBU 7417
Time: 4:30 p.m. 
Summary: Mrs. A. J. Jones and Mrs. R. F. Davis saw big silver-dollar disc hover and revolve, then suddenly disappear.
Source: Berliner 

Date: May 23, 1961 
Location: Bronson and Cross City, Florida
Time: 5:05 a.m. EDT
Summary: A round or oval-shaped object with a green halo was observed moving ESE. The speed conformed to light aircraft. Object picked up at Cross City on AN/FPS-6A height finder at 6:00 a.m. EDT (1000Z) from then until dawn. Radar picked up object at 160 degrees at 45 miles & 8400 feet. Altitude varied from 6 to 10 thousand feet while being tracked. When target locked on, antenna would hunt violently. When moved a few degrees in either direction the hunting would stop. When hunting occurred the scope would be cluttered. Tracked for two hours.   
Source: Dan Wilson

Date: May 25, 1961 
Location: Shepperton, Middlesex, England
Domed UFO with “portholes.”

Date: May 29, 1961 
Location: Newark, Ohio
Summary: Boy filmed unidentified light.

Date:  May  1961



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