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Date: February 5, 1963
Location: Asuncion Paraguay  BBU
Summary: Approximate date. A student, Anastasio Lenven, saw an object land on the school grounds. In a different observation, several residents, including an official of the Ministry of the Interior, saw an object flying at very high speed over Ascension.
Source: Magonia 562

Date: Feb. 5, 1963
Location:  Nr. Washington, D. C.
Summary: Private pilot, newsman passenger, watched a pulsating yellow-white light maneuver around their plane.
Source: UFOE, V

Date: Feb. 5, 1963 
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Time: 11:45 p.m.
Summary:  Planes scrambled, UFOs over missile site. Object had intermittent yellow-white glow, and at its closest point appeared to be about three feet in diameter.

Date: Feb. 6, 1963 
Location: Montebello, Va     BB
Time: 12:00 a.m.  
Summary: A pilot of a C-46 aircraft flying 15 miles SW of Montebello on a 40 degree heading when the pilot sighted a large round very bright star- like object at the one o’clock position at 3 to 5 degrees above the horizon. The object appeared to vary in size during observation and gain in elevation to 15 to 30 degrees above the horizon. The object was last sighted at 3 to 5 degrees above horizon at the 4 to 5 o’clock position. The length of the observation was approximately 45 minutes.  
Source: Dan Wilson, BB files

Date: February 15, 1963: The Willow Grove Close Encounter

Date: February 20, 1963
Location: Lecce Italy
Time: 1730
Summary: A young man saw from a window ,a slowly spinning object, almost stationary, 500 m away. It appeared as a disk having a central upper dome, with a total diameter of 3 m. The object had a brilliant yellow red halo, but its dome was much more brilliant. The witness observed it through binoculars, reported seeing a “particle” leave the object, after which it stopped spinning, gained altitude with a vertical shifting, and left toward the northeast.
Source: Magonia 564

Date: February 21, 1963
Location: Belgrade Montana
Time: 0230
Summary: A strange globe of fire hit a car driven by a civilian man. Several people called authorities to report that they had been awakened by a peculiar object.
Source: Magonia 565

Date: Feb. 28 (?), 1963 
Location: Artic Ocean
Time: 3:15 a.m.
Summary:  It involved the contingent of the Royal Navy’s North Atlantic Fleet which had been participating in exercises off Norway for about three days. Briefly, the incident occurred at 3:15 AM somewhere in the Artic Ocean, between Spitzbergen Island and Norway (30-50 miles off the Norway coast). The object was tracked on the ship’s radar at 35,000′ and then by sonar after it entered the water and was tracked at 50′ below the surface and continued into deep water at a range of 20,000 yards. The radar signature indicated it was 100′ to 120′ in diameter. Object was also tracked by other ships and the order was issued for the fleet to execute an evasive “Z” pattern maneuver. Jets were scrambled. The duration was at least 15-20 minutes and the incident included maneuvering. No visuals were made. .
Source: MUFON Journal, 1984

Date:  February  1963



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