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Date: May 1962 
Location: Argentina
Summary: At least twelve UFOs sighted in May. Official reports and newspaper chronology given NICAP by Argentine Embassy include four sightings by Argentine Navy pilots, two reported landing cases.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, See Section XII; Argentine Chronology.

Date: May 1962
Location: Jujuy Argentina
Time: 0400
Summary: Approximate date. Four people whose car had run out of gas, were waiting in a drizzling rain when a bright light, first thought to be from a car, approached them. It turned out to be a low flying object that landed. It was round with a blinking light, and stayed there about one hour before taking off at high speed
Source: Magonia 532

Date: May 12 1962
Location: Pampa Province Argentina
Time: 0410
Summary: ). V. and G. Tomasini
and H. Zenobi saw an object on the ground 100 m away from the road. It looked like a railroad car and was illuminated. As they came close to it, the object took off, crossed the road at low altitude, rose with a flame, and separated into two sections that flew away in different directions. It made a humming noise and was seen on the ground for one min. Within a circle 60 m in radius, grass was burned, insects were carbonized, and the ground was “petrified.” Sample analysis was done by the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base.
Source: Magonia 533

Date: May 13 1962
Location: Oncativo Argentina
Time: 0400
Summary: Dozens of witnesses in Oncativo, Cordoba, Carranza, and Los Molinos Dam observed a very luminous, elongated object with a bright trail. Soon thereafter, fog filled a wooded section near Oncativo, and a landed object resembling a small house was observed.
Source: Magonia 534

Date: May 18, 1962 
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
Summary: Cigar-shaped UFO, brilliantly lighted below, dark on top. Hovered, sped away.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, VII

Date: May 19, 1962 
Location: Marksville, Leesville, Colfax, Louisiana BBU 
Source: McDonald List 

Date: May 20, 1962 
Location: Defiance, Ohio
Summary: Scientist, others, watched maneuvering light source, brilliant blue changing to yellow.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, VI

Date: May 21, 1962 
Location: England
Summary: Irish International Airlines pilot watched spherical UFO pass below aircraft.
Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, X

Date: May 22 1962
Location: Winifreda Argentina
Summary: A woman was hospitalized after her observation of a strange object that landed, and of the “ugly” giant beings who emerged from it. Approximate date.
Source: Magonia 535

Date: May 24, 1962 
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico BBU 
Time: 5:22 p.m. local time
Summary: An object the size of Venus was observed by ground and airborne witnesses. The object was also observed on air route traffic surveillance radar. The object was round, white during the day, pink at sunset and dark at night. It was mostly stationary but had slight northeast movement during the day then returned to original position. The object was observed 20 to 30 degrees above horizon at Albuquerque. At Las Vegas, New Mexico the object was observed directly overhead. At Sante Fe, ARTCC personnel watched the object with binoculars.  The object was also observed from a KC-135 tanker aircraft piloted by Capt. A. A. Picinich, heading and speed unknown. Page 2, part B, number 5 states presumed to have been in position at dawn 24 May 1952. Number 6. states over 9 hours.
Source: McDonald List 

Date: May 26, 1962 
Location: Westfield, Mass.   BBU 7930
Summary: “Round, slightly oval, bright red object, giving off sparks from top and bottom. Center. . . yellowish or white. . .case is listed as unidentified.”
Source: Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary.

Date: May 27, 1962 
Location: Palmer, Alaska     BBU 7931
Summary: Two triangular UFOs, diving and climbing. Unidentified. 
Source: NARA, Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary

Date:  May 1962

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